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Zhang Fang, a young actor next to him, listened to Lu Chengyu talking with the famous artist for a while, then turned to talk to several assistants behind him. Although, he took into account Lu Chengyu’s identity, he didn’t think much about Lu Chengyu’s lack of acting skills, as he still squeezed into the crew by relying on the backstage.

He became famous when he was young. Although, he was less than 30 years old, he was already a well-known celebrity. This time to appear in “The Universe” was also a certainty. It was just that his favourite major role was assigned to Lu Chengyu, and he only got the not so good part of the other’s clerk.

In the restaurant, the seats were also exquisite. The main table had the director and producer and several international superstars from China. The second table had the domestic superstar with some identity and background. The other tables were also the same, although there was no bright button. Seniors were ranked, and the emcee of ceremonies quietly led these people to the table where they should sit, but everyone present was also interested in sitting where they shouldn’t be.

Lu Chengyu originally planned to find a seat at the third table, but he was arranged to be at the second table. Looking at the superstars who would cause fan congestion when the table was full, he was very witty and picked a lower position.

Who knew that as soon as he sat down, there was a person sitting on the left. He tilted his head and glanced, and his eyebrows trembled slightly. This turned out to be Zhou Qingrong, the famous Zhou Da Tian Wang in the circle. As a junior, he politely nodded to Zhou Qingrong. Although, he had no hobby of chasing stars, he still watched several TV series played by Zhou Qingrong.

“Xiao Lu is my subordinate in the play, right?” Zhou Qingrong smiled at Lu Chengyu with a gentle face, and looked very approachable. He was over forty years old but looked only about thirty. “There is this such a handsome subordinate, this chief is under pressure.”

“Brother Zhou, don’t make fun of other people’s children.” A certain 50-year-old queen next to him heard this and said with a smile, “All those who like you are thirty. For women over ten years old, those who like Xiao Lu are young girls. When you two appear in one shot, you will win women from all over the country in one fell swoop. So, don’t be pressured.”

When the shadow queen spoke, she immediately won the approval of others. All the people in this room were familiar with this circle. So, soon someone started Zhou Qingrong’s joke, but it was all kind jokes, and there was a faint meaning of supporting Lu Chengyu.

Everyone knew in their hearts that no matter how good they were, if they post a sentence about it, they might not even get to film, and they will disappear naturally, even their fans would not find something wrong.

Lu Chengyu also knew the difficulties in the circle, so he always got along with these people with the posture of a younger generation, and occasionally made small jokes with them, but from the beginning to the end, he did not show the meaning of being too close to these people.

The main reason for him to participate in “The Universe” was to check things that he didn’t know in his previous life and to be familiar with the behaviour styles of some actors, so as to determine which actors could and could not be used when he invested in movies in the future.

Other artists here also knew that Lu Chengyu’s identity was different from them. They favoured Lu Chengyu because of the Mu family’s influence and because Lu Chengyu himself was a rich and well-connected master, and it was inevitable that there might be some opportunities for cooperation in the future.

Zhang Fang was a bit displeased with Lu Chengyu, but seeing that Zhou Qingrong was so polite to Lu Chengyu, his discomfort was mostly gone, and he was even more jealous of Lu Chengyu.

There was nothing interesting at the banquet, but Lu Chengyu was familiar with the big names in the circle. The first show in the afternoon was a cocktail party that required many actors to appear. Lu Chengyu was a major from a wealthy family in the play, so in this scene, he needed to wear suits and boots popular in the last century.

The shots of such a cocktail party were shot by several sets of cameras at the same time. In the middle were a bunch of people from the noble circle with exquisite clothes, and all around were crew members wearing coats or vests.

With so many big names coming together, it was like the Eight Immortals crossing the sea and show their magical powers. Among them, whoever was not good at acting and who was not acting properly could be easily distinguished.

Director Qin originally thought that Lu Chengyu would be very uncomfortable with this shooting method, but to his surprise, Lu Chengyu did nothing wrong from start to finish. He performed a rich major with a noble background and excellent grades, although it was not a rare thing to see, but he couldn’t find any faults in it.

After filming the important cocktail scene, the stone in Director Qin’s heart fell to the ground. No matter, how many actors in the crew come in through the back door, now that he could produce the results he wanted, the rest was not important.

“The Universe” represented extraordinary significance, so the costumes and props of the actors were very elegant, and the requirements for the actors’ acting skills were also very high. The big names who usually called the wind and rain outside had been scolded countless times in this scene, and Lu Chengyu was also yelled at by Director Qin. Although, the usual Director Qin was very amiable, but when it came to filming, he was simply the living yama, and he had thus been cursed by countless people.

As long as directors were capable, no matter how smooth or straightforward they were in their daily lives, they had their own attitudes when shooting, such as Director Qin and Zhang Shuo.

Lu Chengyu didn’t think that the other party was deliberately embarrassing him. During this period of filming, he learned a lot, so that the deputy director told him that he had only the last scene left in the battle.

The requirements for blasting in the drama “The Universe” were very high, aiming to achieve the most realistic effect, and professional instructors taught the actors how to safely pass the blasting point.

The military uniform on the major’s body was full of dust, blood marks and burnt black spots. He was surrounded by his comrades who died in battle. His eyes swept across the young faces. He staggered, watching his comrades not far away. The armoured car that drove over corpses, holding on to the national flag that was stained with blood, he slowly raised his head slowly, looking at the blue sky and the brilliant sun above his head, holding the flag pole tightly. The body, which was originally weak due to excessive blood loss, also stood up straight.

“The country will not die!”

“The country will not die!”

His pupils gradually dilated, and he seemed to hear the sound of children singing the national anthem, and the hand holding the flagpole suddenly loosened, and he fell down heavily, except that the flag dyed red by the blood marks still fluttered in the breeze.

Because this scene was a very important part of the shot, he was surrounded by the crew. When Lu Chengyu fell straight down, the staff felt heavy. Although there was no post-production or musical rendering in the live performance, Lu Chengyu accurately grasped the characteristics of the characters.

The major was born rich and did not understand the suffering of ordinary people. He was proud but qualified to be proud. However, when the national disaster approached, he did not go abroad for asylum like other people, but fulfilled his duty as a soldier and was obliged to sacrifice his life for the country.

“Pass!” Director Qin was silent for a moment, raising his hand to signal that the scene was over, and then the two assistants hurriedly stepped forward and helped Lu Chengyu up, and He Long also took a coat and put on Lu Chengyu.

In this kind of weather, wearing thin military uniform was simply a crime. He Long and the two other assistants arranged by Yan Mu put on clothes for Lu Chengyu and gave him warm water.

“Thank you,” Lu Chengyu was holding a warm cup of water, and after taking a big sip he made his voice sound less trembling, “Have you booked our flight back tonight?”

“It’s already booked,” He Long knew Lu Chengyu was worrying about the company’s affairs, so he said, “Mr. Yan has already said that he will pick you up at the airport tonight.”

Lu Chengyu nodded, because he had been out of the capital for nearly a month since filming the movie “The Universe”. Under the premise that Director Qin intended to film his scenes in advance, if not, he still didn’t know when he could go back.

Because of the confidentiality agreement, he had hardly posted on Weibo in the past month, and usually called Yan Mu when he was bored. So, when He Long mentioned Yan Mu, he realized that the main reason for his eagerness to return to the capital was that he was missing Yan Mu. Instead of worrying about the two movies that he invested in, or something else.

“Xiao Lu did a good job in making this movie.” Director Qin walked forward with a smile and patted Lu Chengyu on the shoulder, and personally delivered the red envelope to Lu Chengyu. “I heard that you are going back tonight. I am here. I can’t walk away; I can’t see you off personally. I’ll let my assistant drive you to the airport.”

Lu Chengyu took the red envelope. This was the rule of the crew. If you played a dead person or perform a dead scene, the crew would give you a red envelope to drive away the bad luck. After listening to Director Qin’s words, he thanked him and declined. Seeing that Director Qin was very persistent, he agreed, “Then I will trouble Director Qin and your assistant. When you return to the capital, we might have a chance to have a drink together. “

“That’s OK,” Director Qin immediately smiled happily. He stretched out his hand and patted Lu Chengyu on the shoulder, then sighed again, “It’s a pity that such a good seedling doesn’t get in this circle.” These days, although he had scolded Lu Chengyu, his evaluation of Lu Chengyu in his heart was very good.

It was a pity that he was not an actor despite the fact that he could grasp the emotions better than many professional actors.

After speaking with Director Qin, Lu Chengyu went to the dressing room to remove the makeup, wash away the stains on his face, and put away the military uniform. Lu Chengyu looked at himself in the mirror and said to the makeup artist after a long while, “Suddenly not wearing military uniforms will have some effect. Fortunately, I have made up my mind not to enter this circle. Otherwise, I would be in trouble if I can’t get out of the characters in the play.”

The makeup artist smiled and said, “If Mr. Lu enters the showbiz, he would definitely be a popular superstar.”

“Forget it, I’m not suitable for this bowl of rice,” Lu Chengyu stood up and pulled his hair cut into a flat size. “I have no regrets to be able to play this movie.”

Liu Qiyan came in from the outside . Hearing the conversation between the two men, she sat down in front of the other makeup mirror and said with a smile, “Mr. Lu will also shine in other circles. It’s a pity to stay in the entertainment industry.”

Lu Chengyu smiled and glanced at Liu Qiyan. “Sister Yan’s evaluation for me is too high.” Although he suspected that Liu Qiyan helped him secretly in the last car accident, Liu Qiyan had never been close to him since the filming of “The Universe”, as if he was just a stranger. He did not expect that Liu Qiyan would take the initiative to speak with him again today when he left.

Liu Qiyan smiled, picked up the eyebrow pencil to fill up her eyebrows, and then said, “I heard that Mr. Lu is going back tonight.” She put down the eyebrow pencil, smiled and looked at Lu Chengyu, “I wish you a good journey.”

Lu Chengyu raised his eyebrows and said with a smile, “Thank you.” After he got out of the dressing room, his brows were slightly frowning. How could a smart woman like Liu Qiyan wish others a smooth journey before they took a plane? For people who often fly by plane, there were a small number of people who were afraid of others saying things like going well. It was impossible for Liu Qiyan not to know this.

After saying goodbye to other familiar people, he got in the car driven by the director’s assistant and rushed to the airport. He Long booked him a plane at 7:30 in the evening, and it was already 5 in the afternoon. He was worried that there would be a traffic jam on the road and he would not be able to get to the airport in time.

“Lu Chengyu is gone?” Zhang Fang listened to the conversations of the staff around him, and said to his agent, “It is different if there is a background, and even the director takes care of him.”

The agent looked around and made sure that no one heard Zhang Fang. After that he said, “Don’t say a few words, even Zhou Tianwang is polite to that guy, he is not going to be in the entertainment industry, he will not be your competitor.”

Zhang Fang fell silent, sometimes people like that were strange, knowing that the other party would not threaten them, but they just felt that the other party’s existence affected them. He knew in his heart that this was so-called jealousy, but he didn’t even know why he would be jealous of someone who had nothing to do with him.

He looked up to see the helplessness on the agent’s face, opened his mouth, and finally said, “I know.”

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