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Xing Pei sent Shen Yiyou into the building of the community and pressed the floor for him. When he got out of the elevator, he didn’t even know which direction to go.

Then he stood and thought for a few seconds, walked in the direction of home, opened the door, turned on the light, took off his shoes, and walked in.

When he was about to get to the sofa, Shen Yiyou tripped over the edge of the carpet and almost fell. He shook his head, took a few more steps, and sat on the sofa, thinking that Li Shu might have already boarded the plane, while wondering if there would be a signal this time.

In fact, thinking about it carefully, Li Shu’s itinerary was almost full during the roadshow, and he was about to go for price subscription, so he definitely wouldn’t have time to come to S City to find Shen Yiyou.

Tall boys with black-rimmed glasses were all over the street. He stood in front of the car, but it didn’t mean the car belonged to him.

——And now Li Shu said that he is in London.

Even so, Shen Yiyou was still restless.

After shedding tears, his brain became dizzy. In the dark living room, he recalled the conversation between him and Guan Shao in Xing Pei’s mouth.

If Li Shu heard it, Li Shu would definitely be very angry, but he probably wouldn’t say anything, he would just stay silent.

Li Shu wasn’t the type to quarrel with people, because he could bear it at all.

Li Shu was standing in a place where the scolding couldn’t reach him. His pride was taken for granted. Guan Shao’s ridiculous remarks were originally 108,000 miles away from him.

Shen Yiyou thought in a trance, as he fell asleep leaning on the sofa, and woke up again at 1:30 in the morning.

Shen Yiyou held the phone, looked at the time on the screen, froze for a while, then stood up and turned on the light.

He walked without looking, and when he passed the coffee table, he knocked his calf against it, but he endured the pain, walked to the wall, turned on the light, and went to the bathroom.

After taking a bath, Shen Yiyou seemed to feel even more uneasy.

He turned off the light and sat on the bed, but couldn’t help sending a message to Li Shu, telling Li Shu, “I was having dinner with my friends tonight, and I almost thought you were outside the restaurant.”

After a while, Li Shu made a voice call to Shen Yiyou.

Shen Yiyou was stunned for a while, and his hands and feet seemed too weak to pick up.

Li Shu’s signal was not very good, there was some static, he seemed to be on the plane.

He asked Shen Yiyou, “Why do you say that?”

Shen Yiyou couldn’t hear any emptions in his words, as if he was just calling to ask and comfort him, and nothing more than that.

The bedroom was dark and quiet, the curtains were not fully drawn, so the building opposite the floor-to-ceiling windows could be seen, as well as a small piece of the night sky on the upper edge, but there were no stars or moon.

Shen Yiyou wasn’t awake enough, but not that sleepy, so it felt like he was talking to Li Shu in a quiet half-real dream.

He looked at the gap between the curtains and told Li Shu very slowly, “Because I heard them in the car on the way home, there was a boy in a T-shirt and black-rimmed glasses standing at the door of the restaurant, and there was a car parked behind him. The same model car you use in S City.”

“You thought it was me?” Li Shu asked him.

“I always walk without looking around, and I didn’t see it. I was very worried when you didn’t answer my call.”

This morning, Li Shu spoke longer than he thought.

In the past, he used to be like a willful child who pestered Shen Yiyou for candy and talked about his own affairs reluctantly, but this time he had become a silent adult, listening more than talking.

Shen Yiyou listened to his breathing and almost fell asleep when Li Shu asked, “So did you call me when you got home?”

“No,” Shen Yiyou told Li Shu after a while, “Don’t laugh at me. Actually, I went back to look for you, but I didn’t find it. You called me back when I wanted to go home.”

“You went back to find me.” For some reason, Li Shu repeated Shen Yiyou’s words.

Shen Yiyou lay back on the bed, picked up the sleep mask on the bedside table and put it on, closed his eyes and gave a soft “um”, his heart was sore, but he didn’t want to lie to Li Shu, after a while, he confessed: “A friend of mine … Xing Pei, who called you at the club before, thought we broke up and wanted to introduce others to me.”

“I wanted to leave as soon as I got in the car.” Shen Yiyou felt a little uncomfortable.

Li Shu didn’t give Shen Yiyou any response.

After a long time lapse, Li Shu asked him, “How long did you look for me?”

“I don’t know.” Shen Yiyou didn’t want to think about it, so Li Shu said, “It was forty-six minutes since the first call you called me and when I called back.”

“Had you been looking for so long?” Li Shu asked.

Shen Yiyou didn’t speak, so Li Shu called him by his name, calmly said “Shen Yiyou”, and said “I miss you very much”.

“After I get off the plane,” he said, “I may be a little busy and can’t contact you every day.”

“Can you wait for me for a while?” Li Shu asked Shen Yiyou.

Shen Yiyou felt a little weird.

Li Shu was extremely abnormal this day. He no longer forced Shen Yiyou to think about it, and did not express his grievances, as he did every time he talked on the phone. He just kept in touch with Shen Yiyou until Shen Yiyou fell asleep.

The next morning, Shen Yiyou didn’t wake up until ten o’clock. He sat up, took off his sleep mask, picked up his mobile phone, and saw that there were many unread text messages on the phone.

Inexplicably at three or four in the morning, Li Shu sent a lot of words after Shen Yiyou fell asleep.

Shen Yiyou felt confused and had an ominous premonition, so he hesitated to open it.

The first was to explain to Shen Yiyou that there were some problems with the listing of the environmental protection company. He must return to USA urgently and may need to appear in court, so he wouldn’t be able to come to S city recently.

Shen Yiyou read on again, and Li Shu said, “Don’t trust me like this in the future.”

Then he complained to Shen Yiyou: “He is not as tall as me”.

“Your friend said I was bad.”

“I didn’t mean to not pick you up. I regretted it immediately that day. It was you who didn’t answer the phone.”

“Later I called you a lot and sent you a lot of text messages, but you didn’t answer and didn’t reply.”

“From the day I saw you, I never thought about breaking up with you.”

He said “Shen Yiyou”.

“I love you”

“I love you”

“I love you”

“I love you”

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