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Lu Xiaoqi was silent for a long time and then dialed the old marshal’s communication.

The old marshal was currently… tossing around a furball of some kind. The furball looked wilted.

Seeing Lu Xiaoqi, he raised his eyebrows in surprise.

Old Marshal: “Oh, we just met. Are the documents ready so soon?”

Lu Xiaoqi’s eyes were stern: “The Zerg are about to invade.”

The smiling old marshal’s teasing expression turned serious, “You know, this shouldn’t be a joke.”

Lu Xiaoqi: “It’s no joke, a new type of Zerg has penetrated deeply into our army and will take action soon.”

The old marshal looked solemnly: “Are you sure?”

“OK.” Lu Xiaoqi nodded: “Some soldiers have become Zerg puppets, and they will have scars of varying degrees on their bodies.” These scars come from the Zerg, because they wanted to penetrate the opponent’s body and control his mind. When they first controlled the human, there would definitely be a series of resistance and suppression…

The old marshal narrowed his eyes: “You know, I can’t believe this matter without evidence. After all, it is very important.”

Lu Xiaoqi nodded: “Then, Marshal, please come to the floating island tomorrow.”

Mo Gungun didn’t care what the old marshal thought. He knew one thing now and found the culprit.

And this culprit also hurt their ghost baby!!

Mo Gungun wanted to do something but was stopped by Lu Xiaoqi.

Lu Xiaoqi said, leave this matter to him.

At night, it was time for the contestants of “Star” to perform again. This time, twenty-five people would be promoted to ten people.

The first place of the previous competition would directly enter the top ten.

So, this time, Mo Gungun didn’t have to participate in the competition.

Twenty-five people competed for nine positions. It could be said that the situation was extremely tragic. Everyone adjusted their condition to the best.

“Ahhh, I watched the show with great joy, but I was horrified to find that our Xiao Xiao was not there!!”

“Are you stupid, upstairs? Red Panda has already advanced and is already a top ten player!”

“I also clicked in happily, ready to see the cute panda. Unexpectedly, I learned this bad news! Director, come out, I promise not to beat you to death! My naivety is so helpless! The thought of having to wait to see pandas, I’m going to explode!”

Mo Gungun sat on the sofa and received another communication from the director.

Lu Xiaoqi was working. When he heard the communication, he raised his head and asked.

Mo Gungun: “It’s the director of the show.”

Lu Xiaoqi nodded.

After Mo Gungun clicked on it, the director was cautious as he told the purpose of his call.

Mo Gungun was shocked: “The final will be held at the main radio station? Every contestant must participate?”

The director nodded and said in a very tangled tone: “Of course, only if it’s convenient for you, we will definitely give you a generous appearance fee.”

What he didn’t say was that the radio director gave him a death order and that Lu Xiaoqi and the panda must be invited to the scene!

The radio director was so eager for quick success that he really had gone crazy. Unfortunately, his IQ was a bit lacking. But because the radio director was a relative of some general, he always held his head high, as if he was awesome.

Where was the radio station? Don’t look back.

The director said: “The top ten contestants will all participate, which is a surprise for the audience.” The marshal didn’t lack for anything, so the director could only try to get him to agree by making innuendo.

The director thought for a while: “There will be a lot of delicious foods.”

Mo Gungun’s eyes lit up, and he suddenly came closer and said, “Will the gourmet go too?”

Tasting it on the Internet was not as good as in the real world. He really wanted to try it!

The director’s eyes lit up, “Of course!”

Mo Gungun nodded heavily: “Then I’m going.” After saying that, his expression froze, and he turned his head to look at the big monster leisurely.

The little eyes flickered, as if asking him if it was okay.

Lu Xiaoqi couldn’t resist the little guy’s cute little expression, so he naturally nodded in agreement.

After the director’s communication ended, Mo Gungun threw himself into the big monster’s arms: “Will it cause you trouble?”

Lu Xiaoqi shook his head, “No.”

Mo Gungun kept looking at the big monster. Under the light, the big monster’s facial features looked more handsome and three-dimensional.

Mo Gungun looked at it for a long time and couldn’t help but say: “The big monster is really good-looking.”

He had always thought the big monster was ugly before, but now he felt that his past self had bad taste.

Chengfeng, who was hiding, said, “The general looks pretty good. But he is not better looking than me. Tell me, is Zebra not better looking?”

The program on the screen was still continuing, and the host said that next up was the gourmet.

As soon as he heard about the gourmet, Mo Gungun’s ears perked up.

Lu Xiaoqi had been secretly paying attention to the little one. When he heard the word gourmet, he couldn’t help but look up with a stern look.

Who on earth was this person?

The gourmet stood on the stage with a smile and took out the food he was going to make.

“Today I’m going to make a dish that no one has ever tasted before, called lightly torn bamboo shoots. The biggest feature of this dish is that you can taste the most authentic and sweet bamboo shoots flavor inside. So without further ado, I’ll show it to you.”

When the gourmet came up, what he told was a bit surprising. If the things he made before were not so delicious, maybe everyone would laugh at him now. After all, tearing bamboo shoots? This thing may be raw. How to eat it?!

Lu Xiaoqi didn’t know why, but when he turned his head, he saw his panda jumping in front of the screen, his eyes wet.

His little guy stared at the screen, tears rolling down his face.

Mo Gungun: “Well, woo woo.”

Lu Xiaoqi: “!!!”

Mo Gungun touched it with both hands, his eyes fixed on the screen, his hands touching the dishes, but more touching the gourmet.

Lu Xiaoqi: “!!!!!!”

Lu Xiaoqi walked over and held his panda in his arms, “What’s wrong?”

Mo Gungun twisted his little body, pointed at the gourmet on the screen and cried until he was out of breath, but he was not sad.

Mo Gungun was excited.

It’s mom!

He remembered that when he was young, his mother told him to gently tear bamboo shoots with the same words and the same expression.

No wonder he felt so close to the gourmet, it turned out to be his mother!

He wouldn’t admit it.

Children in other families would be kicked out when they grew up, but he was kicked out by his mother when he was young.

Because his mother fought with something to save him and was sucked in… He ran away sadly and became alone since then. Finally, he was caught by thieves who said he wanted to sell his body alive, but because they met the customs, he died without dignity.

He didn’t expect to meet his mother here. He remembered that the way the gourmet looked at him was exactly the same as the way his mother looked at him, both warm and full of love. He didn’t understand why his mother turned into a strange person, but if he could turn into an ugly thing, it was normal for his mother to turn into a strange being.

Lu Xiaoqi was extremely worried when he saw the little guy crying and laughing.

Lu Xiaoqi touched it, and touched it again, and the gourmet on the screen became more and more mysterious. What on earth happened?!

Could this person be here to hurt his Gungun?

Thinking like this, Lu Xiaoqi secretly thought about how to deal with this existence until Mo Gungun spoke.

Mo Gungun held his head high, his eyes moist but sparkling: “Big monster! That’s mom!”

Lu Xiaoqi’s expression went blank for a moment.

Lu Xiaoqi: “???”

Mo Gungun pointed at the gourmet: “That’s mom! I won’t admit it wrong! It’s mom!”

Lu Xiaoqi’s pupils shrank suddenly, and he felt a bolt from the blue for no reason.



Haha, this joke was not funny at all.

Lu Xiaoqi thought silently in his heart, and then his expression became distorted: “Gungun, who did you just say that was?”

Mo Gungun sniffed: “It’s my mother! I don’t know why he became like this, but he is my mother!”

Lu Xiaoqi’s lips trembled a little. He suddenly remembered the interaction between the gourmet sitting next to him and the panda.

He didn’t believe it.

Lu Xiaoqi coughed lightly: “Gungun, how do you know…”

Mo Gungun’s round eyes widened: “It’s mom, I knew it was mom! Only mom knows my secret code!”

Code?! Lu Xiaoqi narrowed his eyes. Could it be a trap set by someone with a purpose?

No matter what the conspiracy was, Lu Xiaoqi followed it.

However, if it was true as Little Panda meant and the identity of that gourmet was Mo Gungun’s… Mom, Lu Xiaoqi’s face turned blue and white. He remembered that before he was very angry that the gourmet took too much care of Gungun, but now…

Whether he could look back on the past or not, he would definitely perform well from now on.

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