TBLF Ch. 78

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After they came out of the haunted house, it was already very dark.

Qi Ying took Ji Rang to buy a marshmallow, and then pointed to the slowly rotating Ferris wheel not far away: “Is it okay to use it as a finishing touch for today’s itinerary?”

Of course, Ji Rang said yes.

There were no queues at this time. The staff led them in and locked the door. The two sat facing each other, Qi Ying looked out the window, gradually rising off the ground, and the night view was unobstructed.

After rising, the Ferris wheel shook a bit. She didn’t dare to move, so she sat back obediently, looked at Ji Rang opposite, and asked softly, “Did you have fun today?”

Ji Rang nodded.

She smiled very sweetly and kept paying attention to the window. When the Ferris wheel rose to the highest point, her eyes lit up, turned her head to look at him, and said seriously: “I will accompany you on your birthday every year from now on.”

There was a legend that when the Ferris wheel was closest to the sky, the promise made will be fulfilled.

She was waiting for this.

Ji Rang’s heart was soft and sweet.

When he was eighteen years old, God sent a little fairy to his side to save him. She was not afraid of his reputation and did not hate his behavior. No matter how aggressive he was at the beginning, she always ran after him.

Thinking back to the self-harming life of the past years, he suddenly felt it to be a ridiculous nightmare.

It was she who broke into his nightmare, with warmth and light, dispelling the haze in the nightmare and allowing him to see the sun.

And now, he also wanted to come out of that nightmare.

Because his girl lived in the real world.

He had to come out to walk with her for a long time.

After the Ferris wheel, today’s date was officially over. Ji Rang sent Qi Ying home first and made an appointment with her to go to the library to do homework, and then he took a taxi back to where he lived.

When he got home, he saw a pile of gift boxes at the door.

It happened every year. In previous years, he only singled out Ji Qian and Chen Fengzhi, kicked the remaining two feet away, and waited for the cleaners to take them away the next day. Looking at the beautifully packed boxes this time, his eyes deepened, and he hugged all of them in.

But without unwrapping, he threw his burden on the bed in the guest room where there was a lot of debris and locked the door.

The summer vacation of half a month passed in a flash. Many students didn’t even finish their vacation homework, and they were about to start school. But this time was different. Senior three, one of the most important stages in life, had officially started from that day.

In the morning, teachers from various subjects came to collect the homework, and then sent out new papers, seamlessly receiving the new ones, as if they had no vacation at all and were still in class yesterday.

In the afternoon, the school arranged a “high school third year mobilization meeting”, and all high school third year students had to go to the auditorium to participate.

Representative teachers, school leaders, principals, and teaching directors all took the stage to give speeches, giving this group of high school students a lot of blood and soup[1], and inspiring them to learn and fight.

Qu Dazhuang yawned in the back, “It seems to be a pyramid scheme. Can this work?”

Liu Haiyang said, “Why not? Look at her.”

He pointed in the direction of Class 2, and Qu Dazhuang looked intently. Yue Li was wearing a school uniform, clenching her fists, her face flushed with excitement, hers eyes glowing, and she shouted to the dean, “I can! I can do it!”

Qu Dazhuang: “…”

The high school semester began so vigorously.

The countdown to the college entrance examination and inspirational banners were posted on the blackboards of each class. The Class 2 was full of connotation, and they had posted “Ten years of sharpening swords for a Bo, and June’s trial to become a real self[2].”

Class 9 fit the wild class style of their class, and the post was “Improve one point and kill a thousand people.”

Liu Yao stood on the podium with emotion, looked at the slogan, touched the countdown calendar, and finally exclaimed: “Classmates! It’s the last year, come on!”

Qu Dazhuang was secretly playing with a cell phone. Seeing Liu Yao, he was a bit moved: “Lao Liu hasn’t had it easy in recent years. With all his energy, he tackled the worst class. I feel a little sorry for him.”

Liu Haiyang scolded him: “Then why don’t you fucking put your phone away and read the book?”

Qu Dazhuang: “…” He thought suddenly: “Is Teacher’s Day coming soon? This is the last Teacher’s Day of high school, should we prepare some gifts for Lao Liu?”

In the past, some classes used class fees to send flowers and pens to teachers on Teacher’s Day. They were all careful, but Class Nine seemed to have never done this before.

The bottom-to-last class didn’t even engage in study, how can this be done.

Ji Rang was originally doing papers next to him. Hearing Qu Dazhuang’s words, he suddenly raised his head and asked, “What day is the teacher’s day?”

Qu Dazhuang: “Wow, Brother you do not even know this, September 10th! Just next Tuesday.”

Ji Rang thought for a while, glanced at Liu Yao, who was still standing on the podium with emotion, and said in a low voice, “I should give something.”

Qu Dazhuang was not eager to learn, but he was very enthusiastic about this kind of thing: “Okay! We will go to the squad leader to ask how much the class fee is and give it to Lao Liu!”

Ji Rang kicked his chair: “The whole fart! Put the phone away for Lao Tzu! Read the book! You will be dead if you don’t finish writing the math paper which was given in school today!”

Qu Dazhuang: “???”

“And you guys!” The gangster viciously swept a group of bad students in the back row who were not doing their jobs.

Everyone: “…”

They were really wronged if they were not a study committee member.

The class bell rang, and under the icy eyes of the boss, the back row was as quiet as a chicken. They did not dare to play with their mobile phones, and the sleepy people did not dare to sleep, so they could only concentrate on listening to the class.

When the class got over, the English teacher told the class representative to put away the papers issued yesterday and send out new papers.

The representative of the English class was a pretty quiet girl who was also the top three in the class. She wore thick glasses and had a lot of stress pimples on her forehead, which was ordinary.

When she reached the row against the wall, the boys at the end were smiling and said: “Bring a paper over and let us copy, we didn’t write it.”

The English class representative ignored them: “If you don’t write it, you still have to hand it in. Bring it.”

The boy was scornful: “I don’t want to hand it, what can you do to me? Go and sue, ugly.”

The class representative almost cried.

She turned around and left.

As soon as she turned around, she saw Ji Rang coming over, carrying a rolled English book in his hand, his eyes were cold, his face was expressionless, but his hand was heavy, and he smashed the boy’s head with the English book.

The boy screamed. He turned his head and seeing the Boss, he was afraid to scream. He hugged his head and begged for mercy: “Let me let me go! I’m wrong! Don’t fight, just say something!

Ji Rang hadn’t been mad for a long time, and the entire Class 9 was silent, watching the boss teach others.

He had beaten enough, his voice was light and cold: “English paper, find out, write now.”

The boys were busy looking for papers from the desk, and their wrists were shaking when they were doing the questions with the pen.

Ji Rang turned around and glanced at the classmates, still with a nonchalant expression, as if it was not him who had just beaten people violently and said calmly: “At the end of the month, I hope that your total scores will be improved. The one with the least promotion…” He paused, and his thin lips made a cool smile: “I will come to you.”

Everyone in Class 9: “?????!!!”

Damn you!!! Why???


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[1] Motivation.

[2] Alluding that the college entrance examination is the trial that they had been studying from so long for.

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  2. Even though this type of education is stressful, this is actually what I prefer.

    In my country, teachers don’t give a sh!t about college entrance examination. They teach us according to the syllabus, and give us assignments, research, and activities. But none of this is really helpful for our college entrance exam which is the very goal of studying high school.

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    And guess what? After the exam, the school actually takes the credit when the students passed. Like bruhhh???

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