IHSB Ch. 96

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Bai Mohua shook his head quickly. He was an obedient student when he was in school. At that time, he devoted himself to studying and drawing, and never played games at all.

Gu Mingli snorted, and suddenly a series of questions were thrown at him.

“You are really a good student, then have you skipped class? Have you ever been penalized and punished for puppy love?”

Bai Mohua was stunned by the series of questions he asked, especially when he heard the last question, his fair face suddenly turned red, not only did he blush, but also his ears turned red, like boiled shrimp.

Gu Mingli looked at him in surprise, “…Aren’t you so innocent? I just asked you and you became so shy. How did you grow so big?” Bai Mohua glared at him fiercely.

“I just want to see how you play games… why did you ask these questions!”

Seeing his reaction, Gu Mingli suddenly became interested.

“Just tell me, I’m quite curious now, you’re so young and so tender… Did any girls chase you when you were in school? Were all the girls who chased you mature-looking ones? Big sister type?”

Bai Mohua “!!!”

He pushed Gu Mingli’s head away. “Don’t ask this, no!”

Seeing that, he seemed anxious, he knew if he asked again, Bai Mohua would get angry.

Gu Mingli shrugged his shoulders and changed the subject, “Okay, what about the first two questions?”

Bai Mohua snorted, “Do you think everyone finds skipping classes and writing self-criticism as commonplace as you do, no!”

Gu Mingli clicked his tongue, “Your school days were not complete at all. Teenagers should be a little rebellious. Even if you don’t skip classes or fall in love early or leave early, at least you have to play games.”

While talking, his slender fingers flicked on the phone screen. The player on the opposite side was killed, and a notification sounded that the head was taken from the phone.

There was a sweet and greasy voice from the earphones, and Yao on the opposite side begged his brother to let him go, but Gu Mingli raised his gun and killed him without changing his face, and then chased and beat the opponent’s Yao.

‘Grass! Yao, why did you offend Han Xin on the other side!’

‘How do people know, brother, did you hit the wrong person?’

Gu Mingli said calmly with the tip of his tongue touching his cheeks.

“That’s right, your voice is too low, I can’t help it, so let’s kill you first.”


‘What kind of stinky straight man is this!’

During Yao’s last yelling, she was finally sent away by Gu Mingli’s attack.

After sending Yao away, he turned off the earphones, and looked down at the big furry head that was almost in front of him.

“You’re blocking my sight.”

Bai Mohua quickly sat up straight, and said in a nasty voice, “It wasn’t on purpose.”

After the round was over, he raised his chin to let Bai Mohua take out his phone.

“Let me play a game with you?”

Bai Mohua’s eyes lit up, he immediately took out his mobile phone, sat cross-legged next to him, and then he was pulled into a team, Gu Mingli briefly introduced him to the game, and they just started playing games.

Nuan Nuan took a nap and slept for an hour, then she woke up dazedly rubbing her red face on the warm quilt, looking pink and tender like a peach.

Gu Mingyu also opened his eyes, hugged the soft little girl in his arms, rubbed his chin comfortably on her hairy head, then looked at her pink and white face, lightly pointed his finger. After pinching it, he leaned over, he kissed her again, it was fragrant and milky.

Nuan Nuan who just woke up was stunned, looking at her beautiful third brother in front of her with confused and dull eyes, and was pinched several times before she could react.

“Third brother~”

The voice was soft and sweet, and after sitting up, holding the quilt with her little hands, she was so obedient, as if she hadn’t reacted yet.

Gu Mingyu poked her shiny little forehead.

“Aren’t you awake yet? Do you want to sleep a little longer?”

The limp little girl shook her head slowly, yawned a little, and rubbed her eyes with the back of her hand. Her big black and white eyes looked more moist and clear, and beautiful.

Gu Mingyu glanced at her, he got up and rummaged through the closet to find some clothes, waited until he almost found all the clothes in the closet and threw them on the ground, then went to the bathroom with what he wanted to change, and then came out.

When he came out, Nuan Nuan was already awake, and had tidied up the messy bedding on the bed, and now she was picking up clothes, and the round and white little jiojio was like a little bee, bending over to tidy up and throwing on the carpet clothes.

The carpet was fluffy and snow-white, thick and soft, and you won’t feel cold when you step on it with bare feet, because it was very clean. Every time he looked for clothes, he likes to take one and throw one away, so the ground was full of clothes.

Gu Mingyu himself was used to it and didn’t think there was anything wrong with it, but now seeing that little girl picking up and tidying up the clothes he threw on the carpet one by one, he rarely felt ashamed.

If his manager and assistants found out, they might be surprised. Someone as shameless as you still has shame?

“Don’t do it, Nuan Nuan, I’ll do it later.”

He actually wanted to ask his assistant to do it, but his voice turned around and he said that he couldn’t leave a trashy image in front of his sister.

He paid his assistant a much higher salary than others just because he wanted his assistant to do such an additional business for him.

Anyway, he was quite self-aware, he often messed up the room and couldn’t clean it up by himself, so all these were handed over to the assistant.

With a warm and soft oh, the thin white hands neatly said that a shirt of the third brother was hung on the hanger.

Gu Mingyu walked over covering his face, and picked up the little girl.

“The carpet is not dirty, just let them lie here.”

Nuan Nuan nodded obediently, but her eyes still fell on those clothes.

Gu Mingyu hurried out with her in his arms.

As soon as he left the bedroom, he heard Gu Mingli’s slightly irritable voice.

“Why are you so stupid? I didn’t let you breastfeed the enemy player. It seems that he is so smart. How can he play the game to fight against the enemy?”

At this time, the enemy player who had just been milked by Bai Mohua, suddenly lifted a sword that fell from the sky and cut him off in seconds.

Gu Mingli said, “It’s still a mouthful of poisonous milk, well done!”

Bai Mohua: “…”

How can you play games so capriciously? He manipulated his character in a hurry, and his teammates were in the earphones “hahaha”. The laughter made him so angry that he just gave Gu Mingli a mouthful.

Then within a few seconds, Gu Mingli was suddenly ambushed by several people, no matter how powerful he was alone, he could still beat the siege of several people, so then the game screen was greyed out.

Gu Mingli: “…”

Their team had microphones on, and at this moment there were several craps circling in their ears.

“Fuck, hahaha… This is really poisonous milk!”

“Brother, go milk the other person!”

Bai Mohua, this was all a coincidence.

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