TBVSR Ch. 45.2: I was wrong

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“We have to go to class during the day, and only have time for training at night. I asked the logistics teacher to get the key to the dance classroom. We have to hurry up.”

Jiang Yu glanced at Qiu Li.

Qiu Li’s face was sullen, and he made it clear that he was jealous. Jiang Yu also had to take into account his feelings, so she refused: “I may have to accompany my boyfriend, otherwise, classmate Wen Lun, you can find another girl to partner with…”

Wen Lun was a little disappointed: “Well, then I’ll find someone else…” Before he finished speaking, Qiu Li said with a cold face, “Who the hell wants you to accompany him.”

After saying this, he didn’t look at them much. After giving them one glance, he got up and left.

Wen Lun said helplessly: “That… your boyfriend is a little temperamental.”

Jiang Yu frowned slightly as she watched Qiu Li leave.

Of course she knew that Qiu Li chose to leave at this time in order to give her a chance and because he did not want her to miss the chance of being Wen Lun’s partner.

But…what the hell.

This stinky temper.

Qiu Li was in a bad mood when he returned home, and ignored the text messages Jiang Yu sent him.

He felt that he seemed to be too generous today, and kept telling himself in his heart that there was no need, Jiang Yu belonged to him, and she wouldn’t have anything to do with that little white face.

Don’t be jealous, don’t embarrass her…

But…it really couldn’t be done.

As long as he thought of Wen Lun, the way he looked at her, Qiu Li felt as if there were countless poisonous snakes entrenched in his heart, such thoughts pervaded his mind, going straight to the weakest and most inferior place in his heart.

Qiu Li’s back slammed heavily against the wall, and he felt that his whole body was frozen and woody. The whole world seemed to have turned on the shielding mode, so he couldn’t hear the sound and couldn’t even feel the temperature.

His mind was full… Only Wen Lun’s eyes were looking at him.

Qiu Li grabbed the knife on the table and scratched it on his arm without hesitation.

The sharp blade passed by, and blood came out, trickling along the forearm.

He suddenly felt a sharp stinging pain, and this stinging pain suddenly pulled him from the numb world to the human world…

It did hurt.

Anything related to Jiang Yu, he would feel it when it fell on him.

Pain, joy, sadness… She was the only color in his black and white world.

Qiu Li leaned his back against the wall and slumped to the ground in embarrassment.

Jiang Yu danced at night and felt uneasy, so she sent a text message to Qiu Li, but he did not reply to her.

The vinegar jar must be angry again.

The next morning, Jiang Yu deliberately got up early to go to the cafeteria.

Qiu Li had already come over early, dressed in white overalls, he was cleaning the dishes to be used later.

Jiang Yu sneaked behind him, ready to scare him while he was not prepared.

The water was rushing, Jiang Yu slammed down behind him, and shouted, “Hey!”

Qiu Li was completely unmoved, not frightened, not turning back, as if he hadn’t heard.

Jiang Yu pouted and was about to complain when she suddenly saw two more Band-Aids on his forearm which were visible with his sleeves rolled up.

She grabbed his arm and tore off the Band-Aid.

The two Band-Aids were joined together, and below it was a fresh slender wound, which looked like it had been slashed by a sharp knife.

Not deep, but blood must have come.

Qiu Li withdrew her hand and frowned slightly: “Can’t you be gentle? It hurts to death.”

“You still know it hurts!” Jiang Yu became excited, grabbed his arm, and said excitedly, “Look at your arm, there is not a piece of good skin! Have you forgotten what you promised me?”

Qiu Li’s arm was supposed to be very beautiful, his skin was white, and the arcs of blood vessels were faintly visible, but there were all kinds of marks because of self-mutilation on his arms. The shallow ones couldn’t be seen, and the place where she tore off the Band-Aid just now had blood beads oozing out again.

Jiang Yu felt that all the efforts she had made before seemed to be in vain.

She tried so hard to make him better, but if he didn’t get rid of the bad habit of hurting his own body, how could he become better.

“What’s the matter with you, you clearly promised not to self-harm!”

“You care about me…”

Qiu Li withdrew his hand and continued to wash the dishes again, letting the cold water wash away the blood on his hands.

“You asked me to go to dance with Wen Lun yesterday.”

“It’s me…” Qiu Li said with a blank face, “I was the one who was incompetent and furious in the end.”

“Then what do you want me to do, I’ll listen to you. No, not even if I don’t listen to you.”

“Let’s go then!”

Qiu Li understood that his mental state was very problematic, and he had been unable to control his emotions.

And the result of this… was that he hurt the people around him i.e., Jiang Yu.

That’s why for so many years, he didn’t dare to go to his mother and let her see such a dilapidated self…

“Just go!”

Jiang Yu stepped back after being yelled at by him, and the corners of her eyes were slightly red: “If I really leave, don’t regret it.”

“Go away!”

Jiang Yu threw down the lotus seed bread that was going to be given to him, then she turned and left.

Qiu Li looked at the back of her leaving, and then looked at the bread that had been kneaded into a ball, and his heart was suddenly empty.

The moment Jiang Yu ran out of the kitchen, he stumbled over, pulled her back, leaned against the wall, and hugged her hard, “Don’t go, don’t go, sister.”

She heard him call her “sister” At that moment, Jiang Yu’s heart was about to be smashed to pieces.


She struggled a few times, and then let his hot body hug her hard…

“I was wrong.”

“You know it’s wrong, but you’ll never change it.”

Jiang Yu was crying: “No matter what I do, you won’t change, I can never help you.”

Qiu Li was heartbroken.

He held the back of her head, pressed her face tightly against his chest, rubbed his head against the hair between her neck, his voice was hoarse and helpless, “Xiao Yu, I want to get better too, don’t give up I…”

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