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The door opened silently, Yan Mu stood inside the door, watching Lu Chengyu standing outside the door with an embarrassed expression on his face, and warmly said: “Come in.” Lu Chengyu entered Yan Mu’s office, turned around to close the door, and said in embarrassment: “Boss, I’m here to talk to you about the shares.”

Although he had been faceless and skinny in his previous life, his face was already very thick, but today he felt a little guilty in the face of Yan Mu’s trusting eyes.

As the president of Huading Company, Yan Mu took the opportunity to buy stocks at a bargain while gambling with his opponent, and he almost sabotaged the other party’s plan. After joining Huading, the other party always trusted him at work, and he also looked for opportunities to train his ability to work, but he never mentioned it. He didn’t really forget this incident, but when confronted with Yan Mu and Cao Jingshen, he wanted to hide it for as long as possible. If he joined the company soon, and let Yan Mu and Cao Jingshen know that he had 3% of Huading’s shares in his hands, perhaps this friendship would not be so close.

But when things happened, he felt that he was not clever in this trick, and he even dared to do so by relying on others treating him as a friend. He walked up to Yan Mu, the corners of his mouth moved a few times, but he couldn’t open the mouth.

“Liang Guoming came to the verdict in the first instance. He was sentenced to 13 years for several crimes.” Yan Mu poured a glass of water for Lu Chengyu. “The court also sentenced him to pay your medical bills.”

“Thank you,” Lu Chengyu looked at the cup in his hand and saw that it was not a disposable paper cup, but a white ceramic cup printed with blue and white double stalks and inside was his favorite tea. Holding the teacup tightly, he sighed and said, “Boss, the person who bought the Huading stock during the internal turmoil of Huading…It was me.”

He knew in his heart that if there was no Yan Mu to help behind, the first instance would not be judged. It was impossible for it to get down so soon, and the sentence still being so strict. With the financial resources of the Liang family, it was not difficult to get the sentence reduced. So, this time the sentence was so heavy, there must be some help behind it.

Yan Mu took out two boxes of biscuits from the cupboard and put them on the table. He sat down on the other side of the sofa, looking at Lu Chengyu with a calm expression, as if he was saying, “Let’s talk, I’m listening.”

Lu Chengyu felt that what his narrative was suddenly not so strong. At this time, shouldn’t Yan Mu look at him with disappointment and sadness? What was with biscuits and tea. Is this a tea party? The style of painting was seriously wrong, and he could hardly continue.

The biscuits were the kind he usually liked to eat. The packaging had been opened by Yan Mu, but the biscuits inside were still full, and none of them had been moved.

“At that time, I won the lottery, and there was a sum of money left by my parents,” Lu Chengyu looked at the steam in the water glass. “At that time, I thought the stock price of Huading had dropped so low, and it was a bit weird. I studied economics. Knowing that there is a profit in it, I just gambled. After a few days after I bought a large number of scattered stocks, I found that other people were buying a lot of stocks, plus I didn’t have much money left, so… I stopped.”

Yan Mu looked at Lu Chengyu’s hand tightly holding the water cup: “How much did you win?”

“Twenty million,” Lu Chengyu took a sip of water, “I’m sorry…” This kind of concealing friend’s business is really too heart-wrenching.

“It’s good to win the prize,” Yan Mu got up and sat a little closer to Lu Chengyu. “I didn’t doubt you. You are willing to take the initiative to tell me. I am very happy.”

Lu Chengyu raised his head and met Yan Mu’s eyes. In his eyes, he did not see the slightest dissatisfaction and disappointment, but all tolerance and trust, as if the other party had never doubted him from beginning to end, nor was he dissatisfied because of his behavior.

He felt as if his heart was pricked by something. It didn’t hurt, but it was sour and swollen with a little bit of heat. This feeling even made him feel tight under his throat, and he couldn’t say a word for a long time.

“Although I am the president of Huading, I will not easily doubt the important people around me.” Yan Mu pulled out the cookie box and placed it where Lu Chengyu could reach it. “Although I don’t know what you were like in the past. But I believe you are not one to calculate me.”

Lu Chengyu’s soreness in his heart became more and more obvious. He took another sip of tea before he said: “Working at Huading is my own choice. My boss and colleagues are my luck.”

“That’s enough,” Yan Mu didn’t want Lu Chengyu to be embarrassed. He got up and found a pile of information on his desk. “Next week we are going to the following branch for inspection. I don’t have time to read these reports. You go and do it.”

“Okay,” Lu Chengyu smiled and took the information, bending over to pick up the cookies on the table, “Boss, you don’t like to eat these, I’ll help you eat them, so as not to waste it.”

Yan Mu tensed. Nodding his head, after Lu Chengyu went out, he stretched out his hand to get the teacup that Lu Chengyu had drunk from.

 “That’s right,” Lu Chengyu opened the door suddenly and stuck his head in, “Mu Ge, thank you for your trust, I will not disappoint you.” He glanced over the teacup in Yan Mu’s hand and squinted his head with a smile. He took it back and closed the office door again.

Yan Mu’s curved back froze and stared at the office door for half a minute. After confirming that Lu Chengyu would not come back, he secretly took a sip from the teacup, and then put the teacup back in place with a serious face. As if the teacup was originally there, he didn’t touch it at all.

But he was a little excited because Lu Chengyu changed his name.

The name Mu Ge… was also good.

Cao Jingshen worried all afternoon. After work, he met Yan Mu in the parking lot. After thinking about it, he got close to the other side and glanced at the empty parking space next to the Maybach. Lu Chengyu’s car was not there. It seemed that the person had already gone home. “Boss, Xiao Lu is off work?”

“Well,” Yan Mu nodded, and when he opened the door, he saw that Cao Jingshen didn’t leave. He asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I just asked if Xiao Lu was off work,” Cao Jingshen said with a dry cough, since Yan Mu’s expression was too difficult to distinguish, he had to say, “This kid ran too fast. The boss didn’t leave. He ran first. The young man should have suffered more.”

Yan Mu was silent. After a long while: “I let him go first.” The boss let Xiao Lu go first? Didn’t you still say you believe in Xiao Lu at noon, why has it changed now?

Cao Jingshen felt that the boss might have had a grudge against Xiao Lu. After thinking about it, he still didn’t want someone like Lu Chengyu to leave Huading because of this incident: “Boss, I think it’s a coincidence. Didn’t we inform them to come to the interview after careful screening? If Xiao Lu is really a spy for a hostile company, then he has failed too much in the past few months.”

“Well, you make a lot of sense,” Yan Mu nodded and said, “So, I asked him to go back to familiarize himself with the information of the branch earlier.”

“You decided to bring him to the branch inspection next week?” Cao Jingshen pushed his glasses up his nose, “I thought too much.”

“It’s okay, I don’t blame you.” Yan Mu got into the car and said, “Go home early.”

 Cao Jingshen silently watched the Maybach drive out of the parking lot. He also thanked the other party for not blaming him.

After Lu Chengyu returned home, he didn’t have time to read the information of the branch, because as soon as he reached home and sat on the sofa, Song Junyan knocked on the door of his house.

Lu Chengyu looked at Song Junyan, who was standing outside the door and looked to be hesitant to say something, and asked with a polite smile: “Is there anything wrong with Mr. Song?”

“After thinking about it, I think there are some things that I need to tell you. Do you have time?” He smiled and asked, “If you don’t have time, we’ll talk about it next time.”

“I’m just about to go out to eat, wait for me,” Lu Chengyu turned and entered the house, quickly took the wallet, mobile phone, and car key, and then changed his shoes, closed the door and asked, “What does Mr. Song like to eat?” He wouldn’t be so stupid as to invite Song Junyan into his house. Who knows if the other party will do anything?

Song Junyan glanced at the closed door, and thought about it seriously, “West Street opened a western restaurant with a good environment. Let’s try it.”

Lu Chengyu did not refuse. He did not take the initiative to mention that he was driving, and finally sat down in Song Junyan’s car. He pretended to look at the car unintentionally, “Mr. Song’s car is good.”

 “Is it?” Song Junyan’s smile didn’t reach the bottom of his eyes. It was a popular model worth less than a million, compared to Yan Mu’s car which was worth more than tens of millions, “It’s okay.”

“I am driving a small Pentium worth less than 100,000 yuan like a baby,” Lu Chengyu said of the car, feeling a little bit envious at the moment, “The boss’s car is the coolest, even the lights are better than my car. It’s valuable.”

“Of course, he can drive such a good car, huh,” Song Junyan sneered. “The people of the Yan family don’t know how much blood they have on their hands for the money.”

Lu Chengyu looked at Song Junyan with a puzzled expression, “Boss, although he is a little serious, he is pretty good.”

Song Junyan shook the back of the steering wheel’s hands and said with disdain, “It’s all superficial work. Mr. Lu, you are a good person, and I don’t want you to fall into the quagmire of the Yan family. That’s why I want to tell you something.”

Seeing Lu Chengyu’s expression becoming suspicious, Song Junyan stopped talking. After the car was parked near the western restaurant, he gently said to Lu Chengyu, “Don’t be afraid, if I am there, they will not dare to calculate you too much.”

Lu Chengyu followed him into the restaurant. After the two ordered a meal, Lu Chengyu hesitated and said softly: “I don’t understand, even if there is something among them, it shouldn’t involve me. Also, why don’t they dare to calculate me with you?” This person should really inquire about the lesson learned by Yan Lao San some time ago. Not only did he lose his position at Huading, but he was also arrested for a while.

He remembered that on the day of Lu Dong’s wedding, the third wife Yan was arrested. Some time ago, due to a medical problem, his wife spent a lot of money to send him out. Although this one still wanted to make trouble with Yan Mu, he was so timid, he didn’t dare to come to Huading to make trouble.

Song Junyan was now replacing Yan Lao San to challenge Yan Mu’s bottom line. Where did his confidence come from?

Lu Chengyu was not the type of person who liked Western food, but he still knew the etiquette of Western food, so he maintained his own style very well. In front of outsiders, he had always tried his best not to show timidity.

Looking at Lu Chengyu’s standard dining posture, Song Junyan smiled at Lu Chengyu and said, “Maybe you don’t know, Yan Mu and I are actually biological brothers.” Lu Chengyu looked at him in surprise: “Brothers?”

“My mother fell in love with my dad back then, and after she was with him, she got pregnant with me, she knew that my dad already had a wife and a son,” Song Junyan sighed, “My mom didn’t want to be a third party to destroy the family, but she didn’t want to give up the life in her stomach and was preparing to go away, my dad found out about the matter and started to quarrel with her, so it spread to Aunt Mu’s ears.”

“Later, my mother lost her job, and my grandparents were threatened, even after I was born, someone was going to take me away from my mother,” Song Junyan said in a low voice, “If it wasn’t for my dad to protect us, maybe we…”

“Aunt Mu used all means to frame us mother and child. Before she died of illness, she used Mu family’s power and threatened my father not to marry my mother. We mother and son have suffered so much during these years. When my father died, Yan Mu even refused to let us attend the funeral. He even threatened us, saying that if my mother and I dared to peep on Yan Family’s property, he will kill us…”

Lu Chengyu was slicing steak while listening to Song Junyan’s history of persecution by Yan Mu and his mother against this mother-son duo. It was simply sad and tearful for those who heard it. In Song Junyan’s story, Song Junyan’s mother and son were strong while still being lonely and helpless, and Yan Mu and his mother were the evil villains, who were wicked and only knew how to attract hatred.

If Yan Mu and his mother were really like Song Junyan said, Song Junyan and his mother should have been killed long ago, also where did the money to buy Liang company’s stocks, drive a car worth a million, and buy a house at will would have come.

“I don’t want to argue with him for something, but why doesn’t he want to let us go,” Song Junyan took a sip of red wine and said proudly, “I am doing well now. I don’t need anything from their Yan family at all!”

Lu Chengyu cooperated. With a shocked expression, he continued to eat.

After eating almost the complete meal, Lu Chengyu finally listened to Song Junyan’s story. He looked at Song Junyan’s slightly angry face and said with emotion, “I didn’t expect you to have such a story behind you.”

“I’m not telling you this for anything, but I just want you to see exactly what kind of person Yan Mu is.” Song Junyan hesitated, “After all, you are his assistant now. You should pay more attention to it when you work.”

“I understand,” Lu Chengyu nodded solemnly, and suddenly stood up and said, “I have something to attend to.”

Song Junyan stood up and said comfortingly, “No matter what happens, I am willing to help you.”

If he was not mistaken, the things on the Internet should have been passed on to the people of the Yan family. He did not believe that the Yan family would let these rumors continue.

“Thank you,” Lu Chengyu gave Song Junyan a grateful look, and hurried out of the western restaurant door, reached for a taxi around the corner, and reported Yan Mu’s address.

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