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Qiu Li approached her aggressively, tasting her lips carefully, as she bit lightly, trying to pry open her white teeth.

Jiang Yu gritted her teeth tightly, not letting him succeed.

Qiu Li didn’t force it, and licked her lips tenderly over and over again.

The little girl’s body was fragrant, cool, and soft, and she looked very small in his arms, and he could even smell the faint fragrance of toffee on her body.

Jiang Yu’s whole body was stiff, but her legs couldn’t support her at all, and they felt weak intermittently.

Qiu Li supported her again and again, allowing her to bear his unscrupulous intimacy.

Not just the kissed lips, but also the tear-stained eyes, the tip of the nose, the ears and the neck… He wanted to experience her whole body.

He went down the neck… Qiu Li stopped in time, rubbed her nose with the tip of his nose, and said patiently, “Sorry.”

For the first time, he lost control like this.

In Jiang Yu’s clear eyes, there was a hint of trance, and a faint blush had appeared on her fair face, while the hand that had been pushing him softly was now placed on his chest.

Looking at her soft lips, Qiu Li couldn’t help but peck again.

No longer like the previous few sneak kisses, this time’s kiss was a surge of stimulation, shocking his nerves.

Feel it, feel it this time!

There was a feeling that she was willing, not resisting, nor caught off guard, but accepting.

She was willing to kiss him which allowed him to feel it.

Every cell in Qiu Li’s body woke up.

Soon, the out-of-control rationality gained the upper hand with difficulty. He looked at the time, took off his coat and put it on Jiang Yu, and dragged her out of the community without saying a word.

Qiu Li hailed a taxi on the side of the street, threw Jiang Yu into it, and got in after her.

“Go to Science City, Esmera Art Center.”

The driver started the engine, Qiu Li and Jiang Yu looked at each other, seeing this Qiu Li couldn’t help but press her down again to kiss her, Jiang Yu hurriedly avoided.

It’s not over yet!

Qiu Li looked at her, just smiled, he was very happy, and his originally cold facial features became brighter because of the burning smile.

“What are you smiling at?”



Jiang Yu took out her mobile phone and called Lin Miao: “What is the progress now?”

“Class C has finished the performance, and Class B is preparing. Don’t worry, you will definitely be able to catch up, as you will be performing after Class A.”

“There are only a dozen people in Class AB, and each of them will take three to five minutes. Are you sure you can catch up?”

“Don’t worry, many students are going overtime, and Class AB will definitely be overtime too.”

“That’s good.”

Jiang Yu hung up the phone, obviously relieved.

Qiu Li said to the driver: “Please hurry up, my girlfriend has something important to do.”

The driver immediately got on the fast lane and drove towards the Science City at high speed.

The two looked at each other again, and Qiu Li smiled again.

Jiang Yu’s cheeks were still crimson, and she pushed him: “What are you smiling at?”

Qiu Li stretched out his hand, touched her lips with his fingertips, and slid down: “My sister is so delicious.”


He stroked her chin, leaned over, looked straight into her eyes, and said, “You like me.”

“I don’t…” Jiang Yu paused, and said, “Yes, I already liked you, I liked you to death.”

“I didn’t really mean it before, but just now…” Qiu Li raised his mouth slightly: “It must be true. It’s true.”

“You already know?”

“I know.” After Qiu Li finished speaking, he went to kiss her lips again. This time, Jiang Yu closed her eyes, letting him gently lick her lips.

He didn’t go too far, after all, they were in a taxi, he just rolled over it lightly, and then moved away.

Jiang Yu opened her eyes and saw that his lips were stained with lipstick. She couldn’t help laughing, and reached out to wipe his lips: “Look at you…”

Qiu Li also saw that Jiang Yu’s lipstick was almost eaten by himself.

He immediately flipped through his schoolbag, took out a MAC lipstick from it, opened it, and painted Jiang Yu’s lips.

“Eh? Why is it here with you? I’ve been looking for it for a long time.”

“That night, you left it on the sink.”

“Then why didn’t you return it to me?”

Qiu Li unscrewed the lipstick cap, sniffed it, and said, “It’s very fragrant, I wanted to keep it.”

Because she had used it before, this lipstick was one of the few things he could smell.

Jiang Yu said generously: “Forget it, if you like it, you can play with it.”

Qiu Li twisted on her lipstick, then he leaned over to outline her lips.

“Can you do it?”

“It’s not the first time.”

“Then you help me apply well, I don’t have time to touch up my makeup later.”

Qiu Li applied little by little, carefully and slowly sketching her lips, his eyes stuck to her bright red lips like wet feathers.

Unable to bear it, he kissed her again.

Jiang Yu: “…”

“You messed me up again!”

Qiu Li smiled and said, “I’ll apply for you again.”

Jiang Yu looked at his beautiful and clear eyes, and reached out to hold his face: “Qiu Li, don’t drop out of school, go to the best high school, go to the best university…you don’t need to be so anxious to earn money, and you don’t need to rush to grow up, okay?”

Qiu Li lowered his gaze, and after a while, he spoke with great difficulty: “There is no scholarship, I have no way to live, you know my situation…”

“I said, I won’t let you go hungry.”

“Do you really want to support me?”

“Since we are together, I won’t leave you alone.” Jiang Yu gently touched his cheek, and then stroked his Adam’s apple: “Let’s figure out a way together, as long as we are together, there is no obstacle we can’t overcome.”

Originally, Qiu Li had made up his mind, and he was ready to tell Jiang Yu that, in fact, he would go to Twelfth Middle School, he could also work hard to get into a good university there, and it won’t have much impact…

He wanted to tell her that no matter how poor he was, he would not spend even a penny taken from her with peace of mind…

But at this moment, looking at Jiang Yu’s eyes flashing, he was so excited that he suddenly couldn’t speak.

It was hard for him to say no to anything she offered.

“I won’t quit.”


“Well, my sister said she’ll raise me, so I won’t quit.”

Before Qiu Li said this, he didn’t know that he could say such a worthless thing.

Maybe, in front of her, he might not be able to do anything in this life.

Qiu Li dragged Jiang Yu to run in the empty campus, and there was still a long way to go to the auditorium where the performances were taking place. In order to save her energy, Qiu Li directly picked her up and ran towards the auditorium.

Jiang Yu was startled: “Qiu Li…”

Qiu Li didn’t speak, just hugged her firmly, and ran at his fastest speed, like a tireless wild wolf.

Jiang Yu simply put her arms around his neck and leaned against his chest.

An unprecedented sense of security filled her heart, as if all the violence and pain she had suffered in the past were healed at this moment.

Because she knew that this man would protect her, always protect her.

When she returned to the backstage, Class A’s performance had just started, and it was not too late, Jiang Yu breathed a sigh of relief.

Seeing her coming back, Lin Miao and Mu Zixian quickly went up to help her touch up her makeup with the makeup kit.

“We were all worried that you won’t be able to come back in time! It’s okay, there is plenty of time, and you can still warm up and prepare.” Lin Miao took a powder puff to touch up her makeup.

Mu Zixian helped her tie her hair and put on a wig: “Is it alright? How is your condition?”

Jiang Yu said gratefully, “I just came all the way here, so I’m warming up. It’s fine now.”

“That’s good.”

“How are you guys, have you got your grades?”

“Well, after the dance, the grades were announced on the stage. I’m in Class B, and Mu Zixian is in Class F, neither promoted nor degraded.”

Mu Zixian said: “Anyway. I don’t like ballet either, my mother forced me to learn it, so I don’t care which class I’m in.”

After finishing Jiang Yu’s hair, she asked curiously: “But speaking of it, where did you go this morning?”

“My boyfriend is too worrying.”

Jiang Yu turned to look at Qiu Li, who was still standing by the door and didn’t leave, as he took out his mobile phone, called back the dean of No. 12 Middle School, and refused to transfer to another school.

“That… Qiu Li, you should think about it carefully.”

The director of teaching affairs still tried to persuade him: “If you think the scholarship amount is too low, we can discuss it again. I will apply to the school and give you an additional 10,000 yuan, okay?”

Qiu Li still rejected the invitation of the director of teaching affairs.

He looked at the back of the little swan’s streamlined figure in the dressing room, and made up his mind.

No matter how hard it was, he would keep going.

After Jiang Yu put on her makeup, she went to the stage to observe the performances.

This scene happened to be Shen Aoqing and Wen Lun’s “Swan Lake” performance, a dance between the devil and the black swan.

These two could be said to be the most suitable couple for this song in Esmera.

They were both became famous when they were young, and their level was similar. There was no doubt that their dance would win applause from all the halls.

After the performance, there was endless applause, which pushed the atmosphere of the whole reporting performance to its climax.

Bai Shuyi nodded frequently, quite satisfied with Shen Aoqing and Wen Lun’s performance.

On the contrary, Jiang Yu’s mentality was a little unstable.

She went backstage and stood by a marble column with her back against the column, and her heart felt cold…

Qiu Li walked to her side and saw her constantly picking her nails, her unconscious movements showing her nervousness, the nails of her index finger and thumb were almost bald.

He held her hand hard, touched her index finger with distress, and said dissatisfied: “Why are you fighting with it?”

Jiang Yu shook her head anxiously and said to Qiu Li: “I really can’t do it this time, Qiu Li, my jumps are not good. Teacher Bai has been saying that my details are rough. My dance is indeed rough. It is not as good as I thought it was. I can’t be as perfect as Shen Aoqing. I am not as good as her in terms of technique and proficiency.”

She leaned her forehead against the edge of the marble column, and her entire mentality collapsed: “I’m not ready at all, I practiced too badly.”

Qiu Li was very calm, and asked, “So what? The worst result is that you’ll be eliminated, right?”

“It’s not that you will fail, but you will definitely not be able to keep your current position, and you will fall into a poor class.”

“So what?”

Jiang Yu looked up at him puzzledly: “If I fall into a poor class, I won’t be able to be in the best class, and the teacher wouldn’t be that great.”

“Jiang Yu, what exactly do you like?”

Jiang Yu was stunned for a moment, then blurted out: “I like dancing on stage.”

“That’s fine, just stand on the stage, as long as the spotlight can still shine on you, aren’t you just doing what you like most? Whether it’s as the swan queen or a little swan, it doesn’t make any difference.”

His voice was slow and deep, “Because it doesn’t matter how many swans there are on the stage, Qiu Li in the audience can only see Jiang Yu as the only one.”

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