TCYEC Ch. 54

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In spite of all the difficulties, the crew of “Pretending overload” still started up on time.

As one of the poorest film crews in history-“Pretending overload” had no money to hold a launch conference, and no money to invite the media to report on the launch of their movie. The launch ceremony was very simple with only one camera to shoot it. They used a piece of red cloth to tie a small red flower to the camera. There was an incense burner on the desk. There were a few plates of fruit beside it. There was no roast suckling pig. The most expensive product there was probably the cocoa walnut bread[1] that Yu Siyang brought.

This bread was made by Yu Siyang specially for Xue Yunmu when he got up early. When the little guy was going to bed the night before, he mumbled about wanting to eat bread.

After the high-gluten flour was kneaded to the expansion stage, he added cocoa powder and crushed walnut to knead and let the dough ferment. After the basic fermented dough had risen, he divided it into small round doughs of uniform size and then subjected to secondary fermentation. Then he brushed the surface with a layer of milk, and made cuts with a knife in the middle of each bread. He then squeezed some softened butter over it, and then put it in the oven.

This bread was not troublesome to make, and when the little guy looked at it with longing eyes, how could Yu Siyang refuse.

When making bread, Yu Siyang thought that Hong Zhehao liked to eat bread and cakes, so he made more and took it to the studio to let Hong Zhehao praise him.

However, as soon as the bread was taken out, it was requisitioned by Jin Ce as a tribute for the opening ceremony.

Hong Zhehao watched his bread being put on the table by the unreasonable director, and there was a circle of people around him coveting it, thus he got too depressed to put in words.

That’s my bread, that’s my bread, that’s my bread, that’s my bread…

The assistant quietly took Hong Zhehao’s hand to remind him that his expression was a little unrestrained with this clearly resentful look. People who did not know the inside story, would think that he was dissatisfied with the director and the crew.

He was dissatisfied at first! Hong Zhehao glared at the assistant. The assistant that the Great Demon King brought him was a special thing. No, it was not just him but the entire brokerage team that the Great Demon King arranged for him. Everyone was instructed to take care of him so as to not let him steal food, which was especially annoying.

——Yu Siyang was better.

Hong Zhehao aggrievedly walked to Yu Siyang’s side; his small eyes kept looking piteously at Jin Ce.

Yu Siyang tilted his head, indicating that he could not help it.

They were a poor crew with few people, and the start-up ceremony could not be any simpler. A group of a dozen people stood facing the desk in three rows, each holding three sticks of incense and praying for three times, and then inserted the incense into the incense burner to complete the launch ceremony.

After the launch ceremony was completed, everyone was reserved, watching each other, but Hong Zhehao kept staring at the cocoa walnut bread on the desk.

Relying on the position advantage, Hong Zhehao swooped and hugged the bread plate in his arms.

These breads are all his, others shouldn’t even covet them.

His pounce acted like pressing a switch, and everyone else threw their hesitation away, circling the good things to divide among themselves.

“No, these are all specially given to me by Yu Siyang, they are only five slices. I won’t give even one.” Hong Zhehao held the food tight against his chest.

“Lord Hong, don’t be stingy, just give me one.”

“No, it’s useless to call Lord Hong, I won’t give it.”

“Master Hong, you give one to me, and you will still have four.”

“…you guys. What about the launch ceremony?”

“What is the launch ceremony? Can it be eaten? Is it delicious? It tastes like bread?”

Tang Hang stood beside Yu Siyang and ate a slice with him. He was very lucky to pick it up after Yu Siyang was finished eating some.

The bread was filled with cocoa powder and chopped walnuts, and smeared with whipped cream, drizzled with chocolate sauce. When you bit down, the bread was soft and sweet, and there was occasionally a hint of the rich chocolate flavor. The fragrance of walnuts was slightly bitter, the soft taste of whipped cream and the light milky aroma made the bread taste richer, as a result you couldn’t stop the mouth at all.

Had it not been for only four slices on the table, Tang Hang felt that he could eat at least ten.

“Hey, stop, it’s too much, don’t grab it.”

The melee caused by the few breads continued. Jin Ce shouted a few times but couldn’t move these people. He was very depressed and could only call over his girlfriend to go over to talk to Yu Siyang together.

“Pretending overload” was an ancient costume comedy. It is about Ximen Guang, the young owner of Yuhai Villa, who accidentally saw the martial arts leader colluding with a member of the demon sect in order to seize a martial arts treasure. According to legend, whoever held the Hetu Luoshu could command the world. When Ximen Guang learned of this earth-shattering conspiracy, this leader of the martial arts had no choice but to pretend that he had lost his mind.

Ximen Guang’s grandmother asked the genius doctors all over the world to treat her grandson, but it could not be cured. She heard that there was a magician in Wancheng, Dongfang Zhe, who was capable of curing diseases that ordinary doctors could not cure, so she sent someone to invite him over.

In fact, Dongfang Zhe was just a charlatan that pretended and used his handsome face to trick people to eat and drink for free. Who knew that he would become rumoured to have great supernatural powers and become famous? In order not to be exposed, and then chased and killed, Dongfang Zhe had to agree to go to Yuhai Resort and treat Ximen Guang.

But Dongfang Zhe didn’t know how to treat the disease, so he had to mess around and toss Ximen Guang to death. Naturally, Ximen Guang was not foolishly letting Dongfang Zhe toss himself, so relying on his martial arts, he tossed back.

When the two people were hurting each other, they accidentally caused the martial arts leader to get into danger which completely abolished his martial arts, and inexplicably saved the world.

Although there was no logic in the story, the comedy was constant. Dongfang Zhe’s overall figure was in white clothes and a fairy air, and Yu Siyang was looking forward to putting on this fairy air.

When Jin Ce and Yu Siyang finished talking about the scene, the bread battle on the other side ended with Hong Zhehao getting only one bread.

Hong Zhehao gnawed the only bread left and felt extremely wronged.

“Yu Siyang, you don’t bring food to the crew in the future, so we don’t worry about scarcity and people suffering from uneven treatment.” Jin Ce said earnestly, letting the makeup girl who did not grab the bread, to lead Yu Siyang to go for makeup.

Yu Siyang followed the sister and the others glared at the director.

“Director Jin, you can’t cut off the source just because you didn’t get even one of the five pieces. You are abusing your power.” The martial arts director was the oldest here, so he fearlessly faced the angry director.

Others agreed, condemning the director for using power for personal gain.

Jin Ce raised his chin and said arrogantly: “I am the producer and director. I am in charge of whether your box lunch has two meats and one vegetable or only one vegetable, hum–“

“…” Okay, he was in charge of the lunch. The director is simply too awesome.

Suddenly, the crowds scattered, everyone was taking up several roles, and they worked together to set up the scene. Jin Ce carried the only camera in the crew and took pictures in person.

Hong Zhehao shook his head. The crew was so poor that it made people sad.

The poor crew was preparing to shoot the first shot of the movie, and everyone in the crew did not know that their movie, which was too poor to hold the conference, had actually posted a draft announcement in various media.

“Yu Siyang is playing the leading role for the first time, and once again joined forces with Hong Zhehao to create a hilarious comedy. Both of them will have subversive performances in the play. Both the modelling and the roles will be very different from the past, making people look forward to the movie. “Pretending overload” has officially started shooting.”

Pang Yujie didn’t read the entire news; and threw his phone on the sofa. The more he thought about it, the angrier he got, and he kicked the coffee table fiercely.

Yu! Si! Yang!

He gritted his teeth.

Unexpectedly, Yu Siyang could actually get a big-name endorsement. The official news released by P&H was like a slap on his face.

Pang Yujie had not dared to read his Weibo in the past few days. Even if he read the news on the Internet, he could always see a soft article popping up that stepped on him, which perfectly explained what it means to be pushed around by everyone.

The feud between him and Yu Siyang was very serious. Seeing a netizen click a picture of Yu Siyang exiting the Global Trade Center building, he couldn’t help but become active.

What if it was known that a newcomer who just made his debut spreads self-hyped fake news?

Pang Yujie became more excited as he thought about it.

Since the last time he smashed Yu Siyang on Weibo, his career had not been going well, and his agent didn’t care about him. Many of his good resources had been robbed by other people in the company, so he could only go to various variety shows in order to brush up his presence.

In such a situation, he took it for granted that Yu Siyang was taking revenge.

This time he caught the opportunity to trample the opponent to death, how could he not use it well.

It was hard to imagine but when he was in contact with the navy, he was heard by people from the company and was used by them to target him. If he hadn’t reacted quickly and let the navy move the target to stir the muddy water, he might have been scolded to death by the netizens.

Pang Yujie was so angry that he couldn’t fight the other party anyway.

At this time, P&H’s news was simply adding fuel to the fire, and Pang Yujie’s red-hot jealousy was uncontrollable.

“You are here.” His agent opened the door and came in, seeing Pang Yujie’s gloomy face, he sighed deeply.

He had brought up so many artists, it was not uncommon for them to cause troubles and scandals, but no one was as impatient to find death as Pang Yujie.

He had told him countless times, don’t provoke Yu Siyang again. He just grabbed a few shots on a variety show, but his eyes are so small that he could bear hatred for so long for such a tiny thing.

Pang Yujie had also used this method to step on other newcomers who had just debuted. He stepped on the newcomers and also increased his presence. He probably tasted a little bit of sweetness, and he kept on his small movements ever since.

The agent warned him several times but Pang Yujie just treated it as a whisper and didn’t care at all.

This time, he kicked the iron place.

It was not enough that he provoked him once, but he had to find his own death. Now he should be really happy to be blocked.

“Why didn’t you answer the phone?” the agent asked, standing at the door.

Pang Yujie said with a sullen face, “I don’t want to pick it up.”

The agent sneered and lost his temper. ” Your TV series has already changed people.”

“What?” Pang Yujie stood up suddenly, glaring at the agent, “Why was I substituted?”

“You still ask me why, think about what you did well.” The agent got even angrier, his artist was blocked, and he was called by the company boss who scolded him like he was a child, and he was acting as if nothing happened. And when disaster came from the sky, he was still angry.

“I…” Pang Yujie wanted to explain in a few words, but when he saw the agent’s expression, he swallowed the words. The agent didn’t understand the situation at all, and he didn’t understand him. He was only accusing him blindly. There is no need to make up excuses for such a person.

The agent didn’t want to say much, and waved his hand tiredly, “Pang Yujie, you still have a three-year contract with the company, you…you should find your own way as soon as possible.”

With a “bang”, the door was closed from the outside, the agent finished what he wanted to say and left without looking back.

Pang Yujie’s family was in a good condition. It was estimated that he had been spoiled from childhood to adulthood. He spoke and did things very naively and arrogantly. He always puts on the posture of “I am number one in the world”. Today, he still does not realize that he is the one who is at fault, and such people are hopeless.

You…should find your own way as soon as possible… Pang Yujie kept thinking about the last words the agent said in his mind.

What did the agent mean?

Find a way out?

Means the company wanted to hide him?

Pang Yujie unconsciously went to get the mobile phone on the sofa and wanted to call the agent to let him explain clearly. When he swiped the screen, he immediately saw the entertainment news he was just watching. The article was accompanied by a photo that was obviously a candid shot.

In the photo, Yu Siyang handed a paper bag to Hong Zhehao, and the two smiled at each other, and there was a faint understanding between them.


Why can Yu Siyang be able to play the leading actor, while he was hidden by the company, when as a newcomer he grabbed the shots of the predecessor. Is it reasonable?!

He won’t let it go.

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