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Because the six new guests who arrived today, inspired by the lotus god, decided to join Paradise Island and live their long-awaited beautiful life here. Mo Ji, as the representative of the lotus god and the worldly level of the gods, carefully registered the assets that the six people could enshrine. Looking at the smoky property and vehicle deposits, Mo Ji smiled so much that the folds on his face could kill a fly.

After pretending to ask the Lotus God for instructions, the Lord God decided to immediately hold a grand initiation ceremony for the six of them.

It was said that this was a preferential treatment. Others needed to accept a month-long inspection when they came here.

Paradise Island was equipped with a dense broadcasting system, and the god-like voice of the gods was transmitted to the hearts of every Paradise Island resident through this broadcasting.

“We will welcome six compatriots as our brothers and sisters. The lotus god opens the holy way and will lead them into the worry-free world with its hand of true love. All family members are invited to come to the church to attend the initiation ceremony and bless them.”

The church was redecorated, with red streamers and colorful balloons fluttering in the wind. The six people put on white robes that symbolized holiness and were introduced to the stage.

Lord God held a thick book in his hand and looked at everyone with a loving look on his face.

The golden lotus flower was opened again, and the halo and fog appeared extremely mysterious under the ingenious lighting design. As soon as all the believers saw it, they immediately knelt down and worshipped, and kept shouting their wishes, hoping that the Lotus God would give them a chance to free themselves from their pain.

Mo Ji and the two pilgrims wore red robes and walked to the small stage next to them.

Mo Ji commanded, with a wave of both hands, then the devotees opened their mouths and started singing the hymn.

“One lotus, one lotus, one golden lotus.

An island, an island, a paradise island.

Abandon the world, worship the god of love,

break free from shackles, enjoy the light of kindness in your heart,

dedicate your body and mind to reach the road to paradise.”

Play, brainwashing, and the effect was excellent. The devotees sang along, and they sang so feelingly that they burst into tears…

After the first chant was over, each of the six people took over a thick book of teachings from the Lord God which was called The Lotus Book. This included the origin of the Lotus God, the classic holy words, and various brainwashing stories that made people abandon their families and children.

The six people stared at the cover of “Lotus Book”, and the corners of their mouths twitched at the same time, feeling the director’s “sinister intentions”.

#Hahahaha If you want to practice its skills, you must first go to the palace.

#If you want to go to heaven, you must first hand over your property.

The Lord God not only gave them the “Lotus Book”, but also asked them to memorize the most important chapter in the teachings. Only those who could memorize them could participate in the grand blessing luncheon.

Ji Muye and Jiang Zheng had the best memory, and they finished almost at the same time. Then the second batch which included Ke Cancan and Xiao Cheng entered the banquet hall.

Liang Xiaoduan was about to cry. As a rapper, she recited the lyrics to the point of crying every time because she was not good at memorizing. So, her fans called her Yu Xiaoduan[1]. Now letting her memorize a page full of words within a certain period of time, it would definitely kill her. Especially seeing the other four completing the task, she was so anxious that she couldn’t remember anything. Fortunately, the idiot He Xiao was still there.

He Xiao looked at the book slowly and leisurely, his eyes drifting to Liang Xiaoduan from time to time. Half an hour had passed, and this person hadn’t learned anything yet, she was really stupid. He seemed to walk up to her casually, “There are rules for endorsement.”

Liang Xiaoduan: “You can’t memorize the rules?”

He Xiao choked hard, if he was not afraid that someone would cry like a fool as soon as he left, he could have left with Xiao Cheng and the others ten minutes ago.

He walked up to Mo Ji with a cold face, “Mr. Mo, I will recite the teachings.”

Liang Xiaoduan snorted and said, “Am I the only one left?”

Mo Ji hurried them to go. After eating a big meal, he hurriedly greeted He Xiao to come over and recite.

He Xiao retracted the foot that had been lifted out, “Maybe, I’m not very skilled. I’ll do it later.”

Liang Xiaoduan groaned with relief, and thought: I just said, we’re all idiots, how could he know it first.

The blessing lunch was being held in the hall on the left side of the church.

It was said that the last time such a grand luncheon was held was half a year ago. At that time, the newcomer who entered the teaching was a certain entrepreneur, who suffered from depression due to excessive pressure, and was brought here by the god-sama to relieve the pain. He enshrined all his wealth and it was used to remodel the golden body of the Lotus God. The Lord God recited his high merits, so he personally held a separate ceremony for him.

The long dining table was filled with all kinds of good-looking vegetarian food, and the believers sat down in order according to the time of enrollment.

Jiang Zheng and the others were the last to join the teaching, so they were arranged in the last row.

Mo Ji was sitting next to Lord God, and it could be seen that he entered the religion very early and had a high status.

The believers expressed their congratulations to Jiang Zheng and others. Jiang Zheng looked at their beaming faces and didn’t know what to say.

Ke Cancan was a little hesitant about whether to use chopsticks but seeing that Jiang Zheng and Ji Muye were eating with relish, she quickly started eating.

After a while, Liang Xiaoduan and He Xiao came over.

The two of them were so hungry that their chests were touching their backs, and they quickly sat down to eat.

#Oh, the director can do it. In the last episode, someone complained that he let the zombies chase the guests, and the guests ran away with an empty stomach. This episode subtly improved the lunch in the plot.

#Eat enough, and then you will be able to swim vigorously. I guess there is a good chance that they will end up swimming back to shore from Paradise Island.

+1 in front of #. There is no boat at the dock, how else can they escape?

The believers next to them whispered about their changes after coming to Paradise Island.

“Since I took the holy water that the gods gave me, my old cold legs don’t hurt anymore, and my waist can straighten up.

“The quality is first-class.”

Jiang Zheng listened to them silently, and exchanged glances with Ji Muye, who was sitting opposite her.

“Sir God is really kind and virtuous. We eat and drink here for free. He also gives us holy water to drink every day.”    

“Yes. It is said in the Lotus Book that relatives are a burden that can affect our practice, we have to unload the burden and move forward with ease, so that we can go to heaven as soon as possible.”

While talking, several elderly people took out a golden vial from their pockets, poured a few drops into the water glass, and then drank it with a cherished face.

#This holy water is probably a hallucinogen.

#Or there is a painkiller inside, so the pain can be curbed.

#It should be a tranquilizer.

#very scary. Being looted and still acting grateful, is this going to heaven or going to hell.

After the formal teaching, the six were assigned to different positions on Paradise Island. Although Mo Ji said that there was no need to work here, but such a big closed kingdom still needed manpower to operate.

According to the agreement, Jiang Zheng was sent to the Lotus Pond for meditation. Xiao Cheng was placed among a group of aunts to help them dry their clothes. Liang Xiaoduan and He Xiao were assigned to the beach as administrators. Ke Cancan was called away by Mo Ji and went with him to receive new guests. Ji Muye was assigned to the nursery to take care of the little babies.

The nursery room was adjacent to the church. As soon as Ji Muye entered, he was hugged by a two- or three-year-old baby girl, “Dad, Dad…”

Ji Muye: “?”

The baby girl choked, “Where is my mother??”

Ji Muye pulled her off his lap, squatted down and said, “Little devil, I’m not your father.”

Then the little baby started crying, “White-eyed wolf, stinky man. You not only abandoned me, but also abandoned my mother.”

Ji Muye: “…” In the last episode, the zombie king called him husband, this episode they made the kid call him father. The director was poisonous, could he please not ruin his reputation? He was afraid someone would get jealous.

The author has something to say: No, you think too much!

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[1] Yu means fish, it means that she has the memory of a fish.

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