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Lian Jing looked at Hong Zhehao’s pained expression, unceremoniously opened his mouth and ate it—well, it was a bit sweet, but the taste was still good.

Hong Zhehao was heartbroken. In the past, when he did this, didn’t the demon king always say, “you can eat”, and then left it to him?! Why did he suddenly change his style?!

——No, no, return the former Demon King to me!

Drinking fruit tea, Yi Jiaojiao said to Zhan Heng, “Lian Jing actually found such a lively person, is this a complement of personalities?”

Who knew that Zhan Heng not only did not gossip with her, but also looked away to avoid suspicion. He then moved a few steps away from her, “I don’t want to chat with you.” After finishing speaking, he pulled at Wei Xiaofeng’s watch faithfully.

Yi Jiaojiao: “…”

Nima, are all men’s eyes lame now? How dare they dislike me who is such a big beauty!! I’m too angry to live!!!

“Xiaoyu…” Yi Jiaojiao chopped Zhan Heng eighty times in her heart and decided to change to another gossip partner.

“Teacher Yu, the dishes are ready.” The helper brother in the kitchen came over and called Yu Siyang.

“Come on.” Yu Siyang and the others walked to the kitchen.

Yi Jiaojiao: “…”


Not long after Yu Siyang entered the kitchen, a burst of scent floated out. Whether it was in the house or in the small garden, everybody felt a little uncontrollable when they smelled it, and they sat down on the arranged dining table, obediently waiting for the meal.

The people in the store were still looking forward to it, but the fans and the media waiting outside the store were already facing a river of sadness.

It was so fragrant, so fragrant, so fragrant… I want to eat, I want to eat, I want to eat, I want to eat…

Fans were biting on the small handkerchief[1], and their eyes were green when staring at the situation in the store.

Why was it closed on the opening day? Was the head deliberately trying to make them greedy?

Was the head being good or bad, good or bad>_<

At twelve o’clock, the opening party of the Yufu Family Banquet opened on time. The waiter first brought out two cold dishes- Jiaojiang beef[2] and lemon winter melon[3] to the table.

Ge Rui had tasted the Jiaojiang beef in advance, so she planned to try the lemon winter melon first.

Lemon winter melon was made from mini winter melons. Then a spoon was used to dig them into round balls, marinate them with salt and drain the water, then soak them in lemon juice mixed with honey and white vinegar for three hours.

The soaked lemon and winter melon tasted sour and refreshing, with a little sweetness among the acidic taste, which was suitable for eating in the hot summer.

Ge Rui ate a lemon winter melon, and her appetite increased. She was about to eat a slice of Jiaojiang beef again but saw that the Jiaojiang beef which had been in a small bowl had disappeared without a trace, except for a little bit of finely chopped sesame and chili left in it.

“You are too much, didn’t even leave me a bite.” Ge Rui said angrily.

Pei Ziteng said: “If you talk any more, the winter melon will also be gone.”

Ge Rui turned the gun to his fiancé, “Don’t you know that I want to eat it? Didn’t even save a piece for me.”

Zhang Zhenqi apologized without sincerity: “I’m sorry, no. Watch out now before they eat it all.”

Ge Rui was almost half-dead with anger, what’s the use of such a fiance!

Fortunately, the waiter served two hot dishes soon.

Dragon and phoenix chicken[4] and braised iron stick yam[5].

The dried toon was chopped and divided into two parts, one part was mixed with the marinated chicken, and it was fried until golden, after the pan was drained, it was mixed with the other part of toon and placed on a slate plate, the color was golden, the chicken breast was tender and smooth, the toon flavor was outstanding, and it was fragrant but not greasy.

The braised iron stick yam was made by Yu Siyang based on a home-cooked dish. The pork belly was added to the yam, so that the yam absorbed the fat and meaty aroma of the pork belly. The yam itself tasted salty and fragrant.

The friends who came to join him ate without looking up. After Yu Siyang made a few big dishes, the other dishes were made by the two recruited chefs, and he took out the flour to make margarita cookies[6].

He expected that many fans would come to watch, but he did not expect that there would be so many, and they would not leave. He originally wanted to make some other snacks for the fans who were guarding outside, but it needed to be simple and easy considering the situation. So, margarita cookies were the best choice.

The fans who were groaning with hunger while guarding the store, smelling the fragrance of various dishes, didn’t even know why they didn’t want to leave.

Although there was a small group of people who couldn’t resist hunger and went for food first, most of them just didn’t leave.

This was not the case, waiting was not burdensome and see what they waited for!!!!!

The little cookies made by the head!!!

The herbal tea brewed by the head!!!

Ao wai wai… they were moved… and tears filled their eyes… small cookies made by the head of the group~~~~ herbal tea brewed by the head~~~~ The logo of Yufu Family Banquet was printed on the paper cup~~~~It seemed to them that their life was now complete~~~~

Fans were holding a small cookie in one hand and a paper cup filled with herbal tea in the other, blinking and blinking, trying to get a look at the head of the group, and they didn’t know who started the shouting “Head, I love you” one after another. “, there was also “Yu Pang, I love you” in the middle, and then the fans shouted: “Head-I love you -“

Yu Siyang blushed, behind the wall of security personnel and persuaded them: “Everyone, go back, the weather is so hot, and you will have heat stroke.”

Although the fans were reluctant, they also knew that they were actually causing trouble for the head of the group. The fan leaders organized the food groups in an orderly manner. They retreated in order to discuss how to unite, orderly, and form a polite and elegant team to have dinner at the Yufu Family Banquet.

However, they couldn’t eat anymore today, so they decided that today’s event was to give a second brush to the movie that the leader was currently starring in. Some people had even brushed it three, four, or five times.

Therefore, when the daily box office of the first day was counted on August 9, “The Battle of Feishui” actually exceeded “A Million Light Years Beyond” in a single day and became the box office champion on August 8.

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