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The barrage was silent for a moment, and then a large question mark was shaken out.

#what? Brother Mu? Is there something wrong with my ears?

#What did I hear?

#Demon Jiang called brother Mu as if she is on the wall???

#Fuck Jiang Zheng turned out to be a fan of Ji Muye?

#When she was doing the show before, she kept shouting Teacher Ji.

#fan a ghost. How could my sister Zheng like Ji Muye.

#This show is so terrifying, I’m even watching my sister Zheng scared to the point of talking nonsense.

The director stared blankly at the monitor screen. In view of the fact that the bug Jiang Zheng in the last episode kept disrupting the development line of the plot, which made the set big scene plot useless, he pulled six guests into the plot this time, so that they did not have time to react and meet each other. For example, at this moment, when Jiang Zheng and Ji Muye had sneaked to the door of the treatment room, he arranged a terrifying plot where someone stretched out his pale hand and put his hand on Jiang Zheng’s shoulder, completely dragging the audience and guests into this seemingly gentle but even more crazy and terrifying world. In the end… Jiang Zheng was almost scared enough to cry, but what was up with this Brother Mu?

The barrage that he imagined would be full of fear was completely wiped out by this sound of Brother Mu.

Han Yi suddenly stood up, his face extremely ugly. What, why did she just say that? This girl was always saying brother Mu is long and brother Mu is short in front of him every day, he had long been worried that one day she would accidentally leak something, and now she screamed it in front of the live broadcast camera, and she couldn’t hide it even if she tried.

Jing Meini looked meaningfully at Han Yi who was standing not far away. It was really fun. If someone else dared to hug Ji Muye like this on the show, she would have been scolded so much that she would have started regretting her birth. Jiang Zheng was different. First, Ji Muye wouldn’t blame her. Second, Jiang Zheng seemed to be really frightened. It was normal for her to hug Ji Muye who was closest to her. Of course, the most important thing was that no one could say that with Jiang Zheng’s coffee position, she was deliberately hugging Ji Muye for traffic.

Just how did this Brother Mu come out?

Jiang Zheng’s whole face was shrunk into Ji Muye’s arms, her head was blank for three seconds, and suddenly she realized something…Aaaaaah what the hell am I shouting???

Ji Muye lowered his head slowly, looked at the cute little head in his arms, and patted her on the back, “I’m not afraid.”

On the barrage, fans on both sides and passers-by were all tearing up and fighting. Someone said that Jiang Zheng might be a fan of Ji Muye, but he was caught out by Jiang Zheng’s fans.

Then a person who claimed to be an old fan of Ji Muye came out to popularize science. When Ji Muye had just caught on fire, a fan sent a private message asking him what he would like everyone to call him. What he replied at the time was Brother Mu. Because his mother’s surname was Mu. So, the old fans used to call him Brother Mu, and later the new fans called him anything, but Brother Mu was rarely called. Probably the old fans were now married and had children, so they buried their love for Brother Mu in their hearts.

So now, Jiang Zheng calling Ji Muye Brother Mu, no matter how you look at it, it was a bit strange.

This man’s words immediately set off another wave of blood and rain.

No matter how tragic the barrage was, the scene was still advancing.

Lord Shen retracted his pale hand and said with a smile, “What are you doing here?”

Jiang Zheng’s arms were originally tightly wrapped around Ji Muye’s waist, but she silently loosened it, moved it away, and broke free from his arms.

Ji Muye felt a moment of loss.

Jiang Zheng turned around, looked at the amiable smiling face of the deity, and suddenly burst into tears with sincerity.

Everyone: “???”

Jiang Zheng gathered all her life’s acting skills at this moment and choked pitifully, her eyes and nose were red at the same time, then she reached out and grabbed Ji Muye’s arm, “This is Brother Mu, his heart hurts, and it hurts every day. No matter how he goes to the hospital, he can’t find the cause. Lord God, I beg you to help him. Can you do it?”

Everyone: “???”

#scattered. People are acting, and we took it seriously.

#Impossible to think about. Jiang Zheng has never looked on anyone since her debut, so how could she be a fan of Ji Muye. Your brain tonic disease is terminally critical.

#Even if Jiang Zheng and Ji Muye have worked together and seem to get along harmoniously, you can’t make guesses that she is a fan of Ji Muye.

Ji Muye looked down at the slender and fair fingers on his arm, the look in his eyes extremely complicated.

The Lord God made a long sigh, “The Lotus God sent you here, I am its spokesperson, so of course I will help you.”

His searching eyes swept across the cheeks of the two, “First of all, I have to ask, who is he to you?”



#cp Composite objects.



The barrage answered in a mess, saying everything.

Jiang Zheng wiped her tears and said, “He’s my boyfriend.”

Ji Muye: I was still her husband in the last episode, and this episode I have become her boyfriend. In the next episode we might be just friends, then the next episode will I become a passerby? Down three levels in a row??

Director: Hahahaha, not bad. Big Brother Jiang took this trick well.

The barrage was full of ah ah ah ah, CP fans were finally climaxing at this moment. Who says you can’t get candy in horror variety shows? Don’t the men who deliberately take their girlfriends to watch horror movies just wait for this moment? What’s more, now that the two of them are deeply involved in a horror plot, how sweet is this drama of being scared to jump on their boyfriends.

Boyfriend?? hey-hey. The video material is new again.

Ji Muye was very polite, he stretched out his hand and pulled Jiang Zheng in his arms, “Yes. I’m her boyfriend.”

Lord God gave them a meaningful look and smiled: “Okay. I said, Paradise Island will open the path to happiness for all suffering people.”

Then he began to forcefully say that there were three prerequisites for helping her boyfriend. First, Jiang Zheng would replace Ji Muye to go to the lotus pond to meditate and realize the Tao. Second, the two of them will serve the Lotus God all their lives. Third, they must cut off all ties with the world, and offer all the things outside their body to the lotus god to show their sincerity.

#Hehehe. Finally showing up. The brainwashing of the truth, the good and the beautiful is all for money in the end.

#jiangzheng and ji muye are preparing to break into the enemy’s interior.

#Paradise Island looks like a peaceful group on the surface, but you must enter into their interior to understand the situation and save these fools.

Jiang Zheng acted grateful, saying that everything should be calculated according to what the gods said. She touched Ji Muye’s arm, and he echoed her sentiment.

Ji Muye snorted respectfully, “My parents have a house, and I also have three suites and two cars under my name. I also have a little bit of savings, although I can’t compare to those rich people, but buying a suite in full is enough.”

Lord God smiled and said: “It is brave to be able to break away from the world.”

Jiang Zheng also said a bunch of assets under her name, and when she opened her mouth, she recited her bank card number, pretending to be a worshipper and at the end, she also said that the password was: “199312.”

Lord God said calmly: “You can talk to Mo Ji about such mundane things.”

#Pretend to force adults.

#Hahaha This password sounds familiar. Isn’t it Jiang Zheng’s own birthday?

#This kind of person should be pulled out and cut. Defrauding people for money while euphemistically saying its for their own good.

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