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Gu Tunan stood at attention, and when he said “I’m sorry” with a sullen face, like a reformed labor prisoner, Tang Bai was shocked the moment he opened his mouth.

Gu Tunan, an idiot, would actually apologize to him?!

Standing up dumbfounded, Tang Bai stared at Gu Tunan with round eyes, “Are you apologizing for always giving my small reports to the teacher?”

Gu Tunan: “I was wrong about this, but this matter, I think…”

Tang Bai: “…”

Tang Bai opened his eyes and automatically filtered Gu Tunan’s silly words, thinking about the stupid things Qin Jun might do.

The bad things Qin Jun did in the book included going to the underground arena to destroy Xie Ruheng’s mecha, what else was there, other things seemed to be doing bad things for Cheng Yangbin… huh?

The delicate eyebrows frowned little by little, and a vague guess emerged in Tang Bai’s mind.

Gu Tunan’s speech on dangers of omegas going out alone and the school leaders’ attention to the safety of omega students was commendable. Halfway through the talk, he suddenly realized something was wrong.

Seeing Tang Bai’s frown, as a hint of annoyance flashed in his gray-blue eyes, Gu Tunan tried to save himself: “Actually, I really want to say this time—”

“I know!!!” Tang Bai suddenly raised his head and said excitedly, he casually handed the love bento to Gu Tunan: “This is for you, thank you for helping me…” No, no, no! Shouldn’t he give the protagonist Gong and Shou a chance to warm up his feelings!

Tang Bai hurriedly changed his words: “You help me solve it! Thank you so much today! I’ll go first and see you later!”

After speaking, Tang Bai handed the lunch box to Gu Tunan and left in a hurry.

Gu Tunan was flattered and looked at the little rabbit bento in his hand, after a long time, he finally had this bento again.

Gu Tunan was very pleasantly surprised.

Gu Tunan tried to show off.

Gu Tunan was carrying Tang Bai’s little rabbit bento, like a general returning from a victorious battle, accepting attention with his spoils of war, or like a socialite showing off with the latest bag.

When Gu Tunan walked around the practice room with the little rabbit bento, and opened the bento to release the fragrance when everyone was training in full swing, everyone’s eyes fell on the little rabbit bento looking for the attractive fragrance.

Xie Ruheng also inadvertently raised his head and glanced at the cute little rabbit, and then he stared at the little rabbit as if he had been stunned!

Tang Bai used the same insulated box every time he gave him a love bento. The insulated box was printed with a bunny pattern, and there was a slight scratch on the rabbit’s left ear!

He finally knew what was worse than finding out that the hunting target was a pink rabbit mecha- it was that this rabbit mecha could turn green!!!


Tang Bai sneezed. He rubbed his nose and rushed home. On the way, he asked Director Huang for half a day off.

Ever since Tang Bai came up with imitation makeup for gland scars, Director Huang had been getting easier and easier to ask for leave.

On the way home, Tang Bai began to recall the plot in the book. None of Cheng Yangbin’s design drawings for the Federal Mech Competition was designed by himself, and the drawings for the preliminary round and the final round were all bought with money.

The book only mentioned that Cheng Yangbin’s blueprints for the preliminary competition were bought from the mech designer of the empire. Tang Bai originally thought that the same would be true for the semi-finals and finals. He was worried about how to find evidence of Cheng Yangbin’s buying and selling blueprints, but he got an idea from Gu Tunan. He heard that Qin Jun was asking for the blueprint of the mecha on the Coffin of the Mechanics.

Qin Jun was Cheng Yangbin’s follower, and he would help Cheng Yangbin do many shady things. Some things that Cheng Yangbin was unwilling to do for fear of getting his hands dirty, Qin Jun would do, and some things that Cheng Yangbin wanted to avoid suspicion from, Qin Jun would also do.

As someone from the Qin family, Qin Jun had no shortage of money to buy mechas. At this time, was it possible that Qin Jun was collecting blueprints of mechas on a large scale for Cheng Yangbin?

After arriving home, Tang Bai borrowed Grandpa Tang’s seller account from Grandpa Tang.

The Coffin of Mechanics was an organization with a high threshold for membership. It needed a high membership fee to be paid every year. In the Coffin of Mechanics, you could buy weapon blueprints, weapon parts and energy spars that were rarely seen outside.

Many of the materials that Tang Bai had saved over the years were bought from the Coffin of the Mechanics. Coffin of the Mechanics traded online, which was formal and secure. It was much safer than the black market in the slums. Most of the black market circulation was stolen goods. And many of the products in the Coffin of the Mechanics were officially produced and sold by weapon manufacturers.

Tang Bai also had an account in the Coffin of the Mechanics, but that was the buyer’s account.

After logging in to the newly acquired gold seller account, Tang Bai showed a lovely smile.


Cheng Yangbin left from the rematch scene, he waved to the audience on both sides and the flying live ball, with a smile like a spring breeze on his face, but when he entered the floating car without a camera, Cheng Yangbin’s face suddenly became gloomy.

Since he lost to “Jun Tongchen” in the preliminary round, he could no longer market himself as the mecha manufacturing genius as before.

And the picture of him and Xie Ruheng in the same frame also spread quickly. Every time his fans praised his beauty in the prosperous age, someone would throw out the screenshot of him and Xie Ruheng in the same frame during the live broadcast.

For a while, all the selling points he had madly marketed had become slots, which was very unfavorable to his popularity accumulation in the early stage. Now the only chance to come back against the wind was to win the final championship, which was a shame!

Cheng Yangbin turned on the light brain, and asked an account: “Have you found out Jun Tongchen’s real identity?”

– “You still need to wait for a while.”

A while, a while, a while, until Jun Tongchen took the initiative to reveal his identity after winning the championship?! What a fucking piece of trash!!!

Cheng Yangbin closed the dialog box irritably, grabbed his hair and tried to calm himself down.

The most urgent task was to find design drawings that met the rules of the finals. The content of the finals was the creation of propositions. Normally, the topic was not known until the finals. Because of his family relationship, he learned the requirements of the topic in advance, and now he was buying blueprints everywhere and looking for mecha masters.

He planned to piece together different design drawings of the same type and sew them into his own masterpiece, but his level could only create ordinary works based on patchwork plagiarism, not enough to create an excellent work to win the final and become the champion, at this time, it was necessary to find a master mech maker to help him improve.

The finals would be coming soon, but he still hadn’t found a suitable mecha maker master.

Just as Cheng Yangbin’s mood became more irritable, a message from Qin Jun made his eyes shine: “Young Master Cheng! I just found out in the Coffin of the Mechanics that a top mech manufacturing master from another country has a vacancy! At that time, a bunch of people came to make an appointment, I thought I would not be able to make an appointment at first! It turned out that the mech manufacturing master happened to choose me! This is his private account…”

Cheng Yangbin was overjoyed: “Okay! Good job!”

The users of Coffin of Mechanics, a weapon exchange platform, came from various countries. Regarding the certification of nationality, this platform had a series of strict certification standards, and it was difficult to show a fake nationality. Cheng Yangbin was very assured of the auditing ability of Coffin of the Mechanics. He had used this platform before to find mecha makers in other countries to buy blueprints.

It was difficult to find mecha makers from other countries.

The Federation attached great importance to mecha technology. For example, the real mecha design drawings of the contestants in the mecha manufacturing competition could only be seen by the judges and the military.

So Cheng Yangbin wasn’t worried that the master mecha builder would find out that he had used his improved blueprints to participate in the competition, unless the foreign mecha builder was from the federal military and had the right to see the blueprints of the contestants in the competition.

But that was even more unlikely.

Because the Federation was afraid of leaking military secrets, it expressly prohibited serving military personnel from selling blueprints in the Coffin of the Mechanics.

He immediately added the Xingwang account of the mech maker master. This account was a newly opened trumpet, which was normal. They usually used trumpets for private transactions.

He saw the information of this master mecha maker from Qin Jun. It was an ashes-level account in the Coffin of the Mechanics, and for such a long time, the buyer satisfaction of this account on the Coffin of the Mechanics was as high as 100%! The anonymous evaluations of the buyers all praised his superb skills!

Cheng Yangbin was very satisfied when he saw the information of this master mecha maker. The only thing he was not satisfied with was the secret code they had agreed upon.

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