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The background of the photo was a mountain forest without artificial traces. The boy in a camouflage uniform was lurking in the jungle. His forehead hair was already wet with sweat, and most of his side face was covered with plaster, but it did not affect his handsome appearance. His pair of eyes were half-closed, and the sharp and cold look in his eyes was shocking, as if he would fly out at any time to give a fatal blow. He leaned forward, with one hand propped on the grass, and the other hand resting on his waist, tightly clutching the handle of the dagger, half of which had been drawn out, while the cold light of the blade revealed a chill.

Yu Xi stared at the photo tightly and couldn’t come back to his senses for several seconds. As a man, he had to admit that the person in this photo exuded a fatal charm, making people unable to move their eyes away.

There was no nakedness, no deliberate temptation, and no sexiness, but the cold eyes and dangerous breath, as if approaching him, would let you be in danger of death, stimulated people’s blood to boil.

There was a desire to conquer and be conquered deep in everyone’s heart. The person in the photo was like a lynx, with sharp claws, delicate face, calm expression and tight facial lines, making the person look more mature. How old was he, but the beautiful outside had a dangerous inside, the contrast was astonishing as hell.

Yu Xi thought to himself that Si Huang would refresh people’s impression of him again.

How many appearances had he shown since his debut?

The pure, mature mind of a teenager who could face all kinds of things calmly and could also fight against the paparazzi arrogantly. At the same time, he cherished his fans who loved him. He would do whatever he promised seriously and instead of working with famous actors, he could make movies with his classmates without caring about fame and fortune, he could play the role of the peerless young man, and he could also become the evil and ruthless demon fox Yue. When you thought this was all he had, he would always give you new surprises.

The Si Huang in the photo gave people the feeling that he was a real soldier, and without some real talent and learning, there was absolutely no way to exude this kind of aura.

Yu Xi admired Si Huang, but he didn’t know that Si Huang felt a little frustrated when she saw this photo.

She remembered that she was dressed like this in the photo and was clearly training with Qin Fan, when he had asked her to track and ambush Qin Fan.

It turned out that the other party secretly took a photo of herself, and it was only after Five Treasure reminded her that she found out.

The comments below the Weibo immediately turned upside down.

“I think I’m really going to get married, what should I do?”

“Camouflage uniform! Fuck! Camouflage uniform! How can my majesty be so handsome! [Color] [Color] [Color]”

“My brother just joined the army. Yes, judging by my sharp eyes, His Majesty’s posture, movements, and hiding places are all very professional! So, Your Majesty, don’t tell me that you went to join the army, right? Don’t! If I don’t see you in the future, I’m gone, what is the meaning of my life! [Crying] [Crying]”

“What the hell?! Your Majesty joined the army? Oh, no! Absolutely not, even if I am tempted by a cute military uniform, I can’t let Your Majesty go to the army, he will be ruined, he will definitely be crippled! [Panic]”

At the beginning, everyone was still showing cuteness and licking the screen to collect photos for more benefits, but later the discussion was completely crooked, as if they completely believed that Si Huang had joined the army, as they begged her not to go, and stay in the entertainment circle, continuing to be beautiful and glowing like a flower, and countless people listed the disadvantages of the army, the suffering, and the chrysanthemum crisis, which made Si Huang laugh for a while. During the period, she glanced at Qin Fan several times. She didn’t know how he would react after reading these comments.

However, this misunderstanding should be resolved, and Si Huang posted another Weibo.

[Si Huang V: I am taking the imperial route, not the military route. [Laughs]]

This Weibo not only advertised “The Emperor’s Path”, but also reassured fans.

Some entertainment journalists saw something else, they said that they were taking the imperial route? Was this revealing his ambitions? Claiming to be the emperor in the entertainment industry? Their minds were spinning very fast, and they didn’t know what kind of articles would be derived from it in the end.

Director Liu, Guan Li, An Yiyuan and others also started to repost her Weibo, some congratulated her on her return, and some complained harmlessly.

After Si Huang responded to them briefly, she asked Yu Xi, “Have you thought about the reward?”

“What?” Yu Xi didn’t understand for a moment.

Si Huang: “The Weibo you posted six days ago.”

A trace of embarrassment appeared on Yu Xi’s face, and he had said it casually that day, but now the problem had returned to him.

Si Huang didn’t make things difficult for him, “Use this opportunity to start making peripheral products.”

“Will it be too hasty? We still need to find a producer.” Yu Xi thought it was indeed a good opportunity, but it was not so simple to complete it in a short time.

Grandma Yu, who was sitting on the sofa opposite, had been paying attention to them all the time, and her expression changed when she heard this, but Tie Lao pressed her hand to tell her not to worry.

Si Huang chuckled, “Make a sample first, and you personally send it to the first winning fan. There is no rush for the rest.”

After thinking about it for a while, Yu Xi understood what Si Huang meant. This was an advertisement in advance.

“I already have a candidate for the producer. I don’t want too many people around. I mainly play the real card of Fenghuang Entertainment.” Si Huang stopped after saying a few words, and then shook her head, “It was like this before, it’s time to find a complete team.”

Everyone present could see that she had a plan in mind.

Grandma Yu also swallowed back her words of wanting to help and looked at Si Huang with eyes full of love and pride.

Whose child could be like her grandson, who could start his own business at a young age and do it in an orderly manner? No! My Xiao Huang is so awesome!

After the family had lunch in the afternoon, Qin Fan went to the bathroom on the second floor to take a shower and change into clean clothes.

This dress was specially prepared for him by Grandma Yu knowing that he would send Si Huang back.

In the evening, Si Huang was in the room looking at the file that Yu Xi had passed on to her, and the completed first episode of “Red Moon” was showing on the computer.

From image quality, editing, post-production special effects, and in-film music, everything was coordinated, and it was sent to Yu Xi after being inspected by Xu Wanjun.

The 20-minute micro-movie of the first episode, from the fresh opening to the weirdness of the sudden change, and the good looks of the hero and heroine could attract the audience in the first place.

Si Huang looked at it for a while and felt satisfied. The results of the cooperation of Huaxing Art School students exceeded her expectations, and she remembered Lu Ningning, Liu Yan and other people with outstanding talents and strengths in her heart. She then picked up the A4 document on the table, and it looked that there was an invitation for an interview program, information about Mr. Du Xiaoguang’s “Infinite Collapse” program, and a selection of supporting roles for a movie.

Si Huang believed in Yu Xi’s ability to handle affairs, so she carefully read through the documents he had sent.

The interview program was the famous “Happy Fallout” on weekends. It was mainly funny, and the audience was mainly young people under the age of 30.

Si Huang glanced at it and put it down. Since she had decided to go to “Infinite Collapse”, there was no need to participate in this kind of show before. As for the casting of the next movie, Si Huang was more interested in it.

The name of the movie was “The Tooth of Time”, which told the story of an ancient foreign country. There was a total of four characters to be selected from, all of which were supporting roles. The character favored by Yu Xi was a pharmacist, who appeared in the early and mid-scenes of the movie. He was a very lovable character. He was young but had excellent medical skills. Because of his existence, the hero escaped several times. His personality was pure, innocent, and shy, saying few words, a little cowardly, but also very brave at the critical moment, his final ending was to die in the battlefield, and the performance would definitely win the tears of a group of emotional audiences.

Overall it was a very positive character.

The name of the pharmacist character ‘Gu Le’ was also circled by Yu Xi with a red pen.

It seemed that Yu Xi was also very optimistic about this role.

It was just that Si Huang didn’t agree, she slid her fingers among the names of the four characters, and her mind turned.

If she had just debuted, the role of Gu Le would indeed be a good start, but she already had the starting point of ‘Young Master Qianji’, and it would be counterproductive to play another ‘Gu Le’. It was not that Gu Le was not good, but that he was too weak compared to Young Master Qianji. Everyone was amazed by Young Master Qianji just now. If they went to see Gu Le again, even if she interpreted the essence of Gu Le well, the character would not be as good as Young Master Qianji, and even if the audience’s evaluation of her would not be lowered, but it would definitely not improve, and it would be disappointing without any surprises.

Perhaps for other newcomers, being able to play one of the main roles in a TV series as soon as they debuted, and then get the qualifications to be cast as the main supporting role in a movie, was a very remarkable thing. There was no need to worry so much. They would want stable development first, and then accumulate more popularity.

Si Huang didn’t think so, she was destined to take a different path after being reborn.

Her memory of the movie “The Tooth of Time” was not very deep. After all, at this time in her previous life, she had missed the casting opportunity of “The Emperor’s Path” and was still an invisible person in the Huaxing Art School. However, after carefully reading the plot of this movie and the introduction of several casting characters, from her point of view, she also thought it was a very novel and magnificent work.

In the end, Si Huang’s finger landed on a character’s name, and she outlined it with a pen, intending to hand it over to Yu Xi tomorrow.

“Ding dong——” a mobile phone notification sounded.

Si Huang put down the document in her hand, picked up the phone to look, and found that a few hours had passed without her knowing, and it was already 9 o’clock in the evening.

The message on the phone was from Qin Fan, and the text read: Come to the living room.

Si Huang raised her eyebrows and replied to the message: If you have anything to say, send it directly.

After the message was sent successfully, she got up and left the computer desk, and leaned on the bed.

However, after waiting for two minutes, no message came back.

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