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There were many people eating together on Valentine’s Day, but most of them were lovers. Two boys like Chi Fang and Yu Mo were simply terrifyingly conspicuous.

They chose a western restaurant. Although Chi Fang didn’t have much interest in pizza, he could barely accept the pasta. Yu Mo ordered a steak.

Chi Fang looked around, and he saw a bunch of lovers, and there was a girl not far away looking at them curiously. Chi Fang paused, and silently retracted his gaze.

During the meal, Chi Fang always felt that someone was looking at him, but he didn’t see anything when he looked over. He turned his head hesitantly, seeing that Yu Mo was looking at him suspiciously, and shook his head, “Nothing.”

Chi Zheng found that Xu Guang had been looking in one direction fixedly, and asked curiously: “What’s wrong? What are you looking at? “

Xu Guang looked back and stretched his hand subconsciously to pull Chi Zheng aside. He hesitated for a few seconds before asking, “Do you think … what’s wrong with Chi Fang recently?”

Chi Zheng was at a loss: “Ah? Nothing? You saw Yu Mo, right?

Xu Guang didn’t know Yu Mo, but Chi Fang was indeed having dinner with a boy. He paused, “You know?”

Chi Zheng’s face was uneven. “Of course, I know, Chi Xiaofang left in the morning.”

Wrong, Chi Zheng was too calm, Xu Guang looked at Chi Zheng suspiciously.

“But what you said about Yu Mo is also true. This kind of day calling Chi Fang out. Didn’t he know that Chi Fang still has his favorite girl to chase?!” Chi Zheng said angrily.

Xu Guang thought of the scene he saw, and silently rubbed his nose. He always felt that the atmosphere between Chi Fang and Yu Mo was not right, but listening to Chi Zheng say that, Chi Fang already had a girl he likes? Then… Maybe he read it wrong.

Now that they met, Chi Zheng wanted to say hello to Chi Fang. Chi Fang just came out and ran into Chi Zheng and Xu Guang. Comparing him with Yu Mo, Chi Fang felt a little uncomfortable.

Chi Zheng found Yu Mo not pleasing to his eyes and didn’t want to talk to him at all. He easily abducted his little brother to his side and asked, “Why are you here?”

Chi Fang said, “I bought some books in the nearby bookstore. So, came to have a meal on the way.”

Chi Zheng pursed his lips, accepting this statement. He raised his eyebrows and looked at Chi Fang, “After buying the book, go with your second brother, and second brother will take you to play.”

Chi Fang silently looked at Xu Guang, and then looked at the foolish Chi Zheng, deeply doubting what Xu Guang’s vision was, that he could actually see favor in the iron urn[1] of Chi Zheng.

“No, we have to do tutoring in the afternoon.” Chi Fang smiled.

“??” Chi Zheng was shocked, “Your school hasn’t started yet, so what do you need to cram?”

Chi Fang nodded and smiled, “Just look at the final papers, because the school teacher doesn’t know how to point out mistakes. So, trouble Yu Mo to help me take a look.”

“Okay…” Chi Zheng nodded reluctantly, “Then you two go home soon, don’t wander around outside.”

Watching Xu Guang enter the restaurant with his brother, Chi Fang breathed a sigh of relief. He turned to look at Yu Mo and found that Yu Mo was looking thoughtfully at Xu Guang and Chi Zheng’s back.

“What’s the matter?” Chi Fang was puzzled.

“They…” Yu Mo paused, “Their relationship…”

Chi Fang paused, a little hesitant. The relationship between Chi Zheng and Xu Guang was not a secret in the Chi family. Mother Chi had given up struggling, but they hadn’t told the Xu family about this. After all, Xu Guang was the only son. He was a little uncertain whether he should tell Yu Mo about this.

However, Chi Fang hesitated for a few seconds, and suddenly thought, he hesitated for so long, isn’t it just telling Yu Mo that there was a ghost[2] in the relationship between the two!

Sure enough, before Chi Fang could say anything, Yu Mo nodded.

Chi Fang was speechless, forget it, anyway, because of Yu Mo’s character, it was impossible for him to talk nonsense everywhere.

Within a few days, school started. The days after school started, everything returned to normal again. Chi Fang’s test scores caused great fluctuations during the school year. A bunch of people came to Class 2 to see what this person who had made so much progress in three months looked like.

The people in Class 2 were even more curious about what Chi Fang said to Wang Pengyu that day. Now Wang Pengyu was not talking about causing trouble with Chi Fang, he was simply hiding from Chi Fang.

Pang Zifei was also a little curious. After asking Chi Fang, Chi Fang just smiled and told him to leave it alone. The team that Pang Zifei participated in has signed up for another competition. He usually didn’t even have enough training time, so he also didn’t have so much time to gossip.

Because Chi Fang’s final exam scores improved so quickly, there were still some students who didn’t believe it. When the results came out on the first monthly exam in the second semester, these people shut up.

Chi Fang’s grades were higher than those at the end of last semester.

Those who had been slapped in their faces shrank silently, most of them came to see Chi Fang after hearing the rumors.

Chi Fang looked helplessly at the students outside the window. Whenever his gaze fell out of the window, the little girls would blush involuntarily, accompanied by the voice of “Ahhhhhhhh he came over, he is so cute”.

He originally thought that this situation would disappear soon, but he didn’t expect that there would be more and more people now.


Chi Fang returned to his senses, turned his head, and found that the pen in Yu Mo’s hand had somehow broken in two. Chi Fang hurriedly stretched out his hand to take the pen out of his hand, and took a close look at Yu Mo’s palm to make sure that there was no debris, and then he was speechless: “What kind of pen is this, the quality is so bad.”

Yu Mo silently glanced at him. He coughed slightly and looked away from the pen that had been broken by himself and was now being treated as a scapegoat. He couldn’t help looking at the people outside the window, most of them were girls.

Beautiful, soft and vigorous.

Before this, Chi Fang was not well-known during the school year, and not many people knew him. Even when they were voting for the school grass, they only saw Chi Fang’s photos. But now, more and more people found that Chi Fang is good, and still more people wanted to pursue Chi Fang.

Just like Yuan Yun who had sent a love letter to Chi Fang before.

Chi Fang would reject one Yuan Yun and two Yuan Yun, but if one time, Chi Fang didn’t want to refuse, then what should he do?

Yu Mo closed his eyes and frowned. For a moment, he wanted to hide Chi Fang so that no one else would find it.

“What’s the matter?”

Yu Mo’s forehead attached a layer of warmth. He opened his eyes and saw Chi Fang approaching with a worried expression, testing the temperature of his forehead with one hand, “Why is your face so ugly? Is it uncomfortable?”

Shaking his head, the darkness that was about to explode was suppressed and hidden back in his dark eyes.

In mid-April, the weather gradually warmed, and the school began to prepare for the sports meet. Sports meets were held every year, and most students had become accustomed to them, and even regarded the sports meets as another three-day holiday. However, for the sports committee and monitors of the class, the sports meets were simply a nightmare.

“Report one!” The squad leader fiercely slapped the registration form on a boy’s desk.

The boy trembled, and silently picked up the paper and looked at it, “Three thousand meters? Shot put?! Pole vault? It’s too ridiculous, I can’t do it!”

The squad leader was also very helpless. The 100-meter sprint, or the relay race, has already been divided, and there were only these things left that no one wanted to go for.

“Choose one! Just one!” the monitor said.

The boy stared at the registration form for a long while, then suddenly stood up, hugged the monitor, “It’s over!” After speaking, he slipped away through the back door before the monitor could react.

Chi Fang looked at the two people and smiled helplessly. He turned his head and asked Yu Mo beside him, “Have you signed up?”

Yu Mo was helping Chi Fang solve a math problem. He shook his head, “No. “

“That’s it…” Chi Fang leaned back on the chair.

“What’s wrong?” Yu Mo wrote the problem-solving steps on the paper and pushed it to Chi Fang.

Chi Fang looked down at the paper and said: “I plan to sign up for a long-distance run.” He had always liked running, and he ran a lot in his down time. Anyway, according to the squad leader, everyone must report one item, at least fill the paper.

When the squad leader knew that Chi Fang had taken the initiative to sign up for 3,000 meters, he almost burst into tears. He was about to step forward and hug Chi Fang. Thanks to Chi Fang’s life-saving grace, Yu Mo silently stood up from behind Chi Fang.

The strong desire to survive caused the monitor to withdraw his hand.

“Three kilometers.” Yu Mo whispered.

The squad leader widened his eyes in surprise, knowing that there were only two quotas for 3,000 meters, but each year it was the last to be determined. However, this year’s other projects have not been solved yet, and it was the first problem to be solved.

“Yu Mo, Chi Fang, three kilometers.” The monitor wrote their names on the registration form, “No problem, right?”

Yu Mo looked at his name below Chi Fang with satisfaction and nodded.

There was still more than a week before the meet, thinking that although it was hard to get the first place, but it would be too ugly to lose. Chi Fang began to drag Yu Mo for a long run every night, but Yu Mo really didn’t like the feeling of running and sweating. Basically, he stopped after only running 800 meters every day.

The sports meeting lasts for three days, the first two days was the competition, and the third day was the closing ceremony. Chi Fang glanced at the schedule. He and Yu Mo were divided into two groups, both running in the afternoon.

Taking the number plate from the squad leader, Chi Fang took it and looked for Yu Mo. Yu Mo sat in the corner alone, only raised his head slightly when he saw Chi Fang approaching. Chi Fang smiled and handed Yu Mo the number plate in his hand. However, the moment he bent over, Chi Fang’s movements jerked.

An almost vicious look stayed behind him for three seconds before moving away.

The smile on Chi Fang’s face did not change, he stood up straight, and calmly looked in the direction of the gaze.

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[1] Unromantic.

[2] Something fishy.

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