TCYEC Ch. 53

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Guan Yahua held the reorganised budget sheet in her hand, opened the door of the study, sat down beside Jin Ce, and slapped the budget sheet on the desk with a stern face.

“What’s the matter? What are you angry about?” Jin Ce opened the budget sheet and checked each item carefully.

“What kind of makeup artist is she looking for, it would cost another 50,000 yuan.” Guan Yahua’s eyes were red with anger, “50,000 yuan, if we had that we could add another director, why should we waste it on her? She’s not very famous, and her technique is just like that.”

Jin Ce took his girlfriend into his arms and patted her back and said helplessly: “Others see us as newcomers and bully us, they think we don’t know how to do it, don’t be angry, and find another makeup artist.”

They have a small part which required special effects makeup in this movie, and they have to find an experienced makeup artist, but the price they are able to give is not high, so it is only natural for those makeup artists to look down on the money.

When he was studying, he was full of ideals. He always thought that he was omnipotent and could do everything he wanted. He wanted to make his ideal movie without being influenced by investors and the market. But when he really started to do it, he realized that there were too many difficulties forcing them to compromise with reality. No matter what he did, he needed money. Without money, talking about ideals is just a joke.

He asked his eldest brother to borrow money once, and his eldest brother stuffed several entertainers into the crew that he was raising up. He still had to accept them and was extremely depressed.

“Forget it, I will ask my friends again to see if there are other makeup artists who are willing to come to our crew.” Guan Yahua sighed, “Also, what about Yu Siyang? Will his news affect the movie?”

Jin Ce couldn’t help but smile and turned the computer screen towards his girlfriend. “Look at this, the news from P&H “

“P&H?” Guan Yahua looked closer, and said in surprise: “Yu Siyang has become their annual spokesperson for Huaxia for the next year? He’s a good boy, but he has just made his debut, right?”

When it came to this, Jin Ce felt very proud, “Fortunately, we signed a filming contract with him a long time ago. If it was now, where could we still sign him with that cheap price.”

“Yes, you have the best vision.” Guan Yahua laughed.

“Of course, if my vision was not good, how could I like you?” Jin Ce held Guan Yahua’s hand, the love in his eyes overflowed, tinged with satisfaction.

Guan Yahua’s face was reddish and she looked at Jin Ce with a smile, and Jin Ce looked back with a smirk. The two in love looked at each other stupidly and smiled until a call came to Jin Ce’s mobile phone.

Jin Ce saw the caller number displayed on the screen and reluctantly connected, “Brother, what do you need?”

“How are you preparing for the launch conference?” Zhang Jia asked on the phone.

“We are a poor crew, shooting a low-cost movie, what kind of launch conference?” Jin Ce said curiously: “There is no idle time.”

He said at the beginning that he wanted to invest in a movie by himself, but his elder brother ridiculed him and said he had no experience. When he asked his eldest brother to borrow some money, he put a crazy celebrity into his crew. What’s more, he also crammed an uncle-like assistant director, which is absolutely abnormal.

“The lead actor you chose is fine.” Zhang Jia said again.

“Of course, look at who selected him. It’s much better than the ghosts you forced in.” When Jin Ce talked about this, he got extremely angry. “You people, I could only bear Hong Zhehao. Others have no acting skills, they are not too good-looking, brother, you will finish Jiace sooner or later like this.”

Zhang Jia felt that he is really sick, since he opposed his brother’s own investment in making movies. The kid said every kind of bad word to him, but he still called every now and then to care about the progress of his crew.

Isn’t it all for his good? He just graduated from university and has no experience at all. He didn’t listen to his arrangements and followed Chu Quan to learn, and he had to invest himself to make a comedy movie.

And obviously because of his tight budget, he arranged for the artists under Jiace to go to his crew. The compensation was from his own pocket. Even if he was not grateful, he should not always be cynical towards him.

“Brother, I’m so busy, I don’t have time to chat with you, hanging up.” Jin Ce said, he hung up the phone.

It seems that I have a lot of leisure time, if it weren’t for you being my brother, I would have beaten you a long time ago. Zhang Jia threw the phone on the desk, feeling depressed. The older the younger brother got, the less cute he is.

“Zhang, are you looking for me?” There was a knock on the door of the office, and he stared at the door blankly.

“Sit.” Zhang Jia stood up from behind the desk, led Lian Jing to the sofa to sit down, and ordered the assistant to pour two cups of tea.

After the assistant brought tea in, he closed the office door and left.

Lian Jing sipped tea, waiting for Zhang Jia to speak.

“Hong Zhehao and Yu Siyang have a good relationship, don’t they?” Although Zhang Jia was asking Lian Jing, his tone was knowing.

Lian Jing nodded, this is not something which needed to be hidden.

“Part of the reason why Hong Zhehao is willing to take over the film directed by Jin Ce is because of Yu Siyang?” Otherwise, a film with a small cost, new director, and new screenwriter, which famous artist would be willing to accept?

It’s really not about Zhang Jia’s younger brother. His crew is very unreliable at first glance. If it weren’t for the relationship with the General Administration, it is estimated that his movie would not be able to be released in the theatres. A well-known artist, regardless of his acting skills, would not be willing to accept such a script. In case the movie didn’t go to the theatre, the hard work of several months will be wasted. Isn’t this a waste of time to make money?

If he hadn’t seen that his brother did not have the money to hire actors, he wouldn’t have crammed people into the crew. Which well-known actor in the company would be willing to go to his poor crew, and only newcomers who have not debuted would be willing to go. The elder brother is not yet understood by the younger brother.

However, Hong Zhehao’s willingness to take over this movie surprised Zhang Jia.

Although Hong Zhehao is still not a movie star, his popularity is still there. He made a TV series where he was paid hundreds of thousands, but he is willing to take this movie where he is only being paid as little as he made with one episode of his TV series. It is like doing charity.

Lian Jing said indifferently: “Xiaohao is seeking transformation, and this movie by Director Jin is a good opportunity.” Otherwise, he would not give the script to Hong Zhehao.

However, as far as Hong Zhehao is concerned, the main reason he took over this movie is that Yu Siyang is also on the crew.

“Since it’s a good opportunity, let’s fire up some topics to stir up the movie.” Zhang Jia simply broke his heart for his younger brother. “How about a CP for Hong Zhehao and Yu Siyang?”

Lian Jing looked at Zhang Jia coldly. “Mr. Zhang, are you serious?”

“Of course.”

“…You are the boss, if you are happy.”

Lian Jing walked out of the president’s office with a cold face, and suddenly regretted letting Hong Zhehao take over this movie.

At this moment, Hong Zhehao was sitting in the Xue’s villa waiting for the dessert Yu Siyang made for him. He was too happy.

Two days ago, he saw that Yu Siyang was criticized by the entire network. He remembered the stupid things he had done and was a little guilty while worrying. It took him a long time to settle down before he mustered the courage to call Yu Siyang.

Before the call was connected, he was still thinking about how he would apologize to him if Yu Siyang remembered that he had also criticized him before and ignored him.

However, Yu Siyang never mentioned the criticism of the whole network, and invited him to be a guest for afternoon tea.

There was something delicious, so Hong Zhehao told Lian Jing, and ran away.

“Yu Siyang, no one is scolding you now, right?”

“It should be gone, I’m not sure.”

Yu Siyang sprayed a layer of pink chocolate frosting on the cream with a chocolate spray gun, and the surface of the dessert became velvety. He brought out the raspberry nectar tea[1] that had been brewed a long time ago with the dessert. As soon as Hong Zhehao saw it along with such a delicate and beautiful dessert, his eyes went straight[2].

Yu Siyang cut open the dessert with a silver knife, and an elegant fragrance of jasmine mixed with the sweet fragrance of strawberry came out.

“Wow–” Hong Zhehao lay down on the table and looked at him nicely.

The bottom of the dessert is a crispy pancake, the top of the pancake is a jasmine-flavored cake, the over that is a layer of raspberry strawberry jam, and the top of the cake is jasmine cream. The cream is divided into two layers, and the top layer of thin cream is decorated in a swirl, sprayed with a layer of chocolate frosting.

The whole dessert presented a dreamy picture. Hong Zhehao’s hand holding the spoon was trembling, and he bit a spoon into his mouth. The delicate fragrance of jasmine and the sweetness of strawberry alternated in the mouth. The scents were distinct and complemented each other.

The soft cream and fluffy pancake ware wrapped in jam and mixed in the mouth. The sweetness of the bite made people reluctant to swallow it.

Paired with the sweet and delicious raspberry nectar tea, the nose had the lingering fragrance of jasmine, but the mouth had a sweet fragrance of strawberry. It was really the ultimate enjoyment.

“Ah…I haven’t eaten such a delicious thing since a long time.” Hong Zhehao leaned back on the chair with a satisfied expression, his eyes crooked.

“Does your agent still restrict your diet?” Yu Siyang asked.

Hong Zhehao nodded frantically, and said pitifully, “Yes, yeah, you don’t know what days I’ve been living during this period. It’s miserable to eat vegetables and carrots every day.”

Yu Siyang looked up and down Hong Zhehao’s figure. Slowly sipping the fruit tea in the cup, he thought eating vegetables and radishes is not making you thin. It really is easy for you to get fat.

Hong Zhehao ate his dessert in small bites, fearing that he would finish it soon. “You were criticized this time. The navy was hired by Pang Yujie? Why did he do so?”

Yu Siyang said casually: “I used to be on a variety show with him and grabbed his shots. He probably started hated me from that time.”

“How small minded is this person.” Hong Zhehao was amazed, “I was too at that time. When I let the black army block you, he also inexplicably jumped out to taunt you. I was wondering how this person is like a mad dog.” But at the time he had a pitfall in his mind. He felt that someone was standing on his side to blacken Yu Siyang and he was quite happy.

“Isn’t there a word for this on the Internet,” Yu Siyang said with a smile: “I like the way you can’t understand me and can’t kill me. Well, Pang Yujie should be like this.”

“Yu Siyang, you have failed in your studies.”

“Not as good as you.”

The dessert was only so big, and it got eaten in a short while. Hong Zhehao put the spoon down and held the cup to drink tea melancholy, “I don’t know when I will get to eat this peerless and delicious dessert next time. You don’t know, my current snacks have become coarse grain biscuits, and those biscuits are so hard that they are impossible to chew.”

“But you still eat it?” Yu Siyang asked with a smile.

“What if I don’t eat it? There are no other snacks.” Hong Zhehao was depressed. “If I were as thin as you, I would dare to let go of eating, and I could also endorse P&H.”

Yu Siyang said: “I dare not let go. Let’s eat.” He has a gastrointestinal dysfunction, so if he let go of eating, he would have to go to the hospital for drinking[3].

“But I really didn’t think that you could endorse P&H so soon after your debut. I have already debuted for a few years, and even I don’t have such first-line big-name resources.” Hong Zhehao said enviously.

Yu Siyang didn’t know how to comfort people. In this situation, he would be suspected of showing off, so he had to remain silent.

Hong Zhehao thought out loud and continued: “The Devil[4] said that I used to star in idol dramas. Although I was on the top of the TV circle, I was not up to the grade in the fashion industry, so few luxury goods came to me.”

“From now on, I am going to be a newcomer in the film industry,” he took Yu Siyang’s hand and said passionately: “It just so happens that we are acting together in a movie again, and we will work hard together to become international superstars.”

“Okay, let’s work hard together.” Yu Siyang was infected by his righteous appearance and nodded seriously.

Hong Zhehao stared at Yu Siyang and said, “In that case, to encourage us, you can make another dessert for me to have.”

Yu Siyang: “…”

You talked so passionately, just to force me make another dessert for you.

I was so stupid that I was infected by your enthusiasm.

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[2] Got fixated on something.

[3] Reference to IV drip.

[4] His agent.

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