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In the campus forum, from the active ID number in it, generally everyone knew who the owner was, unless they put on a small vest.

For example, with Si Huang, the rather arrogant-looking ID ‘Feng Huang’, could be linked to her at a glance. As for this ‘Erha who looks down on the world’, who was afraid that the world would not be chaotic, Si Huang also knew him. He was one of Si Hua’s best friends, and his name was Sun Bi.

He was often active in forums, and he was best at peeling skins and creating public opinions. According to Si Huang’s later memories, she knew that this Sun Bi had long signed with Fenghua Entertainment, and had been working for Si Hua, wherein he praised him in major forums. He was also one of the people who later controlled and played with Si Huang.

His torture was not physical but attacking Si Huang’s mind with public opinion. With his hands, he easily knocked out a series of “Si Huang gossip” that exaggerated the truth or faked it, arousing the attention of the whole world, making Si Huang go up and down in the waves of public opinion, like a lonely sail without support, hit by huge waves which could be beaten to pieces easily, but soon it would be repaired again by a caring person, with a bright surface.

For what Sun Bi did, the Si family did not stop him – as long as he ensured that Si Huang’s reputation would remain unchanged.

Although in the campus forum, most people would call him dog, but there were also a group of people who didn’t like him and called him a second dog.

Si Huang was not in either of these two categories.

From the moment this ID appeared in her sight, she had already decided Sun Bi’s fate in her heart.

She clicked on Sun Bi’s post with a relaxed attitude as if looking at other people’s lives and was very satisfied to see the very detailed content in the post.

A few days ago, the story of Si Huang’s ‘coaxing’ Si Hua to go to the hi-court was dug up again. The description was detailed and expressive. It really made people think that the editor was there at the time. In Si Huang’s opinion, it was even more ridiculous than if Sun Bi was actually on the scene. Even her and Si Hua’s thoughts were described.

Did he think he could read minds or was he writing novels?

She read the ten lines in one go. The content of the post said at the beginning that he doubted that Si Huang has had plastic surgery, saying it was suspicious, then with a determined tone, the text said that if one carefully looked at the gloomy and inconspicuous photo below with the hair covering her face, and then compare it with the photos taken during yesterday’s performance, it could be conclusively determined that Si Huang had plastic surgery.

Finally, it ended with a heart-wrenching ‘He’s really not a man, he really embarrasses us men’.

The comments below had long since turned upside down. Some people suspected him, some people were gloating at his misfortune, but there were many girls who were complaining on behalf of Si Huang. Among them, the most insistent ID numbers were familiar.

Caramel Pudding: “Er Gouzi! Stop talking nonsense to the old lady! Do you understand plastic surgery? It sounds like a professional beast, shouldn’t you be the one who has plastic surgery? Oh! No wonder the psychological level is unbalanced!”

Love Cake: “Pudding is the solution!”

Blueberry Juice: “From my unique perspective as an art student, His Majesty’s holy face is a gift from God, how can there be any trace of artificiality with such smooth lines? Ha! Speaking of plastic surgery, if you look like this, I will bow down to you and call you Your Majesty!”

Caramel Pudding: “I believe in Your Majesty! Long live His Majesty!”

Maybe he didn’t know the truth about the hi-field, so he didn’t say a word about trying to murder his own brother.

[Your Majesty…] Si Huang’s thoughts were interrupted by Five Treasure God’s quirky flattering voice, she raised her eyebrows, waiting for Five Treasure God’s next words, [Gold Sparkle rose again! 】

Si Huang: “What’s the benefit of golden sparkle?”

[Your Majesty Shengming! You are finally interested in this again. If you want me to say, it is…]

Si Huang: “Speak human words.”

Five Treasure God: [A piece of gold sparkle can be worth 10,000 small pinks, but 10,000 small pinks cannot be exchanged for gold sparkles! It is the key for you to gain benefits and survive. At present, as long as you can save 5 gold sparkles, you can get a chance to strengthen your body. 5, only 5! How can you miss it? Don’t you want the whiplash on your back to be healed? After strengthening the body for the first time, it will be absolutely smooth without scars! There are also improvements to physical fitness and memory function also. Oh dear!]

Si Huang glanced at the small advertisements on the computer web page for treasure hunting and almost praised Five Treasure God’s language learning ability.

“I see.” Her gaze returned to the three lovely ID numbers.

A residential area for rent outside Huaxing campus, a commercial building with three bedrooms and one living room.

Three young and energetic girls were sitting on the sofa in different postures, with a notebook on each leg.

“Ning Ning, do you want to continue?” Zhou Xiaowen, wearing a cute pink hooded sweater and a pair of blue leggings, turned her head to the left.

Lu Ningning didn’t lift her head, “I vow to defend Your Majesty’s reputation to the death!”

Liu Yan, who had a straight black head and a cold expression on the right, said indifferently, “She’s too deep into the play.” But her ten fingers moved faster than the other two.

At six o’clock in the afternoon, Si Huang went downstairs to pour water and glanced at the hall, which had become much cleaner and more refreshing.

“Sir.” Zhao Limei seemed to have been waiting here for a long time.

Si Huang poured herself water, “My name is Si Huang. Let me know if you have any ideas.”

Zhao Limei said softly, “Master Si, I have two children to take care of, so I want to discuss the timings with you.”

Si Huang smiled, “This is also what I want to say. In the future, you only need to be responsible for cooking lunch and dinner. Come here before 12 noon and leave before 6 pm. I will send you a message in special circumstances. I haven’t gotten the spare key card yet. I’ll stay at home for the time being, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to come in.”

She spoke without rushing, and her low mellow voice was like smooth red wine. She didn’t ask Zhao Limei’s opinion, but it didn’t make people feel forced to obey. Zhao Limei obeyed her orders instinctively; in fact, she didn’t even raise any objections.

Si Huang, who had finished drinking water, poured another glass and went upstairs. She was very satisfied that Zhao Limei cleaned all the daily utensils first.

The next thing Si Huang had to do was to buy clothes and daily products in the city’s online store.

When she left the Si’s house, she only took her ID card with her.

At that time, she didn’t plan to pack the things at Si’s house, and there was nothing worth packing. The pocket money cards she used as the eldest young master of the Si family were all controlled by Mother Zhang, and she had no way to get them back.

[Your Majesty~ Faith Value~] Five Treasure God was reciting in her mind again.

Si Huang dropped the Five Treasure God, then opened the stock market, and browsed carefully, “Have you heard that a lot of money can make a ghost run a mill?”

She couldn’t remember everything from ten years later, but there were still vague impressions, just look at it slowly…

After ten minutes, Si Huang found a few stocks that could make a small profit.

Si Huang was not lost, these few stocks were enough for her to live and do the many things she wanted to do.

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