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Mrs. Mu laughed: “Let’s play together! Xiaoxi will take care of Mingming, Xiaoqi can take care of Xiaoxuan, huh?”

“Yes, mother.” Mu Yixi and Mu Yiqi gladly/reluctantly agreed.

The ride they were lining up for was the carousel. Boys didn’t like this kind of gentle rides very much, but Mu Yixuan liked it very much, so she was stomping to ride it so Mu Yiqi had to accompany her.

Although Mu Yixi came to Feng Weiming, he didn’t know which rides he should play with him. The merry-go-round was used to test his acceptance. Moreover, just looking at his stern face and the small eyes that was firing frozen arrows, it was already worth the fare.

Feng Weiming slightly pursed his lips. Because Mrs. Mu had spoken, he couldn’t directly refute her. He didn’t know who his mother was. Mrs. Mu had always felt the closest to his mother, and Feng Weiming respected her very much.

The object of his anger was Mu Yixi, who put him in this dilemma for no reason.

As if feeling that Feng Weiming hated him even more, Mu Yixi looked far away. Don’t think he didn’t know that Feng Weiming still hated him.

Disneyland was very popular in the United States and Japan, and it had become a sacred place that children dreamt of. Of course, it had its uniqueness. However, some traditional rides were not much different from other children’s playgrounds, but there were some more gimmicks, such as the carousel, which used the fairy tale Snow White as the theme. It was true that Snow White was a fairy tale character widely circulated in Europe. Little girls longed to be her since childhood, so it was still very popular.

Feng Weiming was exquisite and beautiful, with a straight back and a clean and noble temperament. He was more attractive than the thin and cowardly Mu Yixi and the obviously childish Mu Yiqi.

A little blonde girl pointed at Feng Weiming and shouted to her mother who was holding her: “Prince! Prince!” She spoke French and shouted as if she had discovered the New World.

All of a sudden, many people’s eyes were cast on Feng Weiming. Feng Weiming was slightly taken aback.

Mrs. Mu naturally approached Feng Weiming, putting a hand on his shoulders, smiling generously and politely.

The mother of the little blonde girl was a beautiful blonde woman. Seeing that Mrs. Mu and her group were Asians, she seemed a little overwhelmed, struggling to detain her daughter so that she not yell or encourage her to play with other children. Mrs. Mu smiled, she was immediately encouraged, and said with a smile: “Your children are very beautiful!” She spoke English with a strong French accent.

“Thank you. Your daughter is also very lively and lovely.” Mrs. Mu said in fluent French.

The blonde beauty’s eyes lit up and her attitude was several times more enthusiastic. She changed to French and said: “Your French is so good! Your children are like you, they are all beautiful. Are you Chinese?”

“Mom, mom, I want to talk to him. Let’s play together with the prince!” said the little blonde girl, pulling on the skirt of the blonde beauty, her eyes fixed on Feng Weiming.

There are also other parents with their children around. It was rare to see Oriental dolls with black hair and black eyes. It was just that Mrs. Mu’s overall style and the rumors that Orientals were conservative and difficult to make friends with held them back, so they just gave them a few glances secretly. Seeing the blonde mother and daughter talk to them now, the beautiful and generous mother, who spoke fluent French, suddenly refreshed their mind. Especially those little girls who were quite old, when they heard the little blond girl yell, their eyes also went to Feng Weiming. They were all princesses, so naturally there should be a prince!

The blonde beauty looked at her daughter embarrassedly, and when she turned to Mrs. Mu, she looked expectant: “Paulin loves your little prince, why don’t you let the children play together?”

Feng Weiming’s face turned black. He didn’t like being close to his peers at all, let alone a squeamish and willful little girl. He was uncomfortable just being watched by them. If Mrs. Mu agreed-even though he respected Mrs. Mu, it didn’t mean that she could ignore his wishes and let him do this and that.

His mouth moved to refuse, Mu Yixi didn’t know when he leaned against him, squeezed his hand, not letting him speak.

Feng Weiming stared at him coldly. Mu Yixi smiled at him, and pouted a little cutely, saying: If you talk, I will kiss you!

After accidentally knowing that Feng Weiming hated being kissed, Mu Yixi threatened him with this trick very smoothly.


A thin layer of blush floated on Feng Weiming’s white cheeks with anger. Because of his expressionless face, he seemed to be look shier and more beautiful.

“Oh my God, he’s so beautiful…” someone whispered.

The air pressure around Feng Weiming’s became lower.

He believed in Mrs. Mu. Mu Yixi scratched the palm of his hand, and Feng Weiming secretly threw away his hand.

At this time Mrs. Mu spoke with a polite tone: “I’m really sorry, the children have not learned French yet, and they are shy and introverted…” She only said halfway and paused apologetically.

The blonde beauty saw Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan with ignorance (they really hadn’t learned French and didn’t understand what Mrs. Mu and the foreign aunt were talking about), while Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming lowered their faces shyly. She shrank to Mrs. Mu’s side (they were talking quietly), and then looked at her daughter’s posture that she wanted to rush over and rub others, and sighed with understanding: “I can understand, it’s Paulin who is too lively…so, you guys came here to play and are not settled in France?”

 “Yes, the children are on summer vacation, so I brought them to play. This park is run by Americans? It feels different from other places in France…” Mrs. Mu said.

The blonde beauty was like she had met a confidant: “Right? The style is weird, not elegant and romantic at all, and the fare is expensive. Tsk, Americans!”

She talked while Mrs. Mu listened with a smile, and from time to time she replied, unconsciously, the more she talked, the more she did not want to stop.

“Mom, mom, I want a prince! I want a prince!” The blond little girl stomped and acted like a baby when she saw that her mother was not fulfilling her wish.

“Hey, don’t make a noise, didn’t mom teach you how to be polite? Don’t scare others.” The blonde beauty taught her daughter.

The blond little girl was about to cry. Mrs. Mu took out the candy and said softly: “Paulin, the prince can only be with the princess when he grows up. Moreover, the prince does not like the crying princess, because crying makes her face ugly, the prince likes beautiful princesses, but doesn’t like ugly princesses!”

The little blonde girl was a little shy towards strangers, but Mrs. Mu was beautiful and gentle, and the candy she gave looked very attractive, so she took it in confusion. After listening to Mrs. Mu’s words again, she seemed to understand her and asked her mother: “Really?”

“Of course!” The blond woman said immediately and smiled at Mrs. Mu.

“Paulin wants to be a beautiful princess, not an ugly princess!” The blond little girl announced loudly, and said to Feng Weiming with determination: “Prince, you have to wait for me to grow up!”

Feng Weiming simply turned his face towards Mrs. Mu completely. Mu Yixi had a hard time hiding his smile, but he should have “not understood” French, so he turned around with Feng Weiming and shrank his shoulders in embarrassment.

Because Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan could not understand, their eyes were like mosquito-repellent coils, and they leaned against Mrs. Mu unconsciously.

The little oriental boy is so shy! But this little boy looks so cute! The Westerners present thought to themselves.

Mrs. Mu and the four children played the carousel with the crowd watching and enthusiastic help. Jiang Xinyu stood outside the guardrail and looked at the children, taking pictures of Feng Weiming by the way. Because he was considered a prince, Feng Weiming sat on a tall white horse. His waist was straight, his expression was cold, and his manners were indeed very princely. The little girls in the back and forth turned their heads to look at him, babbling and yelling trying to attract his attention, and dancing around, making their parents dumbfounded.

Feng Weiming turned a blind eye to them but was a little satisfied with his condescending position. Because Mu Yixi was sitting on a black pony next to him, Feng Weiming looked down at him, feeling quite relieved.

But no matter how Feng Weiming treated him with his eyes, Mu Yixi always smiled, with a soft and docile appearance, which made Feng Weiming not like it anyway.

After the carousel, they went to ride the Ferris wheel together.

The huge, towering ferris wheel that was erected was spectacular.

The cockpit could accommodate four people. Mu Yixuan was attached to Mrs. Mu. Mu Yiqi didn’t want to sit with Feng Weiming. He looked at Mu Yixi with regret, and followed Mrs. Mu into the cockpit, and Xu Qingli also went in. The remaining Feng Weiming and Mu Yixi were in the same cockpit, and Jiang Xinyu looked at them.

Feng Weiming didn’t want to sit in the same row with Mu Yixi, but Jiang Xinyu felt that Mu Yixi had some way to sit in the middle of the chair. Jiang Xinyu couldn’t squeeze it, so he had to sit side by side with Mu Yixi.

The Ferris wheel slowly turned upwards, because Feng Weiming did not speak, so the cockpit was quiet for a while. There was still some distance from the most suitable height for overlooking, so Jiang Xinyu spoke in a lively manner. She was good at speaking, and Mu Yixi cooperated with her childish speeches, so they could vigorously talk with each other, and the atmosphere was quite harmonious. Feng Weiming looked out the window, no matter how hard they talked, he didn’t seem to have any interest.

It was Mu Yixi who first discovered that Feng Weiming was wrong. After the cockpit turned to a certain height, Jiang Xinyu also turned her head and looked out the window. As the head of Mu’s overseas, Mu Jiuqin had a huge business to manage. As an assistant, she was very busy at work and could rarely accompany the young master on trips like today. There were very few opportunities to waste time. Sitting on the Ferris wheel overlooking the big city was also a pretty good relaxation.

Mu Yixi was not as emotional as she was. Although he also looked at the scenery outside the window from time to time, he was more interested in Feng Weiming. It was his instinct carved in his bones to observe his words and look for his weaknesses. It was rare for him to get close to Feng Weiming, the most troublesome opponent in the previous life, and Mu Yixi would naturally not miss the opportunity to observe him.

Then he found Feng Weiming’s hand was shaking slightly.

He squinted his head to look at Feng Weiming’s face, and saw that his eyes were empty, his pupils did not focus on the scenery outside at all, and his body was slightly stretched.

There was a flash of lightning in Mu Yixi’s mind-fear of heights!

And this brave little thing desperately suppressed his reaction, not telling anyone, just holding back, pretending to be nothing.

Mu Yixi was amused and angry, moved a little and sat close to him, silently stretched out his hand to hold his little hand, and squeezed it tightly.

Feng Weiming shook slightly. This time, he didn’t shake it away anymore, and even curled up his fingers and squeezed back.

T/N: When they were 6, FW: He is threatening to kiss me to get me to do what he wants, how dare he?

When they grew up, FW: He is threatening not to kiss me to get me to do what he wants, how dare he?

How times change????

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