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The duration of the “Gold Medal Screenwriter” live special episode was controlled within one hour. No matter the operability or the particularity that was different from the ordinary period, it was obviously impossible to arrange script elements completely.

Gu Nian listened to the staff of the program team in the dressing room. This time, it was more based on the high popularity of “Gold Medal Screenwriter” since the launch of the “Gold Medal Screenwriter”. They wanted to give back to the audience with pure entertainment short specials in order to maximize the topic of the program. By the way, there was another reason for the company. The large-scale variety show was also in preparation of testing the live broadcast market.

The hearts of capitalists were indeed bottomless black holes.

“Little White Mouse” Gu Nian thought.

This special edition retained the tradition of pairing the regular screenwriters and actors one by one, but in order to enhance the interaction and participation of the audience, this time the matching group would be determined by the results of the online voting half an hour before the live broadcast of the show.

After the grouping results come out, the four groups of guests would be taken to 8 different locations in Qingshi Square.

Each group had a final meeting point, and the two guests in each group must complete several tasks in sequence before they could get clues and reach the final meeting point.

If a guest could not reach the final meeting point within the time limit, then the second member of his group would be punished.

When the official process was announced, the live broadcast had already begun. As soon as the punishment rules came out, several live cameras captured the reaction of every guest.

The live barrage ushered in the first small peak after the broadcast.

[Hahahaha Now I really believe that there is no script, the reaction is completely exposed]

[No script +1]

[After Liao, the female goose’s heart has moved and the real hammer has fallen]

[Concentrate on your career, goose! What is love to talk about! Dog men are not worth it!]

[Ahhhhh, look at the position of the main camera! They are looking at each other! Looking at each other! I knew it!]

[Don’t stick them together, looking at each other]

[Take Luo Xiu away, brother didn’t make an appointment]

[Knock knock knock, Yu Song, you come home tonight and kneel on the washboard to explain! Why did your first reaction be to frown on seeing Wen Chu!?]

[Remaining temperature szd]

[The sister in front wake up, Yu Song will definitely return to our house after recording the show, and won’t find you]

[Hahaha The most abused one is that Empress Wen Ying, nobody looked at her]

[Too miserable, too miserable]


As soon as the first live footage just cut out, the directors who received the feedback from the barrage turned green.

The chief director frustrated the table: “Why haven’t the voting results statistics come out yet!”

“It’s coming.”

The whiteboard was raised, and at first glance, the director’s face turned black again.

Voting first place: Gu Nian & Luo Xiu.

Director’s assistant: “This is really the result of the “Broken” show with easter eggs. The show has always been the most popular pair among CP fans.”

The director waved his hand: “What about the second place?”

Assistants showed the cards: Wen Chu & Yu Song.

Director: “…………”

The director’s face suddenly became darker, and he turned his head and knocked on the table with the live broadcast group: “The three, the three that are particularly unconscious, the less cut the three of them get, the better!”


As soon as the results of the grouping were announced, the 8 guests were taken away by themselves. Due to the limitations of the live broadcast, the 8 locations were not far from the starting point. Gu Nian had recovered and asked the person in charge of the team here: “The punishment will not be the same as the previous devil drink?”

Person in charge: “It’s that, we hadn’t used all it up last time.”

This time it was Gu Nian’s turn for her face turned green: “It will kill you to drink it after so long!”

Person in charge: “……”

This segment was cut in by the live broadcast control team, and the barrage was permeated with a happy atmosphere proving that “human sorrows and joys are not connected.”

[Hahaha she was so scared that my goose was about to cry!]

[Hug baby]

[The screenwriter Gu doesn’t cry, so clever, why didn’t she hear that he was joking with you]

[Tsk tsk tsk caring too much is messy]

[Knock, Knock]


Although the person in charge immediately recognized his mistake and clarified with Gu Nian that the punishment drink was boiled again this morning but the tension on Gu Nian’s face did not ease much.

In every subsequent task link, Gu Nian almost flew away with the person in charge, and the place she passed was left in a mess.

But finally, there were only 15 minutes left before the countdown. Gu Nian led the whole group of screenwriters, and as the first place, she arrived at the task release office of the final ring.

The surveillance cameras of the director team followed up in real time. At this point, everyone’s emotions were obviously tense.

The chief director lowered his voice and asked the people around him: “Is the brown one for Zhuo Yixuan?”

“Yes, I confirmed it.”

“The planning team made a mistake, but this section can’t have any mistakes. They have spread this gimmick for four episodes, just waiting to push for a boiling point, and we would be killed if we mess it up.”

“Don’t worry, director, no problem.”


They were talking here, and in Gu Nian’s lens over there, the host was already introducing the last task.

There were four kits of different colors in front of the task publisher: “Choose one of them and complete the performance at the center of the square with the largest flow of people in Qingshi Plaza, and you will arrive at the designated meeting point.”

While the publisher introduced to the camera to Gu Nian’s side, the group leader quickly put a card hidden in his palm in front of Gu Nian.

Gu Nian was stunned for a moment, and the publisher also went to see.

“Choose blue.”

Gu Nian: …..?

Are you doing things so blatantly?

The camera turned back, and the person in charge of the group immediately dropped their hands and retreated out of the camera.

Gu Nian stepped forward.

The task publisher said: “Screenwriter Gu, please choose a color you like.”

“Favorite color?” Gu Nian didn’t even think about it, “I like dark brown the most.”


The smile on the face of the person issuing the task was frozen for a second.

Gu Nian noticed something and bowed her head.

Sure enough, the four kits on the table were blue, purple, brown, and gray.

Gu Nian: Oh, no.

You can’t blame her for this.

Especially since this dog show group tried to make her baby drink the devil’s drink a second time, don’t even think about it!

Gu Nian showed a satisfied smile, took the brown kit without hesitation, and shook it in front of the camera: “That’s it.”


She slapped the face of the group leader.

A few hundred meters away, the director team were collectively petrified for a few seconds.

Before turning on the ghost cry and wolf howl mode, the chief director picked up the intercom headset directly connected to the scene coordinator and gritted her teeth: “Let her turn on the scene, and then immediately put the brown kit back, as the screenwriter, everyone chooses one of four!”

“Yes, Yes, Yes.”

The other side was obviously panicked.

The main shot was switched back to the final link of the scriptwriter’s mission release.

The publisher kept a stiff smile: “Scriptwriter Gu can check your task.”


Gu Nian, who was successful in doing things, was very happy, and easily opened the brown kit, took out a piece of paper inside and slowly unfolded it.

The lens zoomed in.

Gu Nian’s hand trembled at the moment she saw the writing on the paper.

There was only one line of black tiny print on the paper-

Sing song: “Ferry Me”.

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