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Cheng Yangbin frowned and sent a message: “Alphas surnamed Cheng are all idiots.”

Master: “Yeah.”

Cheng Idiot: “Hello, Master, I am the buyer you selected on the Coffin of the Mechanics.”

Master: “You are now still in the probationary period, not yet my selected buyer [Smile.jpg]”

The smiling face of Soybean was extremely lethal. Combined with the stupid code before, Cheng Yangbin’s expression was a little bit tense. He suspected that the master was mocking him.

But as an elderly person using emoticons, it was understandable, this was obviously a way to express friendliness, don’t think too much about it.

Cheng Yangbin: “What does the probationary period mean? Didn’t you choose me on the Coffin of the Mechanics? What is the price in your heart? I can pay three times that.”

Master: “It’s not a question of money.”

Master: “I am not short of money, I hope to have the same ideological resonance with my customers, and the compatibility of the three views, I will not do business with people who have a different aura.”

Cheng Yangbin was dumbfounded.

Don’t talk about money but aura in a money transaction?

No, no, no, no, such indifference to fame and fortune could only show that this master was different, not a liar for fame, the real masters all had weird personalities, and it was understandable that he had a deeper thought!

Cheng Yangbin straightened his mind and said humbly: “Master, do you think I match your aura?”

Master: “What do you think of Cheng Yangbin?”

He suspected that the master mech maker knew his true identity and was deliberately playing him.

Not too possible.

It was Qin Jun’s account that was in contact with this master mech maker. On the surface, he had nothing to do with Qin Jun. Qin Jun was just a poor trousers from a nouveau riche family, even if the master had found out Qin Jun’s identity, it was impossible to think of him.

Besides, the time of a master mecha maker was so precious, and the account registration time of this master mecha maker was older than his age. How could such a mature and sophisticated master mech maker deliberately play tricks on him?

Thinking of the master’s password, Cheng Yangbin guessed that the master’s enemy might be surnamed Cheng, so there was a high probability that the master would blame all people surnamed Cheng.

As a master of mecha manufacturing, he would definitely pay attention to the rookies of mecha manufacturing in various countries, and he was very popular when participating in the mecha manufacturing master, so it was normal for him to be mentioned by the master.

Cheng Gongzi, who was very confident in his popularity, stretched out his hand to stroke the clear jaw line, and said narcissistically: “I think he is a promising rookie in the federal mecha manufacturing industry.”

Master: “[Smile.jpg]”

Cheng Yangbin followed with a smile: “Master, are you showing approval?”

Master: “I’m laughing at you for being stupid.”

Cheng Yangbin’s smile disappeared on the spot.

Master: “Insincere intentions, over-packaging, ugly people do more mischief. I’m afraid he doesn’t want to mix in the mecha circle but the political circle. He just seems to be using the mecha circle as a springboard. Fortunately, this is not a matter of our country, otherwise I will be mad at him.”

Cheng Yangbin’s handsome face turned black and then red, red and green again, and he immediately typed swear words to greet the 18th generation of the great master’s ancestor!

Cheng Yangbin had never been scolded so much in his life! Angry air flowed out of his fluttering nostrils, and his two lips were almost unable to seal the unbearable swear words, but the finger that clicked to send did not fall down…

Mecha design blueprint, Mecha design blueprint, Mecha design blueprint!

Cheng Yangbin tried his best to maintain the demeanor that a handsome man should have.

Master: “How can there be such a scum in your country’s mecha circle! A rat dropping ruined a pot of porridge, and this kind of cancer has ruined your country’s mecha circle! What a misfortune for your country!”

Cheng Yangbin: “!!!”

Cheng Yangbin was so angry that his temples burst into madness, his eyes were red like a bison, and he wished he could pounce on the master and fight this master, but he moved his fingers honestly away from the position of the send button, for fear that he would inadvertently send this long string of swear words, ruining his deal with the master mecha maker.

Those who achieved great things must endure what ordinary people could not bear! For the mech design drawings, for the final champion, and for entering the council, he must endure it!!!

Cheng Yangbin endured the humiliation and deleted all the curse words.

Master: “Why don’t you talk anymore?”

Cheng Yangbin stared at the profile picture of the master as if staring at the person who had murdered his father and was his greatest enemy, then holding back his anger, he typed with his middle finger: “You are so good, I can’t get in to talk.”

Master: “Practice more if you are stupid, first practice by scolding Cheng Yangbin [Smile.jpg]”

Cheng Yangbin was angry from the heart, and the evil turned to the guts. He pretended to scold himself but scolded the master. He said viciously: “I’ll go breed you with the stupid thing you criticized immediately!”

Master: “Add Cheng Yangbin’s name.”

Cheng Yangbin: “…”

On the other side, Tang Bai looked at the chat history of Cheng Yangbin where he scolded himself and his performance and laughed until tears flowed out. He frantically took screenshots and wanted to share his source of happiness today with the world.

Oh no, Tang Bai rubbed his stomach that hurt from laughing, got up and put on an essence mask for himself, in case he laughed too much and got wrinkles.

At this time, he got a message from the account he noted as Cheng Idiot: “Master, are you satisfied?”

Tang Bai said reservedly: “Not satisfactory.”

Cheng Yangbin asked aggrievedly: “Master, do you think I am worthy to be your buyer? Do you?”

Tang Bai: How many do you have?

Tang Bai: “How much can you pay?”

Cheng Yangbin: “?”

Cheng Yangbin: “Master, didn’t you say that you don’t talk about money?”

Tang Bai said coldly: “I just don’t. If you are not short of money, you don’t think you have too much money.” Not only do I want to play with your feelings, but I also want to rob you of your money.

Cheng Yangbin: “10 million star coins, change the mech design once.”

Tang Bai: “Add a zero.”

100 million star coins! Only change the mecha design once! Why the hell don’t you just grab the money!!!

Cheng Yangbin was furious! Cheng Yangbin went crazy! Cheng Yangbin trembled: “Maybe it’s less.”

Yes, it’s so humble to ask for help, and a powerful mech maker can do it like this.

Master: “You bargain, your heart is not sincere.”

Cheng Yangbin: “Ahhhhhhh!!!”

In the end Tang Bai slaughtered Cheng Yangbin, and after they signed the non-disclosure agreement, Tang Bai saw Cheng Yangbin give him his mech blueprint.

This blueprint had a subtle sense of fragmentation, which may not be apparent to ordinary mech makers, but Tang Bai had a strange sensitivity and insight in this regard. He raised his brows slightly, revealing an inexplicable smile.

Cheng idiot: “I merged the blueprints of mechas I designed in different periods and wanted to create a better mecha. I encountered a bottleneck in this creation, and I hope the master can give me some guidance.”

Tang Bai replied lightly: “I don’t like to explain, I will directly help you improve the work in an all-round way, you can understand it by yourself by looking at the drawings.”

Cheng Yangbin: “Okay.”


Tang Bai suddenly had an inspiration for writing an article after the exchange, but he was not sure what would be feasible when it came to the plot, so he opened the dialog box with X.

Don’t fall in love and engage in career: “Little angel, I want to set a villain who is addicted to plagiarism in Jun Tongchen’s academy chapter. That villain is a student of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and wants to run for the chief. What do you think?”

X: “What is his and Jun Tongchen’s specific conflict?”

Tang Bai did not expect that X would reply in seconds, he blinked, and chatted with X about the plot, and after chatting for almost half an hour, Tang Bai happily said: “You are really a peerless little genius!”

Don’t fall in love and start a career: “[Super Invincible Snakeskin Bang Bang Peacock Happy.GIF]”

X: “You are also great.”

Tang Bai noticed that X was not interested in chatting today, and he didn’t even post an emoji, so he asked cautiously: “Little angel, are you in a bad mood?”

X: “A little bit.”

The vinegar from the dumplings at noon was enough to make him sour into a cup of lemon tea.

Tang Bai immediately put on the posture of a close brother: “What happened? If you want to find someone to talk to, I can be your psychotherapist!”

Seeing how Tang Bai cared so much about X, for some reason, Xie Ruheng became even more sour. He said sourly: “I heard people say today that Tang Bai gave Gu Tunan a lunch box. Does Tang Bai think that Gu Tunan is better than Xie Ruheng? I don’t know whether Tang Bai really likes Xie Ruheng or Gu Tunan.”

His phoenix eyes were aggrieved as he looked at the light screen waiting for comfort.

Tang Bai saw X’s question and suddenly realized it. He found that X’s troubled point was the question “Is my male god green tea?”

If the omega X mentioned was not him, he would also think this omega was quite green tea.

No, he had to explain clearly!

Don’t fall in love and engage in career: “Actually, have you ever thought that Tang Bai doesn’t like both of them?”

Xie Ruheng: “…?!”

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