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Qiao Xi took two steps, and after recovering from Jing Yan’s words, he raised his lips quietly, and then quickly restrained himself, trying his best to say with a straight face, “Did you see that that person was interested in you?”

Jing Yan was at a loss: “What do you mean?”

He didn’t see it.

“What about the sister he mentioned? What happened at the birthday party last year?” Qiao Xi asked with his head raised.

This jealous appearance made Jing Yan feel that his Qiao Xiaoxi was very cute. He smiled, quite agitated: “I have no impression at all, I don’t know what he was talking about.”

After thinking about it seriously, Jing Yan frowned again and said: “Really I don’t remember it at all, it’s very likely that I just said something to his sister when I was chatting with others? Otherwise, I wouldn’t have no impression at all.”

That’s it…

It seemed that it was a look and a word that moved the thoughts of the little girl. This one… attracted bees, butterflies and wolves! Snort!

Qiao Xi whispered, “You’re quite popular.”

If it wasn’t for his fierce reputation, maybe the little girls who were chasing him…or the little boys would be able to line up a few streets.

Jing Yan was very eager to survive and said, “I don’t know, I just like you!”

Then he took the opportunity to kiss Qiao Xi’s cheek, and said, “But next time if something like this happens again, don’t wrong yourself, you know?”

He rubbed Qiao Xi’s forehead and whispered, “I will support you no matter what!

“What if I’m not in the wolf clan?”

Jing Yan thought for a while, and said, “I can support you anywhere.”

Qiao Xi laughed and said with a frown, “…Okay! By the way, if that person just now spread the word about our relationship…”

When Jing Yan kissed him, he was embarrassed, and he didn’t think about it when he kissed Jing Yan, but now he was worried that there would be problems.

“Huh? Are you afraid that others will know about our relationship?” Jing Yan asked suspiciously.

“I’m afraid of your father’s side.” Qiao Xi hesitated.

Although he was determined to be with Jing Yan, but Jing Yan had a bad relationship with his father, and he did not know how the wolf king would react when he finds out about this.

“Oh,” Jing Yan’s reaction was indifferent when it came to the Wolf King, “Don’t worry about this, my love is my own business.”

Qiao Xi looked at the man, nodded, and was no longer worried.

But he really saw another side of Jing Yan today.

Recalling Jing Yan’s tough look… Qiao Xi’s heart had a subtle feeling, but it seemed a little itchy?

Hey, he seemed to be getting weird?

Qiao Xi thought secretly.

The episode with the young man was quickly forgotten by the two of them.

After returning home that night, Qiao Xi received another examination from the doctor, confirming that the false pregnancy state was completely cured, and was finally relieved.

The doctor was very curious about the speed of recovery, his eyes were full of “what did you do to him overnight”, and Jing Yan kept his chest raised the whole time, while Qiao Xi wanted to cover his face.

Before going to bed, he spoke to his fourth brother on the phone again.

He and Jing Yan were finally together, and it was time to tell his fourth brother about this.

Naturally, Xing Luo answered the call, Qiao Xi couldn’t hear his fourth brother’s voice, but from Xing Luo’s narration and comfort, it was not difficult to guess that his brother had exploded again. He seemed to be trying to soothe the angry and helpless guy who was lying in the treatment cabin and couldn’t get out.

When he hung up the phone, Qiao Xi breathed a sigh of relief, wiped his sweat, and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

After completely mastering the transformation ability, Qiao Xi began to learn to dress up. After all, he could often act in human form in the future!

Jing Yan was more enthusiastic than him, and hurriedly bought him a bunch of clothes, including many traditional costumes of the fox clan.

When Qiao Xi aimed a look at the man, the man blushed and looked away.

… Qiao Xi won’t tell this guy, he had himself almost asked Xing Luo to buy him fox clan clothes!

He snickered inwardly.

It was a pity that Jing Yan was a brainless brat. No matter what Qiao Xi wore, he said it looked good. After Qiao Xi got used to it, he didn’t ask Jing Yan’s opinion anymore, and cultivated his own dressing aesthetics.

Soon, it was mid-November, the temperature was already very low, and Qiao Xi also received an admission notice from his favorite school.

“By the way, your school will have an open day tomorrow. New students are welcome to visit or consult the school in advance if they have any queries,” Jiao Yue said, “Qiao Xi, are you going?”

Qiao Xi had nothing to ask, but he was bored. Going to see the appearance of his university was also very good, so he nodded: “Okay!”

“Then I will go too!” Chris immediately raised his hand, as he liked to join in the fun.

While playing games, Jing Yi raised his claws as well: “And me!”

“Tomorrow the weather is fine, I’ll go too, it’s been a long time since I went out,” Hei Yu asked Jiao Yue and A Xue again, “What about you guys? Won’t you go out for a walk together?”

A Xue smiled softly: “I can.”

Seeing A Xue say that and since the university itself was famous for its beautiful scenery, Jiao Yue also agreed to go after thinking about it.

Once it was decided, it turned out to be a rare collective dispatch.

Qiao Xi had the feeling that everyone was going out for an outing together and was quite excited.

The next day, he sighed in his heart again- when the Leopard King came to the Wolf King Palace, when everyone went to the dinner together, he was the only one who couldn’t transform into a human form and could only be carried by Jing Yan. So, he was very depressed.

Now, he could finally transform into a human form and appear handsomely with everyone!

——Qiao Xi thought in high spirits when he stepped off the flying car after half an hour of flying and entered the sight of everyone on the university campus with the rest.

In an instant, everyone on the huge campus focused their attention on these seven people and looked straight.

They were all 360-degree super handsome guys with no dead ends, one looked very similar to the heaven-defying handsome guy, then there was the one who looked indifferent, one who enchanted beauties with a gentle smile, and two tough guys who looked super tough. There was even a handsome man with ear studs who looked very romantic, and there was a little fairy man who was pure and seemed very delicious!

– Boys’ team!

Where did this top men’s team come from!

Jing Yan noticed everyone’s gazes, and embraced Qiao Xi with possessiveness, and glanced around vigilantly.

Gee, college campuses seemed a little dangerous.

Everyone: Ahhhhhh what is the relationship between the leader of the boy group and the pure beauty!!!

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