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Lin Xin was at a loss for what to do with the surging grievances. As expected, he had become weak with Master by his side, which was not good. Rolling out from the master’s arms, he opened the medicine box and took out a bottle of medicine and applied it on the poor finger that had been bitten three times, “Shen Lou’s illness relapsed again, because of Mojian.”

“What did I say? Don’t use that sword, that sword is unlucky,” Zhu Xingli said afterwards, “Aren’t you going to go to various places to pay tributes, go to the Southern Region first, and bring back the new sword.”

When he went to inspect the year-end tribute, he was expected to find faults and cut down fiefs, so how could he go to his own house first? Lin Xin rolled his eyes, “If Master’s brother knows your thoughts, he will definitely beat you up.”

“He’ll beat me up, am I afraid of him?” Zhu Xingli snorted, picked up the ancient book thrown out by his apprentice and shook his head, “This book actually records some interesting things, and it is also useful for curing Shen Lou’s soul. Another day I will teach him to separate the soul from the body, and it may be faster to mend it outside.”

“Don’t practice this anymore!” Lin Xin held on to that book.

“Look at this, whose apprentice dares to control their master?” Zhu Xingli said dissatisfiedly, he had spoiled the children too much, and they were pushing their noses and faces up at him.

“Do you see someone whose master is as careless as you?” Lin Xin retorted and snatched a bottle of Mind-calming Pills newly prepared by the master. This thing could numb tendons and relieve pain, if Shen Lou couldn’t bear the pain at night, he could give him a pill.

“One pill is enough. This is the material I managed to get together with a lot of difficulty.”

“Stolen from the imperial medicine storehouse, right?”

“Bah, it’s called borrowing. Why would I steal it, it’s not like our Zhu family can’t afford anything!”


The pain of tearing the soul made Shen Lou sleep very uneasily, but he was used to enduring it, so he didn’t make any sound. A faint bitter taste suddenly appeared between his lips and teeth, accompanied by a warm and soft touch, and after a while, the sharp pain was relieved.

The dream turned from darkness to light, and Shen Lou watched the hands in front of him pick up the curly-edged sword, practicing a set of sword techniques that he was not familiar with at all.

Then the scene changed, it was Qiuwei’s martial arts arena, and suddenly someone shouted: “Wu Tanhua!”

Are they calling me? Who am I?

“Don’t be impatient, you will definitely be reused.” The face of the crown prince appeared unexpectedly, followed by endless training and competition, day after day it was difficult to get ahead. Shen Lou realized that this was not his own memory, but his mood was still uncontrollably affected, he felt both dull and desperate.

“Lin Xin wants to pick his confidants, you must find a way to make him choose you.”

Hearing Lin Xin’s name, Shen Lou suddenly became sober, and forcibly controlled his body and ran to the edge of the stream, seeing a familiar face. This man was the first of Yuan’a’s fourteen blades, and he was highly regarded by Lin Xin back then.

When the consciousness returned, the reflection in the water gradually distorted, turning into Shen Lou’s own face. The surrounding scenes were reversed, and the dangerous peaks and steep rocks rose to the ground, returning to the Tianlao Peak of that day.

“Re-release the seal, and I will withdraw my troops.” Among the thousands of troops, Lin Xin held the Mojian sword, and killed one person in one step like picking flowers and leaves.

Sang Hu’s divine bow was drawn to the full moon, and the arrow infused with Luli shot straight at Lin Xin with the power to pierce mountains and break rocks. Blade Yi, who was supposed to protect the Lord with his body, suddenly dodged when the arrow came. The black spiritual arrow knocked Lin Xin out, piercing through his chest and nailing him firmly to the cliff.

Amidst the chaos, the two armies fought.

Shen Lou rushed up, picked up Lin Xin who was soaked in blood, and ran away with his sword amidst the exclamation of his sister and the soldiers.

“It hurts…” Lin Xin curled up in his arms, trembling with pain.

“Lin Xin, hold on!” Shen Lou hugged him tightly and used his spiritual power to save his pain as much as possible. After guarding him nonstop for three days and three nights, he finally snatched his life back.

However, Lin Xin opened his eyes, and the first thing he said was, “Where’s Feng Zhong?”

“The King of England has already gone to the battlefield in the Northern Region.” Shen Lou lowered his eyes, and slowly stood up.

The chaotic dreams, sometimes clear, sometimes blurred, his own and others’, flooded his reason like a tide.

When he suddenly opened his eyes, the sky was bright. Shen Lou touched the place around him, it was empty but still warm. His headache had improved a lot, but recalling the weird dream just now, his frown became tighter and tighter.

“Your Majesty, you are awake.” Zishu walked in, opened the window, and the cool wind came in, blowing away the room temperature.

“Where’s Marquis Lin?” Shen Lou got up and put on his outer shirt, then he raised his eyes and saw Feng Zhong poking his head in from outside.

“Marquis was called by the emperor, and he just left.” Zishu hung the sword on him, and put another wax pill into his hand, “Huang Ge came here last night, and let me give this to you.”

Shen Lou nodded slightly, held the wax pill and walked out the door, “What’s the matter, my lord?”

“Why do you live in Xinxin’s room?” Feng Zhong was very surprised, this was the East Palace, not Yanqiu with only two rooms.

Looking around from the corner of the eye, this was indeed the side hall where Lin Xin lived, so Shen Lou said without changing his expression: “Yesterday A Xin got angry.”

This sentence contained many layers of meaning. A Xin got angry, so I came to accompany him; A Xin was angry, it was all your fault.

Feng Zhong was at a loss for words. He didn’t know if it was an illusion, but he always felt that this Shen Shizi whom he admired very much didn’t seem to like him very much.

Lin Xin sat in the imperial study wiping Mojian, listening to the emperor discussing the Luli order with others, but what he was thinking about was the secret kiss last night while feeding Shen Lou the medicine. The thin lips were a little cold, with the bitterness of the herb, but it tasted a little sweet to him.

In the past, Shen Lou didn’t give him a kiss, even though the two had had so many ups and downs, whenever he wanted to kiss, Shen Lou would avoid it. If Shen Lou hadn’t been reborn, he would have pretended not to ask for a kiss, but now he dared not.

“Cao Min wrote a copy of “Cutting the Deer Strategies” yesterday, and I respectfully submit it to His Majesty for reading.” This person who had been having a lively conversation with the emperor had no official position yet! Lin Xin just raised his head to take a look, those civil servants had already left, except for one person who was not wearing an official uniform. He looked familiar, as if he had seen it somewhere before.

Emperor Yuanshuo took it over to look at it, then his eyes brightened slightly, “I don’t care, you can take a look too.”

Lin Xin put away the scimitar, leaned over to take a look and his eyes darkened slightly. The handwriting on it was exactly the same as the handwriting proposing the Law of Cutting the Deer, so it turned out to be this person. When he turned to the back to take a look, the signature read Luo Shijun.

When Lin Xin went to the court meeting that day, Luo Shijun had already been dragged away, so that he still didn’t know who the warrior who dared to shout “destroy one prince in three years” was.

Seeing the name Luo Shijun, Lin Xin suddenly remembered it. This person should be the No. 1 scholar in the next spring examination, and a capable person who will enter the Zhongshu Province as a mortal. In his previous life, Lin Xin didn’t have much contact with him. When Lin Xin was alive, this person’s reputation was not obvious. He didn’t know if it was because Emperor Yuanshuo deliberately protected him.

Looking down at this “Deer Cutting Policy”, it was written very well, or in other words, the viciousness in it was very well written.

[Lack of ten taels of Luli, cut off one county; lack of one hundred taels of Luli, cut off one county; and three years of shortage of one thousand taels of Luli, if you win the title and you can’t make it up, your children will serve as corvees[1]…]

If you win the title, the children would have to serve as corvees, this person was probably very resentful towards immortals.

“I wonder who this lord is?” Lin Xin looked him up and down.

“Luo Shijun, a grass-roots man who was fortunate to be recommended by Marquis Wangting to participate in the next year’s spring examination.” Luo Shijun bowed his head and said, his original name was Shi Yun, but because he wanted to take part in the imperial examination, he became a retainer of the Luo family, and the Luo family rewarded him with the surname Luo.

Lin Xin nodded knowingly.

“I heard that you selected a few subordinates yesterday.” Emperor Yuanshuo looked at Lin Xin meaningfully, “Have you decided which place to inspect for Luli first?”

Lin Xin picked up the “Deer Cutting Policy” in his hand and turned it around, “Since Marquis Wangting’s kindness is hard to get rid of, let’s start with the Luo family.”

Luo Shijun’s expression changed suddenly, he wanted to participate in spring examination, and for that he had to rely on Marquis Wangting’s recommendation. At this time, if any trouble came to Marquis Wangting because of him, then the matter of spring examination recommendation would be in danger.

Feng Zhuoyi froze for a moment, then laughed, “You, you are so naughty.”

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[1] unpaid labor (as toward constructing roads) due from a feudal vassal to his lord.

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