IHSB Ch. 28: Feeding Dad

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Regardless of other people’s eyes, Nuan Nuan raised her little head, her pretty little face was flushed red, her soft little fingers were nervously grabbing at Dad’s pants, her big black and white eyes glanced at Dad, and then she nodded obediently, and said softly.


After speaking, she tried her best not to be so nervous, pursed her mouth tightly, rubbed her two soft fingers together, and ran to Grandpa’s side with her short legs and jumped into her grandfather’s arms.


She called Grandpa softly like a little milk cat, soft and sweet.

The old man hugged the little girl and touched her hair, “Nuan Nuan don’t be afraid, grandpa and dad are here, these are your uncles and aunts, and they are your dad’s colleagues.”

Nuan Nuan snorted softly, curling up her raised eyelashes trembling, she raised her small head from her Grandpa’s arms, her fluffy soft hair was so cute, she looked like a little princess who had been raised in a deep palace for a long time, timid, full of aura, and her delicate little face looked very beautiful.

“Hello, uncles and aunts…”

With the encouragement of grandfather, Nuan Nuan looked at those people with big moist eyes, and called out very politely and softly.

The youngest of them were in their thirties, and they had no children. At this moment, looking at the sweet little girl, their hearts were too soft, and their faces became even more gentle.

“Hey, Nuan Nuan, how are you.”

“Nuan Nuan is so good.”

They greeted her with a smile, although they wanted to hug the little girl, but now was obviously not the time.

“Come in.”

After they started working, Nuan Nuan carefully glanced at Dad and them, then turned off the cartoon directly, so as not to disturb Dad’s work.

Grandpa Gu seemed to know what she was thinking, so he raised his hand and rubbed her hair, and sighed in his heart. His granddaughter was really good. In fact, he hoped Nuan Nuan would be as wilful and naughty as other children in the circle.

But she was so cute and warm, who could bear to say anything to her?

Nuan Nuan didn’t feel bored without watching cartoons. She didn’t understand her father’s work, so the little girl concentrated on eating.

She put the saucer with grapes in front of her, picked up one with her little finger and started peeling the grapes.

The purple grape skin was peeled off to reveal the crystal clear and emerald green flesh inside. She shook her feet a few times, then turned her head and fed the grape flesh to her grandfather.

Seeing her grandfather eating, she smiled and bent her eyes. Under the warm light, her short fluffy hair seemed to exude a soft light, her star eyes were shining brightly, and her smile was very healing.

Those who hadn’t started reporting or had finished reporting couldn’t help but sneak a peek at Nuan Nuan, thinking that she had the look of the old lady of the family, they had never seen anyone else with such delicate eyebrows.

However, there was a big difference in personality compared to the old lady. The late old lady was an elegant and noble woman, while Nuan Nuan was as soft as a furry animal, and she was still very temperamental.

But who knew what would happen in the future, the lady of the Gu family, even if she looked like she was easy to bully, no one could bully her.

Nuan Nuan peeled the grape skins and stuffed one into her mouth for a while. The grape was a bit big, and one could fill her small mouth to the brim with the sweet fragrance of grape pulp.

One for grandpa, one for herself, and then one for dad in a clean plate.

In this way, she silently counted the grapes for the three people, and the small plate was already piled with grapes like a hill.

Nuan Nuan counted carefully, there were already eight grapes for Dad.

Hmm…go and see the others.

“Grandpa eat bananas.”

She gave Grandpa a banana, and Nuan Nuan wiped her fingers and peeled the shell of the sugar-fried chestnuts.

It was the shell that was a little hard.

Nuan Nuan looked at her little hand, it was soft, and there were some hard calluses in her palm, which was left over from working for a long time in the countryside, but she was still young after all, and she was carefully cleaned and maintained when she returned to Gu’s house. Afterwards, she still looked very tender and a little white. She had that kind of skin that was difficult to tan, but no matter how difficult it was to tan, her complexion would still dull if she had been exposed to the sun for a long time without taking any protective measures.

On the soft fingers, the nails were neatly trimmed and clean, that was…

She used her nails to pick out the shell of the chestnut, and the button… she couldn’t buckle it.

“Grandpa will help you.”

The flat ends were pinched, and the chestnut shell cracked with a small clear sound.

Nuan Nuan’s eyes widened, and she looked at Grandpa with some admiration.

It was just a trivial matter, but the old man felt that it was more fulfilling than earning millions!

“It’s not as difficult to peel as raw chestnuts, Nuan Nuan, you want to try it too?”

Nuan Nuan nodded like a chicken pecking at the rice, and pinched it like grandpa just now, click… it also opened.

Nuan Nuan “…”

“Grandpa, look!”

Nuan Nuan’s voice was a little louder, but still soft.

“It’s amazing.”

Grandpa Gu gave Nuan Nuan a thumbs up.

The praised Nuan Nuan was happy and a little shy, her dark eyes shone brightly, she peeled off the chestnut shell and took out the soft, glutinous and sweet chestnut pulp and put it in a small dish next to her.

“This is for Dad.”

She shook her little hand happily.

Grandpa Gu hummed, “What about me?”

Nuan Nuan’s clear and innocent eyes stared at the chestnut in the old man’s hand.

Grandpa Gu: “…this one doesn’t count.”

“That’s good, Nuan Nuan will also peel one for Grandpa.”

Her indulgent and soft tone was like coaxing an ignorant child, and the old man instantly felt a little bit nervous. He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

But after eating the soft, waxy and sweet chestnut meat that Nuan Nuan peeled with her own hands, he was instantly satisfied.

Nuan Nuan gave herself the third peeled chestnut. She supported her little chin with her soft little hands, and she ate so much that her cheeks were round, and her big eyes were full of satisfaction. She was like a little hamster.

After the others reported their work and left, Nuan Nuan saw that Dad wasn’t so busy, so she carried the fruit and snacks and ran over with her short legs and said softly.

“Dad eat, and then work.”

She kept a small plate full of grape pulp, strawberries, apple bunnies, chestnuts and other dried fruit pulp in front of her Dad.

Gu Linmo pinched the bridge of his nose a little tiredly because of the high-intensity work just now. Seeing that the little girl came to feed him with so many things, he instantly felt his tiredness being swept away.

“Nuan Nuan prepared so much food for Dad?”

The little girl nodded her head and fed him with strawberries.

“Dad, rest for a little while, you must be tired.”

Gu Linmo kissed her little face softly, and then ate the fruit she had brought over.

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