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He didn’t know if it was because Lu Chengyu’s luck was so good some time ago that he didn’t even look pleasing to God but the car he was in broke down halfway, and when he arrived at the airport, the plane had already taken off. Fortunately, it was not the peak tourist season, so the group of them hurriedly changed their tickets for the next flight, and finally got on the plane back to Beijing smoothly.

Before the plane took off, after everyone turned off their mobile phones and other electronic devices, He Long hesitantly looked towards Lu Chengyu and asked, “Mr. Lu, did you call Mr. Yan and tell him that we have delayed another flight?”

Lu Chengyu “…” Just, now he was thinking about hurriedly boarding the plane back to the capital to meet Yan Mu. He even forgot about it. He glanced at the other two assistants and saw that they both shook their heads, so he coughed, knowing that Yan Mu would be anxious if he hadn’t received any information.

He rubbed his forehead. Recently, because the crew was striving for perfection in the filming, he had turned black and white all day long, was suffering from severe sleep deprivation, and tended to forget things. Now, that he had made such a mistake, his mind had become muddy.

After the plane took off smoothly, the flight attendant began to give everyone drinks, and one of the flight attendants asked Lu Chengyu for an autograph. When everyone had the meal on the plane, Lu Chengyu found that the faces of the flight attendants in the cabin were not quite right, as if something had happened.

Because Lu Chengyu was in business class, several other passengers also found that something was wrong, and immediately asked the flight attendants what happened. The flight attendants couldn’t resist the pressure before they said what happened.

It turned out that the wing of the flight to Beijing 40 minutes ago had a problem halfway through. During the emergency landing, there was an explosion, and no one survived.

After He Long and the other two assistants listened, their expressions suddenly changed. Wasn’t the 40-minute flight the same one they missed? If it weren’t because the car broke down halfway, then they…

Lu Chengyu’s face was not pretty, but given that the faces of the other passengers in the cabin were not pretty, his expression didn’t look abrupt, but only he knew that he was in a good mood. How bad!

If this incident was only an accident, he was saddened by the loss of so many lives. If it was man-made, he was extremely disgusted with the master behind the scenes. In the eyes of the other party, were so many lives just worth being the victim of a scheme?!


At the Beijing Airport, many people waited for their relatives or friends to arrive in the terminal. When the news of the flight accident came out, almost everyone didn’t believe it, and they even suspected that they had heard it wrong.

“Mr. Yan, this flight is not…” Xiao He was almost stunned. Wasn’t this flight the one that his brother and Mr. Lu took? He stared at the crying crowd in a daze, his mind buzzed, and suddenly he couldn’t think of anything.

“President Yan, I heard that Mr. Lu is also on this flight. Is this true?”

“President Yan, are you here to pick up the plane?”

“President Yan…” When Xiao He recovered, he saw a bunch of reporters carrying microphones and cameras around him and Mr. Yan, Mr. Yan’s face was unprecedentedly ugly. He even felt that if he only needed someone to light a fire, and Mr. Yan would explode.

“Mr. Yan, I heard that the plane on which Mr. Lu was travelling was crashed, you…”

“Go!” Yan Mu kicked the questioning reporter to the ground, grabbed his shirt and said, “Shut your mouth, otherwise, I will leave you speechless for life.”


“The rich are bullying others!” When Yan Mu started beating people, some reporters began to fear that the world would not be chaotic, but more reporters watched. When Yan Mu’s eyes turned red, they felt heavy when they thought that Yan Mu and Lu Chengyu were still lovers in love, as well as other crying family members of the passengers.

The reporter was beaten by Yan Mu. Although, he did not dare to fight back, after hiding in the crowd, he posted a Weibo that Yan Mu threatened the reporter with his identity. Within a few minutes, it was forwarded and discussed by countless people.

But soon other reporters at the scene posted another Weibo. Yan Mu looked in a trance in the photo, his eyes were red, and his emotions were on the verge of collapse.

“Although I am a reporter, I am ashamed of the behaviour of some of my colleagues. When others are sad, they triumphantly spread salt on the wounds of the other person. In order to report annihilating humanity, and to reverse right and wrong for the sake of gimmicks. Having money is not a crime. It’s not a reason so that people can wantonly be hurt but can’t fight back. Flight XXXXX, pray for you.”

This Weibo immediately caused an uproar/wave again, because soon netizens learned that Lu Chengyu seemed to have taken this flight. The video of Yan Mu’s beating was also posted on the Internet, and public opinion immediately turned against the reporter.

Of course, there were also some people who hated the rich who released various verbal attacks on Yan Mu, but in the eyes of these people, as long as they had money, they were evil vampires. The misfortune in their lives were caused by these people, so many netizens had scolded them. After that, no one bothered to talk to these people again, and started to care about the flight.

When Zhang Zeyun arrived at the airport, he saw Yan Mu standing straight in the terminal, looking at the passenger exit, as if Lu Chengyu could walk out of it as long as he watched that way.

“Brother Mu…” Seeing him like this, Zhang Zeyun didn’t know what to say for a while. He looked around and saw that everyone around was panicked. He even cried and opened his mouth but couldn’t speak.

Yan Mu looked back at him, with a strangely calm tone, “Ah…” Zhang Zeyun responded hoarsely, remembering that they were playing together in the afternoon and were going to have dinner in the evening together. Who knew Brother Mu? Because Lu Chengyu was coming back, he didn’t even eat dinner, and he came to the airport early to wait.

At that time, Zhuang Yu also asked what time the plane was. He remembered clearly that it was the plane involved in the accident, but at this time, he began to hope that he had heard it wrong or remembered it wrong.

“When he called me today, he said he wanted to eat the sweet and sour fish I made,” Yan Mu frowned. “If he comes back late, I am worried that the fish will not be fresh.”

Hearing these words, Zhang Zeyun felt a little flustered, and always felt that there was something wrong with Brother Mu’s current state. In fact, he would rather Mu Ge lose his temper, or feel sad, and didn’t want to see such a scene. He always felt that this was the weird tranquillity before the storm.

“I also changed the carpet at home. He said that it is more comfortable to sit on the carpet and play games in winter.” Yan Mu frowned, “Actually I don’t like furry carpets.”

“Impossible, impossible,” A woman who was crying almost fainted. She was clutching the sleeve of the airport staff next to her, her face was covered with tears, her makeup was messed up, and her hair was messed up, but at this time she couldn’t take care of it anymore.

Yan Mu looked at the crying woman, suddenly his heart felt hollowed out, only panic and bitterness was left, making him almost out of breath. If he hadn’t arranged Xiao Lu to join the crew, then Xiao Lu would definitely read a book or surf the Internet with him at home, or else he would be tossing about the flowers and plants in the garden.

Why did he get dizzy at the time, so what scene did Xiao Lu do?

He covered his chest suddenly, his nose and throat were so sore that he staggered on his feet, and he couldn’t hear anything besides crying in his ears. The woman’s sharp desperate cry was like a knife constantly cutting his heart, twitching and painful.

A staff member came to arrange a place to rest for relatives and friends, Yan Mu did not move, and someone came to deliver drinks and food, etc. Yan Mu still did not move.

“Brother Mu! Brother Mu!”

The people around him seemed to call him, but Yan Mu couldn’t hear a word. He kept seeing the words in his mind, Xiao Lu was still on the plane, on the plane.

He was on the plane, can’t come back?

Back… not coming anymore?

He even called himself today, saying that he was homesick, and he wanted to eat the food he made. Why couldn’t he come back in the blink of an eye?

Staring at Zhang Zeyun next to him, Yan Mu saw Zhang Zeyun’s face full of anxiety and worry, he slowly let go of the hand covering his chest, letting his heart beat and hurt, “Go back, I’ll wait for him to come back.”

Zhang Zeyun wants to say that he can’t come back! Can’t come back! But looking at Yan Mu’s appearance, he opened his mouth and said something else, “I’ll wait with you.”

No matter what the result was, he was not relieved that Yan Mu was here alone. Maybe… Lu Chengyu didn’t get on the plane for something or decided to come back tomorrow? Thinking of this, his heart jumped in his chest and couldn’t help but get up to check the list of flights. Maybe… Was Lu Chengyu really not on the plane?

Because something went wrong on this flight, the airline staff carefully reviewed the crew list several times before releasing the list. When Zhang Zeyun arrived, the list had just come out.

After reading the first time, Zhang Zeyun did not find Lu Chengyu’s name, and was ecstatic, but he was afraid that he had read it wrong. After reading it several times, he found that there were indeed no names of Lu Chengyu and others. He was overjoyed and turned to where Yan Mu was and in his direction hurriedly.

When Lu Chengyu got off the plane, he hurried to the exit. Although, he acted in a strict manner, he must know to check the passenger list, but because of this flight, he must be very worried about him. Thinking of this, Lu Chengyu almost trotted out. He Long and the others also trotted after seeing this.

As soon as Lu Chengyu appeared at the exit, countless shutter sounds and flashing lights were all around him. The cameras flashed before his eyes and blinked several times before his vision returned to normal, and then he saw Yan Mu in the crowd at a glance.

“Lu Chengyu!”

“Lu Chengyu was not on that flight!” There were many screams around, which immediately attracted more reporters and the media.

Yan Mu stared at Lu Chengyu, who was surrounded by the reporters, his heart seemed to be held tightly by something, and then quickly loosened. Suddenly, he could not hear or see anything, only the person in front of him could be seen.

The four eyes were staring into each other, and it was as if they would continue to do so for tens of thousands of years.

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