KHSW Ch. 192

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Chi Jingyu immediately took a piece of braised pork ribs, “Mom, this is also your favourite braised pork ribs, come and try it.”

Yang Huilin saw his hint, after eating the braised pork ribs that Jingyu put into her bowl, she suddenly vomited it all out, “Ouch—.”

Wang Suping shouted in disgust, “What are you doing?”

“Mom, mom, what’s the matter with you?”

“Auntie, are you okay?”

Chi Yanbin looked at her worriedly, he also ate the ribs, and there was no problem!

Both Chi Jingyu and Ling Xi were acting talents. While Yang Huilin had been in the mental hospital for so long, and she was also fascinated by the performance of those patients.

“Who… are you? I’m going to find my son, have you seen my son?”

Yang Huilin grabbed Chi Jingyu’s arm, her eyes seemed lost, and her body seemed to have lost her soul.

“Mom, I’m Jingyu! I’m your son!”

“You are talking nonsense, my son is only three months old, stop joking with me, I’m going to find him.”

Chi Yanbin’s eyes were full of worry, was she going crazy again? “Huilin was fine just now, why did it suddenly become like this?”

Wang Suping immediately seized the opportunity, “Jingyu, now you know, your mother’s madness is very serious, hurry up and send your mother back to the mental hospital.”

All this while she thought viciously in her heart, she has been a normal person in a mental hospital for more than 20 years, and has finally become a lunatic.

Chi Jingyu hurriedly said: “Dad, mom’s illness only happens occasionally. She has been there for more than 20 years. It’s really not a place where people live!”

Chi Yanbin frowned tightly, he had just taken Chi Jingyu’s words to heart, this mental hospital, she was definitely not allowed to go there again.

Yang Huilin suddenly cried hoarsely again, “A bin, where have you been, where have you been, why are you ignoring me?”

Hearing her words, Chi Yanbin moved with compassion and thought of their past.

“Huilin, I’m A Bin!”

Chi Yanbin walked in front of her and held her hand tightly.

“No, you are not my A bin. My A bin has run away with other women. He will not come back. He has already divorced me. Divorced. Do you know what divorce is?”

Ling Xi had been a part of the play all this time, but she admired her aunt’s acting skills from the bottom of her heart, and she even felt moved when she saw it.

“Dad, can you let Mom live with me at home?”

Upon hearing this, Wang Suping immediately frowned, “How can this work? Let a mental patient live in our house, what if she killed someone?”

Ling Xi, who had been silent for a while, suddenly said, “Auntie’s illness is only temporary. What’s more, living in a familiar environment is very beneficial for Auntie’s recuperation. Don’t you want Auntie to get better? Ah ? ~I’m sorry auntie, I forgot that you are in charge of this family, it’s too rude for me to say this as an outsider!”

Hearing Ling Xi’s words, Chi Yanbin remembered that there were outsiders, even if it wasn’t for that feeling, it was also for the sake of face, “I have the final say in this family, Jingyu, you can move all your mother’s things here, and that’s it.”

Wang Suping hated her teeth and her face became even more anxious.

“But Yanbin, you and her are already divorced, isn’t it inappropriate for her to live in here?”

“What’s inappropriate? She is my ex-wife, so I am naturally obliged to take care of her when she is ill. What’s the matter with you?”

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