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【Si Huang! Si Huang! Si Huang! Si Huang! 】

Si Huang felt that he had just fallen asleep when he was woken up by the noise in his head.

She rolled over.


“Hiss.” She had forgotten that she was lying on the sofa and had fallen asleep. Si Huang, who was sitting on the ground, rubbed her head in annoyance, “Five Treasure God, shut your mouth!”

Five Treasure God was caught by her dangerous tone.

Si Huang took out her phone to check the time, but she hadn’t slept for long, and it was only one o’clock in the afternoon.

[When didn’t you sleep for a long time, look at the date! date! 】

“Five Treasure God, don’t peep into my thoughts without permission, when I don’t want you to know.” Si Huang said lightly, and at the same time looked at the date on the phone following Five Treasure God’s words.

25th September, 2016.

“Huh?” Si Huang remembered that the day of the audition was clearly September 24th.

[Yes! That’s it! You slept all day! 】

“No wonder I’m so hungry.” Si Huang felt lucky that she could sleep all day, you had to know that she hadn’t slept well in the first three days and was tortured by nightmares every night. She pressed a series of numbers on her mobile phone, and after connecting: “Please nanny, bring dinner when you come. The address is No. 21, Jinglan Shijia Villa District. By the way, remember to bring a card machine.”

[Si Huang…] Five Treasure God’s low voice sounded grudging.

Si Huang laughed, “Tell me, what’s the matter?” while walking towards the bathroom.

In the shower, Five Treasure God’s excited words resounded in her mind: [Faith value! It’s up again! It’s up again! There is also a shiny golden belief in it! Is this done by the artifact called the internet you mentioned? What the heck is internet? You tell me! 】

Si Huang asked back, “Is faith value divided into colors?”

Five Treasure God was proud. [That is right, you see. 】

In Si Huang’s view, a translucent crystal ball had appeared, with a large number of small pink light spots floating in it. Among the small pink light spots, a golden flashing light spot and a dozen black light spots were particularly conspicuous.

Si Huang looked down and noticed that some numbers were marked under the crystal ball.

Gold: 1

Pink: 16205

Black: 13

“How did you do it?” Si Huang stretched out his finger and poked the crystal ball, penetrating it.

Five Treasure God: [This is the benefit of Faith Point. Seeing that you earn Faith Points so vigorously, would I not even dare to use any small abilities?]

Si Huang turned off the shower switch, shook her hair, put on the unused bathrobe from the cabinet, and walked out while tightening the belt of the robe, “Gold means stability, pink means fluctuating, and black means wanting me to die.”

Five Treasure God: […you, how do you know!? 】

Si Huang shook her head without explaining, arousing Five Treasure God’s boundless curiosity, just as he wanted to know, Si Huang’s next sentence took away all his thoughts.

“Let’s go, I’ll take you to identify the artifact.”


The desktop was a model from more than ten years ago. Although it looked a little old, the speed of the Internet on it was no problem.

Si Huang opened the web portal, thinking that the time of the day should be almost right. Sure enough, after searching for ‘Si Huang’ with the keyword, a series of posts appeared on Baidu.

Her knuckled fingers casually clicked on the keyboard, and the light from the computer screen illuminated Si Huang’s fair face which still had some drops of water on it. She mainly checked the situation of the Huaxing Art School Network Forum and saw that the administrator had refined it and pushed the topic to the top, showing a few hot gossips, and her bright red lips rose.

[The biggest dark horse in the audition for “Royal Road”! The most perfect thousand-machine son in history! Can you dare to fight? ]

[Peerless beauty in the campus! Male god, please receive my kneel and lick! I’m going to give birth to monkeys for you!

[Modern version of Zhaimen Brothers Fighting Record! Si Huang plastic surgery! Disgraceful man’s face!

Si Huang read the articles with great interest and clicked on the first article. The first post of the landlord only had a series of self-monologues of “Aaaaaah!”, which was enough to show the landlord’s mood and incoherence, and it was enough for people to know that the owner was definitely a girl.

The following was a video of Si Huang auditioning for Master Qianji in the performance classroom yesterday.

Maybe the position where the girl was sitting had not been good, and the camera picture was still a little blurry, so the picture was not perfect. But what was surprising was that the pixel of the mobile phone was high enough to capture the boy on the stage clearly, and even the trembling of his fingertips could be captured.

Si Huang swiped the mouse with his finger and found that there were more than a thousand comments below, and the comments under the first page turned out to be –

1st Floor: How dare you fight?

2nd Floor: How can you compete!

3rd Floor: You wait for a fart!

5th Floor: You wait and cool down!

10th floor: Waiting for a photo of him peeing!

Si Huang: “…”

She was dumbfounded for a while, guessing what was happening, so he directly clicked on a comment page at the bottom of the post.

Sure enough, as she expected, the reason for this series of ‘e-waiting’ waves was that there were a few small vests in the bad review video that were saying that Si Huang performed mediocrely but won by his face and other dismissive remarks.

Erha, who looked down at the world: “[Frightened] [Frightened] Women are really scary creatures! When they see beautiful things, they lose all reason and judgment [Scared].”

After a while, another comment was refreshed in the comment area.

Seeing this ID, Si Huang raised his eyebrows, flexibly logged into her campus forum account, and leisurely typed a comment.

Fenghuang: “I think girls are cute. [Smiles]”

The next second, the comment was refreshed under her ID.

Caramel Pudding: “Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah! [Love] Xie Zhao praises! [Dynamic expression of worship]”

Si Huang smiled.

Fenghuang: “Come here, let the barking Erha come out. [Ao]”

The comments after this refresh were faster and looked quite cheerful, at least in Si Huang’s opinion.

Caramel Pudding: “Yes! Your Majesty!”

Love Cake: “Yes! Your Majesty!”

Blueberry Juice: “Okay! Your Majesty!”

Angel with Broken Wings: “Report Your Majesty, the dog has been forked out, you want to braise it or steam it?”

Caramel pudding: “It’s crooked! [Angry]”

Love Cake: “+1”

Tender Cucumber: “You didn’t find out, has Your Majesty disappeared?”

Then there was a mess in the comment area, as the culprit who created the chaos, Si Huang had already left the seat to open the door.

The person who came was a middle-aged woman who looked to be in her forties. She looked pretty and kind, and she was carrying a takeaway box in her hand.

“Hello, I’m a nanny from Zhenzheng Housekeeping Company. My name is Zhao Limei.” Zhao Limei said a little embarrassedly, and she didn’t look at the boy from the door at first glance, as her eyes were fixed on the position of the others’ shoulders.

“Come in.” Si Huang gave way.

The polite and soft voice made Zhao Limei stunned for a moment. She planned to change her shoes and enter the house but found that there were no spare slippers in the house. There was a somewhat helpless voice in her ears, “I just moved in, just come in like this, put the food on the table, and I’ll leave the other things to you.”

Zhao Limei listened to her words and did as he said, and her heart had turned a few circles.

The first time she saw this guy, she thought he was a big star. She heard colleagues say that this kind of big star young master was the most difficult to serve and usually had a big temper. But this guy… was quite polite and likable!

“Sir.” After listening to Si Huang’s explanation, Zhao Limei took out the card machine and the receipt for the dinner, “Our company’s rule is to pay the bill first…” Before she could finish her sentence, the other party had already handed the card to her.

“I know. This house is not small. You don’t have to clean it all at once today, and the expenses are also debited at one time. The master bedroom and study is on the second floor, they do not need to be cleaned up, and you should not enter. The password for this card is 336688. After debiting these expenses, the rest of the money, you can take that for grocery shopping in the future.”

Si Huang was already starving, and while unpacking the box, he found that Zhao Limei who was standing still hadn’t moved. When he turned his head and saw the tangled expression on the woman’s face, he smiled, “There’s not much money in it. If you don’t believe me, go to the bank to check it later, so it’s no problem to hold it. Also, I still know about Zhenxin Housekeeping Company.”

“I’m hungry, go do your work.”

The last sentence made Zhao Limei dare not hesitate.

Although he was hungry, Si Huang was not in a hurry to eat, she was still thinking about ways to make money while eating.

The card for Zhao Limei was found in Li Lisi’s room. It was said before that Li Lisi invested most of his money in Fenghua, but he still kept some pocket money. It was really pocket money. According to Li Lisi’s worth, the money in the card could be said to be pitiful.

Probably because he knew Li Lisi’s style, so after Li Lisi died, Si Zhihan didn’t come to clean up the house left by the other party.

Si Huang found a total of two cards with the same password. The former was given to Zhao Limei, and the latter was in her pocket. She remembered that there were about 60,000 in the card, and she would rely on this 60,000 to make more money.

After Si Huang finished eating, Zhao Limei was still working, she nodded in her heart and returned to the study.

At this time, she did not know how many pages were refreshed in the comment area of the post that she had not closed. She was not interested in reading it even a little bit, so she clicked on the second popular post on the forum homepage, which was more detailed than the first one. It explained how she met the male god on campus, and then wrote a thousand-character affectionate confession. Finally, she attached a photo of Si Huang that was secretly taken by her mobile phone.

This post was nothing to look at, but the comment section was a mess.

After her eyes dropped, Si Huang’s eyes fell on the most important post.

This post was named [Modern Edition Zhaimen Brothers Dadou Record! Si Huang plastic surgery! Disgrace man’s face!] This was too domineering, and the main ID of the sticker marked with his real name was ‘Erha looking down on the world’, known as Lord Dog.

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