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Later, he didn’t know how many people this strain of Tai Sui had eaten, how much blood and resentment it had absorbed, and only then made the beloved spiritual object from heaven and earth look like this evil thing.

Although Taotie was omnipotent, Jiang Lan still disliked eating such food when he had a choice.

Not to say that it was unpalatable, and it may even cause stomach troubles.

He gnawed his fingers entangledly for a while, but seeing that Tai Sui had already begun to drill in Zhao Qunfang’s wide open mouth, he finally made a move-first hit it on the ground, and then consider the question of whether to eat it or not.

Tai Sui noticed when he moved. Hiding in plain sight for so many years, Tai Sui was very vigilant. It straightened up suddenly, pulled the fainted Zhao Qunfang up and held it behind his back with two hands, and then he stretched out two tentacles from under his ribs in a defensive posture, his whole head without facial features guarded against the person walking out of the shadows.

When it was time to see who it was, it was trembling with nerves all over its body, and its voice was shrill and piercing, as he said with a gritted and frightened voice: “Taotie?!”

The days when Taotie had locked it up as food, were its most frightened and embarrassed days since it opened up his spirit. After escaping from Taotie’s lair, it was more eager for power and also became more cautious when killing people.

But it could never forget the powerlessness and fear hidden deep in its bones.

Last night, when its primordial soul was eaten by Taotie in a dream, it gave birth to the thought of retreat, ready to change skins, and then leave Jiangcheng.

But unexpectedly, it hid here and Taotie still found it.

New hatred and old hatred were superimposed, Tai Sui’s figure became distorted, and the alien tentacles were stretched out one after another under his ribs, obviously preparing for a fight.

Jiang Lan’s expression was very disgusted.

Getting closer, the smell from Tai Sui’s rancid body became more and more intense. Previously, when it was draped in human skin, it looked white and fat and he still had an appetite. Now this one was full of tentacles, and to be honest, it gave him a bit of spicy eyes[1].

Jiang Lan took a step back and said to Tai Sui seriously: “You looked much better before than now.”

Tai Sui became furious immediately, and the tentacles under his ribs twisted frantically, all attacking Jiang Lan.

Jiang Lan’s five fingers formed into claws, and he was about to fight back when he heard a deep cry from behind him: “Get out of the way!”

That was Ying Qiao’s voice. After only a short pause, he decisively withdrew his hand, dexterously avoided Tai Sui’s offensive move, and retreated to the back.

At the same time, a white flying sword came with the momentum of thunder and cut off Tai Sui’s tentacles.

Tai Sui roared, retracted his broken tentacles, and looked at the two Chen Hua and Ying Qiao who had arrived.

“People from the Demon Administration Bureau? You both belong to the Demon Race, but you are helping the Human Race to harm the same race?!”

Chen Hua retracted the sword, stepped back in disgust, all the while avoiding the cut tentacles on the ground.

“You have to be a demon for that to be true, what do you mean to harm the same clan? You are so ugly, you can still find the same clan in the world? Let me say, someone like you, if you were put it in the ancient times, maybe you would have been eaten by a big demon a long time ago. Could we be forced to talk here?”

What he didn’t know was that Tai Sui was indeed almost eaten by Taotie. He accidentally inserted the knife into Tai Sui’s heart with incomparable precision.

Tai Sui jumped into thunderous rage in an instant, then throwing away Zhao Qunfang from behind him with a roar, he rushed towards Chen Hua—

Chen Hua looked towards Ying Qiao subconsciously, only to see that the old beast had quickly pulled Jiang Lan away a few meters away, leaving Tai Sui for him to deal with alone.

With a curse in his heart, Chen Hua had to pinch his nose to greet him.

Jiang Lan was a little embarrassed but he was blocked by Ying Qiao. He stuck out his head from behind him and watched the battle: “Is it okay for us to watch here? Do you want to help?”

“My boss is very good. It is a mere Tai Sui, so there is no need for us to help.”

Ying Qiao put aside Chen Hua without any psychological burden, turned his head to focus on Jiang Lan, and said with some disapproval in his tone: “It’s you, why did I find you here alone? Did I not ask you to call me.?”

If they hadn’t come in time, the little demon might have been bullied.

Ying Qiao felt unhappy when he thought of Tai Sui’s disgusting tentacles rolling on Jiang Lan’s body. If it weren’t for Jiang Lan watching here, he would be willing to take action personally to let the Tai Sui learn a lesson.

“Ah, I forgot.” Jiang Lan widened his eyes slightly. After his first experience, his acting and speaking skills were much better than before. He pursed his lips, flushed his eyes, and tried to play the role of a terrified little demon: “I went to the community to collect information today and found that Zhao Qunfang may have something to do with Tai Sui. In the evening, I went to Zhao Qunfang’s house and followed her to here… I didn’t expect Tai Sui to be so scary. “

After speaking, he sniffed gently and pointed at Zhao Qunfang who was thrown aside: “Hey, that’s Zhao Qunfang. I suspect she has been helping Tai Sui harm people.”

Ying Qiao’s eyes suddenly became softer when he saw him: “You are very smart. It took a lot of effort for the boss to find Tai Sui’s whereabouts, but you found it before us.”

Jiang Lan lowered his head in embarrassment, but he thought: If I want to eat Tai Sui ahead of you, of course I must hurry up.

But now even though he was fast, the Tai Sui couldn’t be eaten anymore.

Thinking of this, Jiang Lan couldn’t help but feel even gloomier.

It felt really sad.

Ying Qiao thought he was scared and rubbed his head softly: “You did a good job, but you are still too reckless. Remember not to take risks alone in the future.”

Jiang Lan immediately nodded obediently: “Yeah.”

Ying Qiao smiled contentedly. In the past, Geng Chen always told him that he wanted to raise a cub, but at that time he disliked cubs for being fragile. But now looking at Jiang Lan, he felt that raising such a baby boy felt good.

Chen Hua split Tai Sui in half with the sword, and when he turned around, he saw Ying Qiao smiling kindly.

He cursed MMP in his heart, and his hand quickly danced the sword out of the afterimage.

Tai Sui was a spiritual creature, gentle in nature, and it was not aggressive at all. It was for this reason that the Heavens gave the Tai Sui clan unique luck, which allowed the Tai Sui clan to continue.

But the Tai Sui strain in front of him was beyond Chen Hua’s cognition. Not only did it look disgusting, but its attack methods were also very evil.

It was like a huge earthworm, it couldn’t be killed no matter how it was cut. After being cut in half, it could still move, and it even had an extra helper.

What was more disgusting was that its tentacles began to secrete red mucus. Not to mention the consequences, the visual effects alone were disgusting enough.

Chen Hua sharpened his molars and smashed Tai Sui to pieces with his sword. For a while, Tai Sui meat splashed everywhere.

Jiang Lan looked at it from a distance, subconsciously feeling distressed, and then thought again: It’s not delicious anyway, there is nothing to be distressed about.

Then he felt a little relieved.

Ying Qiao thought he was worried about Chen Hua, so he squinted at Chen Hua. As the sword light flashed, the painted skin monster indeed looked a bit handsome and confusing.

He lowered his eyebrows and reminded him: “Boss, it’s half past twelve.”

The subtext was, hurry up, don’t release water.

Chen Hua: Knock Lima! You do it if you can!!

After cursing, he speeded up. Tai Sui’s abilities were really limited. After Chen Hua broke through its weakness, it could basically only be crushed.

Seeing that his size had shrunk by half, Tai Sui opened the distance between the two, then his eyes flickered and he said: “Stop fighting, I surrender. As long as you let me go, I am willing to change. Are you not recruiting people? I am willing to join the demon management bureau.”

Chen Hua took it down with a sword and sneered: “Are you still thinking about joining?! Do you think the Demon Management Bureau is a garbage dump? All spicy chickens are collected?”

The hypocrisy that Tai Sui squeezed out turned into spite. It twisted its body and screamed unwillingly: “Why? Why didn’t you care about humans persecuting the Tai Sui clan, but now when it’s my turn to take revenge, you want to intervene? Even the heavenly way protects me. Why are you guys like this?!”

“Do you think Heaven really protects you?”

Ying Qiao pulled Jiang Lan forward and looked at it indifferently and contemptuously: “The way of heaven protects the Tai Sui clan, but how many of your fellow clan have you killed to increase your cultivation?”

It was not easy for the Tai Sui clan to practice, and the way of heaven descended to protect each of them. It was the human race that had always been called the darling of the heavens, and it would be unlucky to provoke Tai Sui for nothing, and the ancient saying “to commit Tai Sui” came from this.

But the Tai Sui strain in front of them had not only slaughtered the human race, even the same race that did not find it easy to practice, had not been let go. It had not only the blood of the human race, but also the grievances of the same race on him.

“If Heaven still protected you, why could we easily find you?”

Ying Qiao coldly shattered its illusion and said, “Because you have killed too much and your luck is exhausted.”

After speaking, he gave Chen Hua a look and motioned him to send Tai Sui back to the Demon Management Bureau for disposal.

On Tai Sui’s face without facial features, several complex expressions were forcibly squeezed out. He suddenly turned his head to look at Jiang Lan and screamed: “It’s you! If it wasn’t for you—”

Jiang Lan’s eyelids twitched, and he quickly stepped on its face, and said fiercely: “What’s wrong with me?! I haven’t settled the account with you yet!”

It still wanted to yell angrily, but Jiang Lan stepped on its face and slammed on the ground, “Am I wrong? Are you still not convinced?”

Tai Sui:…

Its head was squashed, and it was speechless.

Jiang Lan was finally satisfied.

Ying Qiao at the side didn’t expect this little monster who seemed to be soft-tempered to have a little violent temper. Especially when he stepped on Tai Sui’s face and said cruel words, his air was vivid, but it had a bit of bullying.

Ying Jiao hooked the corner of his mouth, pulled him away, frowned and said, “Don’t step on it, it’s dirty.”

Jiang Lan reacted with a “ah”, looked down, and quickly wiped the soles of his shoes on the floor in disgust.

Ying Qiao said, “We don’t need this pair. I’ll buy you a new pair of shoes later.”

Jiang Lan nodded without hesitation this time. This Tai Sui was too smelly.

Tai Sui: Knock Li Ma! Did you hear me?!

Tai Sui was caught, but there was still Zhao Qunfang to deal with.

The relationship between her and Tai Sui was unclear, and the three present had no good feelings towards her. In the end, Jiang Lan called the police and waited for the police to deal with it.

Chen Hua and Ying Qiao were supposed to take Tai Sui back to the Demon Administration Bureau, but when he looked at Ying Qiao’s polite appearance, his eyes hurt. So, he simply did not stop and got in the car and stepped on the accelerator.

He threw Ying Qiao in place.

He leaned out his head and waved to the two of them from a distance, and shouted with a grin, “Xiao Ying, I’m in a hurry to go to the bureau to deal with things, you and Jiang Lan stay here waiting for the police to come, don’t walk around.”

After finishing stepping on the accelerator, he drove away swiftly.

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Movie King Lan: Tai Sui is terrible QAQ

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Tai Sui: Knock on Mom, Knock on Mom, Knock on Mom, Knock on Mom, Knock on Mom, Knock on Mom


The actor Taotie is online!

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[1] In Chinese, there is a fabulous internet phrase to describe when you are looking at something awful: 辣眼睛(làyǎnjīng) or “spicy eyes.” It is a way of commenting on something that makes your eyes feel like they have been damaged, similar to the English phrase “makes my eyes bleed.”

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