SN Ch. 37

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When she first met Huo Yunshen, Yan Qing often complained that he was extreme and abnormal, not at all like a normal person.

Later, Yun Ling came to set fire and told a bunch of stories about how Huo Yunshen slaughtered the Huo family and the Yun family to prove his madness.

Yan Qing remembered the rumors outside. In the comments about Huo Yunshen, they described how cold-blooded and crazy he was.

Maybe the whole world regarded him as a lunatic, but until just now, she couldn’t take it anymore.

It was not that she haf no heart or mind. She knew best how good Huo Yunshen was in getting along with others.

No one could slander Mr. Huo in front of her. Facing Su Li’s mouth full of negative words, she had long realized that all idols were not worthy of being called idols.

Huo Yunshen hugged her tightly, his fingertips sinking into her bones.

Yan Qing felt a little pain, raised her face, and met the man’s black pupils which were about to swallow her up.

Did he think…she would listen to Su Li’s advice, be afraid of him, avoid him, and bring their relationship to freezing point again?

She was worried that it was too late for her to protect her husband, and to emphasize that she didn’t believe anyone’s nonsense.

Yan Qing looked straight at him and said softly, “Shenshen, you’re hurting me.”

Huo Yunshen shuddered, relieved a little pressure from his hold, and wrapped his arms around her tightly without leaving any distance.

Yan Qing felt comfortable now, so she leaned on him, tilted her head, and raised her red lips to look at Su Li: “No one forced me, I did it myself, Mr. Huo is so good, most of the people who criticize him outside are blind. Mr. Su, thank you for your kindness, I understand it.”

Su Li saw her series of reactions, and felt incredible: “Are you crazy too? What I told you, not a single word of it is a lie!”

Yan Qing felt President Huo’s chest tremble. She didn’t want to make him angry anymore, and hurriedly said, “So what? For me, he has his own reasons for everything he does.”

“He hurt his family when he was young, can you be sure that he wasn’t led or framed?”

“He was kicked out of the house and left outside to be slandered. Has anyone tried to care about him?”

“He ran away from her, but paid attention to her every move, while being wary of rivals in love, what did he do wrong?”

“Why would yhe brother, the so-called marriage partner, run to the school, can you guarantee that he had no malicious intentions? If he held harmful thoughts, for Huo Yunshen to protect his lover and retaliate against him, I think I should applaud him.”

Every time Yan Qing said a word, Huo Yunshen’s embrace became tighter, and Su Li’s face became uglier.

She applauded seriously, smiling cutely and harmlessly: “The most important thing is, even if the above are all done because he is sick, it doesn’t matter. I am happy to be as crazy as he is, and I will not accept any alienation.”

He stared at Yan Qing incomprehensibly.

He imagined a different type of reaction from her, although he knew that she would not accept him so easily, and that the secret love for many years would take more effort to come true, but he did not expect that she would take a stand for Huo Yunshen.

What he thought all along was just one-sided fantasy on his part!!!

Su Li’s expression gradually changed, this was not the pure and delicate Yun Qing in his mind, how could Yun Qing’s flawless nephrite fall into this kind of quagmire voluntarily.

Yan Qing spoke fluently in one breath, as if these words had long been ingrained in her heart, as she frowned: “Mr. Su, it’s good for you to leave, you wouldn’t do anything to embarrass me in the future, right?”

Huo Yunshen slammed her into his arms to prevent her from looking at Su Li anymore.

Her voice was somber, but her words did not hide her threats: “Do you understand? Get out now, I can make a way for you.”

Su Li left without saying anything, he couldn’t hold back the fear in his heart, his cheek muscles tightened, and he put on his hat and pushed out the door.

He returned to the room, filled with uneasy feelings, and his peach blossom eyes were clouded with a haze.

His phone on mute was on in his pocket, and messages kept coming in continuously. He clicked on it and saw that it was Yun Ling, who he had long since broken up with, who was messaging him.

“Brother Li, please tell me her room number.”

“She usually stays in the show group, and I have no chance to contact her. I finally came out this time. I really want to meet her and apologize to her. Talk to her more about the past and persuade her not to get too close to Huo Yunshen.”

“Whether she is Yun Qing or not, she looks so similar, you must like her, right? We are still friends, and I will help you.”

“I was obsessed last time, and I will definitely not hurt her this time.”

Su Li’s fingers hung for a moment.

He had taken a fancy to Yun Ling’s face before and regarded her as a substitute. He had secret contact with her, but it was not serious. Ever since she caused an accident on the show and was blocked by the entire network, she fell sharply. Coupled with the appearance of Yan Qing, it was logical for him to break up with her. After breaking up, fortunately, Yun Ling was too busy to take care of herself and did not come to pester him.

But since he was going to lead the team to the awards ceremony as a mentor, Yun Ling had been looking for him frequently, hoping that he would provide Yan Qing’s room number to her so she could apologize.

Su Li hesitated a little and sent her the number.

In the stairwell, Yan Qing was still lying on Huo Yunshen’s scorching chest. Listening to his violent heartbeat in her ears, the little fighting spirit within her withered, and her cheeks slowly turned red, and felt burning hot.

Once she faced him alone, she would have no aura.

They hugged each other quietly for a long time, Yan Qing didn’t struggle, and instinctively felt that Huo Yunshen still needed her comfort.

It wasn’t until he asked in a low voice, “Your man?”

Yan Qing’s shame was rising, but her mouth was hard: “Aren’t you my legal husband, it’s not too much to call you my man.”

He continued to bite his words: “What are you happy calling me crazy?”

Yan Qing’s breath lit up, and her shame continued to soar: “It’s all their nonsense, you’re good, you’re not crazy, when others are smearing you, of course I will speak for you unconditionally. I can’t let others bully you.”

Huo Yunshen lowered his head, his lips lightly rubbed against her forehead, and went to the side of her ears, lingering on her soft earlobes, and rubbing invisible currents all the way, stimulating her senses.

Yan Qing closed her eyes, trembling slightly, and the hand that was trying to push him away was weak.

Huo Yunshen lowered his eyes and said hoarsely, “He didn’t lie to you, everything he said is true.”

She was stunned.

His eyes fell, and he pinched the back of her neck and rubbed: “Don’t be afraid of me.”

Yan Qing’s answer came to her lips, when a doorbell suddenly rang in the corridor outside. Listening to the clarity, the room whose doorbell was rung should be not far away.

This shouldn’t be someone looking for her…

Sure enough, the next moment, there was a knock on the door, and she could hear Ouyang calling: “Qing Bao! The dinner is about to start, have you changed your clothes?”

Yan Qing realized that a lot of time had already passed. It was already time for the dinner party. If she couldn’t be found, it was not guaranteed that someone would not find her here.

She hurriedly broke free from Huo Yunshen’s arms and whispered, “It shouldn’t take long for the team to have a meal together. When it’s over… Let’s talk about it, where are you staying?”

“My room is upstairs,” Huo Yunshen stared at her, ” Come back early, it’s Christmas Eve tonight.”

Christmas Eve was a holiday, although he received a gift from her in advance, he wanted to stay with her more.

Yan Qing bit her lip: “I see.”

She put on her disguise and was about to leave, when Huo Yunshen came over from behind again and gave her a mobile phone: “Why did you turn it off, is it broken? I got you a new one, press 1, my number is set up as the emergency contact, I’ll be waiting for your call.”

Speaking of this, Yan Qing remembered the stalker and his threats, and wanted to complain to him, but Ouyang was still knocking on the door outside, and she didn’t dare to delay, so she gave up on it temporarily and slipped out quietly.

She walked around the corner, pretended to be calm, and patted Ouyang on her shoulder: “I… went out for a walk, and when I came back, I heard your voice.”

Ouyang was surprised: “I vaguely heard movement in the room, and thought you’re here, so I just kept knocking, it must have been my illusion.”

Ouyang suddenly realized something, and asked softly: “Is Mr. Huo here?”

“You’ve become a fine–” Yan Qing couldn’t decide whether to laugh or cry. She said, “You go to the restaurant first, I haven’t freshened myself up yet. I’ll go over after I get dressed and put on makeup.”

Coaxing Ouyang away, Yan Qing swiped the room card and entered the room. The hotel had its own soft music, which played whenever the door was opened. It would sound everytime, unless you turn it off.

With her back to the door, Huo Yunshen’s words “don’t be afraid of me” repeatedly rang in her ears.

Even if he never said it, she would never reject him, she just felt heartache for him from the bottom of her heart.

Why she was distressed, she couldn’t say as she didn’t know the truth behind those sensational events.

Yan Qing slapped her forehead, she didn’t have time to think about it, she took a deep breath, went to the bed and opened the big suitcase, buried her head in looking for clothes, and put the cosmetic bag on the dresser.

The light music was still playing, it wasn’t too loud, so Yan Qing didn’t turn it off, her hands were busy, but her head was filled with thoughts of Huo Yunshen.

In the confusion of various noises, she didn’t notice that the door of the bathroom moved silently.

A rough man’s hand pushed the door open through the gap and slipped against the wall to the door.

There was a partition between the door and the room. If you didn’t go over to see it, you would not see the entrance while you stayed inside normally.

The man sniffed the sweet fragrance unique to the girl, and squatted down excitedly, holding his breath. On the inner side of the door, he reinforced three different styles of powerful door lifters.

Ready for everything, a smile appeared on the man’s dark face, he slowly leaned towards the source of the fragrance, hid at the corner of the wall, and revealing one eye, he gazed at the person who was less than five meters away from him.

She sat with her back to him, took off her coat, and only wore a light dress. He could vaguely see her beautiful butterfly bones. Her long hair was tied into a high ponytail, revealing a white and slender neck, which was much closer than on the stage and much more beautiful too.

The man swallowed and took out the wet towel prepared in advance, his hands shaking.

Yan Qing was applying eye makeup in front of the dressing table. When the small brush was swiping back and forth, she casually glanced over the edge of the large mirror, and her heart suddenly twitched, as fear instantly enveloped her.

There was a shadow.

Her body suddenly became cold, and the horror movies she had seen before came to mind one after another, and she hurriedly touched her phone in fright.

The moment she lowered her head to unlock it, the ceiling light in the room suddenly went out, and the whole room was powered off. It was already ten o’clock in the evening, and the night was getting dark. Suddenly, the light source was lost, and nothing could be seen.

Yan Qing screamed and hurriedly stood up, only to feel a hot body rushing towards her in the dark, and a wet towel beside her face.

She reacted extremely quickly at this moment, desperately blocking and swiping away the something that might stun her.

Yan Qing grabbed her phone tightly, picked up bottles and jars, and smashed them with all her strength. During the brief interval when the other party was caught off guard, she stumbled to the door while hiding from the blurry figure, her voice changed and shouted: “Help! There’s someone in my room!”

It was no ghost, but a living person!

She grabbed the handle and pressed it hard, but it didn’t move at all. The entrance hall was far from the window, and it was dark. She couldn’t find what was blocking the door for a while.

Most of the floors were filled with people from “Rise It! Girls”. Everyone had gone to the restaurant downstairs to gather, so except for her, no one was there!

The figure behind her chased after her again, and said in a hoarse voice, “Qing Bao, don’t hide, I won’t hurt you, I like you.”

Yan Qing was shivering with cold, as if being doused with ice water.

This voice… belonged to the stalker on the phone who kept harassing her!

She remembered what Ouyang said about “stalkers sneaking into the room” and remembering the sentence Ouyang had inadvertently said “There is a faint movement in the room”, she was horrified, and the overwhelming fear was driving her crazy.

This person had come prepared, he knew her room number from some channel, got the room card someway, and he came to hide inside while she was not there, he had even blocked the door and cut off the power, how could she escape!

Yan Qing’s tears poured out uncontrollably, but she forced herself to calm down, she turned and pressed her back against the door, then she pressed the phone with her ice-like fingers, and said in a trembling voice, “You are breaking the law, do you know that! If I call the police, you’re done! You take advantage of the opportunity to escape now, I will take it as nothing has happened!”

The man approached, touched her face with stubby fingers, and said, breathing heavily: “Qing Bao, is it wrong for me to like you? I am the one who committed a crime for the glory of touching you! You look so good on the screen, of course I want to touch you in real. When you are too popular, I will not find a chance to get close to you. I am your most loyal fan. Every night without you, I can’t sleep—”

He rudely hugged her: “I didn’t want to hurt you, I took the towel, I just wanted you to be quiet, and let me take a good look at my wife—”

Yan Qing bit her tongue; her trembling fingertips unlocked the phone behind her back and made a “ding” sound.

When the man heard it, he suddenly became manic and went to snatch her phone. Yan Qing raced against the clock to open the address book, desperately holding down the number 1, the phone was successfully dialed, and was picked up without even ringing.

Huo Yunshen’s voice came: “Wife.” The man was about to hang up, his nose was panting rapidly, Huo Yunshen suddenly screamed, and then there was some harsh noise and his rushing footsteps: “Where?”

Yan Qing seemed to have received salvation all of a sudden, so she burst into tears: “Room-“

Before she could finish speaking, the man successfully grabbed the phone, threw it away and smashed it, then he said angrily, “You don’t answer my call, but you answer someone else’s! If I call you wife you hate it, but others can call you! Do you know how to be an idol! Idols must be fair! There is no privacy! You belong to every fan, including me of course! I like you more than anyone else!”

Yan Qing’s hopes had been raised, she knew that Huo Yunshen would come, so she gritted her teeth and kicked the man’s legs, then she ran back to the room and picked up all the heavy objects she could use to hit him.

Huo Yunshen’s nerves were torn to the limit, and he rushed to the door of Yan Qing’s room as quickly as possible. The hotel manager who got the news also came up from downstairs in a panic and took the master card to swipe. “It’s over, there’s a door blocker inside!”

Across the door, the girl’s voice screaming for help was clear.

Huo Yunshen’s eyes were bloodshot, and the blue veins on his hands bulged fiercely. He kicked the door fiercely, but the door was extremely strong, and it was not possible to break it just by power.


He hissed her name.

Yan Qing couldn’t reply.

The hotel manager’s face was pale: “We can’t open the door. It will take about 15 minutes for the police to arrive, and the workers we called would also take time! But the situation inside…”

Huo Yunshen’s deep eyes were flushed with red: “Is there a rope?”

“The rope “…” The manager was frightened by him and asked tremblingly, “What’s the use of a rope?”

Huo Yunshen’s deep mouth overflowed with an iron smell: “Go down from the window on the seventeenth floor!” The hotel had no terrace, and the windows between the floors were relatively spaced apart. So, there was no existence in the middle that could be leveraged.

However, if he went down, he could quickly reach the window of Yan Qing’s room. Because it was winter, the window would have been locked from the inside, and he would need to smash the glass in the air. But in theory, he could enter. This was all he could think of at present, it was the fastest and the only way to get in before the police and workers arrived.

The manager was sweating.

This was the seventeenth floor!

They didn’t have professional tools, they usually hired a glass cleaner, so they never had to take precautions to protect themselves. How was this possible?

Huo Yunshen shouted angrily: “Hurry up!” The manager was crazy, and even suspected that he would be killed on the spot if he didn’t cooperate. He knew that this person was not simple, and he was definitely not someone he could provoke.

He was intimidated by Huo Yunshen’s violent outburst and stomped on the phone: “There is an outdoor equipment store on the tenth floor that hasn’t closed yet. Buy the strongest climbing ropes! Immediately! There is going to be an accident!”

Huo Yunshen punched the door, and shouted in a hoarse voice. “Wait for me!”

In less than five minutes, the window of the room on the seventeenth floor was wide open, and the cold wind rushed in. Huo Yunshen fastened one end of the rope to the Roman column in the room and tied the other end to his waist. He bought a climbing pick and jumped onto the windowsill without hesitation.

Everyone in the room was terrified, but under that bloody gaze, no one dared to speak, let alone step forward to replace him.

Nothing was more important than their own life.

The man in front of them looked like he had a great identity, how could he be so crazy!

Huo Yunshen didn’t wait for a second, grabbed the rope tightly, and put his body out of the window.

The cold wind in the middle of the night ran through his body wantonly, he sank decisively, kicked on the flat outer wall, suspended all his weight in the air, and descended step by step.

The sole of his shoe was about to touch the upper edge of the sixteenth-floor window, but his foot slipped, and the rope trembled violently.

The whole room screamed heartbreakingly.

Huo Yunshen steadied himself, the palm of his hand left blood on the rope.

All the calm he tried to maintain exploded the moment he saw the scene inside the window.

The room was in a mess, and it was ruined. Yan Qing exhausted all means but was finally controlled by the man. He was pinching her by the throat and pressing her on the bed.

Her eyes were swollen from crying, and she looked out the window in despair.

Huo Yunshen’s sanity was destroyed at this moment. He raised his pickaxe and smashed the glass frantically, like an unconscious machine, forcing out a terrifying force to smash everything he saw.

The glass could not withstand the continuous onslaught, and cracks soon appeared, shattering with a loud bang, as it sprinkled all over Huo Yunshen’s body.

He didn’t notice, the gap around him that affected the passage, he directly opened it with his hands, jumped into the room with bloodied hands, and tore the rope from his body.

In just over ten seconds, the man beside the bed was already stunned. He let go of Yan Qing, stumbled, and wanted to run out. A hand filled with broken glass stretched out as if wanting his life, grabbed his hair and pulled him back. The five fingers carried a bone-chilling coldness, as they tightly strangled his trembling throat.

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