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There was no light in the room, the dark night was as thick as ink, and only a little light penetrated through the open window, which illuminated Huo Yunshen’s cold and maddened eyes.

His eyes were bloodshot, and his vision was dyed red.

The scene of Qingqing being pinned down by the neck was the same as the scene of Huo Linchuan bullying her, and it had overlapped in his mind.

At that time, he had to destroy Huo Linchuan.

It could be as good as it was now, and even the destruction was not enough. Anyone who hurt Qingqing should be crushed into ashes and pushed into hell!

The man was clamped in Huo Yunshen’s hands, his skin was cut by the glass shards in his palm, while warm blood gushed out, as the man screamed in pain and fear.

Huo Yunshen deeply twisted the man’s throat and threw him to the floor, stomping the soles of his shoes on his lower abdomen.

His whole body was immersed in darkness, and his jagged fists hit the opponent’s vital points fiercely.

In the messy room, except for the howling cold wind, there were also the terrifying sounds of flesh and bones colliding, which made people shudder.

Yan Qing was lying on the bed, her blood had coagulated, and she couldn’t move. Her face was full of tears, her eyes were so red and swollen that she couldn’t see the person who was slaughtering wantonly.

It was as if dynamite had detonated in her brain, roaring and ravaging her nerves.

At the most helpless moment, she waited until Huo Yunshen broke through the window recklessly, cutting her consciousness like a sharp knife.

“Yunshen…” Yan Qing murmured in a trance, “Yunshen.” The man’s cries gradually became weaker, and only Huo Yunshen’s venting became more and more fierce, and every blow was hard enough that it could break bones and tendons.

The huge room was shrouded in deathly silence, but Yan Qing’s body was driven by an instinct, forcing her to stand up, as her feet fell softly to the ground.

Huo Yunshen’s back finally broke into her field of vision clearly.

Resolutely violent, burning his own destiny, and putting people to death.

Yan Qing cried and shouted, “Yunshen!”

Huo Yunshen’s blocked ears shuddered.

“Yunshen! Stop hitting!” She rushed towards him and grabbed the hem of his clothes, “Enough!”

Huo Yunshen’s clenched fist stagnated and opened slightly. The glass and blood inside were mixed with a dark red liquid spilling between his fingers.

There seemed to be a lot of people outside, knocking on the door in a hurry, but after getting no response for a long time, there was the sound of moving equipment, ready to break the door and break in.

Break in… they will see the scene at this moment.

Yan Qing’s dress was already thin, but at this time it was blown through by the wind, making it even more chilling. She grasped Huo Yunshen’s arm, and a flood of unfamiliar and familiar emotions surged up. She leaned against him and shouted in a hoarse voice, “Hurry up and stop. I’ve been hiding, he didn’t do anything to me, I’m cold… Yunshen, I’m cold!”

Huo Yunshen’s manic blood rushed to the top of his head, but he struggled to calm down after hearing her soft whispers.

He turned his head stiffly and looked at her.

In the dark, the girl was pitifully curled up in a ball, her eyes full of fear.

Qingqing was here…

She called him Yunshen.

Huo Yunshen stared at her with deep scarlet eyes, and instinctively hugged her.

However, because of his staggered body, Yan Qing’s eyes happened to meet the man’s fainted face, and the sense of despair forced by him not long ago came back to her mind, her shoulders could not help shrinking, and psychological tears flowed out of her eyes again.

Huo Yunshen’s fingertips had just touched her.

She shrank away from him, it felt piercing to his heart.

Huo Yunshen looked at her in a daze, then lowered his head, looking at his dirty hands, covered with blood, sweat, dust, and glass slag, all mixed up in an unsightly manner.

Qingqing was afraid of him.

When Su Li said those words in person, Qingqing protected him, probably because she didn’t really believe it. Later, she also said, “I don’t accept alienation.”

She thought that the rumors she had heard of his madness, were all false, and others were deliberately alienating him.

Now, she had seen it with her own eyes…

He was completely irrational and almost killed in front of her eyes.

Qingqing called him Yunshen, did she regain a little impression, but the impression… was that now, his hands were stained with blood, and he was in a state of madness.

Huo Yunshen lowered his arm slowly and pressed the glass into the wound, holding back the emptiness in his heart with severe pain.

He took off his coat and wrapped it around Yan Qing, then pulled the quilt and wrapped it around her as well, his sweaty eyelashes were lowered, he did all this without saying a word.

The equipment outside was operating, and more familiar voices rang out. Yan Qing heard the members of the team and Min Jing shouting eagerly.

Min Jing was here, which meant that the Huo family was here, and Yunshen could be saved a lot of trouble!

Even so, before the door was knocked open, Yan Qing hurriedly wiped the blood, smeared it all over her face, and rubbed the corner of Huo Yunshen’s mouth again.

No… beating.

Huo Yunshen was protecting her! Justifiable defense! He was also injured!

A few seconds later, the door was forcibly destroyed, and the bright light from the corridor came in, making Yan Qing unable to open her eyes, Huo Yunshen staggered to his feet, blocked her with his body, and faced the intruders.

Yan Qing looked up at Huo Yunshen’s backlit back, and an unknown pain came from the bottom of her heart, urging her to cry.

She began to have a headache, her thinking was chaotic, and she saw Huo Yunshen’s youthful appearance in the mist, wearing the same blue and white school uniform as Yun Qing’s photo, waving a stick to fight desperately, also bleeding, and looking terrifying.

Everyone treated him as a serious ghost, but she was never afraid…

Yan Qing was held up by several pairs of girls’ hands, and many voices were asking her questions. She was so dizzy that she could barely speak, and she barely maintained her clarity, giving everything to Huo Yunshen’s benefit. After tossing around for a long time, she was led by An Lan and Ouyang to a quiet and warm room.

Some time had passed, and the hustle and bustle in the hotel had gradually come to an end.

Ouyang was usually carefree, but at this moment she was crying: “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I know that stalkers are terrible, and I heard the movement in the room, but I didn’t pay attention to it. You were so frightened, I can’t apologize enough for leaving you!”

An Lan also blamed herself with a pale face: “Blame me, Yanyan came to me and told me, I didn’t take it seriously, I even forgot to replace the mobile phone card for her, if something really happened…”

She remembered seeing the door when she opened the door. Mr. Huo, thinking of his expression at that time, she broke into a cold sweat.

An Lan touched Yan Qing’s cold face, struggled a little, but said in a low voice, “Yanyan, I will say whatever I want, don’t mind, stalkers must be cut with a thousand blades, but I think Mr. Huo… He’s also a bit scary, I know that you two are not related, but if you want to develop a relationship, you’d better think about it carefully.”

The height of the seventeenth floor, who dared to tie a rope and risk his life, which normal person would do something like that.

She had seen countless loving couples, but no one would do this for each other.

What’s more, she didn’t dare to think about hitting someone with her hands full of glass.

It was shocking, but it also made people panic. How could a gentle and beautiful girl like Yan Qing take it.

Yan Qing’s eyes were a little out of focus, but she still asked, “Where is he? Is there any trouble?”

An Lan was at a loss for words, and Ouyang said, “Sister, go to rest first, I’ll just talk with her, but she’s unsure if there are too many people.”

When only Yan Qing and Ouyang were left in the room, she breathed a long sigh of relief and stroked Yan Qing’s head: “Today’s situation is too direct, Mr. Huo can’t avoid it, he is cooperating with the investigation and taking care of everything before he leaves. This room was also arranged by him to ensure your safety.”

Yan Qing’s knuckles pressed against her temples, her eagerly beating heart turned into water, and she didn’t know where to go.

“When will he be back,” she asked.

Moments before the separation, she was sensitively aware that Huo Yunshen’s condition was wrong, and he seemed to have lost his soul.

“I don’t know, I think with the current attention here, he may not be able to come back…” Ouyang sighed, “But I asked the people around Mr. Huo just now. With his identity, plus due protection, there will be no problems, and the news has been suppressed in time, don’t worry, the content that should not be shared will never be passed.”

In early morning, Yan Qing was lying on the bed, clutching her mobile phone in her hand.

She typed a lot of messages to send to Huo Yunshen, but finally deleted them, worried that he hadn’t escaped yet, and if the timing of contact was not right, it would add trouble to him.

She had a severe headache and tried to fall asleep, but as soon as she closed her eyes, the appearance of Huo Yunshen smashing the glass and breaking in to save her would flash in her mind.

How could he be called Yunshen…

Where did all the unbearable feelings in her heart come from?

Yan Qing couldn’t figure it out and didn’t want to think about it. She curled up in the quilt and only longed to see him.

She couldn’t remember how long it had passed when the door suddenly opened.

Familiar footsteps entered lightly and came in slowly.

Yan Qing wasn’t sleeping, so she grabbed the sheet with her hand, closed her eyes subconsciously, and waited for him to come over with a heartbeat.

Even if he kissed her, she would be very good tonight.

Huo Yunshen walked to the edge of the bed and used the moonlight to look at her face. The makeup and dirt had been washed off, now it looked white and soft, and the long eyelashes were quietly covered, so beautiful that he couldn’t bear to breathe for fear of disturbing her.

He leaned down to touch her forehead.

Looking down at the wound on his hand that had not been treated carefully, he retracted it forcibly.

Qingqing was afraid of him.

Every time he reminded himself of this fact, Huo Yunshen felt like he was being beaten.

He didn’t dare to think about what she would think of him when she woke up. This night, he had gotten too many surprised and fearful eyes from others.

Huo Yunshen sat motionless, wanting to stay in her scent for a while longer.

Yan Qing couldn’t take it anymore, what was he doing, both of them were here, why didn’t he touch, hug, kiss, or take the opportunity to go to bed and lie together, why did he just sit like this without making a sound!!!

After holding it for a few more seconds, Yan Qing couldn’t bear and opened her eyes. She was full of words, but unexpectedly met his silent and empty eyes.

It was as if all the verbiage has lost its value.

Yan Qing’s surging emotions could no longer be restrained, and it flooded into disaster.

The corners of her eyes were wet, and she didn’t want to say any nonsense. She directly stretched out her arms to Huo Yunshen, choked up and said, “Hug.”

Huo Yunshen was stunned for a moment, and fire flashed from the bottom of his eyes, for fear that she would back down, he desperately hugged her.

Yan Qing’s bones were about to break from the pressure, but her hanging heart was put down at once.

Huo Yunshen only cared about holding her, but Yan Qing found that she was still moving and wanted more comfort from him.

She was afraid that she was also crazy, she was crazy, so she could marry whoever she wanted.

Yan Qing drained her courage and leaned on his shoulders to hint softly: “…I can give you fifty points in advance.”

The air froze for a moment.

Huo Yunshen let her go abruptly, his trembling fingers pinched her chin and lifted it up, as he kissed her fiercely. Unable to wait for a moment, he bit her lips and tongue, tasting the sweetness of day and night, full of wanton aggression.

Yan Qing’s head was a mess, and no matter how much she thought she couldn’t control, it turned into a paste.

She couldn’t sit still and fell back limply. Huo Yunshen followed her and covered her, pressing himself fiercely on top of her.

The sky had a thin brightness, brushing his sharp outline and deep eyebrows.

His temperature was scorching hot, making one’s breathing quicken.

Huo Yunshen sucked the tip of her tongue deeply and rubbed together obsessively. Yan Qing was about to hit his chest when she suddenly felt the roughness of his fingers.

She calmed down a bit, grabbed his hand and looked at it. It was filled with cracks, and some glass was still inside.

Yan Qing suddenly froze, and regardless of everything, pushed Huo Yunshen up, then she said angrily, “What are the people of the Huo family doing! The boss is so injured, and they don’t know how to send him to the hospital!”

Huo Yunshen’s thin lips were wet, and he panted hurriedly: “I didn’t want to go.”

Yan Qing forgot about everything else, as she lifted the quilt and got out of bed, rushed to her luggage and found the small medicine box she was accustomed to carrying, then she turned on the desk lamp, shone it on  on Huo Yunshen’s hand, and squatted on the ground, to clean up his hands a little bit.

“You’re too self-willed! You should say it if it hurts!”

Huo Yunshen’s throat was dry, and he tried his best to suppress his desire: “It doesn’t hurt.”

He lowered his head, and Qingqing was holding the back of his hand with a serious face, patiently handling the blood stains. It would hurt, but every time it hurt, it strongly stimulated him, wanting to push her back on the bed and take from her as much as possible.

Yan Qing dealt with it quickly, then she raised her face and wanted to blame him, but she couldn’t bear it, so she stared at him with a tangled look.

Huo Yunshen rummaged in his chest and asked, “Aren’t you afraid of me? This time there is no separation, and you have seen with your own eyes that I am not a ghost.”

Yan Qing was stunned, and suddenly understood the reason why he was lost.

Her eyes were sore, and she replied, “I’m afraid.”

Huo Yun clenched his teeth, his muscles tense.

Yan Qing hugged her legs, put her cheeks on her knees, and said in a trembling voice, “I’m afraid you will be implicated, I’m afraid you will be in danger, I’m afraid that if you really lose control and kill him, you will hurt yourself, otherwise? Would I be afraid knowing that you will save me regardless of the danger?”

Huo Yunshen lifted her to his lap and wrapped his hands around her waist.

Yan Qing touched his wrinkled eyebrows: “No matter what others think, I know you are good, and I won’t treat you as an alien, so don’t frown, it’s like a dark cloud.”

Huo Yunshen pulled her to the side, wrapped his arms around her with all his strength.

Whether in the past or now, his Qingqing never disliked him.

His bottomless world could be completely ignited with just one word from her.

“I’m like a dark cloud, what do you look like.”


Huo Yunshen choked deep in his throat: “You are like a cotton candy.”

Yan Qing blushed against his neck; he said in a hoarse voice: “The dark cloud wants to eat cotton candy.”

She was stunned, and asked stupidly, “…how…to eat.”

Huo Yunshen was unable to restrain the craving provoked by her own hands, knowing that she would not allow it, he still bit her earlobe, and said solemnly, “Wife, I want to do it.”

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