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The night passed, and most of the high-level big monsters knew that Ying Long, who had a bad temper, had cultivated his character and was now raising a cub.

Although the cub’s race and identity were strictly hidden, according to Ying Long, the cub was well-behaved and cute, and looked better than all the demons in the room.

Of course the big guys all expressed doubts about the above words.

As for why Ying Qiao called in the middle of the night, it was because the novice parent had a small accident when raising the cub. The cub’s rebellious period came and he started to get angry.

It was not because Ying Qiao wanted to show off that he had a baby.

The big monsters who received the call brainstormed with the mentality of having fun and raised funds overnight to buy a box of cub raising books for Ying Qiao and sent them to Ying Qiao’s villa.

Chen Hua just learned from Taifeng that Ying Qiao was calling everywhere in the middle of the night, asking for help, it was really a dazzling cub. The little monster had such a soft temper, it was not easy for Ying Qiao to make people angry.

After handing over Tai Sui, he kept watching Ying Qiao’s jokes.

He had just walked in the villa, when he saw Ying Qiao, he was unpacking the express box.

Chen Hua was taken aback, wondering if Ying Qiao was too frustrated and something went wrong: “Didn’t you say that you won’t buy anything online even if you were killed?”

As a dragon that prided itself on having good taste, he was in fact, very forceful. The things that Ying Qiao used had always been luxury brands and high definition. Online shopping did not conform to his noble status, so it was directly passed.

Ying Qiao glanced at him disgustingly: “This is the book they sent me from Enlightenment.”

He saw him unpacking the carton and taking out the books one by one. The title of the books were-

“Methods of Communication with Adolescent Cubs”, “Giving Cubs Freedom”, “Capturing Cubs in Sensitive Periods”, “Bringing Cubs”…

Chen Hua:…

He wanted to ask sincerely, are you Shi Lezhi?

But Ying Qiao obviously felt that this was his friends sincerely giving him ideas. He picked up the top copy of “How to Communicate with Adolescent Cubs” and looked at it seriously with a frown.

After turning a few pages quietly, Chen Hua heard him start talking to himself.

“To understand and respect the preferences of the cubs, especially the cubs in the rebellious stage, who have not yet established a complete three outlook, they will always yearn for powerful and cool monsters…”

Ying Qiao looked thoughtful, he repeatedly read this paragraph for a while, turned his head and asked Chen Hua: “Is the secret service team very mysterious and powerful in the eyes of those little monsters?”

Chen Hua raised his eyebrows: “Of course, I usually go to the first floor to do errands. Those little monsters are very respectful, and there are people who even ask me for autographs.”

Ying Qiao became surer of his guess, and he asked, “Then…what about Taotie? Do those little monsters also worship Taotie?”

Chen Hua didn’t know this anymore. In fact, he didn’t often go to the bureau. Although he had long heard that Taotie had joined the secret service team, they hadn’t seen each other so far. On the contrary, those little monsters seemed to spread a lot of gossip about Taotie.

He thought for a moment: “Should…it should be?”

After all, the monsters were all weaker, so the stronger the monster, the more the little monsters must yearn for them.

Ying Qiao felt that he had found the crux.

Jiang Lan suddenly became angry yesterday, it was after he mentioned Taotie.

He was vaguely unhappy with his guess, but he had to admit: Judging from yesterday’s performance, the little monster may admire Taotie very much.

In the era of the law, the demon clans had fallen. There had long been no distinction between fierce beasts and auspicious beasts. Even if a powerful monster like Taotie had a cruel temperament, it was possible to have a group of small fans.

Especially the little monsters who were still in the rebellious period.

Ying Qiao’s eyelids started drooping, his legs were folded, and he was holding a book in one hand, as he tapped lightly on the armrest of the sofa with the other. The cub must have a positive energy idol.

Such as himself.

The Yinglong clan were the gods of the lower realm and were born as auspicious beasts. Wasn’t he more worthy of worship than Taotie?

When Chen Hua saw him sitting there, his expression looking colorful and unpredictable, he felt more and more irritated by Ying Qiao.

After a long time, he saw Ying Qiao standing up and preparing to go out, then he walked to the door, turned around and pointed to the books piled on the sofa: “These books are good, you help me give them a gift to Kaiming. And pick a gift from the underground warehouse.”

After a pause, he added another sentence: “Send another sentence from me, tell them as elders, they should prepare the red envelopes and meeting gifts. When the time comes, I will bring him to visit.”

Chen Hua:…

You haven’t been beaten to death yet, mainly thanks to no one.

Otherwise, the tomb grass on your grave would have been two meters high.


At 8:30 in the morning, Jiang Lan went out to work listlessly.

He didn’t sleep well last night and had a mess of dreams.

First, he dreamed that when Ying Qiao was talking badly about him face to face, he changed back to his original shape in a fit of anger, and finally frightened Ying Qiao to death. He hurriedly sent Ying Qiao, who had become a dead snake, to the doctor, and finally saved him, but Ying Qiao didn’t remember him anymore. When he saw him, he started screaming frantically, saying that he did not have a friend like him. Then he separated from Ying Qiao sadly, remembering that he had to go to work, and hurriedly rushed to the work unit, but forgot to change back into a human form, and suddenly crashed in the Street Office building.

So, Director Cheng expelled him in a rage.

Not only did he lose his friends, he also lost his job.

The dream was really too miserable.

Jiang Lan woke up in shock, and he didn’t even have any energy for the whole morning.

To say that he was still thinking about telling Ying Qiao that he was Taotie yesterday. After having a messy dream all night, he felt that it would be safer to wait for a while.

After they become more familiar and closer, then he would confess to Ying Qiao.

At that time, Ying Qiao should be able to understand that Taotie was not so cruel and terrifying.

If he didn’t believe the rumors or spread any rumors, they could still be good friends.

After understanding this, Jiang Lan bought a bowl of hot dry noodles, two tea eggs and a cup of soy milk on the side of the road, and happily went to the unit.

Director Cheng came early today. On the face, he saw Jiang Lan with two dark circles under his eyes. He was holding a thermos of tea soaked with wolfberry and said earnestly: “Young people should also pay attention to health preservation and not stay up late or they would lose their hair. When you become like me, it would be too late to regret.

After speaking, he touched the top of his bald head sighfully.

Jiang Lan’s expression became immediately horrified.

It so happened that Xue Meng came out to throw out the trash at this time, and finally held back his smile. When Director Cheng left, he said to Jiang Lan in a low voice, “Don’t listen to the director fooling around. He has hereditary baldness, his three generations of ancestors didn’t have a lot of hair. You won’t be bald.”

Jiang Lan just released his heart. Monsters were also different from humans. If their hair went bald, most of their fur would also go bald.

Think of a Taotie with a bald head and tail. How ugly would that be?!

When he sat down at his desk, Jiang Lan peeled the two tea eggs clean, and poured the soy milk into a small shallow bowl—this was Suan Ni’s breakfast.

He himself took the remaining half a cup of soy milk and ate a bowl of hot dry noodles.

He finished breakfast quickly, just in time for work.

Director Cheng went back and forth and called a few people to the large conference room for a meeting.

This was the first time Jiang Lan had seen colleagues from other departments of the Subdistrict Office after joining the company. There were about 20 people in the entire neighborhood office, belonging to five offices. In addition to their Civil Affairs Section, there were also the Party and Government Office, Family Planning Office, Finance Office, and Economic Section.

Including Director Cheng, there were a total of four or five leaders.

Everyone sat in the conference room properly, listening to the several leaders taking turns to speak.

Jiang Lan condensed for a moment. The general content of the meeting was that the Dragon Boat Festival was approaching. In response to the party’s call for poverty alleviation, the neighborhood office had decided to launch a “poverty alleviation in the countryside” activity this year to help rural people get rid of poverty and become prosperous.

Each office of the Subdistrict Office was responsible for one or two villages and towns under the jurisdiction of Hanyang District. Because the city leaders attached great importance to this event, they had to start preparing early. All offices must contribute their staff to make plans, and the city leaders would then test the results. Those who performed well could also be evaluated first.

When the meeting got over, the whole morning had almost passed.

Jiang Lan had never participated in these activities, and he was still a little confused. On the contrary, Xiao Xiaoyu and Xue Meng sighed.

Seeing that he didn’t understand, Xue Meng shook his fingers and counted him: “The year before last, we went to the countryside to help the villagers plant rice; the year before that, we went to the countryside to perform cultural and entertainment songs and dances for the villagers and entertained the villagers in colorful clothes; last year, we went to the countryside to give condolences to the widowed elderly and left-behind children, cooking a week’s meal with the earthen stove…”

He was full of a sense of collapse: “I don’t know what we would need to do this year.”

Xiao Xiaoyu’s expression was also painful: “Go and ask Director Zhang Tianxing when he will return from leave. It is good to have one more person to share the pain.”

Jiang Lan:…

Although they had not met yet, he had already begun to sympathize with this colleague.

After getting off work at noon, the three of them went out for lunch together.

As soon as they sat down in a Sichuan restaurant, they heard Xue Meng crouching and turning his phone screen around: “The homicide cases in the district have been solved, and the police announced that it was a cult organization that was killing people. The jewelry shop we went to earlier was the den of the cult organization.”

Jiang Lan and Xiao Xiaoyu looked over with their heads stretched out and saw that on the Weibo interface, Ping An Jiangcheng official V had just posted a Weibo, saying that these cult organizations believed in a wicked **** called “Sai Shen”. The cult organization deceived believers and made them buy a transfer stone made by the cult organization, telling them that they could reverse their fortune and achieve what they wanted.

But in fact, the materials used to make these transfer stones were unknown, and a rare type of bacteria had been found in them. After being infected with germs, the body would gradually weaken and may die suddenly. In Hanyang District, there were four consecutive cases with an unknown cause of death. After forensic examination, it was confirmed that the deceased was infected with this bacteria and died.

The notice of Ping An Jiangcheng also released the shop address and photos of the jewelry store “Thinking about it”, calling on consumers who had bought the so-called “transit stones” in this store to hand over the jewelry to the local police station as soon as possible to avoid infection and endangering their health.

There were a lot of comments under this Weibo, and many people were saying that they or their relatives and friends had bought the transfer stone, and they would go to the police station when they returned home or after getting off work.

Xiao Xiaoyu flicked her Weibo comments and asked inconceivably: “Is there really someone silly enough to believe in this kind of transfer stone?”

Silly Xue Meng who got shot while lying down: …

He glanced at Jiang Lan secretly, and then at Xiao Xiaoyu with a sense of secret superiority. I wonder what you stupid Muggle know?

The transfer stone was real, and the monster was real too, and it could even kill people.

The author has something to say:

Mr. Ying (calling one by one): Hello? Good news for you, I am raising a cub, do you have any? Don’t envy me too much, just prepare the red envelope.

Other monsters: Sorry, the user you are calling is not in the service area, please redial later.


If you do too many wicked things, you will really get retribution.

It’s a pity that Long Long still doesn’t understand this truth.

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