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Si Huang didn’t go out but was pushed out by Yu Xi. The wooden wheelchair was also provided by the crew for the young master Qianji, and both the workmanship and the style were quite good.

When Si Huang, dressed in ancient costume, sat on it and appeared in everyone’s line of sight, there was a moment of silence in the crew.

Si Huang noticed that there was another man beside Director Liu.

This man had a face which showed he was not a good person, not that he was not good-looking, but he was not a good person because he was too good-looking. His good looks were not as refined and perfect as Si Huang’s, with strong plasticity and standard male god looks. One word to describe this man’s appearance would be ‘Evil!’. In two words, it would be ‘Very Evil!’.

His face was well-shaped, but his beautiful peach eyes were too narrow, his lips were naturally red and bright, and a slight smile on his lips made him look extremely evil, no one would believe that he did not go about seducing people. This appearance also made people feel unbelievable at a glance. His look could be said to be romantic but not stable, so women would love him, but would not believe him.

Si Huang knew who he was, that was, An Yiyuan, the star playing the role of Feng Cang that Director Liu had mentioned before. Twenty-six years old this year, he had already become popular, by playing villainous roles all the year round. What was interesting was that it was hated by others to play the villain, but the villain played by An Yiyuan even though was hated but was still more attractive at the same time. It was not an exaggeration to say that people both loved and hated him.

An Yiyuan also saw Si Huang, and there was a hint of surprise in his eyes, but then he took the initiative to smile: “I have seen your video, you are young and capable.”

Si Huang stood up and said modestly, “I believe Senior An must be able to act better.”

In fact, it was indeed the case, in her previous life, she knew that An Yiyuan took the drama “The Emperor’s Path” as a work of transformation and improvement and devoted 12 points of effort into it. His appearance was too romantic, but it was precisely because he was too romantic that once he showed a dedicated change for a woman, it would make the woman even more deeply moved. It was this drama that allowed An Yiyuan to successfully get rid of the negative evaluation of him from the outside world, and change from a romantic and amorous image, to one of the perfect lover in a woman’s heart, which prompted his career to move a step further.

Si Huang’s attitude made An Yiyuan add one more point in his heart. There were very few newcomers in this circle who could be like Si Huang. Not only did he have a top-level handsome face, but his temperament was also very comfortable. He was obviously flattering, but it did not make people feel that he was being fake. There was a kind of sincerity in his eyes, which could easily win people’s favor.

“Stop talking nonsense.” Tie Lao said, and he was not polite at all, but when he turned his head to Director Liu, his attitude was better, “Xiao Liu, let’s start.”

Director Liu: “Okay! Si Huang, Guan Li is still getting ready.”

At this time, Guan Li was also dressed up, she came out wearing a long goose-yellow dress, her beautiful hair was delicately groomed, and her makeup made her look several years younger, just like the heroine Shui Lingxin in the play. She looked like an eighteen-year-old young woman.

Si Huang got back into the wheelchair and came to the scene with Guan Li.

From the details, one could see the quality and ability of the actors, Guan Li gave Si Huang a surprised look. As a ‘veteran’, of course she knew how to stand in the best position for the camera, but she didn’t expect Si Huang, a newcomer, to do this without being reminded.

“Action!” Director Liu’s voice sounded, interrupting Guan Li’s thoughts, and she immediately entered the state. It was just that Si Huang gave her a major shock again, and the other party seemed to enter the play faster than her!?

Not only did Guan Li discover this, but Liu Dao and others who were observing them also keenly discovered it.

Tie Lao’s expression did not change, but his eyes were focused on Si Huang. The surprise on An Yiyuan’s face was not concealed, and there was a slight smile on the corner of his mouth. The evil spirit was so awe-inspiring that the heartbeat of the female staff members who were watching him could not stop.

An Yiyuan thought to himself: Are all the newcomers so fierce now? Or is he really worthy of being the successor of Fenghua Entertainment?

This scene between Si Huang and Guan Li was definitely one of the most difficult in the play– it was about Feng Cang’s injury, the heroine Shui Lingxin came to ask for help from Master Qianji. He was in love with her, but he didn’t realize it until Shui Lingxin asked him to help another man. As a young man, no matter how wise a person he was, he was jerky in the face of feelings, and his first love had ended before it even started.

Tie Lao’s heart of testing them was obvious.

The scene of the shot was in an ancient room.

The boy in white clothes was sitting in a wheelchair, and his smooth and handsome face looked softer in the dim light, which made the cold temperament lingering around him also dissipate by a lot.

In front of him stood a woman in yellow, with willow eyebrows, star eyes, and red lips, she looked beautiful and moving. It was just that the beauty had an anxious face and a sad look, which was unbearable.

When the director shouted ‘action’, Guan Li found that Si Huang’s aura and eyes changed instantly. He was no longer a shy and clean newcomer, but the owner of this village, the last bloodline of Qianji Villa, the Young Master Qianji.

“What’s the hurry? Sit down and say it slowly.” The mellow voice said softly, like a spring flowing slowly in a warm day, sounding reassuring.

Guan Li calmed down unconsciously, as long as there was this person, there would be nothing in the world that could not be solved. This kind of mentality was exactly in line with the state of Shui Lingxin at that time, and the lines were naturally stated, “Feng Cang had an accident, the other side said that they will not let him go unless you are willing to come forward, otherwise…”

Si Huang paused while pouring the tea, and kept watching Guan Li’s eyebrows drooping slightly, at this time, his thick eyelashes cast a faint blue shadow on her cheeks, and a shadow of bleakness appeared on his face for a moment, it was apparently not noticed by Guan Li, but made the group of filming staff tremble fiercely, and his grief went straight to the bottom of their hearts.

“You came to see me because of him?” This sentence was a question, but it was better to say that it is the self-talk of Master Qianji.

Guan Li didn’t seem to notice, and replied, “Yeah! Ah Qiong, only you can do this, Feng Cang can’t have an accident!” Feeling excited again, she stood up and approached Si Huang, and finally paid attention to Si Huang’s expression and the emotions in his eyes.

When she saw it clearly, Guan Li was stunned in place.

The slightly pale handsome face was expressionless, but those eyes were like clear pools, deep like a sea of stars, and there were countless words hidden there that could not be said. He stared deeply at Guan Li, reflecting the face that was unique to her, while he focused on her as if she was the only one left in the whole world.

For a while, the two looked at each other like this, and the silence spread in the room.

Guan Li had never been looked at with this kind of look before. It was too real, too deep, and not oppressive. He sincerely expressed his love for her, so that she couldn’t deceive herself, and she understood at a glance: he actually held such feelings towards her.!?

In the end, it was Si Huang who broke the silence.

“You called me Aqiong.” This voice was more like a sigh, with gentleness in the slow tone, as well as hidden helplessness and unrepentance, “Can I still not agree to you?”

There was no resentment or unwillingness. Without being domineering or asking for something in return, Young Master Qianji just spoke so calmly, as if nothing in the world could move him. However, his clear eyes couldn’t hide his sincere emotions. It was he who suddenly realized his love for Shui Lingxin. When he fell in love, he fell in love. He wouldn’t cover it up, and he wouldn’t deny it.

“…Aqiong.” Guan Li indulged in those eyes, feeling that her whole body and mind were wrapped in unconditional tenderness.

This person… this person… how could she have the heart to reject him! How could she be willing to let go of this person’s affection!?

Guan Li’s lips moved, and she was about to blurt out something that didn’t fit the script.

Si Huang had already turned the wheelchair and slowly left with his back to her: “You are tired, rest here first, and you will see Feng Cang tomorrow.”

“Aqiong!” No! Can’t let him go like this! Guan Li exclaimed and chased after the cold back. Cao Gang was active at sea, no matter how powerful Ah Qiong was, he was bound to be in great danger at sea with disabled legs, but he agreed without any complaints!

“Ka-!” The sound of thunder fell in Guan Li’s mind, causing her footsteps to stop, and then she slowly widened her eyes as if her soul had just returned, and her expression froze.

Director Liu’s exhortation followed, “Guan Li, how did you read the script!? Who asked you to add lines without authorization?”


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