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Tuesday, October 6.

Early in the morning, Gu Nian was picked up from the villa by a special car arranged by the “Gold Medal Screenwriter” program group, and then went straight to the Qingshi Square in K City, the recording location of this National Day special.

On the road, Gu Nian leaned in her seat and held her seat belt nervously. The little girl in the car window had a blank expression, but her lips were obviously tightened, and she seemed very nervous.

As the person in charge accompanied Qi Han, he sat in the passenger seat and watched several times, but finally couldn’t help but turn around and ask: “Screenwriter Gu, are you feeling sick?”


“Screenwriter Gu?”

“Huh?” Gu Nian came back from her wandering thoughts and looked up blankly, “Did you call me?”

Qi Han: “…”

Then he said three times silently, “This is the future boss lady who can’t be offended.” Qi Han smiled very kindly: “Is the screenwriter Gu unwell or worried?”

“No, no.”

Gu Nian turned back tearfully.

She couldn’t say that because this was the first day she and Luo Xiu would be officially meeting after confirming the relationship that day, that she felt as if she was in a dream, so she had already been lost in her mind all morning.

Seeing the car getting closer and closer to Qingshi Square, Gu Nian felt that the acceleration of her heartbeat was on the verge of getting out of control. She grabbed her fingers and asked Qi Han, “Is Luo Xiu here?”

“He’s already here. He hasn’t left the company in the past few days.”


Qi Han’s lips were pursed too quickly, and after speaking, he stiffened in the passenger seat in horror.

After slowly defrosting from the petrified state, he turned his head back with a stiff smile, and as expected, he met Gu Nian’s blank expression: “Why was Luo Xiu in BH Media?”

Qi Han wanted to switch his mind and was desperate to survive. Just as he was feeling hopeless, finally, one second before the invisible dog head could fall on his neck, he became anxious and wise: “Ah, that, isn’t Mr. Luo going to sign a brokerage contract with our BH Media? Recently we have just been preparing for the contract.”

Gu Nian asked in surprise after hearing this: “Have you decided to sign him?”

“Yes, yes.” Qi Han wiped his sweat with a guilty conscience.

Gu Nian: “It’s great! Is his agent selected?”

“This, after all, we haven’t signed a contract yet. These are all confidential information. I just mentioned it by mistake. The specific momentum is still not easy to disclose…”

Qi Han looked at Gu Nian politely.

Gu Nian nodded quickly: “I was abrupt, I understand. Then I’ll wait for your good news!”

“Good, good.”

Qi Han wiped his sweat with even more guilty conscience and turned back.

Gu Nian’s nervousness in the morning was diminished by the surprise news. If she weren’t still in the car, she suspected that she would be so excited as to fly and run to congratulate Luo Xiu and share in his happiness.

This uncontrollable excitement continued until getting off the car.

Qi Han took Gu Nian to the temporary guest lounge, and when he opened the door, as soon as she saw Luo Xiu, Gu Nian could not help but run forward and hug him directly.

“Luo Xiu!!”


Luo Xiu had predicted countless kinds of reactions from Gu Nian and his response when they met for the first time today after starting a formal relationship, but he had never thought about the scene before him.

Standing at the door, Qi Han was very honored to see their dragon boss who did not change his face even if the sky was falling look stunned. He wanted to laugh but he was afraid of being noticed.

He could only endure his smile and bow his head.

Luo Xiu finally regained his senses and held the little girl with a brilliant smile coming out on his face. He couldn’t help but bend his eyes slightly: “What is it, why so happy?”

“I’ve heard about it!” Gu Nian cheeks flushed with excitement, “You have already decided to sign with BH, right?”


Not far from the door, the smile at the corner of Qi Han’s mouth suddenly froze.

Within two seconds, he felt a glacier-like gaze cast from inside the room.

Qi Han: “…”

Heavens, he will kill him.

Fortunately, Luo Xiu didn’t have many thoughts to share with others. His attention quickly turned back to the girl in front of him: “Well, Qi Han told you?”


He made a cross in his heart, then Luo Xiu looked at the girl’s crescent eyes, and smiled: “This is why you are so happy?”

“Of course! Get rid of that unreliable company, find a new owner and embark on your career path. I have been waiting for you to become red for two years, two months, and six days!”


When Luo Xiu was reminded of something by these words, he whispered, “Can you tell me the secret?”

Gu Nian was stunned for a moment to realize that the secret Luo Xiu said was something she had mentioned for the first time in the crew of “Monsters”.

Gu Nian hesitated and whispered: “Now… it’s not that good. If I say it at this time, I think it’s particularly useless.”

“It’s useless?”

“Well,” Gu Nian nodded, and after thinking about it for a while, she laughed, “Why don’t we make an appointment, just wait for me to sign a screenwriting contract.”

Luo Xiu responded very quickly: “A company invited you?”

“Yes, in fact, at the end of the first period, some screenwriters and media companies contacted me, but I was not particularly satisfied.”

“Now there?”

“Well, there are 3 alternatives.”

Luo Xiu’s eyes shook slightly, “Did BH Media invite you?”

Gu Nian: “No, maybe they have no intentions?”

Luo Xiu smiled softly: “If they can’t even grasp you, don’t they want to do this show?”

Gu Nian was startled.

And the real recipient of this sentence was already standing by the door and crying.

Wrong, in vain, ah.

Which of the main persons in charge who knew about them could think of the possibility that the boss’s wife who had entered the boss’s bowl could fly away?!

If the boss lady was signed by another company, they probably won’t see the sun the next day.

Qi Han couldn’t explain it anymore, so he turned around and ran out. He walked too quickly and shut the door that was only half open with a bang.

Gu Nian in the room was frightened, and turned around blankly: “Mr. Qi, why did he go, why was he so anxious?”

“Maybe he just remembered something important he had forgotten.”

“…Oh.” Even though Gu Nian was puzzled, she nodded.

After half an hour.

The one-hour live broadcast version of the National Day Special of “Gold Medal Screenwriter” was about to begin. Each group of the program team was ready, and the guests who had completed the service link were gathered indoors by the director group.

Luo Xiu was the last guest to enter the venue because he was stopped before entering the door, by Qi Han, who was out of breath.

“It’s set?”

“Don’t worry, the contract is… already being drafted,” Qi Han said roughly, while holding on to the wall to save his trachea, “Also, also, the director team asked me to…transfer and convey one thing.”

“What’s up.”


Qi Han took a deep breath and exhaled it again.

“The director said, this is a live broadcast. If you are as unscrupulous as when the previous episodes were recorded and broadcast,” Reluctantly suppressing his breath, Qi Han grabbed the tie on his chest and lifted it up, “Then he will strangle himself with a tie in the company lobby tomorrow.”

Qi Han cooperated with an expression of sticking out his tongue and rolling his eyes.

Luo Xiu: “.”

Luo Xiu raised his eyebrows and turned around indifferently like a dehumanized capitalist: “Then let him not wait for tomorrow, let him do it just now.”

“Don’t,” Qi Han rushed to grab Luo Xiu’s wrist, “not only the director team, the planning team and the public relations department also expressed this to me euphemistically. It’s okay to hang a director. But if they all hung together, the company will have to be closed.”

Luo Xiu stopped, “Are you threatening me?”

Qi Han smiled dryly: “How dare I, I’m just a messenger, if you are upset, I will now let them go to the lobby to prepare.”


Luo Xiu turned sideways, his eyes falling coldly.

Qi Han was puzzled.


“Ooo.” Qi Han remembered their boss’s abnormal cleanliness, and immediately withdrew his hand.

“I will try my best to restrain myself. But I cannot guarantee that I can restrain myself.” Luo Xiu paused and raised his eyes. “Didn’t they want a gimmick, I can’t use that?”

“The gimmick has to be developed step by step. Just take your words and deeds in the first game of the game. Can you just do it like that?”

After Qi Han waited for a while and found no movement, he looked up and met a pair of deep eyes. Qi Han’s guilty conscience probed again: “What’s wrong?”

Luo Xiu’s voice repeated slowly: “Step by step?”

“Yes, yes.”

“What are they trying to do in this live broadcast?”


Qi Han froze, slowly showing a terrifying and bitter expression: “I haven’t said anything, you are too scary.”


Qi Han: “In fact, it has nothing to do with you and Miss Gu, but the planning team and the public relations department have been preparing for the gimmick for long enough. This time they have prepared for a long time.”

“Luo Xiu, why haven’t you entered yet?”

Inside the door, the sound of approaching footsteps interrupted their conversation.


Qi Han closed his mouth for a second.

Gu Nian walked to the door and saw Qi Han who was blocked by the door. She hesitated and stopped: “Sorry, did I bother you while you were talking about things?”

“It’s okay, it’s over.” Luo Xiu looked back, his eyes softening, “Let’s go, let’s go in together.”

Gu Nian was led by Luo Xiu, and looked back hesitantly as he walked: “Really all right?”


“Well, all right. The director team has to talk about the process, let’s go and listen.”

“It is good.”

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