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“I thought you were not good at dealing with women.”

Si Huang said casually when the two were walking in the woods.

Qin Fan: “There were a lot of women who wanted to get close to me before.”

Si Huang laughed, and she also said this in a calm tone, but Qin Fan thought it was a bit interesting. “And then?”

Qin Fan looked down at her when he heard the laughter, still speaking in a calm statement, “I scared them away.”

“It turns out that you also know that you are scary.”

“It’s best to scare away.” Qin Fan didn’t think there was any embarrassment in it, “Save the trouble.”

“I said you can’t be polite to women.” He was serious, “If you don’t like it, just say it, otherwise they won’t understand and will be even more annoying.”

Si Huang, who was also a woman, was not angry when she heard this, and smiled calmly: “I am different from you.”

Qin Fan immediately thought of Si Huang’s occupation, and his lips straightened, and his eyes shone with thoughtful light.

The two returned to the club together, and Su Yu and the others immediately came to meet her. After checking that she was not injured, they relaxed.

Oh my god! One must know that Master Qin’s face was terrifying when he walked out. Fortunately, Master Si was fine!

“Master, where’s the foul guy?” Su Yu asked.

Qin Fan didn’t turn his head, “Don’t worry about it.” He took Si Huang back to the room to pack her things.

When Su Yu and the others heard this, they took a peek at each other again, refreshing Si Huang’s position in Qin Fan’s heart – in the past, Master Qin just killed but didn’t care about burying, and others took care of the mess, but now he handled it himself. They could see how dissatisfied the young guy had made him.

Half an hour later.

Si Huang changed into her own clothes, boarded Qin Fan’s motorcycle, then they left the mountain club and drove towards city H.


Returning to Jinglan Family Villa after a six-day break.

The two were surrounded by a group of people from the family. Grandma Yu stood in the front and looked at Si Huang up and down. Seeing that she was still fair-skinned and full of energy, she immediately smiled, pulled her to the sofa beside her to sit down, and asked her about what she did these six days and what she learned.

Si Huang didn’t hide anything and told Grandma Yu all the things she had learned in a soft voice. Just looking at her relaxed demeanor and the content of her words, she would never have imagined that she had no other free time apart from high-intensity training in the past six days except for eating. How hard it must have been.

“A Fan, come here.” Tie Lao called Qin Fan softly.

Qin Fan nodded and walked out of the hall to the yard with him.

Tie Lao said: “Shi’an called and asked you to go back to the capital for the New Year.”

Qin Fan frowned and said nothing.

Tie Lao went on to say, “I know you don’t like to socialize, but you’re not too young. Shi’an and the others are also thinking about you.”

“I know.” Qin Fan said calmly.

“Well, the capital city is your hometown, so you must go back for the Chinese New Year.”

Qin Fan asked back, “Where will Tie Lao be?”

“Your Grandma Yu can’t wait to be with her grandson every day and decided to spend the Chinese New Year with Si Huang in H City this year.” Tie Lao’s tone was a bit dissatisfied, but his eyes were gentle, and it was clear that his words did not match his real feelings.

Qin Fan suggested: “You can bring him to the capital to play after the New Year’s Eve.”

Tie Lao looked at him in surprise, this was the first time he saw him take the initiative to invite people, it was even for the New Year’s Eve time!

“Talk to him yourself.” Tie Lao curled his lips, “Now your grandma Yu will only listen to him.”

The conversation between the two ended here, and when they returned to the hall, they found that Si Huang was no longer in the living room. Grandma Yu said: “Xiao Huang is going to change clothes, Xiao Qilin, come here and tell grandma, how was Xiao Huang’s progress in the past six days?” Although Si Huang had already said it, she believed in Qin Fan’s judgment more in this regard.

“It’s comparable to ordinary veterans.”

Su Yu and five people in the mountaintop club were all retired.

They were not as good as the elite members of the Blood Banner Special Forces, but they were also good hands among ordinary soldiers.    

Grandma Yu was surprised: “The result of just six days?”    

Yu Xi, who was sitting not far away, saw their conversation and showed a reaction in his eyes, and wondered in his heart: Why does Teacher Yu seem a little worried instead of happy?    

It didn’t take long for Si Huang’s figure to appear at the stairs, and when she came down, the expressions of Grandma Yu and the others had returned to normal.

Yu Xi also began to report to Si Huang, “The ratings of “The Emperor’s Path” has exceeded 48.2%. Once it breaks through 50%, it will break the record of “Legend of Innocence” from four years ago. Everyone has created a popularity ranking for the characters in the play, where do you think you are?”

Si Huang raised her eyes, “Number one.”

“…Second.” Yu Xi didn’t know whether to say that he was too confident or too proud. It was a rare opportunity to hit Si Huang’s pride, so he didn’t let it go.

Si Huang picked up the tablet and handed it to him.

At a glance, Yu Xi saw that the interface showed exactly the popularity ranking of “The Emperor’s Path”, and the column of Si Huang, who had a still photo of Mr. Qianji as his avatar, actually ranked first in the column.

“Yesterday, it was clearly the second!”

Si Huang smiled and said, “You should be happy.”

Yu Xi was silent, looking carefully at the number of votes on the tablet, he found that Si Huang and An Yiyuan’s votes were very close. It seemed that this ranking would change in a short time, so he couldn’t help but ask: “Will it have an impact?”

What was the impact? Si Huang figured out Yu Xi’s worry at once, “Brother An is not so narrow-minded, besides, you haven’t noticed that Brother An has become more popular since he was ambiguous with me.”

Qin Fan who was sitting beside them looked over.

Si Huang noticed his gaze and looked at him calmly.

Yu Xi didn’t notice the difference between the two, “Are you sure?” His expression was a bit complicated, admiring and helpless, “Since he met you, An Yiyuan has never won, if it was me, as a senior, I would always feel a little uncomfortable.”

“Huh?” Si Huang looked back at him.

Yu Xi sighed, “Mr. Du’s “Infinite Collapse” finally chose you and Yu Lianyun to participate, the reason Guan Li was not chosen was because Guan Li is not good at variety reality shows, and the schedule is also tight. And another candidate, Teacher Du chose between you and An Yiyuan, so you won against An Yiyuan again.”

Si Huang couldn’t help laughing. After Yu Xi said this, she realized that this was really the case. Ever since she came into contact with An Yiyuan, he was always overwhelmed by her.

“There is also the Weibo, since you are back, you should update it soon.” Yu Xi mentioned another thing, “Everyone is waiting for your news.”

Not updating Weibo for nearly a week was almost unthinkable for a celebrity.

Si Huang raised her head and said to Qin Fan, “Send me the photo you took secretly.”

Qin Fan was silent for a second, took out his phone and clicked a few times. Here, Si Huang’s mobile phone received an MMS reminder, and when she clicked on it, she saw a photo of herself and a row of words: I have something to say to you tonight.

Si Huang glanced at him, the man had no expression on his face, and had already turned his head to talk to Grandma Yu.

She didn’t reply to the message, but saved the photo sent by Qin Fan, and then posted it on Weibo.

[Si Huang V: I’m back. [Photo]]

As soon as she posted on her Weibo, Yu Xi immediately received a reminder.

He clicked to look at it and was attracted by the photos in the Weibo at a glance, and his heart pounded violently a few times.

The author has something to say:

Ershui: Actually took photos secretly!

Qin Fan: Tsk.

Ershui: Do you still have face? Hand over the photo for a monthly pass!

Qin Fan: Hehe.

Ershui: Whether you can eat meat or not depends on everyone’s reaction~

Qin Fan: Here are the photos for you to enjoy!

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