IHSB Ch. 29

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After feeding her father, she heard that he would be able to get off work soon, so Nuan Nuan called her mother.

“Mom, Dad is going to get off work, and we’re coming back.”

Mother Gu on the other end of the phone felt so soft in her heart when she heard her daughter’s sweet and glutinous voice.

“Mom knows, what does Nuan Nuan like to eat? Mom will prepare it for you right away.”

The little girl was very well-behaved with the phone in her arms. “Nuan Nuan is not a picky eater, she likes to eat everything. Mom has worked hard. Does mom have anything she wants to eat? Dad and I will buy it for you.”

“We have everything in the house, don’t worry about Nuan Nuan…”

Mother Gu liked to listen to her daughter, so the mother and daughter started chatting about various things through the phone. She asked Nuan Nuan what she did in her father’s company today, and the little girl told her mother everything she did today.

Dad Gu was working on the side, listening to the conversation between his daughter and his wife, a happy smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, and he felt even more motivated.

“Dad, do you want to pick up my brother from school?”

After work, Dad Gu didn’t forget his son in the car on the way home.

“Let’s go, how about going with Nuan Nuan?”

The little girl nodded her head obediently, “Mmm, okay.”

“Where does fourth brother go?”

She still remembered how the fourth brother treated her well.

“Your fourth brother is in high school and lives in the school dormitory from Monday to Friday. Does Nuan Nuan want to visit him?”

The warm little dumpling blinked her eyes, and her curled eyelashes followed, like butterflies flapping its wings, it looked great.

She sat obediently, and there were tiny stars flashing in her beautiful eyes, “But… can I? Will it disturb the fourth brother?”

“No, we’ll go when he’s finished with classes. If Nuan Nuan wants to go, let’s have dinner first.”

Nuan Nuan nodded obediently, and she reminded, “I’ll bring a present for fourth brother.”

Dad Gu smiled and touched her furry head.

“Okay, Nuan Nuan’s card is with Dad. You can buy anything for the fourth brother.”

He handed a bank card to Nuan Nuan. “This is the pocket money that Dad gave you, when you were in the company, the uncles also gave you greeting money, and it is all put in this card, Nuan Nuan can keep it to spend money.”

The little girl hurriedly shook her head, her watery eyes were clear and bright, and her voice was soft and hurried, as she refused. “I don’t need it, Nuan Nuan doesn’t need to spend money.”

Grandpa Gu deliberately said with a straight face, “How can this work? Your brothers all have their own pocket money, how can Nuan Nuan have no pocket money, all the children in the family are treated the same.”

Nuan Nuan’s eyes widened, and she tilted her head to ask, “Brothers have all?”

The two adults nodded decisively, they didn’t lie, just in this card for the little girl, it was the sum of her pocket money from birth to the present, and more than one person gave her pocket money, so it added up to a total of two million.

Their children’s pocket money was generally 100,000 a month.

Nuan Nuan didn’t know this. She only accepted when she heard that her brothers also had it. She didn’t ask how much money was in it. Anyway, she didn’t understand the numbers.

Of course, Nuan Nuan would not spend money indiscriminately. She just planned to buy gifts for her brothers, as well as for her parents, grandpa, uncle and aunt.

The car drove to Gu An’s school, the school had just gotten over, Nuan Nuan’s little claws held the car window and her small and delicate chin was placed on the back of her hand, her pink lips were pursed, while her big black and white eyes stared intently at the school gate.


When she finally saw Gu An, Nuan Nuan pulled her father’s finger and whispered.

She still remembered what her brother said before, that she couldn’t call him brother outside, so she didn’t let outsiders hear it, and she didn’t go down to pick him up.

Dad Gu rubbed her fluffy and soft short hair, and smiled coldly as he looked at his son who was coming out of school.

This stinky boy, will regret it later!

Gu An, who had just come out of the school gate, looked around, finally found his car, and rushed over with his two little friends.

“Dad, why didn’t you get down to pick me up!”

Nuan Nuan hid behind her Dad, and her soft fingers grabbed a little fabric of the suit on his arm, revealing a small half of a furry head as she stared at Gu An.

Gu An immediately saw Nuan Nuan, and just as he was about to call out to her, he found that she had slipped behind their father.

Gu An “…”

His face was full of confusion, what did he do to his sister for her to avoid him like this!

“Hello, uncle.”

The two friends who were usually naughty by Gu An’s side greeted Gu Linmo obediently.

Gu Linmo’s voice was a little dignified, “Okay, are your family members here to pick you up?”

“They are here, uncle, you can go first.”

The two children nodded quickly, and suddenly became dazed with each other. Gu An said goodbye to them and left.

After Gu An got into the car, he stared at Nuan Nuan angrily.


When the two children left and the car door was closed, Nuan Nuan called Gu An sweetly.

Gu An became a puffer fish, “What happened to you just now? You hid when you saw me, am I so shameful?”

Nuan Nuan looked at him innocently, “But… Is it not what brother said, I can’t let brother’s classmates know that I’m your sister.”

Gu An “…”

His face… felt just a little sore.

“Then…then you can’t hide from me!”

Nuan Nuan asked softly, “Then what if they see me and ask you who am I?”

Gu An was choked again, his facial expression changed, and he wanted to refute but didn’t know what to say, so he could only get sullen.

Dad Gu and Grandpa Gu watched the fun, as it was always fun to see Gu An who was regretting but didn’t know what to say haha…

“Brother, what’s the matter with you?”

Nuan Nuan felt that she was very caring and obedient, and there was no problem at all.

She didn’t know what Gu An’s mood was entangled in at the moment, and when he heard the warm and soft call of brother, he said awkwardly.

“If… if you really want to call my brother, then it’s not impossible to call in front of my classmates.”

He raised his chin slightly and tried his best to look like he didn’t care.

“I’m not such a fussy person, although it will make me feel a little troubled.”

Nuan Nuan blinked at him with her big eyes, and said slowly, “Then… that’s not enough.”

She frowned, “It’s okay. Nuan Nuan can just call you brother at home, it won’t cause trouble to her.”

Gu An “…”

You have a thicker skin!!!

The adults in the car were almost laughed to death by Gu An’s unbelievably wide eyes, hahaha… Did this count as suicide.

Gu An blushed, he was so angry, he just felt that his younger sister’s head was not very smart.

“I mean you… it doesn’t matter if you call me brother outside!”

In the end, he still blushed and roared out the words in his heart.

So tired…

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