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Disneyland in this era was definitely a rarity. This Disneyland in France was the fourth in the world and the only one in Europe. It had just been completed. There were two others in the United States and one in Japan.

It was the first time for all the children present, including Feng Weiming, who had lived in France for more than two years. It was not that Mu Jiuqing was unwilling to accompany his son, but that Feng Weiming didn’t like to go to such a “childish” place and didn’t appreciate his father’s invitation.

He had to come this time, and when he entered the paradise, he saw all kinds of games around, while he was surrounded by the noise of all kinds of children, so Feng Weiming’s face was completely cold.

It was a pity that he often had this expression, so those subtle changes were impossible to find out without very careful observation.

Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan had long been fascinated by the various novel and exciting things in the paradise. They pulled Mrs. Mu eagerly to play this or that, completely ignoring the cold face of their little friend.

Mrs. Mu took the children to play, so she had changed into light clothes, and looked a few years younger than usual. She was beautiful and had a good temperament, and the few children she brought along all looked sculpted with jade and snow, which made them extremely eye-catching.

Mrs. Mu had the heart to take care of Mu Yixi more, thinking that he probably hadn’t been abroad before, and he might not be used to it the first time he came out. Unexpectedly, Mu Yixi had always behaved very well, not crying or making trouble, very sensible and worry-free. Fearing that he would suppress himself, she wanted to encourage him to have a good time.

Mu Yixuan was the youngest. Although the nanny Xu Qingli was also there, if Mrs. Mu was there at the same time, she would always stick to her mother. Mu Yixi usually played well with her and knew how to take care of his younger sister. Mrs. Mu planned to take the two together so that Xu Qingli and Jiang Xinyu could look at Mu Yiqi and Feng Weiming.

However, Feng Weiming made it clear that he did not want to join the play team and sat to rest under the tree. Mu Yiqi looked at his cold face and froze (he always felt that he was in a bad mood these past few days, and his slanted eyes even had murderousness), and did not want to sit with him, and moved slowly to Mrs. Mu’s side, with a look of expectation. He looked at her, then he looked at Mu Yixi. Little brother and him were the best friends!

Jiang Xinyu wanted to take care of Feng Weiming and guarded him every step of the way. The other children were on Mrs. Mu’s side, so Xu Qingli had to go over and accompany Mrs. Mu.

The seats in most games were for two people. Xu Qingli saw Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan rushing to ask Mu Yixi to accompany them, and even Mrs. Mu was unable to compare herself with him, but Mu Yixi was not daring to express his opinion, so he had to accompany to the ride that both sides were pleased with. After accompanying them for another ride, Xu Qingli curled her lips secretly, unable to figure out the child’s way of thinking. Didn’t they realize that Mu Yixi was useless?

But no matter what she thought, on this occasion, in order to show her maturity and caring, she was responsible for carrying a bag and standing aside watching them play.

After playing a few rides, Mu Yixi came down. Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan were reluctant to let go, but they didn’t stop him. They watched him walk a few steps, and then became happy again to devoted themselves to the next ride. You could tell by looking at their expressions. They were having so much fun that Mu Yiqi didn’t dislike Yixuan’s hindrance anymore.

Xu Qingli hesitated when she saw him coming down. Mu Yixi seemed to have not noticed her and walked towards Feng Weiming with a smile on his face. Xu Qingli did not follow him, she still stood with her bag, her eyes turned to Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan. When Mrs. Mu saw this, a faint unhappiness flashed in her heart. Seeing Mu Yixi sitting steadily next to Feng Weiming, she withdrew her gaze and continued to play with her children.

“Why did you come down so soon?” Mu Yixi sat next to him, Feng Weiming didn’t say hello, and even gave him a look with his eyes. His accent was a bit strange because he didn’t often speak Chinese in France, his tongue curled slightly, adding more amorous feelings to the language. Jiang Xinyu took out a tissue and wiped the sweat on Mu Yixi’s forehead.

“Tired.” Mu Yixi politely accepted the tissue and thanked her but didn’t let her wipe it: “My leg was fractured before and it is not good.” He honestly said that and touched his leg unconsciously.

“Poor little guy. How did you get hurt? Did you walk too quickly and fell down?” Jiang Xinyu asked with a smile. She looked at this little cutie with red lips and white teeth, and she liked him. Although he looked so similar to Mu Yiqi, she knew that there must be some reason for it, but Mrs. Mu and her pair of children got along with him very well, so Jiang Xinyu alone could not ignore him.

Unexpectedly, a simple question instantly caused Mu Yixi’s expression to change. The blushing cheeks that had been flushed due to exercise fever faded and became pale and fragile. Jiang Xinyu suddenly noticed that he was thin and weak, and his stature was almost half an inch smaller than Mu Yiqi. Mu Yiqi called him little brother when he introduced him!

Jiang Xinyu didn’t know Mu Yixi’s experience. Just now she only thought that her fracture was a child’s bump. Seeing him as if he was touched on his sore spot, she secretly cried out. She glanced at Feng Weiming, wondering if he knew. Unexpectedly, Feng Weiming, who had been turning a blind eye to Mu Yixi, didn’t know when it started. His face turned slightly to his side and looked at Mu Yixi blankly.

“Hey, the weather today is really good. It’s time for you to come out to play.” Jiang Xinyu changed the subject.

But Mu Yixi was obviously still immersed in the question just now. He was silent for a moment, and then reluctantly said in a small voice: “It wasn’t a fall, it was…it was…my grandma…” He said intermittently, and there was a little emptiness in his eyes. It was obviously not a good memory, and it was extremely difficult. He opened his teeth, but when asked, he couldn’t lie.

Jiang Xinyu was a human being and had a general idea by listening to the few words. Now she stretched out her hand and squeezed his cheek, interrupting his memory, and said with relief: “Ah, sweetheart, don’t think about the past anymore. Isn’t it good now? Mrs. Mu loves you very much.”

When Mrs. Mu was mentioned, Mu Yixi blinked and his expression eased, with a smile on his face. He squeezed the corner of his clothes and said softly: “Mother is the best…” If the previous suffering was to meet Mrs. Mu and become her son, Mu Yixi thought it was worth it.

As Mu Jiuqing’s assistant, Jiang Xinyu knew much about Mu’s family. She briskly talked about Mrs. Mu’s virtuous deeds, and also talked about some interesting things that happened when she saw Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan before. As expected, she immediately attracted all Mu Yixi’s attention and made him a little bit amused. He laughed, his smiley face was innocent and shy. Jiang Xinyu immediately liked this child.

After chatting for a while, Jiang Xinyu went to the bathroom and asked the driver who was following to look at the two small ones for a while.

Feng Weiming suddenly said, “Really?”

“Huh?” Mu Yixi’s lips were still curled up: “What is it?”

“Your injury was because you were beaten by your grandma.” Feng Weiming looked at him. Feng Weiming knew he had a leg injury when he was in the Mu’s old house, but he didn’t know how he was injured. Firstly, he didn’t like him, and secondly, he was never a curious child.

Feng Weiming didn’t know who his grandmother was. But in his opinion, grandma should be the same important elders as grandparents. He couldn’t imagine what it was like to be beaten to a fracture by his grandmother. He felt that Mu Yixi’s words were both true and false, and it was difficult to tell. Originally, he could still see through him. Recently, Mu Yixi seemed to have befuddled him, making him confused. He didn’t know which sentence was true or which was false.

“It’s true, I don’t need to lie.” Mu Yixi lay on the table with his chin resting on the back of his hand, tilting his head and looking at him: “This kind of lie, you can pierce it with just one shot, I’m not that stupid.”

Feng Weiming did not speak.

Mu Yixi said mysteriously in a whispering voice: “I know you hate me, feel that I am dishonest, and love to pretend, but do you know what I am most afraid of? What I am most afraid of is that my mother doesn’t like me and wouldn’t want me. She would let me go back to my grandmother… I don’t even know who gave birth to me.”

Of course, this was a lie. But if he didn’t count the experience of the previous life, Mu Yixi, who was only six years old in this life, was indeed in such a situation.

Mu Yixi analyzed it carefully and felt that Feng Weiming hated him for liking Mu Yiqi, and it was probably because of his fakeness. Mu Yixi could “really” show himself. Anyway, there was nothing wrong with letting this high IQ preacher see his true temperament, Feng Weiming’s mouth was tighter than a clam shell. Mu Yixi was sure that as long as he was harmless to Mu Yiqi and the others, Feng Weiming would not interfere with him.

Talking about his poor life experience and clarifying his difficulties, although Feng Weiming still had that ice cube face, Mu Yixi felt that he had listened to him.

He was just thinking that selling misery might touch Feng Weiming’s hard-hearted heart, but then Feng Weiming thought about it for a while, and said lightly: “Excuse me.”  It seemed that it wasn’t enough, so he added: “It has nothing to do with me.”

Looking at him, he always has a hippie smiley face, and things about grandmothers were estimated to have limited influence. Feng Weiming couldn’t feel the precarious, trembling panic in Mu Yixi, and Mrs. Mu’s character was worthy of trust. Since she adopted Mu Yixi, she wouldn’t ask him to compromise. At least until now, Feng Weiming had only seen Mrs. Mu’s care for Mu Yixi.

So even if he was telling the truth, it was not worthy of sympathy.

Mu Yixi gritted his teeth secretly. The smooth wind and flow of his life was interrupted when he met Feng Weiming and talking to him was like kicking an iron plate.

The little thing that was not cute at all!

Mu Yixi swallowed and suddenly smiled. He stood up abruptly, took Feng Weiming’s hand, and said like an ordinary child greeting his friends to play together: “Hey, obviously, don’t sit here all the time, go and play with me!”

Feng Weiming watched him laugh, he immediately became vigilant, but he didn’t move fast enough, his hand was thus caught unexpectedly, so he struggled subconsciously. Mu Yixi was a small person, but his hands were like iron tongs, and he couldn’t break away at all.

Feng Weiming shot him with a small ice arrow from his eyes: “Let…”

“If you refuse, I’ll kiss you!” Mu Yixi interrupted him with a smile, pouting slightly and making a cute gesture, which looked terrible in Feng Weiming’s eyes.

Why did he forget for a while that he knew he had mysophobia but would deliberately kiss him, and talk to him again? Also, who allowed him to call him!

Feng Weiming squeezed his small fist, his face paralyzed.

At this time Jiang Xinyu came back and saw Feng Weiming and Mu Yixi holding hands and opened her mouth in surprise.

“Auntie Jiang, he is going to play with me!” Mu Yixi announced happily.

“Uh, have you rested?” Jiang Xinyu glanced at Feng Weiming’s cold face. The little ancestor did not seem to agree.

“Yes.” Mu Yixi nodded.

“Then you guys have fun!” Jiang Xinyu said.

Feng Weiming turned his head to look at her, and Jiang Xinyu made a “BOSS” mouth shape to him. Mu Jiuqing hoped Feng Weiming could have fun. The little ancestor sat withered under the tree for a day, and Jiang Xinyu would not be able to explain to the boss.

Thanks to Jiang Xinyu’s help, Mu Yixi happily took away the unwilling Feng Weiming.

They met with Mrs. Mu and the children. Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan were surprised when they saw Feng Weiming!

At the same time, they thought: Mingming (brother) was kidnapped by aliens? (Otherwise, how could he change his mind!!!)

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