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“I made small biscuits for you. There are all kinds of flavors. These can be packed in small jars and put in drawers in the car, dormitory, and classroom. Then I also made smaller packages, which can be carried with you.” Tang Bai pointed to another biscuit, “These gift boxes are for you to share with your friends~ These biscuits are not as sweet as the ones I specially made for you.”

Xie Ruheng: “…”

Oops! After such a comparison, his little desserts suddenly couldn’t be delivered!

Green tea tips8: Food made by yourself is more thoughtful than food bought from outside. While paying attention to the deliciousness of the food itself, don’t forget the packaging (Note: This method is more suitable for green tea at the cooking master level)

“Brother Xie, why did you buy so many small snacks…” Tang Bai remembered that the last time he was in Xie Ruheng’s car, there was only simple water and compressed biscuits in the car cabinet.

Xie Ruheng was not a person who paid attention to the desires of the tongue, and it was impossible for him to buy these snacks on a whim. The greatest possibility was that they were prepared specially for him.

In the book, Xie Ruheng, who even forgot to eat three meals a day, actually remembered to prepare snacks for him.


Tang Bai raised his face suddenly and looked at Xie Ruheng with watery eyes. When he raised his face and looked at Xie Ruheng wholeheartedly, it always gave him the illusion of “you are my whole world”.

Xie Ruheng’s heart trembled when he was stared at by such soft and clear eyes. He saw that face getting closer, and then… his side face was rubbed by the omega’s soft little face. Then Tang Bai’s sweet, soft and cotton candy-like tone came: “Bobo~”

His heartbeat missed half a beat at this moment.

After Tang Bai finished posting the stickers with his good sisters, he unwrapped the snacks and started to eat them like a little hamster contentedly, “Reviewed the etiquette of OO, Brother Xie, you haven’t forgotten the etiquette I taught you before, right? There are still some etiquettes I didn’t teach, we’ll learn again when we’re not busy after a while!”

Xie Ruheng who was teased to the brim: “…”

Green tea tips9: If you’re close with the other party, you should be relaxed, and you can touch them if you’re close enough, because it’s tempting. At the same time, you must pay attention to reserve.

Really, I learned…


Tang Bai wanted to go to the red light district to buy an omega to see his gland scars, but Xie Ruheng said that his neighbor was an omega who had left the red light district.

“He’s in his forties, his surname is Ling. We all call him Mr. Ling. I heard that when Mr. Ling was young, he met an Alpha who redeemed him from the red-light district and bought him a room on Green Street. That room is run by Mr. Ling as a nursery.”

Green Street was a tree-lined street in the slum, next to the rich street in the slum, the security level there was very high, at least there would be no gangsters on the Green Street and petty thieves would also not appear there, because the residents of Green Street were not easy to mess with.

Mr. Ling’s nursery could help take care of the children during the day. The parents of these children went to work in the mine during the day and had no time to take care of their children. They were worried that the children would be in danger when they were alone at home, so they were willing to spend three star coins a day to hand over the children to Mr. Ling to be taken care of.

Because Mr. Ling would not only take care of the children’s lunch, but also teach the children how to read.

“He probably wouldn’t refuse our request to see the scars on his gland.” The hover car was parked in the garage, and Xie Ruheng and Tang Bai got out of the car.

The trees here were lush with branches and leaves. After the midday sun penetrated through the layers of leaves, it turned into small spots of light and fell softly on the body.

Xie Ruheng lived on the second floor of Building No. 6, while Mr. Ling lived on the first floor of Building No. 6. There was a small courtyard in front of each building. Tang Bai passed other buildings and saw that the small courtyards in front of those buildings were all cold. It was deserted, with some debris piled up, and the turf was bare.

However, the small yard in front of Building No. 6 was well maintained, with many flowers and plants planted, and a small pond was dug, in which many red carps were raised.

“This is Mr. Ling’s small courtyard.” Xie Ruheng said.

Several children were squatting in front of the pond to watch the fish. One child heard Xie Ruheng’s voice at the tip of his ears.

“Who is the person next to Brother Xie?”

“He’s so beautiful~” “

Those children chattered among each other, looking at Tang Bai curiously, and the voice of “Brother Xie came back with his beautiful brother” spread throughout the yard.

The eyes of those children were full of yearning for beautiful things, and the smiles they showed to Tang Bai were sincere and shy, which was fundamentally different from the children Tang Bai had seen in the slums before, these children still had radiance in their eyes.

“How are you~” Tang Bai squatted down and smiled at the children: “You can call me Brother Tang Bai.”


“Here are some biscuits, are you hungry, do you want to eat some biscuits?” Tang Bai took out a jar of biscuits and asked with a smile.

The group of children looked at each other, no one said anything, some swallowed a mouthful of saliva but took a step back, and some children looked at Xie Ruheng eagerly.

Tang Bai did not expect these children to listen to Xie Ruheng so much.

“Just eat.” After Xie Ruheng said this, the group of children gathered around happily.

These children had their own set of rules. They lined up to get the biscuits. The ones in front of the queue were either physically stronger or spoke in a more orderly manner. For example, a little boy with a big head finished receiving Tang Bai’s biscuits and after thanking him, he pointed to a stone chair in the yard and asked Tang Bai if he wanted to sit there.

He thought that Tang Bai squatted down specially because he was tired from standing.

“Thank you, I’m not tired. Do you want strawberry-flavored biscuits?”

Zhou Xiaoshan smiled softly when he saw the omega in front of him. Under the sunlight, his amber eyes were translucent. And he was so good-looking that Zhou Xiaoshan couldn’t describe it.

The hand hidden behind his back wiped vigorously on his clothes a few times, and then he stretched out cautiously, taking the biscuit that omega gently placed in his palm.

“I have other flavors here. Who likes matcha-flavored biscuits?” Tang Bai felt like he was feeding stray kittens. These kids were so skinny that it made people feel distressed.

And when they ate the biscuits, they looked very satisfied like kittens, which made Tang Bai’s heart soften.

“What is matcha flavor?” a child asked weakly.

Tang Bai didn’t know how to describe it, so he fed this handsome kid a small matcha-flavored biscuit.

Jiang Quan, who was fed by Tang Bai himself, blushed for a while. He was embarrassed to look at Tang Bai’s eyes and lowered his head shyly. He saw the ring on Tang Bai’s hand. It was so beautiful, just like the roses Mr. Ling took good care of in the garden.

He saw Tang Bai’s shoes again, they were very clean, and there were not many mud stains around the soles.

Jiang Quan couldn’t help but secretly look at Tang Bai’s clothes. He saw that there were shallow dark lines on the dark blue cloak that would shimmer faintly in the sun. The lines seemed to be in the shape of flowers.

Jiang Quan’s attention was attracted by the looming dark lines for a long time, he had never seen such a beautiful material, it looked slippery and it made him want to touch it.

But he couldn’t touch it, this cloak was so beautiful, what if it got dirty because of him?

Jiang Quan carefully put the remaining three biscuits into his pocket. He decided that when he got home today, he would tell his parents what happened today and give them the delicious biscuits.

Thinking of this, Jiang Quan laughed contentedly.

“Brother, where did you buy these biscuits?” A child asked curiously, and the other children also looked at Tang Bai in unison. In fact, they wanted to know the price of such delicious biscuits.

“Brother made it himself. If you want to learn, brother can teach you~” Tang Bai said: “Brother can not only teach you how to make small biscuits, but also teach you many other things~”

As soon as Jiang Quan heard these words, his eyes lit up, “Does my brother also take the tea art class that Mr. Ling was talking about?!”

Then he saw that beautiful brother become stunned, “Ah…”

Tang Bai: “This, this will also do.”

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