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Yan Qing didnt think she was a squeamish person, especially after entering the entertainment industry, where she had gone through a lot of ups and downs, and she had learned to calmly deal with being accused by thousands of people.

But Huo Yunshen.

As soon as he appeared, even with a few words, he could easily break the barrier she had raised to protect herself.

She used to be quite a stable person, but when he lifted her up and hugged her, she was finished, she became a delicate and hypocritical spirit in seconds. The little princess with golden branches and jade leaves, pampered and respected by Mrs. Huo, she showed how she suffered even with a little bit of grievance and sadness.

She was spoiled by him.

Huo Yunshen stared deeply at the tip of her nose that had turned red, moved his lips to kiss her, and said in a low voice, Its my fault that made Qingqing aggrieved.

This sentence made her cry even harder.

Yan Qings eyes were hot, and she couldnt bother with how many people were paying attention. She wrapped her hands tightly around him, put her face in his warm neck, touched her muddy hands everywhere, and messed up his clothes.

Anyway, this was her legal husband, and if she didnt insist on declaring her sovereignty, did she want to think about the group of little goblins with bad intentions.

Huo Yunshen hugged the little girl who was so light that she seemed to have no bones, pressed her forehead comfortably, turned around, and glanced at the group of trembling program directors behind him.

Mr. Huo, Im sorry, we didnt know you would come, and we didnt go out in time to pick up色

Madam宇he recording went well色

After saying this, those who opened their mouths couldnt help feeling guilty.

Today was the last filming of collecting ingredients. The ridge was muddy, and the environment was not good. Female stars didnt like to come here. But they were thinking about the scandal, and since the Huo family didnt show up, they thought maybe Ruan Jia could really take the position. After all, aside from the boss, no one could guess what he was thinking, so Yan Qing was arranged to work in this tiring position.

How could they think they would hit the muzzle of the gun, with their heads.

Looking at the scene in front of them, Mr. Huo was clearly protecting her like a treasure.

This bunch of well-rounded people in the variety show circle hated their own clumsiness, they wanted to hit their heads on the wall with regret, and they didnt dare to show their usual airs.

Huo Yunshen asked two words in a deep cold voice: Smooth?

The air seemed to be freezing, as if the wind and snow were about to come.

Yan Qing didnt want her husband to make excuses for her in public, so she whispered, Shen Shen, bare feet feel a bit cold, I want to wash them first.

Huo Yunshen turned his eyes to her snow-white feet, covered with mud and broken vegetable leaves. Although the climate in Zhuning Town was warm, the ground was still cold, her toes were red from the cold, and her small fingers were slightly curled up pitifully.

Yan Qing was taken away as she wished, and amidst her busy schedule, she turned around and gave Xu Mohan a reassuring look.

Xu Mohan felt refreshed and blew her a kiss back.

Huo Yunshen sent Yan Qing back to the house where she lived, put her on the cot, and got up to find a basin to fill it with hot water.

He tested the water temperature, knelt down, held her cold feet and waited until it warmed up before carefully putting it into the basin. The water became grey at that time.

Yan Qing shrank embarrassedly: I will wash it myself.

Huo Yunshen held on to it, his palms were so wide that he could easily make her unable to move, and the rough finger pads rubbed inch by inch on her skin, causing unbearable itching.

Yan Qings ears were hot, and she asked in a nasal voice, Why did you come back, shouldnt it take four or five days?

Huo Yunshen avoided mentioning the email: I couldnt stay any longer, I wanted to see you.

Has the contract been negotiated? Is there any delay!

He avoided the important questions and said lightly: Dont worry.

The images in the video, the heart breaking dream on the plane, and the feeling of Qingqings reality again, all of them were burning frantically in Huo Yunshens chest, and he couldnt wait to ask her for comfort, possession and plunder, and even the slight touch from her when his love felt so intense, could fill the hole in his heart.

His eyes fell, hiding his emotions.

Dont scare Qingqing.

Huo Yunshen deeply suppressed his rampant desire, gently washed her feet clean, held her small feet, and continued to warm them with his body temperature.

Yan Qings heat picked up, and the soles of her feet rubbed against his hand: Shen Shen, I still want to continue participating in the show, otherwise, even if we are victims, Im afraid it will be misinterpreted as running away, playing big names, etc., I dont want it to have any negative impact on you again.

My wife has the final say.

And Ruan Jia, I hope she finishes recording this episode.

Okay, not less than a minute, Huo Yunshen raised his eyes and stared at her, Especially in the following competitions, she must repeatedly realize what it means to humiliate herself.

It was just that it was enough for him to slap her in the face, let her on the stage, let Qingqing step on the stage herself, and block all the criticism.

Yan Qing didnt even need to explain, her husband understood, she felt so at ease, she couldnt help poking him with her toes, half-truthfully resenting: Mr. Huo, that doctored photo was too intimate, Im still jealous.

Huo Yunshen didnt speak, he held up her wiggly feet, bowed down his back reverently, and kissed on it.

Yan Qing was stunned, her heartbeat suddenly intensified, and she curled herself up like she was scalded.

Those were feet, they were so dirty just now that they couldnt even be washed, how could he!

Huo Yunshen held on tighter, his dark eyelashes drooped down, covering his turbulent eyes, and kissed her on her light pink toetips.

After a long while, he slowly lifted up, looked at her and said, Qingqing, I belong to you alone. Its too hard to be jealous, you dont need to do it, me doing it is enough.

Ruan Jia was beaten loudly, when the whole network group ridiculed, the production team of Song of the Night was also greatly changed. The original content and mode of the program remained unchanged, but the overall team was replaced by a more secure and well-known behind-the-scenes team.

The recording of the first half of the two-day and three-night life chapter ended. In the later stage, Ruan Jia cried and begged to quit, and was ordered to be banned. After the process was forcibly completed, her company did not dare to say a word, and she shrank into herself completely.

Ruan Jia also shouted: There are high-level executives in the company who misled me to do this. I didnt even tell the agent, and now they dont care!

No one listened to her again, and knew that the Huo family asked her to stay, just to keep the originality. She was completely nailed to the pillar of shame.

The group of Yan Qing and Xu Mohan fulfilled the task, and the creation of new songs came naturally to them.

Ruan Jia devoted all her energy to touching porcelain, and had arranged for someone else to do the work for her, but now she had to catch the ducks on the shelves and take part in the second half of the competition with songs that were completely unfamiliar.

After a short period of revision and arrangement, the competition of the first round of the theme original song of Song of the Night kicked off the battlefield amid great attention.

The six singers drew lots according to the ranking of the completed tasks in the first half and would sing separately. The audience jury would vote to determine the ranking and who would be eliminated at the end.

They didnt know if it was a coincidence or intentional, Ruan Jia appeared second from last, and Yan Qing was the last, they were to perform next to each other.

Before the recording started, Xu Mohan made a gorgeous shape of the scumbags big wave, and went to Yan Qings lounge, there she was shocked by Mrs. Huos increasing beauty.

You were already super beautiful when you were in school, and the boys who peeked at you could circle the earth three times, Xu Mohan tutted.

She was laughing and pinching her.

The previous relationship between the ladies was easy to establish, not to mention that Xu Mohan knew about her precious college time, and she couldnt wait to hear Xu Mohan talk about everything that happened with Huo Yunshen that year.

Xu Mohan was worried about Mr. Huos words at first, for fear that she would be burdened by listening too much, but she couldnt stand the fairy blinking her eyes, so as she kept asking, she talked more and more.

As the recording was about to start, Xu Mohan asked, Isnt Mr. Huo coming today?

Should not

Before Yan Qing finished speaking, the TV screen at the front desk was constantly being transmitted in the lounge, which happened to change from the stage to the audience judging panel.

In the center of the front row, a man sat upright with a cold face. Two buttons of his dark-patterned shirt were unbuttoned, revealing a sharp collarbone. He lifted his eyes and looked directly at the camera.

Such a high profile! Xu Mohan covered her chest, As expected of him!

Yan Qing was overwhelmed by the unexpected sweetness.

The big liar had said that he was busy and couldnt come. As a result, he was photographed so brightly, and it was clear that he was here to declare sovereignty.

Yan Qing blushed a little when she thought of the lyrics she wrote during the two days he was abroad, and then she pursed her lips and smiled.

The stage beauty of Song of the Night was perfect, and the sponsors funds were sufficient. The first phase of the opening stage was at the top level in the country. Against this atmosphere, Ruan Jia, who was the fifth player, was in a state of embarrassment.

She was trying to breathe a sigh of relief, but when she saw Mr. Huo in the front row, she suddenly collapsed, and she realized that the whole performance was seriously her waterloo.

Without waiting for her to go down, the real evidence that she had hired another person to buy songs from was exposed on the Internet, and she was completely reduced to the black stain of the whole network.

Yan Qing appeared last.

She slowly walked into the chasing light, her long curly chestnut hair was spread on her back, and she was wearing a long embroidered dress with thin suspenders. Her complexion was better than snow, and her eyes were black like gems.

The director deliberately cut to Mr. Huo.

Mr. Huo slowly took out a flashing Qingbao hairband from his pocket and put it on his head expressionlessly.

Screams immediately resounded through the studio.

Yan Qing was stunned for a moment, and her sparkling almond eyes then curved into two stunning crescent moons, which were clearly captured by the camera in a close-up.

When the accompaniment sounded, she held the microphone stand in her hand and hummed softly.

At the climax of the outbreak, her moist eyes collided with Huo Yunshen, as she sang to him: Follow the stars, follow the light, and flow with the moon. Wander in the fog. If you want to pass through the clouds and rain, wear the stars and wear the moon, go to your side.

During the recording, Yan Qing defeated the other guests with an absolute advantage and took the first place in the first stage of the competition.

The studio for the second half of the competition was located in Haicheng only, so there was no need to travel around. When the filming got over, Huo Yunshen took his wife home without delay.

Yan Qing was in a daze when he kissed her in the car. Even though her body was sore, her mind couldnt hold back.

She seemed to be getting more and more lethargic.

When she got home, Yan Qing was lying in Huo Yuns deep arms, her face resting on his shoulders. She almost fell asleep within a few minutes of going upstairs. She was unwilling to fall asleep and tried her best to keep her eyes open.

Maybe Im too tired from preparing for the stage, she muttered softly, I can still hold on.

Huo Yunshen put her on the bed, wrapped her tightly with the quilt, and suppressed his desires: Good, go to bed first, Ill go to the study room for a short video conference, Ill be here when you wake up.

Yan Qing didnt even have time to agree, before her consciousness fell into the abyss of sleep.

The gate that locked her memory was smashed, twisted and deformed, trying to merge with her current sea of consciousness. After the tragic failure one after another, it caused her mental overload and heavy pressure.

It seemed that every time she heard a little bit of the past and every time she thought of some fragments, she was attacking her unbearable nerves.

When did it start

It seemed that since the name Huo Linchuan was remembered by her, she broke a certain prohibition, the memory became a burden, and she was gradually being tortured by it.

Yan Qings thoughts were confused, and she felt that something very important to her was disappearing. She couldnt control it. She struggled to wake up but was trapped in the quilt. She was covered with sweat and panting.

She stared blankly at the wallpaper on the wall, and after a long time turned to the cabinet, the curtains, the ceiling light, and the photo frame on the bedside table.

The two people in the photo were extremely close, one was her, and the other

Yan Qing watched it for three minutes, suddenly trembled, and let out a sigh of relief.

She was dizzy, why was she dazedly staring at the photo taken with her husband.

Yan Qing reached out and picked up the photo frame, cherished and touched Huo Yunshens face above, put her lips on it and kissed it, before rubbing her forehead and getting up.

She slept for two hours and Shen Shen hadnt come up yet?

Yan Qing couldnt wait to see him, so she got out of bed and walked out of the bedroom, and went up to the third floor lightly.

She just went take a peek, Shen Shen at work was absolutely handsome, she would just lick his face from afar and then withdraw.

Yan Qing leaned over on tiptoe, clawed at the crack of the door and saw Huo Yunshen sitting on the big chair, the cold light of the computer reflected his sharp features, he wasnt wearing the headset, he had put it aside, and a voice came out faintly from inside.

Mr. Huo, Bo Luns contract was signed to someone else at a price higher than ours. This consequence was caused by your temporary return to China and the interruption of the negotiation. You shouldnt deny it, right?

Yan Qings hand trembled against the door frame.

He temporarily returned to China, interrupted the negotiations, and the contract was not signed at all!

Because of her!

Yan Qings chest was heaving, her nose was sore, she accidentally made a mistake in her footsteps, and when she hit the door, Huo Yunshen immediately looked over and his eyes jumped slightly.

Seeing that, his expression fluctuated, then no matter how many connections he had, he simply chose to suspend the meeting, Yan Qing became even sadder, she clenched her fists and hurried back to the bedroom, slammed the door, and hurriedly circled back and forth on the ground.

How could he leave such an important contract to return to China for her little trouble! And lie to her to be rest assured!

Yan Qing couldnt tell whether she was anxious or angry, and she wanted to question him, but when she heard his footsteps were about to enter the door, she couldnt say anything, she simply sat on the small sofa by the window without looking back.



He approached and put his hands on her shoulders with great strength.

Yan Qing broke away.

She panicked in her heart, didnt want to be a reasonable and gentle little wife, she wanted to show her bad temper once, so that he would have a long memory and understand how he should not be this capricious.

After a while, he asked in a low voice, Qingqing, dont you believe me?

It doesnt matter if I believe you or not!

Yan Qing sniffed, I just dont want to pay attention to you! Its such a big thing, you came back as soon as you said it, are you really not afraid of problems? What if the Huo family is bankrupted by you!

She said impulsively, and after waiting for a while, she found that there was no movement.

Huo Yunshen didnt answer, and there was almost no sound of breathing.

Yan Qing bit her lip, curled her fingers, and after venting her brain, she couldnt help but twitch.

How could she shout at him and say存he didnt want to pay attention to him.

She knew宇hats all it would take to stab him.

Yan Qing bit her lip, she didnt blame him, she felt distressed, reluctant, she felt it was not worth it for him, all the while fearing that he would be hurt because of it.

But she was stupid, and she treated him in the most inappropriate way

Yan Qing held back and tried to wait for him to speak first, but after waiting for a long time to no avail, she quietly turned around and was shocked to find that Huo Yunshen was sitting on the edge of the bed with his back to her, his head slightly tilted down, his back looked cold and lonely, and the whole person seemed to be trapped in the dark shadow of the lamp.

Her heart was broken.

Damn, shes crazy, how could she bully him like this!

Yan Qing stood up abruptly, stepped on the carpet and walked towards him quickly.

The more she saw him like this, the more she wanted to cry.

She was deeply sorry, and she was scolded by her head. She should have believed in his ability and decision-making.

It was unforgivable!

Yan Qing ran over, squatted down and hugged his leg and dawdled: Shen色

She looked up, his eyes were empty, and he had turned his head sadly.

Huo Yunshens lips were pursed into a line, feeling the soft touch on his legs, he was not sure if he could hold out even for a few seconds in order to sell misery and in turn be coaxed by her.

She rubbed again

Huo Yunshens blood surged, and he clenched his hand hard.

Up to ten seconds.


Yan Qing regretted to death, she just put her face on his knee and hugged him tightly.

Huo Yunshen closed his eyes deeply and patiently.


Yan Qing initially acted coquettish to no avail, so she chose to climb onto his legs and lean against his chest softly.

The vein in Huo Yunshens forehead was jumping.


Yan Qing whispered, Im here to take care of you, I would like to hear what you want me to do, while kissing his cold cheek.

Huo Yunshens blue veins bulged on the back of his hand, ready to hug her, and pour out the pent-up desire for days.


Yan Qing had no choice, her eyelashes trembled, and she decided to make a big deal to coax her husband.

She quickly lifted the hem of her small T-shirt, reached in and unfastened the buckle inside, pulling out the bra and tossing it away.

Then he lowered his head and glanced at the two mounds that had lost their restraints in front of her chest.

Perfect shape and full of elasticity.


Yan Qings heart was beating like a drum, she took a deep breath, then squeezed with her arms obediently, and raised her pair of eyes that were full of stars to meet with his.

Facing Mr. Huos bottomless black pupils.

Her cheeks were flushed and her eyes were dyed with pure charm, as she asked him softly.

Mr. Huo, otherwise I will give you a pair of round and soft gifts, which should be very fragrant色

You安ould you like to try it?

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