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“Although you performed well…”

Director Liu stared at Si Huang under the stage lights, this child seemed to be born to stand in the spotlight and be watched by everyone.

“But Feng Cang can only be An Yiyuan.”

Si Huang bent over to Director Li, then stood up straight and said with a smile, “I know…. Actually, I came here for Young Master Qianji, but I didn’t get the chance. I dared to use this method when I didn’t get the chance to audition. I’m sorry for breaking the rules of the audition meeting.”

“But I really need this role, and I’m confident that I can be him!” It was not just to play him well, but to be him.

Director Liu’s eyes became even deeper, as he looked at this child on stage with a sincere expression and clean and warm eyes. At this time, he was like a sixteen-year-old student, with enthusiasm for his dreams and a pure heart, “Young Master Qianji is not Feng Cang.”

Si Huang smiled brightly, his voice improved because of his emotions, “Yes, I know.”

“You only have three minutes.” Director Liu sat down.

Si Huang turned around and said to the boy who was still occupying the wheelchair, “Now this stage belongs to me.”

After hearing this, Director Liu smiled dumbly. This kid was really interesting.

The boy was stunned for a moment, then his face went a little red, as he stared at Si Huang with unwillingness, resentment, and mockery almost like he was waiting for him to make a fool of himself. Standing up from the wheelchair, he deliberately bumped into Si Huang when he left, but was swiftly avoided by Si Huang. So instead, he stumbled in an embarrassing manner, causing a burst of laughter.

For the boys asking for trouble, Si Huang wouldn’t help them.

Although she would have a good reputation for being generous by doing so, but… did she need it? Si Huang’s eyes flickered, and she had no interest in touching people who were hostile to her for this benefit.

When there were no more people on the stage, Si Huang slowly got into the wooden wheelchair.

Her posture was leisurely, and she relaxed her entire body into the wheelchair. While everyone was waiting for her performance, the protagonist closed her eyes.

The darkness after the eyes were closed could not hide the light projected from above.

Si Huang sighed in her heart, she had returned to the stage again, the only place where she could relax and feel free in her last life.

One second, two seconds, three seconds… Ten seconds, twenty seconds passed, and gradually whispers started emerging in the audience.

“He shouldn’t have forgotten his words on the spot, right?”

“I think he was just pretending to be coercive!”

“Shut up! If he plays Master Qianji, I will definitely chase the show!”

“Ah! His eyes are about to open! “

When they found out that Si Huang was moving, the students in the classroom shut up and went silent.

Si Huang on the stage seemed to be woken up by the noise, his eyes slowly opened, but only halfway, then he didn’t move but lazily squinted somewhere, moving his lips, “What’s the noise?”


What voice was that? So provocative!

The originally blessed voice had the nasal sound of just having woken up from a light sleep, casually and gently, it got into the ear, and half of the body went numb.

“Huh?” Si Huang turned her head to the side, his eyes still falling on an empty place, and there was no exaggerated expression, it was even faintly expressionless, but it made the audience feel that there was a person in her sight who was respectfully telling him something, and Si Huang was listening to him quietly.

Five seconds later, Si Huang moved his eyes away, reached out and flicked his fingers on his legs, as if brushing the falling flowers away from his legs.


The audience present were all students who had read the script many times, but only when they saw Si Huang’s actions did they remember that this scene took place in Young Master Qianji’s yard. He had been sleeping lightly under a peach blossom tree for a long time. It was natural for him to have fallen flowers on his legs.

Before everyone could marvel at Si Huang’s control over the overall situation, they were distracted by his next casual remark: “What does the rise and fall of the world have to do with me? I’m just a disabled person.”

The same line was spoken by Si Huang in such a careless tone, as if he was saying that the weather was fine today.

Young Master Qianji had been disabled since childhood, how could he not care about this?

Everyone thought that Si Huang had failed, but when they saw her expression, they were so shocked that they lost their words.

The teenager in the wheelchair casually stated his biggest flaw and pain and lowered his head so that they could not see his eyes clearly, but only the shallow curvature of the corner of his mouth could be seen, that was a smile! Not caring about the rise and fall of the world, not interested in those who came, but staring somewhere with half-drooping eyes and smiling softly.

With the slight rotation of his eyes, it seemed as if a butterfly was dancing in pursuit of the fragrance of flowers, and his attention and laughter were all due to this tiny creature.

The previous remarks were simply to drive away the group of outsiders who came for help, right?

Young Master Qianji, he never needed anyone’s pitiful sympathy and was not ashamed of his disability.

His own existence was beyond the reach of countless people and could only be admired. He was self-reliant, confident, self-improving, arrogant, and self-respecting, so why should he be pitiful!

At this moment, the young man seen in the eyes of everyone seemed to be sitting under the peach blossom tree, wearing a wide-sleeved robe with white snow and plum blossoms on his shoulders. He had a peerless appearance, had unparalleled mechanical skills, and he was as intelligent as a demon, but he was lazy and loved to eat.

Suddenly, the tip of his outstretched right finger trembled inadvertently, as if being gently pulled by a silk thread.

Ah… everyone suddenly realized once again: Young Master Qianji not only had both legs disabled but was also deaf in both ears. He paid attention to the situation around him through the arc—inner force condensed into extremely tiny invisible threads all around him, entwining around his own fingers. Once someone got close, touched his arc, and his fingers were pulled, he would notice them.

He turned his head to look at the stairs of the stage, and his vision changed as if someone was really walking towards him.

“His Royal Highness is here!” Someone in the audience shouted excitedly.

Many people were woken up by him, and they immediately realized that the person who must be coming over according to the plot must be the Prince of Feng Chao?

The ‘Master Qianji’ on the stage didn’t hear the shout. His gaze shifted upwards and landed on the face of the Prince of Feng Chao, who wasn’t actually there. Given his height in the wheelchair, looking up at someone like this made them feel as if he was really looking at someone. There was absolutely nothing wrong with his expression.

Young Master Qianji was deaf in both ears, so how could he ‘listen’ to human speech? He relied on looking, looking at people’s lips.

“Shut up.”

This tone was again in stark contrast to the boy’s angry tone before.

Not to mention anger, there was not even a trace of anger, but rather it was as if he was being annoyed by the noise of a fly, while he waved his hand and slapped it away.

“Time is up.” Soon, Director Liu’s voice sounded.

Everyone woke up as if from a dream, their expressions were weird, and their thoughts were still stuck in the last scene of Si Huang’s performance. According to the script… At this time, the Prince Feng Chao was indeed slapped with the palm of his hand, and he had to hold himself back so that he did not vomit blood.

Si Huang’s expression on the stage was also startled, as if he still hadn’t woken up from a dream. She closed her eyes then opened her eyes, and within two seconds, the look in her eyes that belonged to Young Master Qianji had been completely hidden, as he returned to the innocent look of a modern teenager.

Director Liu watched the change in Si Huang’s expression, his heart beating violently, his black face turned red, and his voice was hoarse: “What’s your name?”

“Si Huang.” Si Huang stood up and faced Director Liu.

In this life, she would no longer be the puppet ‘Si Huang’, but would take away this name, so that everyone who saw or heard this name would think of her, and to obliterate the existence of Si Huang, the son who had died early, there would be no one who would even remember that he had existed.

She no longer existed because of the name ‘Si Huang’, but instead the name of ‘Si Huang’, would be real because of her.

Si Huang raised the corner of her mouth, not only the name, but more things that belonged to her, she would slowly grab them back.

“Very good, Si Huang, it’s you!” After Director Liu smiled, the excitement in his eyes could not be hidden.

“Hey, Director Liu! This…the original plan was to give the role to Si…” The assistant director next to him stood up anxiously.

Director Liu stared at him, “Young Master Qianji is up to me to decide, this has been discussed at the beginning.”

The assistant director was dumbfounded by his stare.

Wow— the students in the auditorium exploded.

“Si Huang! He is Si Hua’s fraternal twin, Si Huang?”

“How could it be him! It’s impossible!”

“A gorgeous transformation in real life!”

During the commotion, Director Liu raised his head to Si Huang, “Come with me.”

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