CFCS Ch. 184.1: Anyang Saga (5)

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Jing Yang didn’t know when he fell asleep, and he didn’t remember how many times Xue Chengyu did it with him. He only vaguely remembered that every time Xue Chengyu had an orgasm, he kept the things he vented in his body. Thinking of his physique in this life, if Xue Chengyu kept doing this, he might get pregnant.

Although Jing Yang was worried that he might get pregnant too early, he couldn’t do anything except spread his legs, let alone resist, he could hardly even speak.

In fact, Xue Chengyu had already received the emperor’s decree to return to the imperial capital, but he had been delaying the time to go back. Now that there was chaos on the Nanman side, he could rest assured, he had to prepare for the return to the imperial capital.

While Jing Yang was turning over, he suddenly woke up because his waist was too sore. He sat up with his hand on his back, secretly scolding Xue Chengyu that bastard, he was just an animal, and that too the kind that was extremely fierce and had long-lasting physical strength.

Jing Yang sat on the bed holding the quilt for a while, then laid down again. Although his waist and legs were sore, his body was quite clean. It seemed that the bastard had cleaned him.

Xue Chengyu walked into the tent and saw Jing Yang lying on the bed with his eyes open, so he walked over and sat down beside the bed and asked, “Are you awake? Are you hungry?”

Jing Yang glanced at him and said nothing.

Xue Chengyu suddenly lifted the quilt and grabbed Jing Yang’s feet, Jing Yang shrank back in fright, and shouted to him, “What are you doing?!”

“Don’t worry, I won’t do you.” Xue Chengyu looked at Jing Yang, then he forcibly opened Jing Yang’s legs, looked at the swollen spots between his legs, took out a porcelain bottle from his arms, opened it, poured some green sticky stuff on his hands, and helped Jing Yang smear it on his wounds.

“Ah!” The cool feeling made Jing Yang cry out in a low voice. He held on to the quilt tightly. After feeling Xue Chengyu’s fingers penetrate deeper, he bit his lip and tried not to let himself make any more shameful expressions and sounds.

Xue Chengyu’s fingers turned on Jing Yang’s soft inner wall, trying to spread the medicine as much as possible with his fingers, so that Jing Yang would feel less uncomfortable. But when he saw the slightly trembling look, he couldn’t help but get excited again, however he held back.

After Xue Chengyu applied the medicine for Jing Yang, he patted Jing Yang’s white tender and elastic buttocks, and then covered him with the quilt.

“King of Nanman is dead, I don’t care who sent you here before, but from now on, you are already mine.” Xue Chengyu squeezed Jing Yang’s chin and said, “Be obedient in the future, and I will naturally respond to you. You don’t have to suffer a lot, so just be obedient.”

Jing Yang patted his hand, leaned on the pillow and said, “I’m not sent by Nanman.”

“Oh? Then who sent you?” Xue Chengyu asked tentatively, “Could it be that the emperor sent you here?”

Xue Chengyu was very aware of the emperor’s fear of their family. The emperor couldn’t move his father, so it was not impossible that he might want to pay attention to him and send a beautiful woman to seduce him.

“My family has a deep hatred with Su Yongsheng, how could I be sent by him.” Jing Yang said.

“Then explain yourself who sent you. You’d better tell me the truth and not force me to ask you in other ways.” Xue Chengyu’s hand gently kneaded Jing Yang’s waist through the quilt, even though his tone was threatening.

“No one sent me to your side at all. It was you who caught me indiscriminately and took away my innocence. You, the general of Zhennan, are clearly a tyrannical bully!” Jing Yang glared at Xue Chengyu and complained.

“Since no one sent you here, how do you know that I am General Zhennan?” Xue Chengyu asked, looking at Jing Yang’s face.

“I know a lot of things. Not only do I know that you are the general of Zhennan, Xue Chengyu, but I also know that your Xue family has been looking for the other half of the dragon token.” Jing Yang said.

Xue Chengyu was shocked, looked at Jing Yang with scrutinizing eyes for a long time, frowned and said, “Who the hell are you?”

“I’m the only person in the world who knows where the dragon token is, guess…,” Jing Yang deliberately made a mysterious look. “Who am I?”

The dragon token could only be kept by the emperor. Before the death of the former emperor, he gave the dragon token to the prince. After the prince was killed, the dragon token that the Xue family found in the tomb of the emperor was a fake. Where was the real dragon token? It hadn’t been found for years.

Although there were not many people who knew the dragon token, but it was not only their Xue family who knew about the existence of the dragon token, but those who knew that the dragon token in the emperor’s hands was a fake, except for our Xue family, only the emperor himself knew about it.

“It’s over.” Xue Chengyu looked straight into Jing Yang’s eyes, trying to see into his heart, and continued to probe, “The emperor sent you to approach me, and then pretend to be mysterious in front of me, right?”

“I told you I have a deep hatred with the Su family.” Jing Yang did not evade looking at Xue Chengyu.

“You…, it’s impossible!” Xue Chengyu looked at Jing Yang’s face, an idea popped up in his heart, but he immediately denied his own idea.

“What’s impossible?” Jing Yang said, “I am the female son of the former emperor, An Yang.”

Xue Chengyu stared at Jing Yang stiffly for a long time, “Emperor An Yang is dead, and many ministers watched him be buried.”

“At that time, Su Huai suddenly came to my palace to look for me, and then stabbed my body with a knife. The secret guard left by my father gave me the medicine for suspended animation, and after my burial, he brought me out, and then took me to the south.”

“Where’s the secret guard?” Xue Chengyu asked.

“After he helped me settle down seven years ago, he said he was going to do something, and then he never came back. I guess he must have died in an accident, or he wouldn’t not have come back to find me.” Jing Yang said.

“How do you prove that you are Emperor An Yang?” Xue Chengyu’s doubts in his heart had already disappeared, but he still found it a little unacceptable, because the person he forced last night was not a spy or someone else who was specially designed to lure him, but it was the female son of the previous emperor. If his father knew about it, he would definitely not forgive him lightly.

“I can’t prove it right now, but as long as your father sees my face, he will definitely not doubt what I said.” Because Jing Yang’s face now looked too much like the original owner’s father.

Because Xue Chengyu grew up in the south, he hardly ever went back to the imperial capital, so he never had the chance to meet the emperor, queen and prince of the previous dynasty, but his father, King Annan, had met An Yang’s female father.

Jing Yang’s face, as long as he appeared in the imperial capital without any cover up, many old officials might think it was the resurrection of the former queen.

Regarding Jing Yang’s answer, Xue Chengyu had nothing to say. Although he pretended that he still didn’t fully believe Jing Yang’s words, he actually had no doubts in his heart.

Xue Chengyu was going to prepare to lead the troops back to the imperial capital, but Jing Yang took advantage of the preparation time in the next few days and asked Xue Chengyu to send someone to help him find several kinds of herbs. This feeling of being able to instruct others without having to do it himself was really great for Jing Yang.

However, the herbs Jing Yang was looking for were different from the medicines that An Yang had taken before. He used the system to search for other ways to hide his appearance. The method was to mix several herbs into a juice, and then apply it on the face to make it look like the face had a large birthmark, which could be washed off with another medicine at any time when he wanted to get rid of it.

Because Jing Yang revealed his identity as the female son of the emperor of the previous dynasty, Xue Chengyu was very polite to him these days, and he didn’t touch him again. Jing Yang also rested for two days, and then went back to the imperial capital with Xue Chengyu.

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