IHSB Ch. 95

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Nuan Nuan’s dark eyes were so bright and beautiful, especially when she saw the comments comforting and praising her third brother, the smiling face seemed to be happier than Gu Mingyu himself.

It was just that the little girl had some doubts, and then she asked softly.

“Third brother, why did they call you husband, and also call you Yuyu?”

The assistant who was drinking water with a dry throat couldn’t hold back, but the person in front was Gu Mingli, who was not easy to mess with at first sight, he turned his head decisively and spewed it out with a pop.

The manager sitting next to him who was brutally humiliated: “…”

He looked at the assistant expressionlessly.

“Yes… I’m sorry bro!”

Gu Mingyu pinched Nuan Nuan’s little nose, “Because they all want to be your third brother’s girlfriend, but I’m someone they can’t get, so they can only talk about taking advantage of me. It’s cheaper to call me husband, as for why they call me Yuyu, because your third brother’s name is Gu Mingyu, it’s more friendly to call me that way, so my fans are also fish fans.”

Nuan Nuan seemed to understand a little bit, and then both brother sister continued to surf the net.

Nuan Nuan saw with her own eyes that Gu Mingyu rolled up his sleeves and switched accounts skilfully, and clicked on that person’s homepage, and it turned out that he was a very good man.

Then he went into battle and started typing.

He replied at the bottom, “Yuyu is the best looking, oh, it’s really rare. I guess you are too confident when you say this. Do you have a tough guy’s face or a tough guy’s body? Got eight pack abs? Are you 1.8 meters tall? Are the pimples and freckles on your face still there? Are your hair still thick? Is there a girl chasing you? Have you saved your house payment for this year? As long as there is one less of these conditions, you are not ashamed to judge others. Who gave you the confidence, whether you have a big face or a fat heart like my Yuyu, you are just envious, and you can come out with an envious face and say jealousy. It’s your fault if you speak sourly, just kneel down, my hands hurt from typing.”

And after his account sent out the replies, there were more replies below, all of which were from Yuyu’s best fans.

Boss, I saw you again, you are really the same as before, you are the same as before, you didn’t lose your demeanour from back then!

Hahaha… The needle hits the nail on the head, I’m surprised, whoever said that a good-looking person can’t be a tough guy, are they blind to the handsome man played by Yuyu before or are they deliberately pretending to be blind? Dashuai has eight-pack abs! Beautiful and bandit-like, it’s easy for one to fight against ten, so why can’t he be considered a tough guy.

Jealousy, I feel refreshed every time I see you pissing people off, boss. You can slander him in other aspects, but you must not slander his appearance and figure. He has eight-pack abs, and it’s slick… the real thing!


Gu Mingyu switched accounts happily, looked at the staring smile Nuan Nuan beside him, and immediately pinched the soft cheeks on both sides of her cheeks in a good mood.


Nuan Nuan blinked her big beautiful eyes, with a soft expression on her face, then she just said something softly.

“Third brother is so tired!”

Gu Mingyu was in a better mood, and hugged the little girl and kissed her fragrant face.

Soon they arrived at Gu Mingyu’s apartment.

The security measures in this housing area were very good. Gu Mingyu’s apartment was large and luxurious. He yawned as soon as he got home, took off his shoes and stepped in with his socks on. The floor was covered with thick and soft carpet.

Gu Mingli was not too polite, but he found a pair of clean slippers to wear, while Bai Mohua ran in happily without shoes. If the studio was not too easy to get dirty, he actually wanted to spread out fluffy blankets there, it was just too comfortable to step on it with bare feet.

Nuan Nuan took a look at the shoe cabinet, before she could seriously look at it, a slender arm scooped up the soft little girl and put her under her arm and walked in.

The little girl didn’t even have time to take off her shoes, so she was face down and her limbs were hanging in the air. She could only grab the strong arms of her fourth brother in a panic, whimper twice, and then she was too obedient, neither resisting nor speaking.

The assistants and agent sent them back and left.

“What do you want to drink?”

Gu Mingyu tugged on the tie and pulled it off. Two buttons on the collar of the blue shirt were unbuttoned, revealing a delicate and beautiful collarbone under the slender and perfect neck.

The whole person looked lazy and a little evil.

“Milk for Nuan Nuan.”

After asking, he directly ordered something for Nuan Nuan to drink.

Gu Mingli sat on the sofa and took out his mobile phone. He sat in the boss position and started playing the game. He just took the time to answer without looking up.

“Anything else.”

Bai Mohua sat next to Nuan Nuan obediently, and raised his hand to answer.

“I will also drink milk.”

Gu Mingyu’s beautiful peach blossom eyes slanted, and a wicked smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

“Are you still a child?”

Bai Mohua “…No!” He retorted loudly, everyone thought he was small! He was obviously older than Gu Mingli!

“It’s just… just used to drinking milk.”

He defended himself in a low voice.

Gu Mingyu burst out laughing, and went to get some drinks.

The red wine he brought for himself, the beer for his younger brother, the milk for the two children, each with a full glass.

Holding the milk cup in her little hands, Nuan Nuan took small sips, her pink lips like petals were dyed milky white, her clear and clean eyes stared at the milk in the cup, and she drank seriously.

Gu Mingyu sat gracefully on a chair with his slender legs crossed, his toes dangling in the air, his peach blossom eyes slightly smiling at the soft little girl who was drinking milk seriously, the corners of his mouth were raised, today it was really a surprise for him.

His long, bony fingers held the goblet and swayed slightly. The red liquid seemed to shuttle between his snow-white fingers, which looked very beautiful.

He slowly took a few sips of the red wine, and slightly pursed his ruddy thin lips, like a noble vampire who had been drinking blood, looking noble and elegant with an intoxicating glamour.

After drinking, he stood up and took Nuan Nuan to take a nap.

“The next few rooms are available. If you want to take a nap, you can find one.” Gu Mingyu said, while Bai Mohua was looking secretly at Gu Mingli’s phone.

Gu Mingli’s slender fingers quickly operated on the screen, noticing his small movements, he took a sip of beer and looked up, his tone was loose, and he looked ruffian-like.

“Want to play?”

Bai Mohua nodded honestly, looked at him with bright eyes and asked curiously, “What do you play?”

“King, have you never played before?”

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