TBLF Ch. 57

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After the girl whispered the words “Ge”, she felt ashamed. She covered her face with two small hands, and a soft voice came from her fingers: “Is it all right now?”

Ji Rang felt that even though he is innocent but after getting hit so hard, he cannot live anymore.

But he had to keep his credibility as he had promised the little girl to let go after she called him. He put his hand down, stroked her upturned hair, and muttered, “Go home.”

She nodded, with the thumbs of her two small hands tucked into the bag straps, she told him earnestly: “You have to go home early too, don’t catch a cold.”

Ji Rang said yes.

She waved at him happily, turned and ran to the gate of the community. As soon as the wet sneakers stepped on the ground, they left small and well-behaved footprints on the ground, which were quickly smoothed by the spring night wind.

When she got home, her uncle and aunt were watching TV, and Yu Zhuo was lying on the sofa to play games as always.

Hearing the door opening, her uncle turned around and asked, “Yingying is back? Was the basketball game good?” When he saw the clothes that didn’t fit her, he stood up and asked anxiously: “What’s the matter?”

Wu Yinghua also looked over and frowned and asked, “Whose clothes are you wearing? Yingying where are your own clothes?” She walked over and saw the leaking shoes on the ground. “Why are the shoes wet too?” “

Qi Ying put down her schoolbag, pursed her lips, and whispered: “I accidentally fell into the swimming pool.”

The room was quiet for a few seconds.

All three of them looked at her in shock.

Yu Zhuo was still young, his mind turned fast, and he jumped up from the sofa: “Sister, you can talk?!”

Qi Ying smiled and nodded, eyes sparkling, “Yeah.”

Yu Cheng sat on the sofa and looked at her blankly. After a long time, his eyes gradually became red. He hurriedly rubbed his eyes, got up and walked to Qi Ying, pulled her around and looked her over, “Are you all right? Huh? Are you all right?”

Qi Ying said softly: “Uncle, I’m fine. I accidentally slipped into the swimming pool. This is my classmate’s clothes.”

Yu Cheng took his niece in his arms.

God knows how depressed he had been during this period of time. When the psychiatrist told him that Yingying might not be able to speak for a lifetime, his heart seemed to sink to the dark bottom of the ocean, and he found it hard to breathe every day.

Wu Yinghua persuaded him many times in private, saying that it was the child’s life, and to think for the good. It was a gift from heaven to survive the accident at the time. Even if she could not speak, it would not affect her to live a peaceful life.

He also comforted himself. If she can’t speak, she can’t speak. He also secretly checked a lot of professional jobs that can be done without talking and started planning for her future after graduating from high school.

Unexpectedly, God always took care of good children.

Yu Cheng was about to cry with joy.

Such a big happy event, who can care about her falling into the swimming pool. Yu Cheng immediately called the psychiatrist to explain the situation and made an appointment for tomorrow’s treatment. Wu Yinghua asked her to take a hot shower again and washed the wet clothes and shoes.

Only Yu Zhuo wondered to himself that there seems to be no swimming pool near their school’s basketball court?

The next day was the weekend. Yu Cheng was so excited that he didn’t sleep much all night. He went to call Qi Ying to get up early in the morning and stood at the door nervously and asked: “Yingying, can you still talk now?”

Qi Ying was curled up on the bed with only her small head exposed. She yawned, her nasal voice was a bit heavy, and she said softly, “Yes.”

Yu Cheng felt relieved.

After breakfast, the family accompanied Qi Ying to the psychological clinic for an examination. The psychologist was also shocked when he heard that she could speak. But it was the doctor who patiently asked her what happened yesterday and under what circumstances the first time she spoke.

In front of Yu Cheng, Qi Ying could only lie, while blushing: “When I fell into the swimming pool…”

In the end, the doctor could only attribute it to being frightened and stimulated by the accident.

No matter what, her condition was completely recovered, and Qi Ying finally ended nearly a year of psychological diagnosis and treatment. Her aunt made a full table of dishes to celebrate, and it was like another new year celebration at home.

Just after eating, Qi Ying’s cell phone rang.

She glanced at the caller ID, ran back to the room secretly, closed the door, and said in a small voice: “Hello?”

The other side laughed: “Hey what, call me.”

Qi Ying honestly said: “Ge.”

The self-satisfied boss almost bit his tongue.

It took a long time to suppress the trembling voice, and then he asked as if nothing had happened: “Well, have you eaten?”

She obediently said: “I have eaten, I ate at home, my aunt made a lot of dishes.”

This was the first time she spoke on the phone after she started talking, and it was also the first time Ji Rang called her. She felt so happy that her soft tail was upturned: “The doctor said I have recovered.”

He couldn’t help laughing: “Yeah.”

She got into the quilt, covered her head with the quilt, and whispered: “My aunt washed your clothes. I will bring them to school on Monday and return them to you.”

He teased her: “Didn’t aunt ask who the clothes belong to?”

She was a little embarrassed, her voice under the covers was soft: “She asked, I said it was from a classmate.”

Ji Rang said, “Your aunt didn’t ask, which classmate has such a good figure?”

Qi Ying: “…”

Why is this person getting more and more…impossible!

When Ji Rang finished teasing her, he was in a good mood. He stretched out holding the phone. Qi Ying asked him, “You haven’t gotten up yet?”

Her voice was soft and waxy, and it felt like it was teasing his ears.

His heart beat so fast for a moment.

He thought of her by his side, waking up early in the morning, holding her in his arms, and kissing her soft lips.

Ji Rang felt like he was indecent.

The little girl is still underage.

He rolled over and sat up on the bed: “This is it, see you next week.”

She said obediently: “Yeah.”

Ji Rang hung up the phone and rushed to the bathroom to take a shower.

When she arrived at school on Monday, Yue Li was already there in the Class 2 classroom.

While gnawing on the bread, she excitedly told the surrounding classmates about Qi Ying’s ability to speak, and the group of people were looking forward to it. As soon as Qi Ying entered the classroom, she felt a dozen hot sights on her.

Yue Li greeted her excitedly: “Yingying, good morning!”

She walked over and spoke in front of her classmates for the first time. She was a little embarrassed. After a pause, her voice was sweet and soft: “Good morning everyone.”

There was a “wow” all around.

“Sure enough, the cute girl’s voice is also very cute!”

“Yingying, congratulations on being able to speak!”

“After being able to hear, Yingying can also speak again. What kind of blessing is it on our Class 2!”

Everyone was happily making a mess.

Soon, the students who came to the classroom one after another knew that Qi Ying was able to speak, and those who were well-connected ran over to talk to her, and those who were generally related asked a few words while she was collecting history homework.

When Zhao Dunan heard the discussion at the front and back desks about Qi Ying’s sweet voice, her face turned green.

She used to say that she disdained to compete with the disabled for school scholarships, but now that the disabled has become a normal person, she is not even eligible to fight her.

When self-study started, even Liu Qinghua came to know that Qi Ying had spoken. She smiled and felt that her decision to let Qi Ying lead the dance between classes was simply too wise, so she called Qi Ying, who was memorizing classical Chinese, to the corridor and asked her a few questions.

Hearing her clear and sweet voice, a stone in her heart finally fell to the ground.

At the end of the morning self-study, there was a flag-raising ceremony. The entire school’s classes are assembled in the playground, and there are many people who know each other. After all, they all have elective classes together.

Whispering while gathering:

——You know, the special student in our class can speak now.

——The school flower can talk, now she can listen and talk, she is no different from a normal person.

——See that you are still calling her disabled, but she is not disabled at all, okay!

It spread from side to side, and even the students in Class 9 who stood in the last class got to know about it.

Qu Dazhuang excitedly shook the arm of Ji Rang who was standing and dozing off, “Brother Brother! Have you heard that? Your little fairy can talk!”

Ji Rang kicked him away: “Can I not know? Do I need you to say?”

Qu Dazhuang was aggrieved, he stood back and complained to Liu Haiyang: “If you know it, you know it, why is he so proud of it.”

The raising of the national flag consisted of a routine speech and notification. The name that hadn’t appeared for a long time appeared again in the list of criticisms: “The student of Class 9 of sophomore school, Ji Rang, deliberately quarreled and fought, behaved badly, and has had a great impact. Criticism was notified and penalties were recorded.!”

The students in front secretly looked back.

Ji Rang was indifferent, standing there casually, as if he didn’t take this punishment seriously.

In fact, the fight this time was far less serious than the things he caused before. After all, the teachers and classmates were all present at the time and quickly pulled him away. But who made Fang Xu a good student at the top of the school pyramid?

Qu Dazhuang scolded harshly next to him: “This idiot! I’m sorry if I don’t kill him after school!”

Ji Rang glanced at him: “Don’t cause trouble.”

The flag-raising ceremony was over, and they went back to their classes. Although Ji Rang didn’t care on the surface, he was still a little irritated when he heard the criticism in front of the little fairy, so he went to the small store to buy cold drinks to reduce the fire.

A row of ginkgo trees were planted on the way to the store, and they had begun to sprout.

When he reached the corner, Fang Xu and a group of boys came down from the office building next to him, talking and laughing.

Ji Rang glanced away. He didn’t bother to care about this idiot now. Unexpectedly, Fang Xu took the initiative to find death and moved towards him.

He smiled and yelled at him: “School brother, is the punishment not enough?”

Ji Rang paused, his eyes were wild and cold when he turned his head to look past him, but the corners of his mouth curled up, and he made a shocking statement: “I don’t mind more punishments. Do you want to try?”

Fang Xu couldn’t laugh anymore and looked at him coldly.

Ji Rang sneered and raised his leg to leave.

Fang Xu whispered in the back: “It wasn’t just punishment. They wanted you to apologize face to face. I persuaded them to give up.” He paused, smiled and said, “It looks like your mother had a good relationship with my mother back then. So, for the sake of her buying me toys I persuaded them.”

The boy’s indifferent back froze.

For a moment, even the wind seemed to detour.

He turned his head back; his eyes were filled with frenzied hostility.

Fang Xu waited for him to go crazy.

He deliberately angered him.

He checked it over the weekend. Knowing that Ji Rang was already beginning to change, he didn’t go out to make troubles much. He goes to class every day, and he also participates in tuition, and his test scores improved every time.

He is changing for the little girl.

And the little girl seems to be falling for him.


The excellence from the beginning to the end is not accepted, but the prodigal will be favored when he turns back?

He is not reconciled.

He wants everyone to see that garbage is always garbage.

The young man walked towards him, full of brutal anger.

Fang Xu glanced at the office building behind him. There were many teachers who had just left the meeting in the lobby.

The breeze was blowing, and the ginkgo leaves that had been hanging on the branches for a winter rustled down.

Among the flying golden leaves, the little girl rushed forward, holding a lollipop in her hand, and hugged the teenager’s waist from behind.

Ji Rang smelled the familiar sweet fragrance.

He looked down at the hand around his waist.

Thin and white, the pink lollipop was embedded between the fingers.

Behind her came the little girl’s breathless, soft, soft voice: “Don’t fight.”

He slackened his tight body, turned his head and touched the little girl’s stray hair from flying around, his throat moved, and he said, “Okay.”

Qi Ying smiled with her eyes bent.

She put the lollipop in his hand, held the corner of his unzipped school uniform, and said softly: “Go, go back to class.”

The young man nodded and followed her back.

Fang Xu stood on the steps, fingers clenched into fists, and sneered, “Junior girl, do you know what kind of person he is? Just dare to defend him like this?”

Qi Ying paused.

She turned her head, glared at Fang Xu, and said angrily: “I like him anyway, I won’t like you anyway!”

Ji Rang didn’t feel angry anymore, he burst out laughing beside him.

His girl is so good.

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