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“Father approved the marriage proposal.” The crown prince called Shen Lou to discuss the matter of going to Beimo. “The Shen family often comes in contact with barbarians. Who do you think is appropriate to send?”

Shen Lou said lowering his eyes, “This minister.”

“You?” The prince raised his head in surprise, even if it was said that he was an envoy to Beimo, but it was still just to deliver a message. Shen Lou was the son of a Duke, so sending him there like this would be overkill.

“The barbarians are fierce. Ordinary envoys would be afraid of being killed if we send them. They recognize this face of this minister. They should give me a little favor so that I can see Ulorun Khan.” Shen Lou fought the barbarians all his life, but it was a pity that he failed to truly fight against Ulorun Khan.

The royal family lived in the capital and had never faced the ferocity of the barbarians in the northern desert, but all kinds of legends about them had never stopped spreading. Hearing what Shen Lou said, Feng Zhang pondered for a moment and then agreed, “Alright, I’ll give you five hundred soldiers.”

Just in case there was an accidental fight.

“I want to go too.” Zhong Youyu shouted.

“What are you going to do? In the past few days, taking advantage of the fact that my father is going to push the Deer Cutting order, I will mention it again. Maybe you will be able to return to the Western Regions.” The prince smiled, turned to look at Shen Lou, and asked him if he would go home by the way on this trip.

Knowing that the crown prince was reminding him to bring that gift to Shen Qiuting, Shen Lou shook his head, “If I leave from the Huanxing Hai, the barbarians will think it’s an invitation from the Northern Territory.”


Coming out of the main hall of the East Palace, Zhong Youyu held Shen Lou back, “Have you heard? Lin Xin killed many people in the Yulin Army camp yesterday.”

Shen Lou passed out yesterday and didn’t know about it.

“Hey, are you still playing with him? I think Lin Busheng is a bit evil, he kills people without blinking an eye.” Zhong Youyu rubbed his arms.

“The matter is not clear, don’t spread it indiscriminately.” Shen Lou warned Zhong Youyu.

“I know, I know,” Zhong Youyu said nonchalantly, “Why, am I not just telling you. It’s lonely in the deep palace, and Xiao Mo doesn’t like to listen. I’m almost suffocating here.” Imprisoned in the palace where he couldn’t talk nonsense, like a mynah whose mouth was tied up, he was so anxious that he almost rubbed his mouth against the wall.

“Next year at the latest, you will be able to return to Mount Mogui.” Shen Lou took away the hand that was on his shoulder. In his past life, once the royal family began to implement the deer order, the Zhong brothers who had been “raised” by the royal family just happened to be released to go back and set an example for the world.

After holding the wax pill in his hand for half a day, when he returned to his residence, Shen Lou finally had time to sit down and read the news inside. Previously, Huang Ge was asked to investigate the traces of the Gu carvings, and now he had finally drawn up a complete blueprint.

“What is this?” Lin Xin poked his head out from behind and looked over Shen Lou’s shoulder.

The warm breath rubbed against his neck, giving Shen Lou the illusion that he was being caressed. Shen Lou brought the picture closer for him to look at, “What can you see?”

“Dahuang, Luochuan, Yingzhou, Qingxian, Yanqiu…” Lin Xin carefully identified the place names on it, “Except for Dahuang, they are all places I’ve been to!”

“What did you say?” Shen Lou was startled, turned to look at him, until their faces were almost stuck together.

“Are you looking for my tracks?” Lin Xin didn’t have any intention of moving away, so he just kept rubbing against his face and talking.

Shen Lou paused for a moment, did not move away, and said with complicated eyes: “These are the traces of the Gu carvings.” From the first time the Gu carving appeared in the Great Wilderness six years ago, to the last time there were lost souls near Bodhi City in the Southern Territory. In the past few years, wherever there had been Gu sculptures swallowing souls, they were all marked on this.

In his last life, he only saw Gu carvings in Beimo, but this kind of evil thing was regarded as a divine bird in Beimo. In recent years, Gu carvings had appeared frequently, and Shen Lou wanted to find out whether this thing was related to the barbarians, but he never expected that Lin Xin would be involved. Lin Xin was also very surprised.

Come down, this thing was obviously following him.

“Is this strange bird used to find me?” Lin Xin’s confidence sank, thinking of the Gu carving that Zhu Xingli hunted near Yanqiu, and the barbarians who appeared in Yanqiu shortly afterwards. If that was the case, he really was the one who caused Zhu Xingli to die in his last life.

“I’ll be going to Beimo in the near future.” Shen Lou stretched out his hand, and pulled Lin Xin, who had started to push himself into a corner again, into his arms.

Being hugged by Shen Lou, Lin Xin immediately put all those sorrows behind him, and put his arms around his neck, “I’ll go with you.”

Shen Lou laughed, “You don’t want to go inspect for i? Didn’t you already pick your Fourteen Blades Yuan’a yesterday, and even killed Wu Tanhua?”

The sudden turn of the topic made Lin Xin almost answer along, and he was stunned for a moment before he realized, “I didn’t kill him.”

“Oh, you didn’t kill him,” Shen Lou sneered, and suddenly grabbed Lin Xin’s neck, “But you let him compete with others in the sword competition arena!”

Lying in Shen Lou’s arms, he was strangled without any precaution. The hand with spiritual power was so powerful that it almost broke his throat. Without a point of strength, he could only hold Shen Lou’s hand and turn over in the air, leading him to fall hard to the ground.

Shen Lou suddenly woke up, put his hands behind Lin Xin’s head, and rolled around in his arms.


“Who are you?”

Lin Xin put his hands on Shen Lou’s shoulders, and both of them looked unhappy.

“You used Blade One’s soul for me yesterday?” Shen Lou closed his eyes, suppressing the sudden surge of killing intent, it was not his emotions, but another strand of remnant soul attached to his divine soul.

“Have you seen his memory?” Lin Xin pursed his lips, grabbed Shen Lou’s hand and went to find his master.

Because he saw Zhu Xingli’s bright and energetic living soul yesterday, he began to think about finding a fresh soul to supplement Shen Lou. Blade one was the “talent” left to him by the crown prince on purpose, he couldn’t repeat the same mistakes and use that person again, so he simply let these prince’s hidden stakes kill each other. Receiving the new soul that had just died from Blade One, he carried it all the way back with his spiritual power to make up for Shen Lou.

It never occurred to him that it was precisely because this ray of spirit was so fresh that the deep memory had not dissipated, causing Shen Lou to be confused for a moment.

Upon hearing this situation, Zhu Xingli slapped Lin Xin hard on the back of the head, “Go to the Southern Region to get the Horcrux quickly.”

“Then he…” Lin Xin looked at Shen Lou worriedly.

Zhu Xingli took out the tattered ancient book and stuffed it to Shen Lou, “Come, learn how to separate the soul from the body with me.”


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