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What the mark meant, Fu Yuanzhou was quite clear about it now, so when he heard Xie Lin say this, his face blushed suddenly: “Don’t dream too much! Think about your parents…”

Xie Lin’s family education was very strict, he was absolutely not allowed to have any cross-border intimacy before marriage. If Xie Lin really marked him, they would be able to smell it just by smelling his pheromone.

Besides, he himself felt it was a little too fast. Although they had been in love for half a year, when Fu Yuanzhou thought of what he was going to do with Xie Lin, he still felt very shy. After all, he and Xie Lin had been friends for more than 20 years. In comparison, their time of getting along as lovers had been very short.

Xie Lin lowered his eyes and did not speak. He understood his parents’ thoughts better than Fu Yuanzhou.

Seeing his silence, Fu Yuanzhou remembered that today was still an important day, and didn’t want to make Xie Lin feel any unhappiness, so he softened his voice and said to him: “You concentrate on the exam, and we’ll talk about it after the exam.”

The remaining three exams also went well. Now, Xie Lin was on vacation, but Fu Yuanzhou had to go to school, as he still had his final exams.

This semester, Fu Yuanzhou’s grades had gotten even better, and he could also be counted among the best in the grade. It was not a problem for him to return to Class 1 in the third year of high school. Everyone in Class 1 was very happy, but Class 7 inevitably had a lot of sad emotions.

Not only him, Yuan Ye should also be transferred after the third year of high school. Although he didn’t show his face in school all day long, his grades had not dropped at all, and he was firmly in the top three in the grade. Da Yang was also affected by this situation, and he was not as full of energy when teaching them.

Fu Yuanzhou was equally reluctant, but he had many friends in Class 1 as well, and objectively speaking, the learning atmosphere in Class 1 was indeed better. In order to work hard to get into Xie Lin’s school, he still had to transfer classes.

Soon Fu Yuanzhou was on summer vacation, and Xie Lin’s college entrance examination results came down. He was undisputedly the number one in the city. The adults were very happy for him. In addition, Xie Lin’s birthday was also coming up. So, they decided to organize a table banquet, to celebrate Xie Lin.

On a day like this, even Xie Lin inevitably drank some wine, and Fu Yuanzhou drank a lot for self-entertainment, and he was a little shaky when he walked. He was both happy and sad. Xie Lin’s grades came down. It meant that the moment of their parting was getting closer.

Back home, Fu Yuanzhou went to take a shower. When he took off his clothes, he smelled the faint smell of alcohol on his body, and suddenly felt a little embarrassed, because this smell reminded him of Xie Lin’s pheromone. It was the taste of wine, deep and warm, which was becoming more and more charming with the passage of time.

Maybe it was still very similar to Xie Lin.

Hidden under that indifferent appearance, was the fiery emotion, which constantly attracted him, made him intoxicated, and made him sink.

Fu Yuanzhou rubbed his hair, then his eyes fell on the suppression collar, but he didn’t put it on, leaving his white neck exposed, he sent a message to Xie Lin, telling him that he was going to go there.

The adults were all drunk and had gone to bed early. Fu Yuanzhou quietly came to the door of Xie Lin’s house. Xie Lin was waiting for him outside the door. When he saw his empty neck, his eyes paused for a moment, but he didn’t ask anything.

“Why didn’t you say anything this time?”

Fu Yuanzhou smiled slyly. This was the second time he came to Xie Lin without wearing a collar after his rebirth. The first time he was ignorant and didn’t know anything, but this time he did it on purpose. When he came, he was very satisfied with the way Xie Lin stared at him intently.

He leaned in front of Xie Lin, tiptoed slightly on purpose, leaned his neck closer, and spread the sweet smell of peaches: “Does it smell good?”

Xie Lin still didn’t speak, but his eyes changed a little, and he reached out to caress Fu Yuanzhou’s face with his hot fingertips. Fu Yuanzhou hooked his neck, bent his eyes and said to him.

“Although it’s not allowed to mark, it’s okay to take a bite.”

Feeling Xie Lin’s hand touching his gland, Fu Yuanzhou’s body trembled slightly, and he didn’t refuse. He came here for this purpose.

“Leave me a temporary mark, Xie Lin.”

“Let them know that I am yours.”


Xie Lin hardly said anything about the fact that he was going to go to another place for university and would reunite with Fu Yuanzhou only one year later, but in fact it wasn’t that he didn’t care, on the contrary he cared very much, otherwise he wouldn’t have made the request to mark Fu Yuanzhou.

Although in Xie Lin’s view, they had been dating for more than half a year, and it was impossible to break up in the future, but because of Fu Yuanzhou’s special physique, he had never mentioned the mark before, and he would never mention it again.

It’s just that at that moment, he thought that he would be separated from Fu Yuanzhou for a year, and he couldn’t calm down, especially when Fu Yuanzhou asked him if this was enough, his inner wavering reached its peak.

How could he be satisfied.

An Alpha’s instinct made him want to treat Fu Yuanzhou too well, possess him, mark him, let him be infected with his own pheromone, leave his mark, marry him, start a family, and have children, with him not to mention hugging, even many times a day. The second kiss was nothing more than drinking poison to quench thirst.

He always restrained himself, hid his true emotions deeply, and only revealed them in rare cases, just like at that moment, knowing that it was impossible, he still spoke out.

He wanted Fu Yuanzhou to belong to him completely, but due to various considerations, he didn’t mention it again. He chose to hide his anxiety in his heart.

But after having known each other for more than ten years, Xie Lin suddenly discovered that Fu Yuanzhou had seen through his thoughts. Not only did he know Fu Yuanzhou, but Fu Yuanzhou also knew him very well.

In the dim night, slightly drunk with wine, the person he liked stood in front of him and told him to let them all know that he belonged to him.

He could not refuse such an invitation.

“You won’t regret it?”

Before his Alpha’s instincts got out of control, Xie Lin restrained himself with his usual self-control, and finally asked Fu Yuanzhou.

“What regrets?”

Fu Yuanzhou hugged him and smiled at him.

“You won’t leave me, right?”

“Since you won’t, then why worry? Come on, mark me, Xie Lin.”

The taste of red wine and the sweetness of peaches slowly blended together into each other.

After the mark was formed, Fu Yuanzhou took the initiative to kiss Xie Lin’s lips, and suddenly bit hard. He bit hard, and a little blood flowed out.

“This is my mark for you.” Fu Yuanzhou smiled, “I also have to let them know that you belong to me too.”


Xie Lin left to report to the school, but Fu Yuanzhou didn’t send him off when he left because he was a senior in high school. For him, school had already started early, but if he wanted to, he could naturally skip class, but parting was always sad, he didn’t want to go at first, and the other seemed to understand his thoughts and didn’t ask him to go.

Fortunately, Xie Lin’s school was in a neighboring city, it was only a three-hour drive, which was not too far away, so Fu Yuanzhou just pretended that Xie Lin was going out for a few days, and they would meet each other on weekends, even though their parting would last a whole year.

He returned to Class 1 and became classmates with Ran Shutang again. However, at the beginning of the new semester, Ran Shutang did not come to class. He asked what was going on, only to find out that Ran Shutang had an allergic reaction, and a rash had developed on his face, because of which he had to rest and recuperate at home.

How could he have an allergic reaction? He couldn’t help but stick to cats?

Fu Yuanzhou had always known that Ran Shutang was allergic to cat fur and thought that Ran Shutang’s family already had a hairless cat, so why would he bother with other cats.

But after asking again, Fu Yuanzhou found that he had underestimated Ran Shutang’s ideological realm. It turned out that he didn’t raise a new cat but spent the whole vacation as a volunteer at the stray animal rescue station to help take care of stray animals.

Originally, Ran Shutang’s protective measures had been done very well, but then there was an accident at the rescue station, and he hurried over without taking proper measures. The problem was solved smoothly, but Ran Shutang’s allergies became very serious, and even delayed the start of school. Although at his level, Fu Yuanzhou suspected that he would study more efficiently at home.

“Be careful in the future.”

He told Ran Shutang in WeChat: “Allergies are no small matter. Next time you need to take precautions, your health is the most important thing.”

But as soon as he finished speaking, he felt that he was talking too much, could people still not understand their own body? Fortunately, Ran Shutang didn’t seem to think that he was troublesome, but instead replied very seriously: “Thank you, I will pay attention.”

He had always been a very serious person, Fu Yuanzhou thought of the past notes he had organized for himself, he just did him a small favor, but he spent a lot of effort to repay himself.

Although there may be other factors, Ran Shutang was indeed very caring about everything. Fu Yuanzhou inevitably felt a little emotional, and asked Ran Shutang: “Why do you want to be a volunteer? It must be very hard. It shouldn’t be just because you wanted to get in touch with small animals?”

“It’s hard work, but it’s very meaningful.”

Ran Shutang replied: “I like animals very much, so I want to protect them, provide them with food and shelter, find them adoptive families, save their lives, and when I see them fine, I will be very happy, and I find it very valuable.”

Fu Yuanzhou was a little ashamed, he also liked animals, but he couldn’t reach this kind of ideological realm, but he was very interested, and he was also a little ready to move, so he asked again Ran Shutang said a few words, and then said, “Are there any photos for me to see?”

There were photos of cats and dogs standing at his feet, and Ran Shutang was particularly conspicuous inside, because he was the only one wearing a mask and gloves, with only a pair of eyes exposed, which were dark and beautiful.

“This cat is beautiful.”

Fu Yuanzhou took a screenshot of a docile big white cat and sent it to Ran Shutang: “I think it looks like a puppet? It seems that the price is not low, someone still abandoned it?”

“It had a genetic disease and was very sick, it was very difficult to survive, but finally recovered.” Ran Shutang said.

“It’s a miracle.” Fu Yuanzhou said, “It seems to be very sticky to you? I saw it rubbing against your leg in the photo.”

“Yes, it likes me very much.”

“Have you fed it something delicious?”

“Yes I have been taking care of it.” Ran Shutang said, “Others thought it would not survive.”

“Fortunately, it survived, you are amazing!”

They chatted for a while, and Fu Yuanzhou had to go to class again, so he ended the conversation with Ran Shutang.

Ran Shutang, who was resting at home, held his mobile phone and his eyes were fixed on the last chat between the two. He didn’t tell Fu Yuanzhou why he was obsessed with taking care of that cat.

The cat was placed directly at the door of the rescue station by the owner. It was put in a box, along with a little money and things it often used, and a small card with the cat’s name written on it.

It was called Yuan.

Just because of this name, Ran Shutang wanted to take care of the cat no matter how sick it was, not necessarily to save it, he was not sure about it, but he just couldn’t let it go.

Even if it was just because of a name.

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