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The work in the morning was no different from the past. When he went to eat at noon, Lu Chengyu deliberately arrived at the restaurant early, and then met Tang Xuan and others. Hearing that they deliberately used the rumours on the Internet to joke with him, he said helplessly: “I say, the person who posted the post is not you, sister Xuan?”

“Don’t be wronged,” Tang Xuan took a step back, pulling the colleague behind him, “You have to help me testify, I have nothing to do with it.”

“Then why are you so happy with gossip?” Lu Chengyu played with the chopsticks in his hand. “Wait for the boss to come down, if he heard what you said…”

“Pay deduction!” Other colleagues grinned. Making fun of Tang Xuan, apparently, no one took this matter to heart, but regarded it as a joke.

What kind of identity does the president have? It is simply a combination of the three generations of officials and the second generation of rich. If Assistant Lu and the boss are really the so-called true love, would Xiao Lu still need to be bullied by Prince Liang?

“If I have my salary deducted, I will report you.” Tang Xuan walked around her colleagues in high heels. “When I gossip, I am not the only one who is active.”

Everyone laughed loudly. A sharp eye saw Yan Mu appear at the entrance of the cafeteria, coughed, and stepped forward to pat Lu Chengyu on the shoulder and said, “Assistant Lu, it’s okay. Everyone does not believe the messy rumours on the Internet.”

Lu Chengyu was helpless and grateful. He glanced at this male colleague, and at the same time noticed that Yan Mu came over here, he raised his voice and said, “Boss, here.”

Tang Xuan and others could see that the atmosphere between Lu Chengyu and the boss was as unconstrained as the past. Knowing that this matter will not have any effect on Lu Chengyu, they all went away. When Yan Mu walked to Lu Chengyu’s side, all the people who had surrounded Lu Chengyu’s side had already gone.

Yan Mu looked around and saw that Lu Chengyu was holding the chopsticks in his hand: “Have you prepared the food?”

“Just chatted with them, forgot to,” Lu Chengyu looked at the food from the Xiaochao District with a smile, “I went to the Xiaochao District today to buy, boss, you will help me eat, and I will treat you to a stir-fry.”

Huading’s internal cafeteria has free staff meals, but in order to take care of the staff’s appetite, a small stir-fry area has been specially opened. These stir-fries taste good and the price is a bit cheaper than outside restaurants.

Lu Chengyu was already familiar with the cooking chef. As soon as he appeared at the window of the small cooking area, the chef smiled and said, “Assistant Lu, what would you like to order?” He flipped the wok neatly and pulled out a dish. Then he quickly washed the pot to fry the next dish. “Today’s ingredients are all newly bought in the morning and they are all fresh.”

Lu Chengyu heard the words and quickly reported the names of a few dishes, thinking that Cao Jingshen might come to eat the dishes. He added another dish, “Thank you, Master He.”

“Good”, Master He neatly poured oil, vegetables, and seasonings. It didn’t take long for Lu Chengyu’s few dishes to be cooked.

Lu Chengyu brought the dishes to the table in front of Yan Mu on a tray, and sat down opposite Yan Mu, and said, “My colleagues say that although you usually look serious, you are still very grounded in what you do.”

Yan Mu looked at Lu Chengyu with incomprehensibility, he obviously didn’t understand why the other party suddenly said such a thing.

“Don’t they say that the bosses of listed companies often don’t come to the cafeteria to eat, they don’t even come to the company often,” Lu Chengyu picked up the dishes, “You are too inconsistent with the identity of the president.”

“What should the president be like?” Yan Mu picked a chopstick and green pepper and potato shreds, and said after eating, “I am not interested in yachts and luxury cars, and celebrities are even more boring. When I come to the company every day, I can still have you and work with me. This is more interesting than other things.”

Lu Chengyu’s hand holding the chopsticks stopped slightly, and then he said: “So, it seems that the saying is true.” He took a sip of the soup, “Like me now, there seems to be no difference between more money and less money.”

Yan Mu remembered that Lu Chengyu is now a person with assets of hundreds of millions, but the other party’s life does not seem to have changed at all, as if the difference between one hundred million and ten thousand is not that big.

“It’s always useful,” Yan Mu thought for a while. “It’s better to have more money than no money.”

“This comfort is not pleasant at all,” Lu Chengyu smiled, “But it’s very useful. It’s better to have money than no money. “

After eating, Lu Chengyu went to other departments to deal with a temporary incident, but Yan Mu went to the secretarial department to get the list of shareholders of the company that Cao Jingshen had compiled before.

“All the lists with more than 5% holdings are here.” Cao Jingshen didn’t understand why the boss suddenly asked for these lists. Except for the slight difference in the share of these people’s holdings, there was not much change.

 “I mean, those who are less than 5% and more than 1%,” Yan Mu didn’t look at the list of major shareholders. “I want to find out if there is a relationship between these small shareholders. It’s very intimate.”

Cao Jingshen suddenly understood when he heard the words, and now he called out the list of these people, there are also nearly 20 people, large and small when he saw a certain name, his expression changed slightly, and he passed the list silently to Yan Mu.

During this period, because of the ups and downs, they didn’t have time to focus on the shareholders who bought small number of scattered shares. He had known that he would see this unexpected name, and he should have paid more attention to it.

It’s no wonder that the manager of the finance department mentioned Lu Chengyu vaguely to him some time ago. It turned out that it was because of this. Maybe the other party thought he knew about it, so he didn’t mention it again, and he also thought that the other party casually mentioned Lu Chengyu because he was curious about Lu Chengyu’s gossip, so he dealt with the other party vaguely, but he missed it.

“The personal information of these people shows that there is no connection, but I will ask someone to verify it again,” Cao Jingshen said with a slightly embarrassed expression, “It was a mistake in my work, I didn’t expect…”

“It’s not your problem, the company still has so many branches, there have been a lot of things recently, it is normal for you to miss it.” According to the regulations, after the holding reaches 5%, shareholders must report to the company, and the company must report to the State Council Securities Regulatory Agency and the Securities Exchange and a large company like Huading was very concerned about 1% of the minority shareholders, let alone a shareholder like Lu Chengyu who holds up to 3%.

After he entered Huading, he checked the various shareholders of Huading several times. At that time, there was no Lu Chengyu in the shareholder list, indicating that Lu Chengyu held 3% after he decided to take back the power of Huading.

Could it be that when Huading’s stock price was lowest before, it was Lu Chengyu who bought the stock?

Or was he wrong? Lu Chengyu bought the shares after he made a lot of money? However, the survey data clearly stated that Lu Chengyu bought 3% of Huading’s stock a few months ago.

But even if Huading’s stock price dropped to the lowest level, Lu Chengyu may not have enough money to buy these stocks. Where did Lu Chengyu get that amount of money?

“Boss, would you like me to find someone to check…”

“No,” Yan Mu turned over the list and looked at the back of the list without a word. “No one is stupid enough to hold a 3% stake and use their real name as a corporate spy.”

Cao Jingshen frowned and said, “What if he really has a problem?” The office was silent for a few seconds, but Cao Jingshen felt that it had been quiet for a long time inexplicably, which made him a little breathless…

“I’ll take care of this.” Yan Mu stood up, crumpled the list into a ball, and threw it into the trash can. “I believe him.”

Seeing Yan Mu walk out of his office, Cao Jingshen rubbed the bridge of his nose with a headache. In fact, he also believed in Lu Chengyu. After all, a smart person like Lu Chengyu would not do such a stupid thing. The point is that the source of the other party’s money is so suspicious that he can’t find a reason.

“Your sister Lu Chengyu, if you end up causing humiliation for Lao Tzu, Lao Tzu will really step on your face!” Cao Jingshen checked the company’s internal information about Lu Chengyu while worrying about what was wrong with it.

Who knew that Lu Chengyu came to look for him as soon as he finished cursing, still carrying a box of lunch in his hand?

“Brother Cao, I saw you work overtime for dinner today, so I brought you food,” Lu Chengyu put the lunch box on the table, and squinted at Cao Jingshen with his hand propped on the desk, “I’m kind enough.”

Cao Jingshen tweeted. Pushing his glasses, he took the box of lunch and opened it. It was his favourite dish. He looked up at Lu Chengyu’s smiling face: “Do you know what I was doing at noon?”

“If it’s a secret that I shouldn’t know, don’t tell me.” Lu Chengyu took a few steps back and sat down on the sofa. “I don’t want to know at all.” One of the workplace rules are that you shouldn’t know. Curiosity killed motivated young people.

“It’s not a secret. I just checked the list of all shareholders of the company.” Cao Jingshen looked up at Lu Chengyu. “These materials are messy. I spent a lot of time sorting it out. I didn’t even have time to eat.”

Lu Chengyu was again thinking of the 3% of the shares he holds in the company, he coughed dryly: “Then you must have seen my name.”

“I almost thought I saw a person with the same name and surname as you,” Cao Jingshen saw this picture by Lu Chengyu. His expression and his heart relaxed a little. It seems that Lu Chengyu was indeed not a spy sent by another company. “Why do you have 3% of the company’s shares in your hand, and why are you hiding it?”

“I forgot”, Lu Chengyu sighed, “At that time, I won the 20 million lottery, plus the money my parents left me, I basically used it to buy our company’s stock. Then I kept only a few and sold the others. The money went to make a movie, and then I was busy every day, so, I forgot.”

“Twenty million?!” Cao Jingshen felt as if he had opened the door of envy and hatred, “Make a movie? You… didn’t tell me. Is this your friendship?”

Lu Chengyu smiled shyly: “Hey, that’s not it.”

“I don’t think I want to see you for the time being,” Cao Jingshen was pulling the lunch box weakly, “Go to your 20 million. Go to your movie that made three or four billion.”

“Brother Cao, I don’t have a sister.” Lu Chengyu retreated to the door and waved his hand with a smile, “Then I’ll go back to work, see you later.”

“Seeing your size, I assume that I have never heard of this before. It’s so exciting.” As the office door was closed, Cao Jingshen’s originally depressed expression slowly turned into a smiling face. If Lu Chengyu won the 20 million lottery, he would be able to find out as the boss, and Lu Chengyu would not be stupid enough to spread this kind of lie that will be exposed.

Therefore, the truth of the matter was on the magic and coincidence of getting rich by lottery tickets.

Well, although he was relieved, the door of envy, jealousy, and hatred could not be closed.

Lu Chengyu walked to the door of the president’s room, hesitant to knock on the door. He really missed the stock issue. Given his friendship with Yan Mu, he should have taken the initiative to tell the other party instead of waiting for the other party to discover it. If Yan Mu was a suspicious person, then even if the matter was cleared, there will be a knot in the other person’s heart.

He calculated everything and anticipated everything. The only thing he didn’t consider was that he and Yan Mu, the boss, would become such close friends. There should not be too much suspicion in friendship, just like love, too much suspicion and doubt will only break the relationship and end up embarrassing both parties.

However, how should he explain that after winning the lottery, why he would choose to make a desperate bet to buy Huading’s stock? After all, at that time, no one was optimistic about Huading’s stock. He was a fresh graduate student who finally won 20 million. He bought nothing but Huading’s stock. This was too suspicious.

If he told Yan Mu that he had a vision and believed that Huading will develop into a leading enterprise in the country, would the other party choose to believe him or suspect him?

He wiped his face. Although Yan Mu might choose the second option no matter what he said, he still summoned the courage to raise his hand and prepare to knock on the door. Regardless of the outcome, he must make things clear, otherwise, his friendship with Yan Mu would seem too cheap.

As a result, before his hand reached the door, the door opened from the inside.

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