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Ying Qiao’s news came at night, and Jiang Lan didn’t know how Director Hu persuaded him. Ying Qiao sent him a WeChat message: Hu Can looked for you? Why don’t we make do with it first and deal with him later?

Calling Director Hu by his name directly, followed by an emoticon of frowning and impatience, he probably found all of this very annoying.

His WeChat avatar was a golden dragon tail with golden scales and smooth brown tail hair. Jiang Lan opened it and looked at it, thinking that every snake clan member yearned for the dragon clan, he murmured this in his heart, but replied with his hand: …Okay.

Anyway, it was just acting, and he would not be at a loss.

On the other side, Ying Qiao replied with an “um”, and asked him where he lived, and if he was free tomorrow, so they could meet again.

Jiang Lan easily sent him the location.

Looking at the location sent by Jiang Lan, Ying Qiao’s thick black eyebrows were tightly furrowed, thinking that he lived in such an old and remote neighborhood, this little demon is too poor, maybe it is even a rented house.

Chen Hua, who was doing maintenance for his scales, teased: “Hu Can is here to trouble you again?”

Hu Can was the last nine-tailed fox in Qingqiu. There were more or less business interest between demons. The fox family was also good at making profits. After Hu Can took the position of director of the Demon Management Bureau, he had always been devoted to the revitalization of the demon clan with the heart of an elder, so he would come up with some odd notions from time to time.

Some time ago, he participated in several human forum meetings, and felt that the decline of the demon race was due to their small number. Look at the human race, although their lifespan was short and they didn’t know how to cultivate, they had a lot of people! Thus wisdom had been passed down from generation to generation and the human race had developed from the weakest race to a powerful race that feared neither gods nor ghosts. Even the surviving ancient demons like them had to rely on the luck of the human race to protect them.

Hu Can was very envious and decided to learn a thing or two from the human race. So came about the idiot rule of “demons are not allowed to be single”.

Chen Hua: “It means that Taifeng is used to him.” Jishen Taifeng[1] and Qingqiu Nine-Tailed Fox are a Taoist couple, and now Taifeng was the director of Jiangcheng Demon Management Bureau.

Ying Qiao snorted coldly, and shook his dragon’s tail, which had become extraordinarily golden after maintenance: “I owe him a favor, so it’s good to pay it back this time. Next time I beat him up, I don’t have to worry about anything.”

Chen Hua gloated while laughing: “He’s done a lot of manipulation, sooner or later he’ll get beaten up.” After laughing, he started gossiping: “Did you really go on a blind date? Who is it?”

Ying Qiao shook his phone, glanced at him, and said, “It was a little demon from the lion clan.”

“A little demon from the Lion Clan?” Chen Hua looked surprised. He thought that Hu Can should have at least found someone worthy of Ying Long[2]? It was too shabby to find an ordinary little monster, no wonder Ying Long wanted to beat him up, it was really unfair.

Ying Qiao recalled how Jiang Lan was secretly feeding his younger brother while eating steak, and his frown relaxed a little, then he said lightly, “Yes. I have something else to do, let’s talk about it another day.”

After speaking, he picked up the car keys and left. Chen Hua looked at his back and murmured how he seemed to be in a good mood.

Jiang Lan and Ying Qiao made an appointment to meet the next day, but this time it was Jiang Lan who chose the place, and they did not go to the expensive western restaurant from last time. Ying Qiao thought about the last time the two had an AA[3], the little monster probably felt very distressed, it was rare that he didn’t pick a small restaurant, so he let him do what he wanted.

The two made an appointment to meet at the entrance of the mall.

Jiang Lan was thinking about roasted pig’s trotters, so he took Suan Ni out early. Today he was wearing a lemon yellow round neck short sleeve shirt paired with beige slacks, and he had a shoulder bag slung across his chest, just for Suan Ni to stay in.

It was the holidays, so he left early. When he reached downstairs, he happened to meet two old men playing chess under the big banyan tree in front of the building, surrounded by a circle of old men watching the game. There was a birdcage hanging on the tree branch above everyone’s head, and a black starling was squatting inside. Jiang Lan had lived here for almost a year, and he and the neighbors in the community were familiar with each other. So, he paused, and then went up to say hello.

When he passed by, the game of chess had just ended. Uncle Yao, who was one of the old men playing chess and who lived opposite him, greeted him: “Xiao Jiang is going out?”

“Well, I made an appointment with a friend.” Jiang Lan replied with a smile, then asked casually, “This starling is your new pet? Why haven’t I seen it before.”

Uncle Yao was puzzled and said, “Isn’t this the only one? It has been raised for more than ten years. Haven’t you seen him before, Xiao Jiang? Your eyes are worse than me who has presbyopia.”

“Really?” Jiang Lan laughed, and glanced at the black starling in the cage, who was as quiet as a chicken: “I don’t think this one can recite ancient poems anymore, so I thought you had a new one.”

Uncle Yao’s black starling had been raised for more than ten years, and it was very smart, and could even recite several ancient poems.

“Xiao Hei has suddenly stopped reciting poems these two days, and I was also just wondering.”

As soon as Uncle Yao finished speaking, he saw the black starling in the birdcage shaking his wings, stumbling and starting reciting poems with his chest straight: “Bed, In front of the bed…the bright moonlight…”

Uncle Yao was overjoyed: “Yo, Xiao Hei hasn’t recited this for a long time.”

The black starling became more and more chesty, as he stumbled through the poem. Jiang Lan glanced at it with a half-smile, said no more, greeted the uncles and left.

The author has something to say:

Director Hu (sincerely speaking): The two of you are not meant to be, and it all depends on my money.

Ying Qiao:???

屃: Bì Xì

狻猊: Suān ní

饭饭: Tāo Tiè

Forgot to mention, some of the monster settings in this article are private settings! A combination of various versions of myths and legends, probably not the same as the ones you have seen before~

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[1] The Jishen Taifeng lives in the central mountains in China. He grants sunshine or rain to those he favours, but can use the elements to mislead travellers and cause floods. From Fantastic Creatures of the Mountains and Seas: A Chinese Classic.

[2] Ying Long is a winged dragon and rain deity in ancient Chinese mythology. (To make it clear, YQ is the Ying Long)

[3] In China, “going Dutch” is seen as stingy, or bad manners. Splitting the bill is traditionally unusual, but we do have a word for it: “AA制 (zhì)”. Paying the bill by “AA制 (zhì) Going Dutch”

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