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The police car arrived in half an hour and they were even acquaintances—the two policemen who went to Zhao Qunfang’s house during the day to investigate and collect evidence.

When the police saw the red and white minced meat everywhere on the scene, they were taken aback. Then they saw Jiang Lan and were taken aback again: “Why are you here? What happened here?”

Jiang Lan repeated the story again. The younger policeman became more and more astonished as he listened. He couldn’t help but raise his hand to interrupt him: “Wait, you mean the recent murder cases were all done by monsters? Zhao Qunfang was an accomplice of the monster? And you have captured the monster after a great battle?”

Jiang Lan nodded: “That’s right.”

The young policeman looked serious and couldn’t help but educate him: “Little comrade, now it is a scientific society, and you are even a government employee, how can you take the lead in spreading feudal superstition?”

Jiang Lan couldn’t figure it out. Before, when he was on the mission for the secret service team, he had also reported to the public security department. The other party knew of the existence of the secret service department, and the communication between the two parties was very smooth. So when the police came this time, he took it for granted that the other party knew the rules, but he didn’t expect the other party to have an expression that you made things up.

He touched in his pocket. He wanted to take out the Secret Service ID to prove his identity. Halfway through it, he suddenly realized that Ying Qiao was still there. Even though he pulled out his hand, he opened his eyes and looked at Ying Qiao innocently. “I forgot to bring my ID, do you have it? If not, can you call your boss to explain the situation?”

Naturally, Ying Qiao had a certificate, but his certificate was special, so it must not be exposed when he took it out.

He pondered for a moment, and handed his ID card to the young policeman, saying, “I didn’t bring my work permit since I came out temporarily. You can call the Team Leader Liu of the Municipal Bureau to verify the situation. In this case, Team Leader Liu has applied for the special service team to intervene in the investigation.”

The young policeman was obviously not convinced, and his eyes became even more vigilant. He reasonably suspected that the two of them were playing thieves and shouting and catching thieves in the middle of the night, maybe they were members of a cult organization.

However, the other older policeman knew a lot. There was indeed news that this case was deeply involved and that it had to be transferred to the Special Brigade of the City Bureau. It was just that they were still in charge before the notice was officially released.

“I vaguely heard the captain mention the security department before, so I’d better call to confirm.”

After speaking, he dialed the captain’s phone.

When the young police saw this, they could only wake up Zhao Qunfang first, put her in handcuffs, and prepare to ask her to take a trip to the station.

At this time, the phone was connected. The older policeman explained the situation at the scene and reported the names of Ying Qiao and Jiang Lan. He didn’t know what was said on the other end, but the older policeman’s expression suddenly became weird.

When the phone was hung up, the elderly police immediately apologized to them: “It turns out to be a comrade from a brother department. I’m sorry for misunderstanding you.”

The young policeman on the side was so shocked that you could put an egg in his mouth. He pulled the older policeman aside, then suppressing his voice, he asked, “There is a security department? They did not make up the monster?”

The older policeman was also exposed to this special case for the first time, and his worldview was hit hard. But the leader did ask them to cooperate with each other, indicating that this was true.

It was just that they usually didn’t have access to it.

The young policeman looked psychedelic. Although he tried to restrain himself, his eyes couldn’t help but glance down at the two Jiang Lan, then hesitate and stop.

The elderly policeman escorted the confused Zhao Qunfang into the police car, facing the floor full of minced meat, he had a headache. He tentatively looked at the two of them: “These things… staying on the scene may cause adverse effects. Can the two comrades deal with it??”

Ying Qiao nodded, a ray of blue flame popped out of his fingertips, and the flame fell to the ground, and it swept across the entire open space in an instant. About two minutes later, the flame went out, and the Tai Sui meat on the ground was completely burned without leaving a trace.

Policemen: !!

The two looked at each other, and finally the young policeman made an expressionless face, and politely invited the two into the police car.

Because Ying Qiao said that someone would be responsible for connecting with the police in this case, the police took them to the gate of Jiahe Jingyuan. Before getting off the car, the young policeman called Jiang Lan a little embarrassedly: “Comrade Jiang Lan, if you stay in the office from now on and we encounter a special case, can we please refer it to you for your help?”

The Hanyang Police Station and the Hanyang Subdistrict Office were also brother departments in the same district.

This was a performance opportunity delivered to the door, and Jiang Lan readily agreed. After exchanging WeChat with the young policeman, they said goodbye to each other.

Ying Qiao looked at his happy appearance, raised an eyebrow and asked, “Why are you so happy?”

Jiang Lan shook the phone and said seriously: “This is my future performance opportunity!”

The police station encountered more cases every day than the street office, but it was a pity that the police requirements were more stringent, so he retreated to the street office.

Ying Qiao suddenly laughed.

He knew that the security department had arranged a lot of manpower for the grassroots departments in the past two years. Most of these grassroots clerks were little monsters or casual cultivators. The cultivation level was not too high, and the above did not expect them to do major things. They only needed to find out and report abnormalities in time. After the person above verified the abnormality, the bonus would be calculated according to the situation, which was considered as an additional benefit.

This could also be regarded as a means of preventing the gradual prevention of sprouts above.

Ying Qiao once heard Taifeng complain that now many grass-roots clerks had learned a bad habit. After being admitted to the establishment, they began to slack off, and were not motivated at all.

On the contrary, few people took their work seriously like Jiang Lan.

“When this case is over, I will mention it to the boss and apply for a bonus for you.” Ying Qiao said.

The little monster loved his job so much and deserved a reward.

Jiang Lan was really happy, his big eyes were gleaming, and he looked wanting but not as embarrassed: “I didn’t help much, okay?”

Ying Qiao nodded without hesitation: “Yes.”

After speaking, he thought of his personal design and quickly pulled Chen Hua out: “My boss is in the special service team. I will tell him and he can apply for you.”

Jiang Lan was dumbfounded, suspecting that he was bad at hearing: “Secret Service Team?”

He frantically swept the screen in his heart, but the boss of Ying Qiao was also in the special service team???!!

Although the big monsters in the special service team were all fascinating, they rarely met each other. But in case it happened someday, how embarrassing the scene would be.

Jiang Lan began to regret that he lied at the beginning.

When you tell a lie, you have to use 10,000 lies to round it up.

Riding a tiger[1] was his true feelings now.

Ying Qiao thought he was too surprised.

The secret service team gathered some great monsters with advanced cultivation bases, most of which had a dull personality. In the eyes of ordinary little monsters, it was probably synonymous with people who were very powerful.

He pressed his eyebrows imperceptibly, and asked casually, “You are longing for the Secret Service Team?”

Should this be said or not?

Jiang Lan hesitated for a moment and nodded.

Ying Qiao pursed his lips and said in a persuasive way: “The big monsters in the Secret Service team have very weird personalities, and each one is more fierce than the other.”

The soft-tempered little monster could even be scared to cry when he went to the special service team.

And what was so rare about the secret service team? Ying Qiao thought with disdain, his cub should rest assured under his nose. It’s better to be a secretary for him in the future. The salary was much higher than that of the Secret Service group.

But Jiang Lan did not show the scared expression he wanted, instead lowering his eyelashes, he retorted in a low voice, “It’s not… all fierce.”

For example, I am not fierce at all and speak very well.

Ying Qiao’s eyes flashed, thinking that he still had expectations for the secret service team, he decided to give him the next strong medicine.

“You know the ancient beast Taotie? It is said that he is also in the special service team. His temper is very bad and he can swallow several little monsters in one bite.”

After speaking, he waited with satisfaction to see Jiang Lan’s horrified expression, thinking that the little monster would not yearn for the special service team now?


Jiang Lan was shocked and aggrieved.

He didn’t expect that Ying Qiao, a demon who looked so sensible, would also have a prejudice against Taotie!

Obviously I treat him as a good friend, but he speaks ill of me face to face and spreads my rumors! It’s too much!

Jiang Lan was sulky, but he couldn’t tell Ying Qiao that he was Taotie.

After holding his breath for a long time, he decided to unilaterally break off friendship with Ying Qiao for one day.

He glared at Ying Qiao, dropped the sentence “You are talking nonsense”, and ran into the community.

Ying Qiao:???

Okay, why did he suddenly get angry?

Ying Qiao was puzzled, thinking and thinking, this could only be attributed to the little monster’s rebellious psychology.

The little monster was still young after all, probably still in the rebellious period. He yearned for the secret service team so much, but he directly broke his illusion, no wonder he was angry.

Ying Qiao stood at the gate of the community for a while, and suddenly smiled helplessly.

It really wasn’t that easy to raise a kid.

Have to find a way to coax it.

Jiang Lan was very unhappy, not to mention that the long-term meal ticket was gone, and he would be misunderstood by new friends.

Unhappy x2

Fortunately, when he returned home, Suan Ni immediately greeted him with his short legs.

Jiang Lan picked up his younger brother, rubbed his face on his soft belly, still muttering in his mouth: “Who told you to speak ill of me, I will turn back to my real body and scare you to death!”

After imagining that Ying Qiao was shocked and panicked when he got to know he was Taotie, he was a little happier and picked up his brother and went back to the bedroom to sleep.

Ying Qiao stayed at the gate of the community for a while, and finally called Taifeng. He asked with a slightly ostentatious tone: “If the kid at home is angry, how can I coax it?”


He looked at the electric display and found that it was indeed Ying Qiao.

“You don’t sleep in the middle of the night, are you sleepwalking? You’re the only one in your house, where’s the ba**ard?”

Ying Qiao snorted with a strong sense of superiority: “You don’t have it yourself, don’t you allow others to have it? I only started raising it recently.”


He probably understood what the guy was trying to call him in the middle of the night. He held the phone away indifferently, and said in his mouth: “Hello? Hello? What are you talking about? I can’t hear…My signal is not good. I’ll talk about it tomorrow…”

After speaking, he hung up the phone ruthlessly.

Ying Qiao looked at the call interface that ended with the beep, snorted, flipped through the address book, found another number and dialed out.

The author has something to say:

Ying Qiao: Taotie is fierce and ugly, and he likes to eat children, so you can’t go to the secret service team, you know?

Angry Jiang Lan: …I don’t want you talking nonsense (‵□′)


Falling in love is often not smooth sailing. The current setbacks are for better growth. Let us bless the dragon together.

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[1] This is in reference to an idiom, “Once you ride a tiger, you can’t get off willingly.”

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