RCFS Ch. 208

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Looking for something?

Ye Yunxi hooked the corners of her mouth, and stared at Li Qing, who was also acting leisurely, with a smile. Were they the ones pretending to be ancestors?

Were they the ones looking for trouble?


It was Li Qing in front of her who was looking for trouble, but she wanted to see what this guy was up to!

Sure enough, it only took a few minutes to read the material, and Li Qiang flipped through it for more than an hour, and drank all six pots of tea.

It wasn’t until he couldn’t turn over any more that Li Qiang straightened up slowly, still looking at Ye Yunxi with a smile: “The materials are well prepared.”

Ye Yunxi waited for the next sentence.

“However, it’s not too detailed. As you know, the capital verification report must be detailed enough, so I would like to trouble you to go and re-do these documents. Be sure to make it more detailed!”

He expected them to just take the things and leave with a thousand thanks. After all, the manager gave them the best tea in return. It must not be someone embarrassing you, right?

Therefore, Ye Yunji had this idea, and wanted to stand up on the spot, go through these dozen documents again, and open his mouth by the way, and wanted to express his thanks.

But before he could say the word, he was pulled back by Ye Yunxi and sat on the sofa.

Was she, Ye Yunxi, an ordinary person?

I’m sorry, people like you really see too much.

“Yunxi, why don’t you go? It’s already four o’clock in the afternoon. If we don’t rush to do it again, we may not be able to finish it tomorrow.”

Ye Yunji was a little anxious, but Ye Yunxi smiled and said lightly: “Brother, be good, sit down.”

Ye Yunji: “…”

Sit down?

Sit down for a while and close the business unit, and nothing can be done!!!

“I just want to ask, where is it not detailed!”

Ye Yunxi looked at Li Qiang and smiled. Beside her, Di Junxie held the porcelain cup, lowered his head and lowered his eyes, suppressed the coldness inside, and slowly blew on the tea.

There was a sudden silence in the office, and Li Qiang’s heart skipped a beat for no reason. He looked at Di Junxie and then at Ye Yunxi. He didn’t know why, but he always felt that these two were not good people!

However, after the money had been collected, the answer was still to be found.

“When it comes to financial matters, it must be detailed…”

Li Qiang laughed dryly, but was blocked by Ye Yunxi directly: “Everyone does this, the same documents are approved in the same way, and the state doesn’t say anything, you can’t tell me the details, come on tell me truthfully, what is missing?”

Li Qiang swallowed, sweating profusely.

Didn’t Ye Junlai come to say that these people were trash and none of them understood the process?

He also said that it would be fine to play with them casually, but this situation was not right now, this girl was young, she was obviously very knowledgeable, okay?

Li Qiang was one head and two big, and he felt like he couldn’t go on fooling around, but he still pulled his neck and said angrily: “If I say it’s against the rules, it’s against the rules! You have to go back and do it again!”

Ye Yunji finally listened. It’s tricky, it didn’t seem to be their problem, but the manager’s problem!

There was no reason for him to give the right documents back to them!

And Di Junxie, who was drinking tea indifferently, also raised his eyelids, his pitch-black eyes were filled with murderous aura, and his eyes were sharp!

Li Qiang was going crazy!

Ye Junlai come here, you are a scourge, why did you sent such a group of people here?

Fuck me, I can’t handle it anymore!!!

When he was struggling, Ye Yunxi snorted, exchanged a stack of RMB from the system, and smashed it directly on Li Qing’s face, drawing a big red mark, and then brushed her long hair indifferently: “How much did they give you? I’ll pay double!”

Ding! Awesomeness XP +10!

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