APY Ch. 134: Master Fu has a Little White Face

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Wu Qian and that man had also come to eat. It was coincidental that they also chose the restaurant chosen by Shen Qinglan. The moment Wu Qian saw Shen Qinglan, she stared at her and her eyes seemed to be dripping with poison, as if she hated Shen Qinglan to the bones.

Shen Qinglan had seen Wu Qian earlier, so she chose to ignore the other’s gaze, and she continued to whisper to Fu Hengyi.

“Shen Qinglan, it’s a coincidence, I didn’t expect to meet you here.” Wu Qian opened the mouth and greeted Shen Qinglan with a sweet smile on her face, making her look like that the two of them knew each other.

She was already called by her name thus, it was impossible for Shen Qinglan to pretend she hadn’t seen her. She raised her head, and although she was looking up at Wu Qian, she didn’t have a condescending look on her face, but her face remained cold.

Because as she lifted her face, the man saw her looks clearly and he was stunned, so much so that he swallowed his saliva unconsciously. Wu Qian felt the man next to her move, and a flash of disgust appeared in her eyes.

Fu Hengyi naturally noticed the man’s gaze, raised his head, and gave him a cold look. The man saw Fu Hengyi’s expression clearly and his face became instantly shocked. When he met Fu Hengyi’s cold gaze, his back was instantly drenched in cold sweat.

He got to know Shen Qinglan’s name from Wu Qian just now. He guessed that this was Shen Qinglan, the daughter of the Shen family who had been making trouble some time ago. The cold sweat on his back became even more obvious. Fortunately…fortunately, he recognized her identity in time.

Although Wu Qian knew that the Shen family was a wealthy family in the capital these days, she had a very simple understanding of the power of the Shen family. After all, she had no access to that level, let alone understanding.

Looking at the man next to Shen Qinglan, a look of contempt flashed in her eyes. This man was older than Shen Qinglan. It seemed that Shen Qinglan herself wasn’t a good person, even though she was a daughter of the Shen family. It was estimated that she wasn’t taken seriously at home. However, she completely ignored that Shen Junyu once publicly stated on the show that Shen Qinglan was his most beloved sister.

“This is?” Wu Qian didn’t care that Shen Qinglan hadn’t spoken to her at all. She turned her gaze on Fu Hengyi. After seeing Fu Hengyi clearly, the jealousy in her eyes became even worse. She didn’t expect this man to have such a good-looking appearance, even Chen Qingtian was completely incomparable with this man, let alone the old man next to her.

The old man hadn’t completely awoken from the glance that Fu Hengyi had just given him, nor had he noticed Wu Qian’s words.

“My husband.” Shen Qinglan said lightly, Fu Hengyi heard the words, the corners of his lips lightly raised, showing the good mood at the moment, this was the first time Qinglan had admitted the relationship between the two of them in public.

Because of this smile, Wu Qian had a moment of absence, but hearing her words, a look of surprise flashed through her eyes, “Shen Qinglan, you’re married?”

Wu Qian couldn’t help but be surprised, the school had not even heard the news of her marriage. She rolled her eyes. She suddenly thought that it was possible that this man was actually not very good, and even her family did not recognize this man at all, so the outside world did not know the news of their marriage. Wu Qian had made up a drama in which Shen Qinglan fell in love with the handsome Cowherd, and then quarrelled with her family about marrying him, but was expelled by the family.

If Shen Qinglan knew what was in her mind, she would definitely give her a good scolding, it was okay to watch the eight o’clock stalls.

Due to the speculation in her mind, Wu Qian looked at Fu Hengyi with a hint of contempt, but she was a little white face who was not on the list of wealthy daughters. It was estimated that that face could be seen. Fortunately, she thought that this man was a rich man. Maybe his identity was amazing.

May I ask this young lady, where does our master look like a white face, where is your mind?

Obviously, Wu Qian’s IQ was not online today.

“This gentleman don’t know what he does?” Wu Qian asked with a smile. It was just that this smile was not very kind.

Fu Hengyi had seen it now that although this woman and Qinglan know each other, their relationship was not very good.

Shen Qinglan ignored Wu Qian’s questioning, but instead glanced at the old man next to her, and asked, “This is…?”

The smile on Wu Qian’s face stiffened, as if she didn’t expect Shen Qinglan to question her back. He had been trying to avoid this, but now she could no longer throw the problem back, nor could she ignore it, after all, the old man was still here.

After being with Chen Qingtian, she quit her part-time jobs. With Chen Qingtian, her life was much better than when she was working. Although Chen Qingtian was unfaithful, he was still generous to Wu Qian. After she broke up with Chen Qingtian, she had no financial resources, and she couldn’t ask for money from her family, so Wu Qian had no choice but to find a new part-time job-the hostess of the nightclub, after all, this was the fastest way to get money.

Chen Qingtian’s generosity had raised her appetite, and those ordinary part-time jobs could no longer hold the eye of Wu Qian.

During the time, when she was with Chen Qingtian, Wu Qian might not have had the slightest gain, but at least her taste had improved a lot, and when she dressed up carefully, she was also a little beauty. That is how she attracted this old man.

Although the old man was very old, he was very generous, so Wu Qian followed him, when she was half-pushed by the situation.

“This is my godfather, Manager Zheng of HSBC Group.” Wu Qian introduced with a smile, and it was this introduction that brought back the old man’s thoughts.

When Mr. Zheng saw that Wu Qian could meet Shen Qinglan, he couldn’t help but be secretly happy. If he could get on the big ship of the Shen family, would he still worry about not having business in the future?

He rubbed his hands and wanted to shake hands with Shen Qinglan, with a smile on his face implied to please, “Ms. Shen, this is the first time we have met, I am lucky enough to meet you, my name is Zheng Feng.” Shen Qinglan did not reach out for his hand, although Mr. Zheng was a little embarrassed, but he didn’t dare to be displeased. The Shen family and the Fu family could not be offended by his little HSBC. If he offended these two families, he won’t be able to establish a foothold in the capital.

It’s just that though Zheng Feng was not embarrassed, Wu Qian was not happy, she felt that Shen Qinglan had no one in her eyes, “Shen Qinglan, I know you are the daughter of the Shen family, but didn’t the Shen family teach you the most basic politeness? When others say hello to you, you should greet them back.”

As soon as these words were said, the atmosphere on the scene instantly condensed, Fu Hengyi’s face suddenly sank, and her cold gaze fell on Wu Qian’s body. Wu Qian’s body became stiff, and she did not expect that just a little white face would have such a terrifying aura.

Shen Qinglan’s cold face became colder, and she looked at Zheng Feng, “Mr. Zheng, people say that the actions of the goddaughter are the fault of the godfather. After all, the goddaughter is also a daughter…”

“Pop,” Shen Qinglan hadn’t even finished speaking yet before Wu Qian was rewarded with a slap. The slap had so much force that her whole body shook for a while.

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