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Only Si Huang and Huo Yuzhi were left on the stage.

Si Huang stood still, waiting for Huo Yuzhi to speak first.

However, at this time, Huo Yuzhi got to know what it was like to play with Si Huang, and her heart was even more palpitating than when she was an audience member. When the person in front of her no longer treated her gently, just looking at his pair of icy red pupils could trigger a physiological reaction in the body, it made her heartbeat speed up, the gastric juice surge up, and her hands and feet were so nervous and scared that she didn’t know what to do. So, she just let it go.

Huo Yuzhi, fight for yourselves! The little whore from Fenghua just now can do it, why can’t you do it! Huo Yuzhi cheered herself up in her heart, gritted her teeth and recalled the content of the script, but Jiang Yajing’s performance just now appeared in her mind, and then her body reacted similarly to her, asking in a trembling voice: “You, are, who?”

Si Huang didn’t respond, the coldness in his eyes dissipated and he returned to his usual clarity.

Huo Yuzhi’s face was stiff, she didn’t need to look to know how she performed just now, the first line was spoken so stiffly, it couldn’t compare with Jiang Yajing’s performance at all.

Si Huang’s reaction had expressed everything.

“I don’t like to play such a weak character!” Huo Yuzhi said stiffly, then shook her head and jumped off the stage.

Huo Yuzhi’s experience made many girls who were ready to move give up on the idea of playing with Si Huang, and at the same time, it also reduced the number of people who originally planned to audition for the role of heroine. In such a situation, it would be ugly to go up again!

In this way, there were only a few girls left to audition for the heroine, and they were the best in each grade.

Si Huang didn’t step down from the stage, and participated in the play against them, but the result was clear at a glance.

“She’s not from Huaxing Art School, so what if she acts well?” Some girls expressed dissatisfaction.

“That’s right, the people in our school are not bad at acting! We don’t have to have her!”

“She has to!” A voice suddenly came out.

The audience was silent, and everyone turned their heads to look at the place where the sound came from.

Xu Wanjun’s face changed after shouting in a daze, and he looked at Si Huang in embarrassment and self-blame.

At this time, Zhou Jian led the reporter to the judging stage, and said kindly to Si Huang: “Young Master, Yajing is our trained newcomer, she hasn’t appeared in front of people until now, and she is only 16 years old now. It fully meets your recruitment requirements! Just now you have tested it yourself, everyone has seen Yajing’s talent and strength, you won’t let a good talent go, will you?”

Si Huang glanced at the man who held a huge camera on his shoulders, “I just didn’t expect Fenghua to send people to advertise me, not to mention send talent as well.”

There was a burst of laughter around.

Zhou Jian was thick-skinned enough, not afraid of being laughed at, and still said things against his will without changing his face, “That’s for sure. You are the eldest master of Fenghua Entertainment, so there is no reason for your family not to help you. The president knows that you want to start from scratch and start a business, he’s afraid you won’t be happy so he didn’t treat you like a young master.” He stretched out his hand and pulled Jiang Yajing, who came over, towards him, and said with a smile: “Yajing is a real talent! After all, she can play against you without losing. Isn’t it?” He couldn’t hide his complacency as he said the latter sentence.

Now in this circle, it was widely rumored that Si Huang was very talented in acting, and he could play against An Yiyuan, a veteran actor at a young age. Now that Jiang Yajing could play against him without losing wind, it meant that Jiang Yajing had been lifted to Si Huang’s level.

The faces of the sisters present all showed a look of anger. How many losses and troubles His Majesty has suffered up to this point, he had even been hacked three times. Now this girl, became as good as His Majesty in one sentence, why?!

Si Huang nodded, “If you have no other requirements, just sign the contract.”

“Ah?” “Ah?” Zhou Jian and the girls present were all stunned.

Zhou Jian didn’t expect Si Huang’s reaction to be so direct, and the sisters complained everywhere.

“Your Majesty, how can you let her act, she will definitely destroy it!”

“Why give her a chance to be famous, why let her be the heroine, don’t want it!”

“Quiet! Your Majesty must have his own ideas for doing this!” It was Liu Yan who stood up to speak and said sternly: “If any one of us is stronger than her, His Majesty will not have to choose her!”

In fact, the girls also knew that they were making trouble for no reason. When choosing the role, they had listened to the requirements of the audition staff but now they were venting their dissatisfaction with Si Huang’s gentleness and going against her for her consideration. Now being reprimanded by Liu Yan, everyone quickly quieted down, but still continued looking at Jiang Yajing with hostility.

Zhou Jian also came to his senses and asked Si Huang, “Sign the contract now?”

“What’s the problem?” Si Huang asked.

Zhou Jian said in his heart: I’m here to disgust you and suppress you, I didn’t think of this at all. He was hesitating when Jiang Yajing said, “No problem, let’s sign the contract!”

Zhou Jian was startled, and was just about to stop her, but then he felt that Jiang Yajing might know more, since she had received other orders from the president. For this reason, he swallowed back the words that reached his throat.

The signing of the contract was handed over to Yu Xi. During the lunch break, Xu Wanjun hesitated and said to Si Huang: “Did I disrupt your plan?”

Si Huang knew what he was talking about, “Jiang Yajing’s appearance was indeed out of my plan, but she is very suitable for “Red Moon”.” Jiang Yajing’s own situation and personality were very similar to the heroine of “Red Moon”. She was a girl full of positive energy, who was occasionally confused, could cry and laugh but was still brave and strong, she was more emotional and natural than most people, all the while having her own bottom line and persistence.

“You think so too?” Xu Wanjun seemed to have been poked and said with high spirits: “From the first time I saw her, I had the feeling that it was her. I really don’t know what to do with that feeling. How to put it, it seems to be destined, there is a voice in my head telling me that it is her, she is Ding Hong, Ding Hong is her. This feeling is like the first time I saw you in the video, and I couldn’t wait to let you play Yue right away!”

“Huh!” A passing girl snorted heavily, and when she left, they could still hear her muttering: “How can she compare with Your Majesty!”

Xu Wanjun returned to his senses with an embarrassed expression.

“”Red Moon” was written by you, and no one knows it and the characters in it better than you, so don’t care what others say.” Si Huang knew clearly that Xu Wanjun had a talent for always being able to choose actors well. Only by finding the actor who he felt was the most suitable to him in the crowd could he become one of the most famous editor and director in the later stage. It was precisely because of this that Xu Wanjun could always make new actors popular, making countless newcomers eager to appear in his scripts, and entertainers in the entertainment industry also jokingly called him a big red hand[1].

After lunch, Xu Wanjun calmed down, but his gratitude to Si Huang never faded away.

At this time, he had already made up his mind, unless Fenghuang Entertainment really collapsed and had no chance of turning around, he would never leave. Not for anything else, but for Si Huang’s trust and support for him when he was at the lowest level, his one sentence had touched the deepest pride and self-esteem in his heart.

In the afternoon, the recruitment and selection of all aspects continued, and when the sun went down, the results of all aspects of talents had already been obtained.

Si Huang looked at the list that Zhang Nianmeng brought, unexpectedly several familiar names appeared on it, including Zhong Yan in the filming crew, Liu Yan in post-production stage, Zhou Xiaowen, in dubbing, and Lu Ningning in music planning…Although Huo Yuzhi did not audition successfully for the role of the heroine, she was quite similar to the character of the unit heroine in the second episode of “Red Moon”, so she was successfully shortlisted.

Zhang Nianmeng said: “Liu Yan is the daughter of the famous director Liu Shu, you know? Lu Ningning and Zhou Xiaowen who are with her are all elites in the Huaxing Art School. I had guessed that they will definitely join. With them, in the team’s management, you don’t need to worry about it, Your Majesty.”

Si Huang said with a “huh” and said with a smile, “They helped a lot.”

Zhang Nianmeng appreciated the beauty, and said cheerfully, “That’s how it should be, Your Majesty, you deserve it, just like you, who didn’t have to find a group of students from Huaxing Art School who have no work experience, to shoot. Well, Your Majesty, as long as I can help you in the filming process, I will be there. Grandpa also issued me a pass.”

Si Huang smiled and thanked her, in exchange he fulfilled Zhang Nianmeng’s request for his signature.

A few minutes later, Zhang Nianmeng walked out with a smile on her face, ran to the group of girls and unzipped her coat, revealing the white shirt inside, which had a neatly written sign in black thick pen on the hem.

“Wow——! Zhang Nianmeng, you are so treacherous!” “You are using public affairs for personal gain!” “Sisters, let’s steal her clothes!” “Come on!”

All the men passing by were stunned speechless.

Before leaving Huaxing Art School, Si Huang set up an encrypted chat room for the selected personnel to join. During the filming of “Red Moon”, everything was announced and discussed in it.

After dealing with everything, on the way back to Jinglan Villa in the car, Yu Xi gave Si Huang the contract signed with Jiang Yajing.

Three minutes later.


Si Huang laughed out loud, “How did you get her to sign?”

Yu Xi drove the car expressionlessly, but his tone revealed a hint of complacency, “Zhou Jian refused to sign, but Jiang Yajing wanted to.” After entering a turning, he paused, and he continued, “She said she liked the character Ding Hong in the plot of “Red Moon”, and since she had taken over this role, she would definitely finish the performance well and not cause us any trouble.”

Si Huang tapped her finger on the paper of the contract, and after a few seconds murmured with a smile: “She’s still like this.”

“Huh?” The people in the car didn’t hear her words clearly.

Si Huang did not repeat.

The contract between Yu Xi and Jiang Yajing was very strict.

The salary was the low price for newcomers that was agreed in the forum at the beginning, and Jiang Yajing was required to fully cooperate with the filming, she must not be late or absent without reason, otherwise Fenghuang Entertainment could terminate the contract at any time. If there were problems such as delays in the filming of “Red Moon”, then huge liquidated damages had to be paid.

This contract seemed very unreasonable, but it had a bottom line – as long as Jiang Yajing didn’t deliberately sabotage it, she didn’t have to worry about those regulations at all.

Ding dong— the phone vibrated in her pocket.

Si Huang took it out to take a look.

(Private message on V blog) Indus, Waiting for you to live in V: Why are you ignoring me, I am looking forward to your new work, the outline is very beautiful. [cute emoticons]

Since the new round of online policies prohibiting the use of kaomojis[2], this person finally got to know some soft and cute big emoticons that come with the system.

With a smile on the corner of her mouth, Si Huang replied slowly.

Si Huang V: What about the promised gift? [Ao]

Qin Fan, who was far away, looked at the phone, since he had immediately received a reply, the corner of his mouth curled up. This stubborn child was willing to ask people for things, which meant that he was not treated as an outsider.

“Head, there is a situation!” A subordinate called from not far away.

Qin Fan’s expression turned cold, he decisively put the phone back into the inner button pocket of his clothes and swept it out silently like a black panther in the jungle.

Here, Si Huang didn’t receive a reply from “Waiting for you to live in” but received a message from Xia Qitong instead.

“Would you mind adding me as a sponsor?”

Si Huang’s eyes flashed, and he replied, “Yes.”

“Okay. I’m looking forward to your new work.”

Si Huang stared at these words, and the scene of seeing Xia Qitong for the first time appeared in her mind, he had the image of a gentle and refreshing warm man. With a smile that didn’t mean anything, she tapped the keys on her phone and typed in a reply.

“Do you know how to act cute?”

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[1] A hand that could make anyone red i.e., popular.

[2] Signs like :), etc.

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