KHSW Ch. 191

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Chi Jingyu’s hands hanging on both sides were gradually clenching, even if Mom could forgive him, he would never forgive Chi Yanbin.

“Jingyu, you’ve gotten so old, are you still running away from home like a child?” Ling Xi’s words contained a hint of reproach.

“Sister-in-law, you have misunderstood me. He clearly drove me out first.” Chi Jingyu glanced at Chi Yanbin.

Chi Yanbin said with a stern face, “You child, when did I drive you out?”

Chi Jiayang’s eyes showed a complicated look. It seemed that Ling Xi already knew about their family, but it’s just that, how did they meet?

Chi Jingyu called her “sister-in-law”, which indirectly admitted that he was his brother. Did it mean that… Ling Xi went to investigate the people around him for herself, and tried to ease the relationship between them?

Chi Jiayang, who thought of such a possibility, had a happy face. Ling Xi did it because she cared about him. He knew that Ling Xi was a duplicitous woman.

Listening to Ling Xi and Chi Jingyu singing together, Wang Suping forced a smile on her face, “Jingyu, who are you calling ‘sister-in-law’? I didn’t fix Ling Xi and your brother’s marriage!”

Chi Yanbin suddenly realized, wasn’t Jingyu admitting that Jiayang was his brother? Looking at Wang Suping, dissatisfaction flashed in his eyes, “Jingyu can call her whatever he wants.”

Hearing Wang Suping’s words, Chi Jingyu sneered. The ‘brother’ in his mouth was Xu Yizhi, the president of the dignified Xu family. This woman really did it herself.

Ling Xi pretended to be puzzled, “Did you misunderstand something?”

“…” Well, no one paid her any attention.

At the dining table, Ling Xi seemed to smell a strong smell of gunpowder…

The guilty conscience on Wang Suping’s face did not escape Yang Huilin’s eyes. She had kept that incident in her heart for more than 20 years.

“Huilin, these years… I heard that your illness often flares up. You must have suffered a lot, right?”

Chi Yanbin asked cautiously, for fear that if he was not careful, it might irritate her.

Wang Suping’s pupils shrank suddenly.

Yang Huilin gritted her teeth. After more than 20 years, her temperament had changed a lot, and she said: “A bin, thank you for raising our son to adulthood. I have been in a mental hospital for so many years. Not being able to watch him grow up with my own eyes…”

Her words successfully aroused Chi Yanbin’s guilt, but if it wasn’t for her going mad and nearly killing Jiayang, he wouldn’t be so cruel, so as to imprison her in a mental hospital.

Chi Jingyu was a little sad, “Dad, you know my mother would suffer in a mental hospital, why did you still do that? Do you know what my days in the mental hospital were like? The food was sour and the water was dirty, as long as the patient is a little disobedient, those doctors and nurses would beat him, is that still a human life?”

Chi Yanbin buried himself in the food, but listened to his words, “It’s all over. Now, let’s eat well!”

“Yanbin, come, this is your favourite braised pork ribs, and that one is your favourite.”

Wang Suping deliberately made a pretentious attitude in front of Yang Huilin, and glanced at her with contempt, as if saying that he is already my husband, you should kill the thoughts in your heart!

Ling Xi naturally wouldn’t make Wang Suping feel better, she winked at Chi Jingyu, and Chi Jingyu knew that their plan could be implemented now.

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